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“Thinking about me in my bath, were you?” he said just to goad her.

“No,” she snapped. “Well, actually yes. Among other things.”

“Did you come to a decision?

“I did.” So quietly, he had to strain to hear her response.


“I agree—”

She cut off his next comment.

“But I want your tutoring.”


“In bedroom activities, making love. You mentioned last night you had a plan to seduce me one step at a time”

“I did.”

“Well, I want that. Starting tonight.”

All his hesitation and concerns fled in the face of Helene’s agreement. “Forget tonight. We start now.” He smiled. “First things first, your wardrobe goes. No more virginal white.”

“What do you recommend?” she snorted. “Scarlet?”

“I don’t really give a damn what color you wear, but no more bodices up to your neck. You have breasts to make a man salivate. Show them off a bit.”

Her cheeks colored. “I would think you’d want the opposite. To hide me away for your own selfish pleasure.”

He shook his head. “Oh no, dear. It will arouse me tremendously to show you off around a room letting every man and woman desire you, knowing they can’t have you. Knowing they shunned you for years and now they’ve lost you.”

“To a life of sin.”

“Nay. To a life of pleasure. Pleasure they all want, but are too mealymouthed and hypocritical to attain.”

“I see. Well, then let my lessons commence.”



The sun had finally set and Helene paced the bedroom waiting for her husband to enter. She wore the same decadent, daring nightgown as the previous evening, only tonight she’d selected it. Mrs. Tofty had sent a young maid up to assist her and her hair fell in brushed waves down her back.

Her heart pounded both from excitement and nerves. What would tonight’s lesson be? Despite Pierce’s eagerness to start at breakfast time, they’d done nothing more than invite the seamstress from the village up to refashion some of her gowns by adding some spots of color and lowering the necklines. He’d promised a trip to London’s most sought-after modiste upon their return to Town.

She didn’t have long to pace.

Pierce pushed through the doorway and his very presence overshadowed the furnishings. He bowed to her. “For tonight’s entertainment, we will indulge in the sport of voyeurism.”


“We watch.”

He stepped farther into the room followed by a young housemaid and a young man who from his clothes appeared to work in the stables.

“Jenny and her sweetheart, Thomas,” Pierce introduced with a wave of his hand. Then settled onto the bed and gestured for Helene to join him.

“Found them rolling about in the hay. Promised to aid them in marriage if they would perform for us tonight,” he said crossing one bare foot over an ankle. He seemed unconcerned that poor Jenny was shaking like a leaf.

Helene sank onto the mattress near Pierce and found herself leaning into his weight, and even closer once his arm settled across her shoulders.

“You may begin,” he ordered.

“Just kissing, milord?” Jenny turned to them with large round eyes. “Me mum would kill me if she knew I’d got pulled into one of his lordship’s wild games.”

“Just kissing,” Pierce promised. “Please begin.”

Thomas leaned down and pulled Jenny up to meet him. Their lips met and soon they clearly forgot about their audience. Wild hands roamed around each other, and Helene was sure she’d glimpsed each one’s tongue enter the other’s mouth.

“All enthusiasm and little finesse.”

Pierce’s whisper into her ear sent shivers down her spine.

“How…how do you mean?” she managed.

“He went right for the prize. No subtlety at all.”

“What would you have done?” Good lord, she was flirting with her husband.

He took the seductive tone as an invitation to lean over and nibble on her earlobe then lower to her neck. “I’d start here and move my way here.” His low murmur was a kiss unto itself. He continued little teasing kisses that had her catching her breath and leaning into him farther.

Jenny and Thomas were lost on the periphery as Pierce pressed his lips against her face, neck and finally her lips. His scent invaded her, luring her deeper into the kiss. With an inhale, she pressed into him and kissed back. The voracious kisses left her no room to turn away, and she didn’t want to.

Lightning bolts of pleasure flowed straight from Pierce’s lips to pulse points in her body. A long-forgotten pressure built between her legs. She’d not allowed herself any self-pleasure since being caught in the bath three years prior. Now all the energy screamed for release. If Pierce wanted to speed up his lessons and go straight to the final exam, she was a willing participant.

She reached her arms around his neck and leaned up to boldly press closer and even rubbed her tongue against Pierce’s lips as she’d seen Jenny do to Thomas. The touch of her tongue visibly brought her seducer back to his senses. With a final lingering kiss to her lips, Pierce disengaged and took an obvious deep breath.

“Thank you, Jenny. Thomas. That will be all for tonight.”

It took all of Helene’s willpower to lie back against the sheets and not beg Pierce for more kisses. She was left panting and reeling, bereft without his touch, sadly watching the two other lovers exit the room holding hands.

“Well?” Pierce turned to her, “What did you think?”

“Of what?” Her voice sounded as unsteady as the fountain in Regent’s Park. “A few kisses? I’ve had kisses before.” She examined her fingernails, the painting on the wall, anywhere but his face.

His knowing grin had her biting her lip against begging for more kisses. She may have agreed to this marriage, but she couldn’t let herself fall too far down the path of Pierce’s charms. How would she ever find her way back? Would she even want to?

“You liked it,” he said. “Fine, don’t admit it now, but fairly soon I will have you begging.”

“I never beg,” she said with a huff. “And, now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sleep. It was a very wearying day.” She rolled over and closed her eyes as a defense against hitting her husband when his laughter filled the room.

“I’ll let you sleep tonight, but be ready bright and early tomorrow. We go riding. You do ride, yes?”

“Of course. Good night.”



With regret and aching balls, Pierce left his fake-sleeping wife to her self-induced solitary confinement. He’d made it further than expected, but nowhere near where he wanted to be. Still in bed with Helene, cock buried deep in her wetness.

Oh well, he could wait a few more nights. He’d gone without sex before. Granted, not since he was a young lad, but Helene seemed worth the wait. The planning and anticipation only added to the fun.

The following morning, picnic tied firmly in a satchel he’d attached to his gelding, he and Helene set off at a brisk trot around his estate. He had a clear destination in mind.

The sun shone brightly, warming the grounds, and he’d gone without his coat. Helene had barely resisted remarking on his casual attire, and he’d nearly pulled off his waistcoat just to see her reaction. Oh, well, she’d be reacting soon enough, as soon as they arrived at the shallow stream.

A shallow stream that warmed easily in the sun flowed about a ten-minute easy ride from his stables, and he planned on moving to stage two in his seduction there.

That is if he made it there. Riding with a rock-hard erection was damn difficult.

“Your estate is lovely.” Helene called out from her mare.

“Thank you.” Truth was he let his estate manager run most things. His life in London took most of his interest and time. If he gave that up and stayed here for longer periods, he’d have to take on more responsibility, but suddenly that option didn’t scare him as usual.

“We’re here.” He pulled up on the reins and dismounted.

Helene waited for his assistance, and once the horses were tied off, he turned his attentions back to her seduction. Excellent, the blankets were waiting under the tree as requested, along with some bottles of wine.

“A picnic for my lady.” He pulled off the sack containing bread, cheese and cold meats and gestured toward the blankets. Helene’s return smile brightened the whole morning sky.

“A picnic. How romantic, but…” She trailed off, obviously too cowardly to express disappointment that his planned activities didn’t include rapacious, indecent behavior. Hah, little did she know.


“Thank you.” She accepted his offering.

They ate in comfortable silence enjoying the ever-warming sun overhead. With hunger assuaged, he could turn his attention to other matters. Like getting the hideous riding habit off his wife.

“I think I’ll go for a swim.” He stretched, purposely exaggerating the flex and breadth of his muscles, and once Helene’s attention was caught, he began to disrobe. Her gaze burned through the air and heated his skin, but he feigned nonchalance.

“Water’s warm,” he called over his shoulder as he stepped into the pebbled, shallow stream. “Get in.” He swam to the deeper part till he was fully submerged and enjoyed floating about counting the minutes and hoping she’d throw caution to the wind and join him.

One minute.

No Helene.

Five minutes.

She stood at the banks with skirts lifted in hand.

“All the way,” he ordered.

“I’m fine right here.”

This wouldn’t do at all. He wanted to swim nude with his wife, to show her the delights of water play. He swam back to shore and exited the stream to stand in front of Helene, who did her best to pretend not to stare but failed miserably.

“Helene, please come in the water with me. This is your second lesson.” Her eyes were green, almost the color of the algae on the adjacent rocks. He’d never noticed before, but standing this close, he could see all the shades of green. Funny the things you saw when you really looked.

“Undo my buttons.” Her voice shook slightly and he was sure it was the prospect of parading nude in the outdoors, not the warm breeze rustling the leaves overhead.

Excellent. He turned her about and made quick work of the tiny ivory buttons dotted down her back. When she was down to her nearly sheer shift, he yanked it off then tugged her along into the water until they both stood chest high, facing each other.

“Come here.” His lust-roughened voice scratched out the words. He stepped closer to Helene without waiting for her answer. Her nipples, hard as the pebbles under his feet, rubbed against his chest, and immediately his cock rose up to greet her.

“Let’s play.” He smiled and pulled her full against him. Oh, yes she felt so good up against him, all silky skin and mysterious curves he wanted to dive into.


A tug on her arm brought her with him as he fell into deeper water. Together they trod water face-to-face, hands seeking, searching for contact. It felt like flying, spinning, each circle bringing them closer until Helene’s legs wrapped about his hips, making contact with his cock.

He bent his head and licked her nipple, enjoying the delightful taste of her skin mixed with the lake water. Her moans and little gasps drove his arousal further and he nudged his length against her cleft that owed none of its wetness to the water and everything to her.

It’d be so easy. One push and he could drive home, warming himself in her wet sheath. No. He had to stop. He wanted her begging for it. The moans were nice, but she was not mindless and desperate. Yet.

Damn it, he was. He wanted her with an intensity he’d never experienced and didn’t know how to handle. This was what Father had always warned him about.
“Never give your heart to a woman, Pierce. They’ll grab you by the nuts and twist. Seek your pleasure wherever it can be found, but never with an honorable woman and most certainly never with your wife. You’ll give her your heart, and she’ll take your manhood away in exchange.”

He released a groan as he relinquished her breast. A powerful stroke took him and Helene back into shallow water, and he left her sitting alone in the water as he strode out to grab the blankets warmed by the sun.

“Come on and get dried off.”
Don’t look at her. She’ll make a eunuch out of you
. Perhaps just one glance. Damn it.

Helene’s large eyes glazed over with passion and now confusion. An unfamiliar pressure squeezed his heart. It was starting already. He was starting to care about her.

He’d disappointed her. She’d better get used to it; she had a lifetime of disappointment ahead of her if she expected him to dance like a monkey to her demands.

“Helene,” he said to rouse her out of the stupor. “Blanket, clothes.”

“Oh, of course.” She shook her head and droplets of water fell out of her loosely swept-up curls. She stepped into the blanket held open for her. “I thought…I thought we would do more.”

“More?” Even though he knew exactly what she meant. He’d love to do more. In the water, on the grass, up against that tree. “Come sit in the sun and warm up. Actually, I have a better idea. I will warm you up.” He could do this. Really. Just a little more touching to get her feeling what he was. He wasn’t giving her his heart. Just sex. He could do this. Truly.

Helene reclined into the grass letting the blanket fall off her shoulders. A tantalizing hint of her nipple peeked out.

“More,” he said pulling the blanket lower till her delectable navel showed. He braced himself on his hands and licked the underside of her breast then did the same to the other.

Helene’s head fell back and then she lay back fully on the ground granting him a better vantage point. He laved her breasts, nipples and then circled her belly with his tongue.

She pulled his head closer and subtly arched her hips toward him. Did she know what she was asking? Could she possibly have any idea how badly he wanted to part her curls and tongue her delicate nub? He paused, pondering this question while he rubbed the silky skin behind her knee.


Her sweet voice broke his reverie.

“Sorry, just thinking.”

BOOK: His Desirable Debutante
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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