Innocent Getaway (Innocence Series Book 2)

Innocent Getaway
Alexa Riley

Innocent Getaway

Book 2 in the Innocence Series

addy William has been so
busy with work that his little Haley has been acting out for attention.

He plans two weeks away from everything, and it’s absolutely perfect. A sandy beach, Haley in tiny bikinis, and lots of DD/lg time.

What they don't expect is little Haley feeling she may be missing out on other things in life.

Can Daddy William let his little find her way on her own? Will Haley have second thoughts about her lifestyle?

Book two in the Innocence series is just what you’ve been begging for.

: Serious DD/lg play, which includes but is not limited to: spanking, unicorn stuffed-animal play, anal, cake pops, oral, and lots of dirty talk.

NOTE: Innocent Getaway isn't role play... Haley embraces her inner child and loves to be a brat. While William adores it, not everyone does. This is full time DD/lg and relationship.

nnocent Getaway
by Alexa Riley

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To everyone that wanted more… THIS is for you!


,” I moan while stretching my back, intentionally sticking my ass in the air, my powder blue babydoll dress riding higher. My ring-curled pigtails fall forward, pooling on the floor. I’m sure the trim of my cotton panties is showing, but the men behind me carry on their conversation. There’s no way Daddy didn’t hear that moan. I pout to myself, biting my lip.

Dropping back down to the ground with a loud thump, some of my crayons roll across the wooden floor of Daddy’s office. I’m so over being stuck in here. Daddy William and I hit our one-year anniversary last month with promises that he would take me somewhere. But here I sit in his office, him in another meeting not ten feet from me, and I’m not sure if he knows I’m here. I know he has to work, but I crave his attention more than anything else in the whole world.

He’s been crazy hectic since spring. Now summer is almost over and I don’t see any signs of him slowing down. This is a busy time of year for him with new homes being built and people wanting to renovate their offices and condos. It didn’t bother me so much when I was busy with all my activities. I’d tried starting community college but I hated it. The hours away from William were too much, and it just made me miserable. William encouraged me to try a variety of classes to see if something piqued my interest. Last fall I started taking some culinary classes and I loved them. I started taking all the courses I could on baking this past year, and it’s made me really happy. It doesn’t take up so much of my time and works well with Daddy’s schedule. It makes me feel like I’m good at something, and I get to make sweet treats for Daddy.

I’d planned to spend my summer starting a cake pops business, but that was short lived. I started taking online orders and had set up times for people to come to the house and pick up their cake pops. Daddy wasn’t too happy about me giving random strangers our address and letting them come and pick up their orders when he wasn’t home. I wasn’t two days into my cake pop business when he pulled the plug. And I was up to 500 likes on Facebook! I also got a spanking that made it hard to sit down for three days.

I tried to bring up the idea again with options that Daddy might prefer, but every time I reminded him of the event, I was once again given a spanking. I got the worst spanking today and I have no desire to get another, but I don’t want to drop the issue. It’s gotten so bad that I’m not allowed to be alone at home anymore, hence my lying on his office floor, coloring while he has a meeting.

Turning onto my back, I tap one of my Mary Janes on the floor. I can feel the sugar from all the cake pops I ate during lunch course through my system. Daddy gave me a stern look when I ate my fourth one, but someone had to eat them. I wasn’t going to stop making them just because I didn’t have anyone to buy them. I’d hoped flooding the house with them would make Daddy clue in, but no such luck.

“We started later than we wanted, but I can promise you, the roof will be on before winter. We don’t want any snow falling into the open rafters. We’ll have it sealed up nice and tight,” Daddy says as if he’s trying to bore me to death.

“And when do you think the rest of the house will be finished? I don’t want to tell my little one about it until it's closer to being done or she’ll drive me crazy. You know how it is.”

“You have no idea,” Daddy says, and I have the feeling he is talking about me. Well, he’d better be talking about me. I’m the only person in the whole entire world he should have ideas about.

Rolling to my side, I prop my head up on my hand and glare at him, but he still doesn’t look at me. I know he sees me. I can barely breathe without him knowing. Pulling a foot up to my butt so my dress falls open, showing my panties, I start tapping my Mary Janes again, louder this time. Surely this will get his full attention. I know I’m pushing it, letting my dress fall open like this, but I’m jittery and need him right now. Normally he would have noticed, but he’s once again so wrapped up in his work that I’m forgotten.

Both men turn to look at me, Daddy eyes harden and he gives me a look that does the opposite of what I’m sure he’s trying to get across. I feel my pussy clench at having both men’s eyes on me, but I only look at Daddy. I’m being a brat for his attention. In fact I feel like this is half his fault because he made me go this far to get his attention. Maybe
should get the spanking I’m sure I have coming when this meeting is over. After my actions, I’m pretty sure it is now.  

“Haley, do you like tempting other men who aren’t your Daddy with your kitty?” I feel my face flush at his words. I can’t believe he just said that. Daddy and I never hide what we are, but we also don’t flaunt it in public. We live the Daddy/little lifestyle twenty-four/seven at home, but we normally keep it to ourselves when we are out. We aren’t ashamed of it, but we get it makes people uncomfortable. At first I wasn’t sure if the lifestyle was something I wanted all the time, but anytime I wasn’t in Daddy/little play, I just didn’t feel like myself. I don’t even like calling it ‘play’, because that’s not what it is between us. I love being his little all the time. It’s just who I am.

“I’m sorry, Adam. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” the man says, and I smirk, thinking he is going to get up and leave, but he only leans back in his chair.

As Daddy rises from his chair, he keeps his eyes locked on me. He unbuttons the top two buttons of his dress shirt, and then pulls it from his slacks.  

“Oh shit,” I whisper, and then cringe, hoping he didn’t hear me curse.

Before I have time to try to scramble to my feet, Daddy has his hand closed around the back of my neck. I’m just glad he didn’t remove his belt, but he still could.

“Don’t fight me, little Haley, You’ll only make me grip you tighter. Trust Daddy, be a good little girl, and take what you were asking for.”

Before I can respond, my chest is pressed down on daddy’s desk. Reaching under my dress, he pulls my panties down to mid-thigh, and then flips my dress up, giving him enough room to do what he wants but still have me hidden from the other man. “You wanted to show everyone Daddy’s kitty, didn’t you? You were begging for attention. Now you’ve got it.”

Stinging slaps splash across my bottom, making me yelp before I can respond to his words.  

“Hush, little one.” I feel Daddy's hand rub over the burning spots. Then I hear the other man in the room shuffle in his chair. For a moment I completely forgot he was here. I’ve never been exposed to anyone other than Daddy like this before. The other man may not be able to see my ass, but Daddy has never done anything like this in front of someone else. Maybe it’s because this man has a little too. Excitement courses through me. Part of me loves the attention. I always love attention, but another part of me is thankful I’m not facing the other man. I’m sure I would die of embarrassment if I was. All my focus is on Daddy, like it always is, and I can’t even tell you what the other man looks like.

“She’s feisty.”

“Yeah, and she ate too much damn sugar. I bet an orgasm would make her crash, and a nap might do her some good. Then we can finish our meeting.”

“Hey—” I start to protest at being talked about like I’m not here, but another smack lands on my bottom.

“I would recommend you keep quiet, little one, or I won’t give you that orgasm. You want Daddy to touch your pussy or not? I can already see your cream coating your thighs. You’re a dirty little girl today, aren’t you?”

I moan at his words, rubbing my legs together, trying to get friction on my clit to relieve some of the building pressure.

“She is a stubborn little thing, isn’t she?”

Daddy slips one hand between my legs, cupping my pussy and halting my movements so I can’t find any relief. One of his fingers starts to rub back and forth on my clit, and pleasure floods my senses.

“She’s been extra stubborn these past few months and something is going to have to give.” William says, still stroking my clit back and forth. “She’s been pouting about me shutting down her cake pop business.”

“These?” I hear the other man say. Then I hear the familiar rustle of plastic packing being torn. “Damn, that’s delicious.”

“Yes, they are, and you just ate the last one. I was saving it for a snack.”

“I’m sure you can find yourself something else to snack on.”

“Hmm. I like your way of thinking. I do have a sweet little snack right here.”

“Please, Daddy.”

Excitement buzzes through me, and I can’t tell if it’s from embarrassment, anticipation, or the idea of Daddy eating me in front of someone else.

“That sweet little ‘please’ was so polite, Haley. Manners will get you what you want.”

Suddenly, I feel his tongue on me. His whole face is buried between my legs from behind, my chest still pressed down on the desk.

Daddy grabs both of my thighs, pulling them wider apart for him. He lifts me so my ass bows off the desk, causing me to stand on my tip toes. For a minute I’m afraid my Mary Janes shoes will make me slip, but Daddy’s grip is so tight I’m not going anywhere.

His tongue strokes around my tender clit, teasing it, making it harder as it begs for more attention. His tongue applies firm pressure to my soft slick tissue as he circles back forth. His strokes grow faster and harder, and I just need a little more. I try to push back and plant myself on his face, but Daddy’s grip won’t allow it.

I scream out in frustration when his mouth suddenly pulls away from my greedy kitty.

“You’re going to cum for me, Haley. Hard. And when you do, I want you to remember whose sweet little cunt this is. It might be between your legs, but it’s mine. You remember that the next time you think about showing it to someone else to get my attention.”

If I wasn’t so close to cumming, I’d have told him that it worked. But I knew that would only end with me in the corner and no orgasm, so I lock my lips together and fight the urge to sass him.

All other thoughts leave my mind when Daddy’s mouth goes straight back to my clit. He sucks it into his mouth, and I cum instantly. My head swims and my legs give way as the pleasure tears through my body.

“She might have a sour mood today, but she still tastes as sweet as ever,” Daddy says, pulling me off his desk. He lays me on his office sofa, my panties now hanging around one of my ankles. I try to close my legs but Daddy halts my movements.

“No, Haley. You wanted to be a brat and disturb our meeting. The least you can do is give Adam a nice view of your wet kitty while we finish.”

I’m so spent from my orgasm I don’t even protest. I just let my legs fall open.

“I told you all that sugar would make you crash. Now, lay your head on Daddy’s lap and take a nap.”

I lean up, Daddy sits down, and I rest my head on his legs. I hear the sound of his zipper, and I don’t even have to open my eyes to know what to do. Opening my mouth, I take him in and gently suckle on his cock.

Running his hands softly through my hair, I slowly drift off to sleep.

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