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“Let the law deal with him? What kind of bullshit is that? Do you hear yourself? Yo, Mari, you need to chill the fuck out. This is Kyron’s beef. He will deal with him when he’s ready. Not you, not me, that man there will handle it. We, you and I, don’t have anything to do with this. So my advice to you is to fall back. Take your ass back to the boardroom where you belong.”

“You’re kidding me, right? Kendrick, tell me you are joking. Ha! Ha!” she let out a sarcastic chuckle.

“No, I’m not joking, Mari. This shit is between Kyron and Trae.”

“The hell it is. Y’all had better handle this shit, or I will.” She snatched up her bag from the chair next to me, stormed into the bathroom, and slammed the door. I opened my eyes just as the door shut.

“What the fuck, yo? You need to check her,” Kendrick snapped as he pointed at the door. Kendrick had a twin name Kendra. Our fathers were brothers. Growing up, the twins and I rolled together since we were the same age.

I waved him off. I wasn’t up for entertaining either one of them. I needed to get up and out of this hospital. I had moves to make and a shorty to see.


The last couple of months was hell trying to get back on track after all the bullshit me and Tasha had gone through. But I had to admit that it’s funny how you set your sights on one path and shit just gets fucked up along the way. One thing was for certain, I was determined to get my marriage back on track.

I wanted to feel that adrenaline rush and that school boy crush I got from Tasha when I first laid eyes on her. I wanted us to trust each other again and share that unbreakable bond we had way before the whirlwind called Charli and Kyron fucked up our world.

So tonight was going to be our new beginning.

I had just set everything up and was awaiting Tasha’s arrival. Tonight, it was all about the love of my life.


I had spent all day at the spa getting the
treatment. Trae begged me to go out on a date with him. I agreed feeling that he had something up his sleeve. I drove to meet him at a resort out in Carlsbad. During the ride out there I couldn’t help but go over in my mind all of the danger I put myself and Trae in by messing with Kyron. I would never do no revenge shit like that again. I had finally gotten to a place where I was no longer angry with Trae. Was it back to how it used to be? No, but I was hopeful that we could make it happen. The Trae I fell in love with had caused me major heartache but the Trae I needed was slowly resurfacing and I loved every minute of it.

I pulled up to the Villa that he had booked for us and butterflies fluttered around inside my stomach. I put the car in park and took a few deep breaths. After going over myself in the mirror and glossing my lips with what Trae called the sexy, suck my dick lip gloss, I reached over, grabbed my Gucci bag and got out of the car. As I approached the door I felt like a teen again. I was nervous and excited at the same time. Before I could knock the door opened and I was pleasantly surprised.


When I saw the look on Tasha’s face it was priceless. She was smiling and glowing. The sound of her girlish giggle accompanied with the way she sung out my name made me smile from the inside out. I knew that I was making her happy and that’s all that mattered to me.

I had the whole room filled with vanilla scented candles. The bed that was strategically placed in the middle of the
cabin was covered in red satin sheets, with white rose petals sprinkled all over them. I was planning to lay her sexy chocolate body over the petals and take some pictures for my stash. The soft music played in the back as I watched Tasha’s eyes dance around the room.

“You gonna just stand there?” I asked as I watched her frozen in place.

“Awwwwww babeeeee,” She cooed as she closed the door and placed her bag on the sofa.

“Come here.”

As Tasha walked over to me I watched the way her hips swayed in those tight jeans and fuck me stilettos. My dick rocked right up. Shit was getting ready to jump off and a nigga was ready to put in major work. I hugged her tight and allowed my hands to glide down her back and settle on her ass before placing my lips on hers and kissed her gently. The increase in her breathing and the precision of her touch gliding over my arms and back caused my body to heat up. I pulled her tighter pressing that steel up against her clit. Shit had went from zero to ten in seconds. I had to slow it down because I had some things I needed to say to her. I had to make our shit back tight again.

“Hold up ma, I need to do something first.” I broke our embrace.


When Trae pulled back I didn’t know what to think. He reached over and grabbed a velvet bag that was sitting next to a bottle of wine and two glasses. I watched as he reached inside and pulled out a small box. My eyes lit up when he lifted the top and there lay the biggest, prettiest diamond I had ever laid my eyes on.

“Tasha, I know we’ve been through a lot of shit. But tonight I need for us to put all of the mistakes, drama, hurt and pain behind us and start over. Right here, right now, today, I recommit myself to you, to our family and to our bond.” He said as he took the ring from the box and began to slide it on my finger. “Baby, you know damn well that there is no me without you. I don’t just want you in my life, I need you in my life. And you will always be a part of me. I don’t want nothing or nobody to come between us ever again. I don’t want you to ever again regret that you fucked with me. I want to thank you for giving me three strong sons that I get so much pleasure from.” He paused, looked me in my eyes and continued. “Again, I am asking you to allow me to honor, cherish and love you for the rest of my life.”

Tears had started streaming down my checks back when he said start over. I looked down at my hand and then back up at him. I said, “Trae, I never stopped loving you, and I never will. From this moment forward I promise to honor you, respect you and love you for the rest of my life.” I leaned up and kissed his lips.

He led me to the couch, poured us both a glass of wine and we toasted to life, love and our new commitment. The one that we both vowed to let nothing or no one come between.

Once the last sip left my lips, my husband was all over me. Quickly he relieved me of every piece of clothing I had on. As he laid me so tenderly across the satin feeling rose petals, his lips danced all over my skin sending chills all over my body. His touch was firm and gentle at the same time. It was like he was touching me for the first time.

“Open your legs.” He commanded. And I submitted.

I inhaled deep as he positioned his body over mine. The intense passion rose off of us threatening to set the room on fire. Slowly,
he began to slip into my wetness. When his soft tongue began to pleasure my nipples I grabbed him tight, inviting him to go deep and he complied with long deep strokes that ignited my soul. His dick was calling my name and I answered by throwing the pussy back at him just the way he liked it. The soft moans left his lips accompanied by, “Tasha, I love you.”

“I love you too.” I replied as my body moved in sync with his.

“You are my world. Nothing can ever come between us again,” he whispered in my ear.

“Never again.” I agreed.

With that, we made love, we fucked, I cried and we made love some more, until we both were satisfied. Afterwards, I lay next to my husband, wide awake, watching him sleep peacefully. I ran my fingers up and down his arm. We had just sealed the deal on our new union; however, all I could do was pray that the universe would show the same forgiveness. Only time would tell.


We were in the backyard. I loved the California weather; even though it was eighty-three degrees, to me it felt like seventy-five. The kids were splashing around in the pool, while Trae and I were relaxing in the lounge chair watching them. I was sitting between his legs while he was massaging my neck and shoulders. We had just come home the night before from our little romantic getaway. Just as I began to relax into my massage, my cell started ringing. I looked and I saw that it was a 718 number, meaning New York, and of course, I tensed right up.

“What’s the matter with you?” Trae picked up on my tension immediately. “Who is that?”

“I don’t know. I don’t recognize the number,” I admitted.

“Answer it,” he told me. But I was too late. Whoever it was had already hung up. As soon as I let out a sigh, it rang again.
. “Answer your phone, Tasha.” His tone was laced with suspicion, and I didn’t like it.

I pressed the speaker button. “Hello.”

“Is this Tasha?”

I looked at my phone as if it had a virus. An unfamiliar voice asking for me using my first name? “Who is this?”

“This is Mari. I’m actually trying to reach your husband. I don’t have his number. I only have yours because it was saved in Kyron’s phone.”

Oh, okay. Kyron’s woman. Yeah, I fucked her man, got pregnant by him, and lost the baby. But I think it’s a little too late for her to be trying to call my husband. Especially since shit’s already on the table. Between her and Kyron . . . the pregnancy . . . Trae fucking that bitch Charli Li, it didn’t look like the madness was ever going to stop haunting us.

“Why are you looking for Trae?” I moved his hands from my shoulders and sat all the way up.

“Were you aware that he stabbed Kyron in the throat and that he’s in critical condition? There’s a strong possibility that Kyron could take a turn for the worse.”

“Who the fuck cares?”

“Hear me out. I was calling to say that they plan to serve street justice on your husband. Me? I’d rather allow the appropriate authorities handle him. I’m simply reaching out before I turn him over to the law. Is he available? It’s important that I speak with him.”

“Is that all you have to say?”

“To you, yes. Is he available?”

“First of all, bitch, speaking to me is speaking to him. And do yourself a favor, and don’t ever call my phone again. You need to be glad that he didn’t stab
ass in the throat . . . just because. So my advice to you”—I paused to make sure she got my point—“is stay in your fuckin’ lane.”

I hung up on her and went to stand up. Trae grabbed me and hugged me tight. “I wonder what that was all about?” he had the nerve to ask me. I couldn’t believe my ears.

I turned around and looked at him as if he had sprouted two heads. “You heard the entire conversation, just like I did.”

“What’s the matter with you?”

“You stab a nigga in the throat, his bitch knows that you did it, and you’re sitting here wondering what it’s all about? Did you really just say that? Or did I hear you wrong? And on top of that, I’m still trying to figure out why I gotta hear shit from everybody else except from my husband. I asked you about this several times, and you never had anything to say.”

“And I still don’t have shit to say. It is what it is, Tasha.”

“Trae, she is the second person to tell me that you stabbed Kyron. She’s talking about turning you in. What if she does? What if they come and arrest you? Don’t you think I need to be up on what’s going on?”

“No, you don’t need to be up on this bullshit. I got this.”

“Fine.” I stood up. “But I tell you this, if your ass gets locked up, I promise you, I won’t be the one coming to see you.”

“Oh, yes, you will.”

“I bet you I won’t.”

“Excuse me.” Aunt Marva interrupted our argument. “There is someone at the door. I think you both need to get up here.”

“Who is it?” I asked her. My defenses were already up, so I
knew that some more bullshit was about to go down. Once again, the madness appeared to haunt us.

“Who is it, Auntie?” Trae asked her.

“I’ll stay out here with the kids. You two go let him in.”

? I panicked but just as quickly relaxed, because it couldn’t be Kyron; he was in the hospital. Now I was curious, and I guess Trae was, too, because he jumped up and grabbed my hand. When I tried to snatch away, he pulled me close and hugged me around the waist.

“Get off of me, Trae. I am not feeling you right now.”

“Well, I’m feeling you,” he said as he kissed me on the neck.

“Get off me.”

“Why do you have to trip, Tasha?”

“Because we made a promise. No more secrets. No more lies. And it seems like I’m the only one keeping the promise.”

“What do you want to hear me say? Fuck it! I’ll say it. Yeah, I stabbed the nigga in the throat, because he talks too much shit, and he needed to die for fucking my wife! Now, does that make you feel any better? Hell, no, it doesn’t, because you already knew that. You know me, Tasha. And you knew I was going to get him, and if I missed this time, I promise you I won’t miss the next. Now what, Tasha? What else do you want to know?”

“How about if you get caught? What if you go to prison? What do you expect me to do? Ride the bit with you? I can’t see myself going to see you in nobody’s prison. I’m not doing that shit again.” We were slowly walking through the house.

“You know better than I do, I can’t let that pussy live, Tasha. I mean that shit.”

“Baby, what’s more important? Your freedom and your family or your pride and your ego?”

“The nigga disrespecting me by fuckin’ my wife. So yeah, my principles are real important. Some shit you can’t let ride.”

“See, that is just plain stupid. Downright ridiculous.”

“Call it what you want.”

“I’m calling it as I see it. Trae, you really need to grow up. I think you are too old to be still trying to live by some little boy’s creed. We both did things that we shouldn’t have. But I think it is going too far.”

“Nah, it went too far when the muthafucka got you pregnant.” His nostrils flared. I could tell he was about to go off so I let it go. But I wanted to say, “It went too far when you fucked that bitch and got her pregnant.” But I didn’t go there. It was as if we didn’t just spend four nights together recommitting ourselves to each other.

We arrived at the front door, and Trae mumbled, “Oh, shit! What the fuck?”

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