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Authors: Wahida Clark

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Honor Thy Thug (33 page)

Mr. Li jumped out of his chair, slammed his fist onto his desk, and yelled, “You want to go to war with me? You are nothing! You think you can come into my house, shut down my operation, and get away with it? You fucking porch monkey! Are you ready to go to war with me?” The veins were popping around his neck, and he was damn near foaming at the mouth, looking at me through glossy eyes. I remained seated and calm, but my heart was pounding. The two guards were posted on each side of me, waiting on the order to finish me off.

“Do we have a deal?”

I asked him again.

“How did Mr. Macklin get that?” He began pacing the floor.

“I don’t know. He wouldn’t tell me. He said he would only reveal that if he needed to.”

Mr. Li walked back and forth in silence for several minutes. I waited. Finally, he said, “I have some stipulations of my own. You have forty-eight hours to leave the state. I don’t want you back here, and if I hear anything about you in my backyard, the deal is off. Whatever business we had is done and forgotten. Mr. Santos and Mr. Macklin, you no longer exist.”

“I have no problem with that.”

“Good.” He reached for his phone and made two quick calls, speaking in his native tongue. When he was done, he carefully placed the phone on the receiver. “You have what you wanted. I can only hope that you are a man of your word,” he said, now humble and uncertain. “I will have your head in the next life.”

I rose to my feet, grabbed my phone, and headed for the door.

“Maybe. Maybe not. But until then,
honor thy thug
, muthafucka.”

I was out.


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Wahida Clark has an amazing story. Tenacity, vision and sheer determination are what helped her rise to become the bestselling author and successful business woman she is today. Clark began writing her first novel while serving a 9
year prison sentence, including 9 months in solitary confinement, at the Lexington Prison Camp in Lexington, KY. While behind bars, Clark inked a publishing deal with two major publishing houses, wrote and released 7 novels, including one NY Times bestseller, and laid the groundwork for her publishing company, Wahida Clark Presents (WCP).

To date Clark has released 12 successful novels including three New York Times bestsellers. Her own publishing company, Wahida Clark Presents is one of the fastest growing independent publishing houses in the country.






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