His Assurance (Assured Distraction Book 3)







Thia Finn


His Assurance

Assured Distraction Series Book Three


By Thia Finn


Copyright 2016 Thia Finn


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Garrison, Prendergast and Lee May. “The One”
Coming Up For Air
, 2015.


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One hot sizzling night with a beautiful woman in Paris! That’s what Gunner Wallace, Assured Distraction’s drummer, wants to recreate when he finally sees her again in Austin, TX. He plans to pick up exactly where they left off since he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about that night.


Take your sister and friends to Austin to a music festival! That’s Lola’s mother’s idea for celebrating Journey’s twenty-first birthday. Now Lola's stuck babysitting five wild college girls for a week in Austin. The only perk, the hot drummer Gunner Wallace. Lola never forgot the night they spent together while he was on tour. Now what did she tell him while they were together? If only she could remember.


Join Assured Distraction on their third adventure of Rock and Roll and Love!




This book is dedicated to my readers and author friends.


When I wanted to quit, you lifted me.

When I needed to breathe, you gave me time.

When I melted, you gathered the puddle and reformed me.

When I succeeded, you rejoiced with me.


Celebrate now, friends. We did it, again.


And I Thank You.




I was so fucking tired. How did I go this long without sleep? Oh yeah, I let that little redhead from last night keep me awake at Hotel W downtown, but it was well worth it. I opened my front door to my home and looked around. I couldn’t remember the last time I slept here a full night.

I didn’t bring women here. Ever. This was my home where I could do what I wanted when I wanted and not have to worry about intrusions. The security around the homes in my area was better than our band, Assured Distraction, had.

I had a love/hate relationship with anonymity since the band lost it all after the epic tour we did with Steele a couple of years ago in Europe. I fucking loved everything about the concerts we do, like the women and the groupies, but sometimes I wanted it all to go away and just leave me the hell alone. I used to be able to go into a bar here in Austin and play a game of pool with my friends. Forget that shit now. Not happening anymore. These chicks could be abso-fucking-lutely crazy sometimes, like when they tried to rip the clothes right off my back. That shit used to do wonders for my ego, but it got old damn fast in my book.

Changes in the band have happened so quickly. Chandler and KeeMac live together now. With her on keyboard and him the lead singer, they did a lot of the writing done before we ever hit the studio. I was surprised those two hadn’t made it official already since Chandler came from a straight-laced life, but they seemed happy like they were, and she was still young.

Then there was Ryan and our tour manager, Peri. I fucking loved that girl. She was the best at her job, but when she and Ryan got pregnant with little Tucker, she had to take some time off. We learned to appreciate her then because Gary, one of the sound guys working with us since the beginning, took over. He did a good job, but damn he was not Peri.

Peri and Ryan almost got two for the price of one since Hayden’s son, Crew, was born just a few weeks before Tuck. Now the two cousins were more like brothers. They all lived at Peri and Ryan’s new house and had a full-time nanny. They also all traveled on their own bus. Since the baby momma, “she who shall not be named” (and no I’m not a Harry Potter nerd, but everyone knows that line) was so far out of the picture, we didn’t even acknowledge she was ever living.

That left Carter, me, and sometimes Hayden to hold up the confirmed bachelor status and let me say, we did our fucking best to have new girls each and every night while we were on the road. At home, though, I did not partake of groupie sex anymore. I had enough while we were gone to last me a while. Last night was an exception. Carter’s friend had a house party on the lake, and we met a girl there. One look at that hot little body on that lounge chair, and I knew I wanted to get my hands wrapped up in that hair. Before I left this morning, it was wrapped in her hair, around her thighs, around her waist, and just about anywhere else possible. Hence, the reason I was exhausted this morning.

On the last tour to Europe, I did meet a sweet little
in Paris, and I would have loved to continue hitting that for at least a few weeks, but with a tour, relationships didn’t work out. I knew when I left her it wouldn’t but I hated to tell her that after spending one outstanding night having her every which way I could. She was down for whatever I threw at her, and I did love a woman who was willing to climb Mt. Everest for an adventure.

I thought of her sometimes because that chick was smokin’ hot and had a body to write songs about, but I knew nothing would ever come of it. We talked and iMessaged some for a while like we said we would, but it died off pretty quickly when we both got busy. I knew that made me a douche, but I wouldn’t want to get her hopes up only to let her down time after time. I was not a completely bad guy. A relationship with a woman didn’t sound all that bad to me, but this life was too hard to make them work. Hell, I didn’t know if I could do what KeeMac and Ryan do, but then I had never been in love, so who the fuck knew.

I took a shower and toweled off, walked back into my bedroom, flipped the TV on with the remote, and fuck me if the one person I was just thinking about wasn’t on my television. What the hell?

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