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Jenika Snow








This is to all the wolf lovers out there.



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Chapter One




I looked at myself in the mirror, smoothing my hands down the black corset and impossibly short red skirt I wore. My breasts were pushed up
from the
laced corset, the mounds looking ready to pop right out with every inhale I made.

I opted out of the stockings, preferring
to feel
the chill October air brush along my bare skin—it made me feel alive.
I grabbed the white lace
apron off my vanity and tied it around my waist.
I don’t know why I bothered wearing it
it was just a scrap of material, but I wanted to look innocent for tonight.

I walked over to the bed and grabbed the red velvet hooded cape
the thick fabric over my shoulders and t
it around my neck. I sat on the edge of the bed and slipped on my stilettos, the heels adding a good three inches to my meagre five foot three. I looked at the finished product in the mirror and smiled.

My dark brown hair bounced with spiral curls and made me look younger than twenty-five. On a normal day my hair was poker straight, but tonight I
curled it to achieve the whole, “I’m innocent and don’t want the big bad wolf to get me” look. I picked up some lip gloss and lathered it on my lips, fixed the black bow on the corset and headed downstairs.

I opened the front door and tested the air, letting the light breeze waft over me. I decided not wear a jacket, the velvet
long and thick enough to keep me warm. Besides, a coat would have ruined the whole costume. I could hear my phone vibrating on the kitchen table and shut the door and quickly ran—well, as
I could in my stilettos—into the kitchen.

My heels clacked on the hardwood and I snatched up my phone, checking the caller ID and grinning when I saw it was Isaac.

“Hey girlfriend

I teased.
ell, I guess the right term
s bisexual
—and h
e hates it when I talk all ‘girly’ to him, saying I shouldn’t stereotype people
. O
f course he’s right. He’s just so fun to tease though.

“You know how much I hate it when you talk like that.”

His deep baritone voice matched him to perfection. Even though he liked guys, a lot, you would never guess it by his appearance, at least in my opinion. Isaac was dating Lukas
who also happened to be my best friend. The three of us had grown up together, playing in the sandbox as children, crying over our first pimples as teenagers, and now having a blast in our adulthood. Both Isaac and Lukas were the epitome of male perfection, both having the bodies of pro wrestlers
made any man or woman drool with appreciation. I’m not talking about those wrestlers that have no neck and growl with every breath they take, I’m talking about the ones whose bodies are chiselled out of marble like a Greek god.

They were the two most important men in my life, the two people that I loved the most

since they
were dating each other
meant off limits to me. “You know I can’t help but tease the man I love

I did, with all my heart. The truth was, even though Isaac and Lukas
a couple, I was in love with them

completely and utterly in love with them. I would never admit that to anyone though, especially them, because I didn’t want to ruin what we had
what they had.

Isaac chuckled deeply and I could hear Lukas in the background, sheets rustling and the bed springs creaking. Knowing the two of them were
did things to me, made certain parts of my body tingly and wet. Was that so wrong? I shook my head, getting completely off track with my thoughts.

“I called to see what time you’re going to be at the party tonight?”

“I’m getting ready to head out the door right now. I should be there by nine, why? You guys are coming right? If you guys bail on me
I’m going to whip your asses.”

I heard Lukas growl at my last comment and the corners of my mouth twitched. I heard more sheets rustling
n Lukas’ deep voice on the other end.

“Don’t tease us

I laughed as I picked up my picnic basket, the perfect accessory to my costume. I didn’t think deeply into what he said since we teased like this all the time, but to say I didn’t wish he truly meant it would have been a lie. “You guys aren’t bailing

“You know we wouldn’t miss it
, our favourite girl is going to be there.”

“Did you guys decide what you’re going to dress up as? Please don’t come as a carton of milk and an Oreo like you did last year.” That was the thing with the two of them, they were so
when it came to certain things—those little things that couples did that made you want to gag.

They had been dating for several years, and every Halloween they would coordinate their costumes as a couple. One year they went as a vampire and a bag of blood—yeah, that was what they actually went as. I admit it was cute, and all of their little quirks just made my love grow for them.

“It’s a surprise.”

“Alright, well I
go if I’m going to get there while the free liquor is still flowing.” I hung up and turned off the light, heading out the door and walking towards the tree line directly behind my house. Forrest Haven was a typical skier’s paradise
the massive snow
thick woods that took up most of the town. This was where I had grown up, where I worked and lived.

The annual Halloween party at Wolf Lodge was a pretty big thing in Forrest Haven. Wolf Lodge was a huge ski resort that catered to not only my small town, but also to the rich and famous. It was also where I worked as a front desk receptionist. Actually, a lot of Forrest Haven worked at the resort
which was a good thing since how much employment could a small town

I didn’t live too far from the resort, just having to cut through the woods that bordered my meagre home. The moon was full in the sky and
shivered, not from the cold, but from the thickness of the air that seemed to wrap around me.

A path had been cleared from my property to the lodge, not something I did, just something that had been there for as long as I could remember. As I walked further into the thick covering of the forest
I pulled my hood on and brought my cape closer around me.

The moonlight didn’t penetrate the heavy branches of the pines or evergreens, and because of that, shadows crept from every available place like fingers wanting to grab me. I could hear the scamper of animals on the forest ground, could hear the steady sway of the tree tops and the crunch of leaves beneath my feet. Heels were an awful choice when walking through the woods, but with
beauty came

I was about halfway into the woods when I heard the distinct growl of a wolf. It wasn’t so close to me that I was frightened, but it
close enough that it had my heart rate picking up.

I increased my pace, trying to see through the heavy darkness and hoping I made it to the party in one piece. I stopped and gripped my basket when I heard heavy panting in the brush to my left. I knew well enough not to run because if there really was something this close to me, running would only excite it.

I started walking again, swallowing audibly and keeping my pace steady and even. I could hear the panting keep pace with me, the creature’s heavy footfalls matching my own and driving my emotions higher.

the lights of the lodge up ahead
, I
breathed out a sigh of relief. My palms were sweaty and my heart was still beating so fast I could feel my pulse in my throat. I exited the woods, the moonlight bright and illuminating everything it touched.
and look
over my shoulder,
as I saw two sets of glowing blue eyes staring right at me.

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