Hinterlands Book II: The Stables (7 page)

BOOK: Hinterlands Book II: The Stables

“Thank you Mistress.” Amelia took the goblet into her
hands, careful to not drink it right away. In a moment the Duchessa had poured
herself an identical goblet of wine, and held it up with her small white hands.

“To little birds learning to fly.” The Duchessa merely
watched Amelia as she put her lips to the goblet and drank greedily.
Amelia realized that it was the first
time she had tasted wine since drinking it from the Duchessa’s lips in her
bedchamber, and she trembled lightly thinking about the experience once
After Amelia had downed her
wine, the Duchessa drank from her goblet slowly and deliberately, keeping
Amelia in her sight the entire time.

“I was watching you during the race.
You’re a quick one.
More spirit than the others.” Amelia
thought carefully before replying to this.
She didn’t want to upset the girl.
She had done so before and it wasn’t enjoyable.

“Only more than some Mistress.”

“Ahhhh. Hah hah hah!”
The Duchessa became a child again each
time she laughed, her teeth showing pearly white against her deep red lips.
“You mean Psalm?
Yes, Psalm is
another story.”
Amelia was
surprised that the Duchessa knew so much about the girls individually.
It was frightening actually, to think
that she knew them each of them by name. Thus far she had never spoken Amelia’s
name however, and that was a good thing. Perhaps she didn’t know it.

“Why don’t you come over her beside me Little Bird?”

“Yes Mistress.”
Amelia’s heart was beating swiftly as she moved over to sit beside her
The Duchessa turned
herself to face Amelia on the seat, carefully moving her skirts aside. She took
Amelia’s hands in hers and stroked the top of them gently, while looking her
directly in the eyes.
Her face was
so young, no older than Amelia herself she seemed, and yet so confident and
mature. Her beauty was hypnotizing.

“Do you know why I send you, my servants, into the

“To train us Mistress.” The Duchessa leaned slowly over,
and pressed her red lips to Amelia’s throat, kissing the soft skin there with
the utmost delicacy, the way one might kiss a cherished locket from a loved
The contact sent shivers
through her entire frame.

“To train you for what my darling?”
She whispered lightly into Amelia’s ear,
planting still more light kisses on her neck, kisses that traveled to that
secret place behind her ear.
felt wildly conscious of what was happening, yet languid and sedate, almost intoxicated.
She tipped her head back and closed her eyes enraptured and lost.

“To please you my mistress,” she mumbled almost overcome
with desire, not daring to look at her mistress, not daring to return her gentle

“And what does this entail girl?” With this question the
Duchessa cupped Amelia’s small breast in her hand.
She squeezed the flesh slowly, twisting
and pinching the pink nipple between her fingers.
Amelia bit her lip and kept her eyes

“Oh God Mistress,” she mouthed almost silently as the
Duchessa kissed down her throat and onto her chest. She tugged one of Amelia’s
breasts into her eager mouth, biting, then lapping at the nipple seductively.
Amelia felt herself leaning forward, feeding this girl her breast willingly.
She was already lost in this new sensation, the warmth from the mouth upon her
breast, the suckling upon her ever hardening nipple, awakening a feverish
desire deep within her. The Duchessa herself moaned, struggling to get more of
Amelia’s breast into her mouth, grabbing and squeezing it roughly with her hand
as she sucked, and Amelia heard herself panting as she pressed her face into
her mistress’s hair, smelling the blossoms that lay buried within the rich dark

“When I saw you running today, I had to have you Little
Bird,” the Duchessa cried through heavy gasps. Amelia felt the girl pulling her
closer bodily, and she gladly acquiesced, climbing up and straddling her
mistress as she sat upon the seat.
The Duchessa ran her fingers into Amelia’s hair, grasping the tightly
bound braids and pressed her lips forcefully against Amelia’s.
Amelia was taken with an overpowering
hunger, a hunger which brought her the strength she needed to kiss back,
sliding her own tongue into the Duchessa’s mouth, probing and thrusting it
again and again. Yet still she gave in, allowing her mistress license to suck
and twirl her strong tongue against her servants, learning her place, to
provide and take pleasure in proper proportion.

Both of them were moaning now, lost in sensory delight,
oblivious to one another’s station. The Duchessa was struggling to unfasten her
green dress, peeling it from her body, desperate to be naked with Amelia.
Thrillingly, Amelia was helping, and her cries were wild and desperate as her
mistress’s nakedness was revealed.
The girl’s sweet odor was as it was before in her bedchamber, just as
Amelia had remembered it, and Amelia now took the rounded breast into her mouth
for the first time, feeling the strange sensation as she suckled the soft
flesh, and the firmness of the nipple as it caressed her tongue.
Waves of scent permeated her pores and opened
her body, preparing her for her mistress. She pushed Amelia back upon the red
velvet seat and Amelia felt her kissing her abdomen, her thighs, bathing her in
fiery caresses from her tongue and teeth, covering the landscape of her belly
with her hungry red lips.

Then shockingly the Duchessa was insinuating her head
between Amelia’s thighs, and Amelia felt the licking and sucking upon her
She cried out frightened at
this sensation, at the feeling of being pleasurably devoured, and her mistress
was without mercy, stroking the folds of her vulva with her mouth, pausing only
for the tongue to slip deeply inside, to move and undulate wildly,
rhythmically. Amelia was without control, her body jerking and moving of its
own accord, and then she felt the orgasm coming from far off, lightening that
warmed her face. She cried out in fear, afraid to come like this, so exposed to
her mistress, and she struggled in vain to climb away, to retreat from the
animal tongue that writhed and danced against her clitoris. Yet it was too
late, and she cried her pleasure, moving in a lurid, beastly manner, joy, and
furious ecstasy such as she had never experienced.

Once this had occurred, the Duchessa lounged languidly
upon the carriage seat with Amelia, holding her face upon her breast in the dim
light. The rise and fall of the girl’s chest was enchanting Amelia in its own
right, so she was surprised to hear her mistress break the silence with words.

“Are you listening, Little Bird?”

“Yes my mistress.”
Amelia was lost in this young woman’s arms.
She needed more of her even now.
More of her scent, more of her flesh,
she wanted to devour her the way that she herself had been devoured.

“I sent you to the stables for a reason my pet.
You are not there like the others, do you
understand?” Amelia felt confused by this.
She felt herself overcome by fear of not understanding, and she didn’t
know how to answer.

“I’m sorry Mistress.
I live to serve you.”
as she spoke the words she knew that she meant them.
She was in love.

“There is another there. You know her. Psalm. She is my
She aims to take what is
mine Little Bird.”
Amelia felt
herself shudder with the shock of this.
She was
None of this made any sense.

“I don’t understand Mistress. How?”

“My brother Lord Dunmoor, placed her there before you
arrived, she was having a love affair with a servant openly, in front of
This is not permitted.
She is being punished.
Amelia my darling I need you to win her
You must do this.
I am not asking.”
She had called Amelia by name.

“Mistress I…I, how can I do this?”

“You will find a way Little Bird.
You are the most beautiful thing any of
us have ever seen.”
With this the
Duchessa took Amelia’s small face into her hands and kissed her gently, parting
her lips, and making love to her mouth once again. The girl was skilled, and
the tension enflamed Amelia’s loins in holy fire, bringing them both into a
fever again.
Amelia realized in
that moment she would do anything to have her mistress again, to devour her as
she herself had been devoured.
Their naked flesh pressed tightly against one another as they kissed,
and for a moment the Duchessa seemed as though she would have her nubile young servant
once again, but then she pushed the girl away suddenly, growing cold.

“Go now girl. And make me pleased.”

Amelia opened the door of the carriage to see the stars
peering down at her.
Night had
fallen on the moors once again, and she shivered against the crisp air.
With a single glance back at her
mistress, Amelia stepped down and began the long walk toward the stables.







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