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“Yes. So when are we going to meet?”


I'm Bi-Curious...This Weekend Only - $.99


Bianca Tisdale re-read the ad that she wanted to place on


My husband will be out of town for the Fourth of July weekend – I’m looking for a beautiful lady to make me see fireworks


Thirty-year-old bi-curious female is looking for a playmate for the weekend of July 3 – July 6. Must be a girly girl and beautiful. No specific race; however, I am African American and I am attracted to African American women, but am open to all races. I will provide the food and all entertainment, but must be willing to spend the entire weekend with me in a hotel room. As you can see from the body shot, I am in shape, I work out a lot, and I would like the same from you but a few extra pounds would be fine. Please respond, no picture no reply. No couples and no men need apply. ABSOLUTELY no drugs or smokers. DISCRETION IS A MUST.


She crossed her fingers then clicked on the submit button. “Hopefully, I’ll get some responses.”


Over the course of the week, she sifted through hundreds of responses. Some hateful, telling her that there isn’t a switch on sexuality and she needed to fucking choose what she wanted, men or women, those were immediately deleted. Then there were the pictures of men’s dicks whose owners stated that they would love to play with her while her husband was out of town, or better yet have him join the activities. Those were deleted as well. Bianca reviewed the responses that she deemed as possibilities.


She had gotten one picture that made her heart almost stop, the lady coincidently looked a lot like her first same-sex partner. “Wow!” Bianca immediately sent her an e-mail.


Bianca sat back in her chair and reminisced about her short-term college fling. It was with her roommate Lizzie. One night after a long night of partying, she and Lizzie had gotten wasted and ended up kissing passionately and waking up in each other’s arms. The second time, after another night of crazy partying, she and Lizzie started off kissing, just like before, but that had quickly escalated to touching each other’s breasts and stroking each other’s pussies. Lizzie had left college after that semester and Bianca often wondered what would have happened if she had stayed. The image of Lizzie’s breasts and the way her body felt stayed with her, years later, and she wanted to experience that again. The Fourth of July weekend was the perfect time. Her husband, Howard, had plans to travel to L.A. for that weekend.


She sighed and got up, it was almost time for Howard to come home and she had to put the finishing touches on their dinner.

Bianca strolled through their mansion which was a far cry from the two-bedroom apartment she and her family had grown up in. After she had garnered a full scholarship to Tuskegee University she never looked back.

Once in the kitchen, Bianca checked on the roasted leg of lamb which was still resting. Peace settled over her as she looked around, the Gazpacho was chilling in the refrigerator and she planned on grilling some vegetables when Howard got home. This was her life now, living in a mansion, serving on committees, volunteering and sharing her life with a rich husband who doted on her.

She loved Howard, was nearly in love with him the first time she had met him. He had come into Nordstrom’s men’s department, where she was working at the time, looking for a suit. She had been smitten with his humble demeanor, intrigued by his dry wit and turned on by his good looks. It wasn’t until after their third date that he had admitted to her that he was a multi-millionaire. He had inherited his money from his grandfather who had made his fortune in oil.

He could’ve decided not to work and squander his money away on partying or traveling. But that wasn’t his personality. After he had gotten his law degree and passed the bar, he started a foundation that benefitted at risk kids, single moms and families that earned too much to be eligible for government assistance but would disintegrate without any type of financial help.

Bianca loved him with every fiber of her being. And he would give her anything in the world, but he couldn’t give her what she wanted…another woman.

They could easily afford a full-time chef and housekeeper, but Bianca nixed that idea once they had gotten married. Because of the size of their house, she did acquiesce to having a cleaning service tidy up their mansion twice a month. Right after she and Howard had gotten married, she had quit her job in retail and went back to school, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in culinary science. She had graduated at the top of her class and Howard reaped the spoils. Bianca always cooked him a gourmet breakfast and dinner that rivaled any restaurant made meal.

She had developed such a passion for cooking that she started a catering business and catered private dinners and public events. Sometimes she found herself cooking for anywhere between ten or five thousand people. She didn’t need the money but she enjoyed doing it. Since Howard traveled so much he liked seeing her busy instead of burning her hours waiting for him to return home.

Hey B, I’m home, where are you?”

Bianca giggled. He did the same thing every day; he’d roam their mansion, yelling her name until he found her. Fortunately, he didn’t have far to look, he knew that she would either be in their master suite, the media room or, in this case, the kitchen.

When he stepped into the kitchen she jumped into his arms, he twirled her around and kissed her passionately. He easily handled her petite frame. Married for just two years, the honeymoon glow still surrounded them.

Did you have a good day?” Howard asked after he set his wife down. He looked lovingly in her eyes.

I did, I met Sierra for lunch, we did a little shopping—”

How much of my money did you spend woman!” he asked feigning anger. He wasn’t worried; his wife was very prudent when it came to spending his money, that was just one thing on a long list of qualities that he loved about her.

Just a couple grand,” she joked. “I saw a pair of Louboutins that I had to have.”

His dark brown eyes shined with amusement. “You just exceeded your shoe allowance, no more new shoes for the rest of the year,” he retorted.

Come on Daddy, help a sistah out,” she playfully begged. “I know that I’ll need more shoes, we’re only in the middle of the year.” She lowered her voice then whispered, seductively, “I’ll do anything for more shoes.” Bianca stroked his face.

He arched an eyebrow. “Anything?”

A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G,” she spelled out.

Howard carried his wife to the great room, where he set her on the couch. He slid one strap of her sun dress down over her shoulder then quickly did the second one.

Take it off,” he said roughly.

Bianca slipped off the flimsy material and kicked it away, leaving her wearing only a thong. Howard knelt in front of her, so that her breasts were inches away from his mouth. He eagerly brought a nipple into his mouth and Bianca groaned, she clasped his head bringing him closer and forcing him to gorge himself on her breast. When he was done with one breast he moved to the second.

Howard kissed his way down to her mound and her lush lips pressed against her thong. He slowly moved his tongue over the flimsy fabric of her thong, tracing her pussy, his saliva mixed with her juices made the fabric transparent.

Bianca grabbed the itsy bitsy piece of string that was holding her thong together. “I’ll take these off.”

Howard stopped her. “Nu uh, you said you’d do anything to earn your shoe allowance. And for right now, I want you to keep them on.”

Oh, okay,” Bianca said with a pout, while reluctantly playing along. She wanted to feel his tongue on her clit.

Howard reached up and ran a finger over Bianca’s thinly veiled pussy. He felt her legs wobble. He knew exactly what to do to bring her to her knees. Howard pushed the wet material to the side exposing her pussy. He leisurely moved his tongue through her wet creases and when he grazed her clit, her knees bent. He caught her in the nick of time.

Come on, I got something for you.”

Howard!” she protested. “I liked what you were doing.”

I could tell. Grab two pillows. Follow me,” he instructed, then walked away. He stopped at their grand spiral staircase. He snatched off his shirt, then T-shirt, his pants, shoes and socks quickly followed. “Take off your thong.”

Bianca pulled it off and threw it on top of his pile of clothes. Howard admired his wife’s body. His eyes showed his appreciation and so did his hard dick.

You’re sexy as hell baby. Now put one pillow on one step and give me the other,” he instructed, and she did. “Now kneel on it, but don’t face me, I want to see your ass.” She positioned herself exactly as Howard wanted.

Howard placed his pillow on the step right below Bianca’s then kneeled on it. He grabbed his wife’s waist and slowly eased his cock inside her. “How does this feel?” he whispered in her ear.

You feel good; your dick feels so good. Go fast for me,” she begged.

Ah, this is why I love you.” Howard picked up the pace, his pelvis smacking Bianca’s ass. She cried out with every thrust, she pushed her ass into him forcing him to go deeper, and he did. Bianca braced her arms on the steps, using them as leverage. Their bodies made a loud smacking sound as Howard’s dick slid smoothly in and out of her.

Bianca reached between her legs and stroked his balls, she delicately squeezed them, and Howard’s strokes became faster.

Bianca’s hand dropped when his dick slid over her G-spot. “Oh baby, keep that stroke, don’t stop, you’re hitting my spot. Oh.” By the way his wife’s body tensed he knew she was close to coming. He kept the same pace, when she began whimpering and her body started trembling that was his signal to let go. With a loud shout, he exploded inside her, the same time her orgasm overwhelmed her.

They fell on the stairs in a sweaty heap.

Wow! That was amazing,” Bianca croaked. “Where did you learn that?”

Hey, a man gotta have some secrets.” He kissed her softly on the back. “Come on, let’s go shower, then eat.” He picked her up and carried her upstairs to their bedroom where they showered together.


Howard licked his fingers. “That was delicious. I think I gained ten pounds since we’ve been married.”

Bianca smiled at the compliment. Howard was in even better shape now than he was the day they married, they both were. They made a commitment to workout together in their home gym. Their hard work paid off, their bodies were the envy of their friends. “You just worked five of them off about an hour ago.”

He winked at her. “And hopefully, I’ll work off the other five tonight.”

I’m sure you will,” she replied coyly. “Are you ready for dessert?” She had made a fruit parfait, something light for the hot summer night.

There are so many ways I can answer that,” Howard drawled. “But I’ll be good; I’ll have whatever you made.”

She cleared the dishes from the table, a task she didn’t mind, she liked taking care of her husband. And since they were eating in the kitchen at their marble countertop island, it made cleaning up easier.

After everything had been cleared, she pulled the parfaits out of the refrigerator and placed them on the table. Howard dug in. “The perfect ending to a perfect dinner, thanks honey.”

They were enjoying the refreshing dessert when Bianca broke the silence. “Babe, Sierra wants to go to Miami for the Fourth of July weekend, will it be okay if I go?”

Sure, you didn’t have to ask. Actually it’s a good idea since, I’ll be in L.A.”

His foundation was hosting a huge fundraiser that many celebrities had committed to participating in. She originally had a catering job, but it was cancelled two weeks ago. By then it was too late to buy a reasonably priced ticket. Even though Howard was a multi-millionaire, he was still very thrifty, much to the delight of his financial advisors.

Are you sure?” she asked, suddenly having second thoughts about her plans for the Fourth of July Weekend. “I can use some of my money to buy a ticket.”

He smiled warmly at her. “Keep your money. You’ll need it for your trip to Miami. I’ll survive without you. I’ll miss you like hell, but I’ll survive. Besides Sannaa Lathan will be there and I don’t want you cock blocking,” he joked.

Asshole!” she said playfully.

But you love it.”

I do. Very much so.”





Thank you again for your support.



BOOK: Hello Hedonism
13.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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