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Holding You

BOOK: Holding You
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Holding You

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Book Three in the Love Wanted in Texas Series

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This book is dedicated to all the
fans out there. The entire time I wrote this book, I was thinking back to where it all started. With a football player named Gunner and a lost young woman named Ellie.

This book is for y’all. Happy reading.

as I pushed on her back lightly, I watched the swing take her up higher. “I hate high school,” Lauren said.

Smiling, I asked, “Why?”

Dragging her feet on the ground to slow herself down, she came to a stop. Twisting the metal chains of the swing, she turned to face me. “Boys.”

My heart dropped. If someone did anything to Lauren, I’d bash their head in. “Did something happen?”

A part of me was scared to hear her say that she liked someone. Holding my breath, I reached out and spun her some, twisting the chains even more. Letting go, Lauren began spinning as she laughed and dropped her head back. Coming to a stop, she looked at me. Her blue eyes danced as the sunlight hit them. We had both just started our sophomore year of high school, and I hated the way some of the guys stared at Lauren.

“No, nothing’s happened. That’s part of the problem.”

Swallowing hard, I asked, “Is there anyone you like?”

The air between us seemed to spark with something I’d never felt before. Lauren slowly smiled as she tilted her head. “Is there someone you like, Colt?”

Allowing my grin to grow bigger, I said, “Oh yeah. There’s this blonde, blue-eyed beauty that has this thing for skipping around instead of walking. Also has a fondness for swings.” Lauren’s face turned from amused to something different. For a brief moment, it felt as if we both shared a connection that I’d never experienced before. My heart felt like the wings of a hummingbird; it was beating so fast. “I kind of think she’s into her horse more than guys though.”

BOOK: Holding You
6.43Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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