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Authors: D.S. Foliche

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BOOK: Hycn
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a Sci-Fi novel by

D.S. Foliche


By D.S. Foliche


Copyright © 2013 Dimpho Sametsi


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be
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written permission from the author.


ISBN: 9781311995926



Published by Dimpho Sametsi





Chapter One: Xerla

Chapter Two: Cede &

Chapter Three: Cooke

Chapter Four: Xerla

Chapter Five: Cooke

Chapter Six: Cede

Chapter Seven: Xerla

About The Author


“This little exploration quest of yours
shouldn’t take eons Kocz. I’m damn tired and need rest.” Xerla
Crpye massaged her eyes but promptly reverted her concentration to
her spacecraft’s controls. She nonchalantly shoved forward the
lever on the left side of her cushioned seat, the small craft dived
in response, losing its height by a few feet, and then straightened
once more.

“Kocz, engage me.” She spoke again. This
time in an authoritative tone of voice, her voice a tad louder and
ruder than previously. There was no response or acknowledgement
whatsoever to her earlier statement. The fatigued outlandish
warrior princess glanced outside to her left for the first time
ever since she left
The Maztica,
Cede’s fighter craft’s
lights were flashing wildly in the dark of space sixty or so meters
to the left, but again she received no response like before.
Regretting her decision to come along with Kocz, she returned her
attention back to the monitors in front of her and sank further
into her seat. She was utterly exhausted and sleepy.

“You induced me to come along with you
against my will, the least you can do is respond when I talk to you
cunt.” Xerla barked lazily in
. Her native tongue.
She was a very proud and somewhat arrogant Ekcyrien with a very
short temper and a sharp tongue.

Ekcyriens were an alien race of beings that
looked and were “human” in everyway imaginable; the only slight
difference was their long green hair and reddish skins. This race
of technologically advanced beings resided in the many strange
planets and sun systems within the Hycn galaxy. Originally
Ekcyriens were from a huge planet with five moons and two suns
named Ekcyr but due to overpopulation and other expansion reasons,
this alien race was scattered throughout the entire Hycn galaxy


“Fuckin' asshole, I said talk to me.” Xerla
growled like an enraged mad dog about to sink its crooked and sharp
'saliva dripping' teeth into flesh. She loved and adored Kocz like
a brother, but right now, she hated him with all her being. How he
succeeded in getting her to come along with him to explore the
wandering alien planet she wondered. She was exhausted, she should
have been relaxing in her cozy quarters aboard
The Maztica
at the moment; immersed in comfort and bliss, far away in other
Hycn worlds within her dreams killing dangerous wicked aliens. But
Kocz had to bring her out here.

“Yes! Finally! I wonder what is down there
waiting for my eyes to feast on.” Kocz exclaimed excitedly. Their
short flight from
The Maztica
had taken only about 3 minutes
but to Kocz it had seemed like eternity. He was eager to explore
the spinning planet. Exploring alien worlds and cultures was more
his ‘thing’ than being a soldier.

“Come on lets do this so we can head back to
the carrier Xerla.” Kocz shouted ecstatically. His fighter craft
sped and entered the dead planet’s atmosphere.

A smile flickered across Xerla’s face as she
realized why she’d agreed to come along with him. She’d agreed
because it was an excuse to fly her anti-gravity fighter craft. She
didn’t give a damn about exploring dead worlds and wandering
planets. She was not the touring kind; there was nothing
interesting in exploring dead worlds. Not for her anyway. There
definitely wasn’t anything worth writing home about down there on
the dead planet, only ruins of an alien civilization long dead. She
too increased speed and followed Kocz.


Darkness devoured the entire Okavango Delta
whole, relieved that the Eskadet sun had finally retired, and it
had for the umpteenth time, reclaimed its rule and supremacy over
this vast patch of wasteland, which once upon a time was filled
with all kinds of wildlife. This marked the beginning of another
extremely long night. Seventy-four hours long the nights were, and
very cold and dark they were. It was the same for the whole of
planet earth. Not that it mattered anyway; nobody lived out here on
earth’s surface anymore. Erect skyscrapers and other iconic
structural formations that once covered the planet’s surface had
been erased out of existence. The only evidence that the domain
formerly harbored one of the universe’s super exceptional
civilizations was the few dark forms of the shattered buildings
remains, noticeable at night thanks to a very faint light emanated
from distant stars hidden from sight by a thick cloud cover that
forever hung above the dead planet.

For a while it appeared this night wasn’t
any different from the others that passed already. All changed in
the blink of an eye however. Peculiar scorpion-like small
constructs with pulsing white-blue lights at their tops and
multiple differently colored lights flashing on their sides, tore
through the dense cloud cover above. The two spacecrafts came
cannonballing from the black skies with incredibly fast speeds like
Lucifer’s bats from hell, and plunged downwards towards the still
planet’s surface; their intense dazzling lights facing downwards,
fixed on the surface of the dead planet earth. The crafts’ dizzying
speeds dropped abruptly, they appeared to hover overhead for a
second, and then swooped further downwards as if they were starved
hawks locked onto prey. The dark erratic shadows they cast on the
surface with their blinding white beams of light danced and touched
tips with one another, changing shapes instantaneously as the
spacecrafts soared past at very low altitudes, heading south. These
unusual vessels maintained their low altitudes and proceeded
southwards at an unhurried pace, their pilots’ eyes glued to the
ruins below.



Xerla was barely paying attention to the
ruins below. Her craft’s comforting hum made it a huge task to keep
her eyes open as she and Kocz kept gliding onwards smoothly. They
were now passing Kgalagadi desert.

“Kocz, I literally can’t keep my eyes open,
my body is shitting down by itself.” Again Xerla received no
response from her partner.

“Seriously Kocz?”

“Was still taken by the ruins below.” Kocz
responded. “Look, some of the structures are still standing. I
would love to go at least a thousand miles before we can head back
to the carrier”

“Come on, we‘ll explore the planet later. We
have lots of time to explore. We will be here for three full days
remember? Let’s go back, I’m really tired.” Xerla pleaded. She
might have been in love with flying but at the moment her body was
almost at its limit, she needed sleep.

“Just a few miles. Please?” Kocz

“Fine. Just a few miles, not more than two
hundred though. When we reach the two hundredth mile mark from
here, I am returning to
The Maztica
. With or without
you.” Xerla told him.

“Aaaah, party-pooper. Don’t tell me you
aren’t mesmerized by the beauty of the ruins below.” Kocz said

“Not even slightly. Although I do wonder
what transpired on this planet for it to have lost orbit, to be
plunged into deep space, cursed to be forever spinning in the cold
and cruel space.” She informed him.

“It’s simple. This planet’s people angered
God. This is what happens when you piss him off.” Kocz commented.
He was a devout
. The one and
only existing religion in all of Ekcyr.
credited a god named
to have created
planets, galaxies and all life in the whole multiverse. Theirs was
a religion that acknowledged the existence of sentient
extra-terrestrial life forms in other space vectors, and
encouraged people to love one another and live
peacefully. Although like most religions in the
The Inzperu
 also preached against
their ‘the devil’ and warned the religion’s
followers about the looming end times.

“You Inzperu and your childish beliefs.”
Xerla started. She loved getting into debates with him about his
religion “You really believe that God did this?”

“Tell me Kocz, how is it that you are a
soldier, hold a degree in Physics yet you believe in this Inzperu

“Being a killer and scientist does not
necessary mean I should not believe in God.” Kocz debated.

“But last time I checked most if not all
science scholars like yourself said and agreed that the big bang
created everything. Not some old guy with extremely long white
beard dressed in all white residing above the clouds.” Xerla
pressed him.

“The big bang particle that
exploded and formed the universe had to have a source it
came and originated from right? That is where the big guy
comes into the picture. The particle was created by him and it was
him who made it explode to form everything.” Kocz said.

Xerla chuckled. “If only you were listening
to yourself! According to what you are saying then he too was
created by some source which also had to be created by some other
source and so on, since you say everything has to have a

“No other source created
him. Zuralyrkro is omnipresent, divine and infinite, even
five year olds know that. He has no beginning or end.”
Kocz lectured, not knowing he was burying himself
with the words. His little speech was exactly what Xerla
was hoping for. She had cleverly set him a trap without him
realizing it.

“That sounds like energy to me. God then is
energy in your own words – because of all things that exist in the
universe that I know of, energy is the only infinite thing. Law of
conservation of energy. It states that energy can neither be
created nor destroyed; rather, it transforms from one form to
another. For instance potential energy can be converted to -”

Kocz interrupted her before she could
finish. He knew Xerla Crpye too well. If he did not
cut her off, she was never going to stop talking trying to convert
him to her way of thinking. She was not a religious person and
thought religion was a lie to manipulate masses and a waste of

“I forgot you are a non-believer. I
shouldn’t have tried to reason with you. Though I got to ask - why
are you like this?” Kocz interrogated her.

“Like what?”

“The way you are. Why don’t you believe in
God like most normal people? There are probably billions of
non-believers like you out there but you are the only one I know of
personally. I mean, even my cousin is a rapist and murderer but he
believes in God.”

“Just because one doesn’t believe in a
personalized divine source like you Inzperu doesn’t mean they
should be bad and evil.” Xerla argued.

“Really? Because every anti-Inzperu I hear
of and read about are all evil. They all do pretty bad things.”

“I’m not evil or bad, but I don’t believe in
God. Well, not in a personalized God like you people. I believe we
are all God. Everything that exist is a part of god, combined we
make ‘god’, a perfect complete system.” Xerla responded.

“I don’t- “

She didn’t let him speak.

“Everything that we do have consequences.
Every bad deed I do is likely to have an undesired result or
consequence and vice versa. Bad things that happen to us aren’t
punishments from God, they are results of our own doings. The same
also applies to good things that happen to us, they are not
blessings from God but results of our own hard work and good deeds.
It’s like that. If I treat people well and do good by them then it
is highly likely they will treat me like I do them and do good by
me too. The opposite also applies.”

“Ok miss ‘God Is Energy’ – each to his own
then! Leave me with my beliefs and I will leave you with yours. I
see you aren’t swaying in your anti-God stand. However, know that
he will judge you accordingly. It will be late then to –”

“I knew it! You Inzperu always resort to
that phrase. If someone does not believe in your religious views
then they are unholy and should be punished. I know you have read
about those holy wars in planet Nomm more than thirty thousand
years ago long before Inzperu started. The Nomms annihilated each
other.” Xerla paused and hovered her craft at almost the same place
for a moment. Something had caught her eyes below. She pushed the
control lever further forward and her craft lost altitude.

BOOK: Hycn
7.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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