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Her Mad Dragon




Dragon Guard Series #15


Julia Mills




There Are No Coincidences.

The Universe Does Not Make Mistakes.

Fate Will Not Be Denied.


Copyright © 2016 Julia Mills

All Rights Reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be
reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written
permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book



This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and
incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a
fictional manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual
events is purely coincidental.



  This is an adult erotic paranormal romance with love
scenes and mature situations. It is only intended for adult readers over the
age of 18.




Edited by Lisa
Miller, Angel Editing Services


Proofread by Tammy
Payne with Book Nook Nuts


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Linda Boulanger with Tell Tale Book Covers


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Dare to Dream! Find the Strength to Act! Never Look Back!


Thank you, God.


To my girls, Liz and Em, I Love You. Every day, every way, always.


Index of the Original Language of the Dragon Kin

Her Mad Dragon


Mo chroi’……….
My heart

Mo ghra’……….
My love

Ta’ mo chroi istigh ionat……….
My heart is within you

Mo stór
My treasure

Mo maité
………. My mate

Mo Dragon
………. My dragon

Mo bheannacht
………. My blessing

………. Sweetheart

Shealbhú do Demon theanga
………. Hold your tongue, Demon

Saoire dom spiorad. Crá dom nach bhfuil níos mó
……Leave me, Spirit. Torment me no more

A fháil as bhealach amach
………. Find a way out


Ullmhú le haghaidh cath, Tá s’e ar fad fíor
………. Prepare for battle. It is all real

………. Brother

Is brae liom tú
………. I love you

Go dtí an ghria a thuilleadh shines
………. Until the sun no longer shines

Mo Sorceress beag
………. My little sorceress

Mo ghrá thú
………. Love you

Is brae liom tú an méid sin
………. I love you so much

Mo charra
………. My friend

Mo Dragon mheabhair
………. My mad dragon

Is tú chroí, mo ghrá, mo gach rud
………. You are my heart, my love, my

Grá mo shaol
………. Love of my life

Tá tú mo domhan anois agus go deo
………. You are my world, now and forever

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of Her King ~ Kings of the Blood ~ Book 1


Dragon Guard


We soar the
Free to a certain extent,
As long as we stay hidden 
From prying human eyes.


scales differ in color
Our defensive weapons,
Tails, horns, talons and all,
Are never the same.


We are one
with nature
We blend in with nature
The wind helps us soar high in the heavens
While the earth grant us healing strength in our hour of need.


We are one
with the world
We are the guardians of our kin
When evil conspire to maim and hurt
We are protectors of this human race.


As majestic
animals of fairytales
We share our beings with great men
They walk in honor and the grace of Fate,
Fate that we cannot deny.

Copyright © 2016 Melanie Williams
- This Poem is based on the Series, The Dragon Guard by Author Julia Mills.



Chapter One

Two days after Kellan and Olive’s mating ceremony


“Okay Mom, we’re here. What’s with all the secrecy? We need
to get a move on. Royce is waiting. We have plans to go to a movie.”

Calysta couldn’t believe how nervous she was at the prospect
of telling her daughter and her sister the one thing she’d hidden from them for
over a hundred and thirty years. As the Grande Priestess of the Earthen
Witches, she’d stood against rogue wizards, demented demons, and hunters out to
destroy all magic. Had even been held hostage and tortured by the notorious
Grand Draoi, Cleland; all without the slightest bit of trepidation. All those
horrible events had actually been a cake walk compared to what she had to do

Looking first at her daughter Kyra, a bright, wonderful
witch who’d exceeded all Calysta’s expectations, then to her younger sister,
Della, who’d always been by her side and was an amazing person, the Priestess
felt the butterflies that had been dancing in her stomach for two weeks, double
and then triple. The time had come. It was now or never. If she didn’t tell
them what was happening in the next ten seconds, she was going to chicken out
and have to work up her nerve all over again.

Or slink off like a coward. Which I am not.

No longer able to stay seated, Calysta jumped to her feet and
stepped towards her daughter and sister, who were seated side-by-side on the
couch. It took three tries but she finally found her voice and, in a speed that
rivaled even the best auctioneer, she rambled, “Please don’t be mad but I
thought it was a mistake or some kind of cosmic joke.” She looked at Kyra. “I
mean, I met your father, fell in love, and before I knew it, we were blessed
with you. I was thrilled. It was confirmation that, even though the Council
doubted it, Patrick was my mate. Then your father died and well, I thought,
okay, that’s it for me, but then,” she paused and looked at her sister. Both
women were looking at her like she’d lost her mind. It was all too much.
Looking at her hands, she started to pace.

Talking and walking faster and faster with each step she
took, Calysta’s heart threatened to beat out of her chest as she went on, “Then
the mark appeared on your hip,” she glanced at Kyra again before looking away
and continuing to pace. “And I thought that was the answer.
were to
mate a Guardsman.
was to lead the witches with Della by my side and we
would all live happily ever after, but as Fate would have it, I got kidnapped,”
she gulped.

After a deep breath that did nothing to calm her nerves and
only made her a little light-headed, Calysta continued, “I had several visions
while I was hovering in and out of consciousness,” she stopped and pushed back
the memories, “during my time with Cleland. They all centered around a man. He
looked wild and unkempt, like a man on the fringe of civilization. I thought he
was the physical manifestation of Thanatos and my visions were a warning, but
then when you rescued me and brought me here I found out the Demon Lord has a
whole other plan.” Looking at her family, she held up her hand and added, “I’ll
explain later.”

Or maybe never…

Another deep breath followed by a big exhale and she was off
and running once more. “The visions continued and then I saw
. That
was all it took. I knew. Destiny, Fate, the Goddess, and most definitely the
Universe, all had another plan for me. I’ve fought it as long as I can. I’ve
denied the truth and continued to keep my secret, but the time has come. I have
to be honest with both of you.”

Stopping in front of Kyra and Della, she looked from one to
the other, making sure she had their full attention. It unnerved her that both
ladies wore a sly grin and had a knowing twinkle in their eyes, but she didn’t
let it stop her. The need to unburden herself was more important than whatever
they found funny. Keeping her secret was eating her alive.

Opening her mouth to speak, the Priestess snapped her jaw
shut when both her daughter and sister started howling with laughter. Anxiety
turned to frustration and quickly headed to anger. She was trying to tell them
the most important news she’d ever shared with anyone in a hundred and
eighty-five years, aside from the day Kyra was born, and the two people she
loved more than life itself were laughing at her.

Glaring at her family, Calysta yelled, “What the hell is
wrong with you two? I’m trying to tell you that I have the mark.” She paused
and when they only laughed louder with tears running down their faces, she
slammed her fists to her hips, tapped her foot, and growled. “What? You think
it’s funny that I’m to mate a Guardsman?”

She was so mad it completely escaped her attention that
neither one was surprised by her confession and that the more she told them,
the more hilarious they found it. Narrowing her eyes, she took a step forward.

Kyra took a deep breath to stop laughing quite so hard but
still chuckled. “No, Mom, I think it’s funny that Maddox is your mate and…” The
giggles overtook her before she could finish.

Thankfully, Della picked up where Kyra left off. “And it is
absolutely hilarious that you thought we didn’t know you had the mark. Who do
you think cleaned you up when they brought you back from that hellhole?”

Having partially recovered
once again, Kyra snickered. “And even if we hadn’t known about the mark, we
would have to be deaf, dumb, and blind to have missed that you and Maddox were
mates. Hell, Mom, the whole clan knows.”

Her daughter fell back on the
couch still chuckling while Della stood and walked to her. Her younger sister
smiled. “I’m sorry we ruined your surprise.”

Shaking her head, Calysta
quickly responded, “Oh no, I’m not upset that you knew. Well…I wish you’d have
told me.” She winked. “Would’ve saved me a helluva lot of worry. I’ve been
making myself sick because I thought you two would hate me for keeping my mark
a secret for all these years.”

“I always knew there was
something not quite…
, with your bond to Patrick. He was a great
man and an even better father, but you never seemed truly happy…not until,”
Della looked at Kyra then back to Calysta, “our little Kyra came.”

“Yeah, about that.” Kyra sat
up on the edge of the couch. “How did you get pregnant if dad wasn’t your true

Calysta shrugged, but it was
Della who winked and teased, “You really should’ve been better at history,

“Yeah, but I always had you
for that and it was so incredibly boring.”

The sisters chuckled. Calysta
walked to the chair next to the sofa and sat down. Della began to explain as
she made her way back to her place on the couch. “You, my dear niece, have
always doubted how incredibly special you really are. I have seen it in your
eyes and heard it in your voice. No matter how many times we told you that you
were destined for great things when you were growing up, you always rolled your
eyes and sighed, but here is your proof. Your presence on this earth was
Destiny. It was one of those special events decreed by the Goddess and made
possible by the Universe. Your mother, the most powerful Priestess in at least
two millennia, was mated to a human who was most definitely not her ‘one true
mate’ and so far beneath her class that she had to take on the entire Council
in order to wed him. They were in love, never doubt that. They had a fiery
passion that burned hot and bright. It was the kind of love that people write
romance novels about, but it was short lived and mostly tenuous. The blessing
in it was that you were conceived.”

“The history of our people
tells of a child who will be born under unconventional circumstances, who will
unite the witches with their greatest ally and save both races. You, sweet Kyra,

Calysta watched Kyra absorb
Della’s words and was thankful once again for her sister’s eloquence, for the
Priestess had no doubt she would’ve cried her way through the whole darn story.
Kyra’s lavender eyes were open as wide as they would go and she barely blinked
as she took in everything Della had just said. Calysta watched, waiting to see
how her daughter would react. It took a little less than a minute and as usual,
was nothing the Priestess had ever expected.

Falling back on the couch
once again, Kyra shook her head, chuckled and said, “Well, that’s all well and
good. Thanks for the history lesson…
. But does this whole ‘momma
mates a dragon’ thing mean I finally get a little sister?”

“Oh, my Goddess, can you
imagine Maddox with a child? Saints preserve us.” Della mock fanned herself
while overflowing with barely contained laughter.

Calysta spit the sip of iced
tea she’d just taken all over herself, which once again set off Della and
Kyra’s hilarity. They erupted in laughter, hugging one another to stay upright.
Grabbing her napkin off the coffee table, the Priestess wiped her chin while
trying to gain control of the conversation but it was no use, her family was
having far too much fun with her plight to listen to her rebuttal. 

It took a few minutes and as
much patience as she could muster, but Calysta finally got the girls to calm
down and asked, “Really? You’re just going to sit there and laugh at me? No

“Well, I would suggest
running for the hills but from what Roy says, Maddox has already realized
you’re his mate so I’m thinkin’ you’re stuck.” Kyra gave her eyebrows a quick
up and down then winked before humming that stupid ‘Kissing in a Tree’ song.

“He knows?” Calysta gasped.

She was shocked. He always
acted like he hated her. Well, maybe he did. Maybe
was going to run
for the hills. Maybe he didn’t want a mate at all. He’d been alone for a very
long time. Would it be so bad? Probably not. She had also been alone for years.
It was just that…

“Mom? Did you hear me?” Kyra
asked, obviously irritated by Calysta’s daydreaming.

“No, dear. I’m sorry. I was…”

“You were thinking that
Maddox has been a butthead to you for weeks and that it’s because he doesn’t
want you and that you would be fine with that. Well, I call bullshit.” Kyra had
jumped to her feet, had her hands on her hips, and was tapping her foot.

Playing defense, Calysta
deflected Kyra’s comment with a quick rebuke, “Stay out of my head, little
girl. I am still your mother and I can still…”

The words died in her mouth
as Kyra stared at her with one eyebrow raised and her lips pursed, waiting for
Calysta’s patented ‘send you to your room’ threat. Laughing out loud, Calysta
admitted, “You already knew what I was going to say, didn’t you?”

“Yep,” Kyra nodded, grinning
from ear-to-ear. “It was one of two things. Either ‘get to your room and do not
come out until you’ve learned to behave’, which by the way
happened, or ‘if you do that again I will dowse your magic and let you see what
living like a human is like’. Does that about cover it?”

Shaking her head, the
Priestess smiled. “You got it in one. But…”

“But nothing, Mom. You gotta
buck up buttercup. The Universe has decided to saddle you with the most
cantankerous, ill-mannered, pain-in-the-ass, grumpy old dragon that ever walked
the face of the earth and…” Kyra knelt at Calysta’s knees, just like she’d done
as a little girl, and placed her hands over her mother’s. “…you are already a
little in love with the old coot.”

Blowing out the breath she’d
been holding, Calysta leaned forward and kissed Kyra on the forehead. There’d
been a time when she thought she’d never be close to her daughter again but now
things were different; fences had been mended and they were growing closer
every day. It had been a long journey to where they were and there were still
miles to go, but the Priestess had faith they would get there.

The Goddess works in
mysterious ways.

When she leaned back, she saw
Kyra was once again giggling and feared what was to come. Never one to hold
back, her daughter teased, “Now, about that little sister…”  

BOOK: Her Mad Dragon (Dragon Guard Series Book 15)
7.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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