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An excerpt from Jaxon's Story... Temptation

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To my sister, Mayra, who immediately fell in love with Jaxon...

To Shivani - loving your change of heart and going for Team V & M. I couldn't have accomplished this without you ladies' support, priceless feedback, and assistance.

To my daughter, Aayla, without your savvy song choices where would I be?

Chapter One

Carina sat on the stone bench of the college campus. She patiently awaited her consistently tardy roommate Desirae. The weather was still pleasant enough for Carina to sit outside. October brought with it cold fronts and ever changing leaves. Carina enjoyed the mild weather wearing her red V-neck sweater and snug fitting jeans.

A beautiful brunette came bouncing up to the bench. Carina turned her head in time to see Desirae approach. "Hello roomy!" She exclaimed. Desirae was easy on the eyes and a great friend; Carina and Desirae shared a dorm room on campus. Carina had dreaded this part of college... Would she have the roommate from hell? Would she be overwhelmed? Fortunately she'd taken everything in stride. Her classes were within her grasp and her roommate helped ease the loneliness she felt being away from her family.

Desirae plopped down next to Carina. "You're done with classes for the day right?"

Carina nodded as she looked toward the student union building. She watched a couple of their building dorm mates walked in. "Let's go eat!"

Desirae jumped up and grabbed Carina's hand. They skipped toward the food court. Desirae rambled about her day as Carina looked around. They had different classes due to their respective majors and previous college credits. Carina had taken AP classes in high school while Desirae strived to barely manage to get accepted.

Carina loved everything about Desirae. She was always happy and seemed to have an endless amount of energy. Desirae commanded attention wherever she went. She'd enter a room and all eyes fell on her. Desirae expected nothing less. Her beautiful brown hair draped over her shoulders and her bright green eyes sparkled like jewels. Carina loved that Desirae didn't cover her signature freckles with makeup.

Carina and Desirae grabbed their dinner and sat at a table by a panoramic window. Desirae was still talking about her day and didn't want to get interrupted by sitting with a larger group. Carina looked around. It was still early enough to avoid the larger crowds.

Desirae stopped mid-sentence. "Shit, don't look now."

Carina sipped her soda knowing that warning was meant for her. She felt his presence before she saw him. Jaxon Wright was a beautiful asshole. Carina made the typical college freshman mistake of getting to know him too quickly and too intimately. Jaxon was a junior, on the competitive rowing team, and a God to most who knew him. Well most but not to Carina. He was phenomenal in bed but Carina knew a snake when she saw one.

"Hi Jaxon," she greeted indifferently. She didn't bother turning around to acknowledge his presence. Desirae on the other hand was trying valiantly to seem unaffected by him. Jaxon was all tanned muscle thanks to his rowing prowess. It didn't help that his face was as beautiful as it was masculine. Jaxon could give up college and become an Olympic athlete or a male model. His blue eyes and ash blond hair made all heads turn.

Jaxon didn't immediately reply. Carina bit her lip knowing that he wasn't leaving until she looked at him. She took a deep breath knowing that his mere presence affected her in every way. Carina slowly swiveled in her chair and faced Jaxon and his entourage. She smiled sweetly and tried to look at his forehead rather than at his ocean blue eyes. A girl could really fall hard if she didn't know better.

"Carina you've been avoiding me." Jaxon pouted. He purposely leaned toward her. Carina held her breath knowing what he was doing. Jaxon was potent. All male, all beauty... Jaxon exuded sensuality and sex with every breath.

"Jaxon, I have classes and commitments. You had your fun with me." Carina shrugged her shoulders. Technically she'd walked away from him but Jaxon's pride was on the line. Carina heard the rumors flitting about; everyone thought Jaxon had moved onto his next conquest and left her behind. He didn't correct anyone and she didn't really care.

Jaxon and relationships were foreign concepts; almost an oxymoron in itself. Jaxon's picture was beneath the dictionary's definition of man-whore. Carina had been one of the "lucky" ones to not only fuck Jaxon but to have him for more than just one glorious night.

Jaxon leaned into Carina. His lips brushed her cheek and touched her ear. She shivered at his touch remembering how skilled he was at everything. "I miss you

Of course he wanted to charm his way back into her panties. Carina stroked his cheek and whispered in his ear. "Surely you haven't bedded the entire freshman class already."

Jaxon quickly straightened and threw his head back. His whole body shook with laughter; his eyes glittering with mischief. He'd already had Carina in his bed, countless times, but it hadn't been enough. She knew she was a catch and she was playing hard to get.

Carina didn't wait for Jaxon's comeback. She abruptly stood up causing Desirae to stumble after her. Carina tilted her head and bit her lip. Damn he was delicious. "It's always good to see you Jaxon." She had to get out of there before he weakened her tenuous willpower.

Jaxon hooked his finger in her belt loop and yanked her back to him. "I always get what I want." He whispered. Jaxon's tongue trailed a path of fire from her ear to her lower lip. Carina's womb clenched as she shoved him away.

"Good since you've already had me." Carina waved him off and practically ran for the door. She could hear Jaxon laughing as the glass doors shut behind her.

"What the hell was that?" Desirae demanded. She scurried after Carina. "That was Jaxon Wright blatantly pursuing you! Hello in there!! Mr. All American. Mr. I-wet-my-panties every time I see him!"

Carina rolled her eyes. She couldn't be upset with Desirae. She understood how potent Jaxon was. "Try sleeping with him and getting left to dry" Carina drawled. That wasn't exactly what happened but it was what Jaxon typically did to everyone else. Carina just left before it happened to her. She'd seen the red flags waving all around her in those last few days.

"Okay but Jaxon is
and never has to
anyone! PLUS it's unheard of that he ever goes back for more Carina! Especially when he's had the chick for a bit..."

Carina's womb clenched as she recalled the 2
's and 3
's and 4
's she'd shared with Jaxon. He was a phenomenal lover in the physical aspect but he was a shell on the emotional side. Jaxon gave his body freely but not much else.

"I'm done talking about Jaxon!" Carina snapped. "You want him... he's all yours. I have no qualms over us roomies bedding the same man-whore."

Desirae flinched. Carina had unfairly lashed out on her. "Des... I'm sorry. It's just that I've seen what Jaxon does to some of these girls. I don't intend to be one of them."

Desirae nodded but said nothing. Carina knew Desirae was hurt. "Didn't you say there was a party somewhere?" Carina asked hoping to ease the tension in the small room.

Desirae lit up like a Christmas tree. "Of course! It starts at nine! Let's finish our assignments and head out."

Carina said a small thank you as she settled into her desk. The college was huge but Carina didn't have close friends a dime a dozen. She hated having even the smallest disagreement with her roommate. Desirae was genuine and that was a quality that was becoming harder and harder to find.

* * *

Desirae never arrived on time to anything. It was a quarter to ten and Carina was patiently waiting by the door to head out. The sooner they got there the sooner they'd leave. Unlike Desirae, Carina had an early morning class. Carina looked at the full length mirror in the corner of the room. Desirae couldn't live without that thing but it had grown on Carina. Not that she was vain or anything but it was nice to see one's overall appearance.

Carina had chosen to wear her tight fitting knit dress with matching knee length boots. Only a small part of her thighs were exposed to the chilly air outside. Desirae was rocking leather skin-tight pants and her breasts were practically falling out of her top. Carina had her curly black hair down to help keep her warm while Desirae managed to pull off the intentional messy up-do. They both applied some eye makeup and lipstick but nothing else. Carina and Desirae were firm believers in natural beauty.

They walked across campus and followed the sound of blaring music. Another set of dorms existed on this side of the campus; it housed upper classmates with co-ed dorms that felt more like apartments. Carina wasn't sure how she felt about that. In her perverted mind co-ed places meant roommates would eventually have sex with each other and that tended to end badly. Carina had never asked her stepbrother about his accommodations over at his university. She just assumed he stayed with other guys.

Carina's stepbrother, Diego, was every girl's dream; handsome face, protective nature, witty personality, with a brilliant mind. He was completing his senior year at another college. He'd begged Carina to go to school with him but she hadn't been accepted. His was an Ivy League school and although she'd graduated with honors she hadn't met all the necessary test scores and extracurricular requirements to make the final cut. Carina didn't take it personally. She'd only applied for his benefit.

Thinking of Diego reminded Carina how much she missed home. Most people wouldn't guess that Carina and Diego weren't related by blood. His dad had married her mom. It was their 2
marriages and they were products of 1
marriages. Regardless, they had a great family and amazing home life. Carina thanked the heavens everyday for those small blessings.

Carina swallowed the uncomfortable lump in her throat as she followed Desirae into the building. Carina could see that this party didn't discriminate. There were as many freshmen present as there were seniors. The whole building was hosting the party, not just one room or one floor. Carina stood in place completely dumbfounded. Wasn't someone going to get in trouble for this? Where was campus security right now?

Carina held Desirae's hand as they walked from room to room. Some rooms had intimate gatherings with people just sitting around drinking and chatting while other rooms held themes. They passed drinking rooms, dancing rooms, and what Desirae described as sex rooms. Carina abruptly turned away as she realized that a girl was giving some guy head. Desirae burst out laughing at Carina's appalled expression.

"Girl, you'd think you were a virgin!" She scolded, rolling her eyes at Carina.

"But I'm no skank giving head for everyone to see!" Carina scoffed. Her reply only made Desirae laugh harder.

A girl with mocha skin and short cinnamon-colored hair smothered Desirae in a giant bear hug. "You came!!" She squealed in delight.

"Yes and this is my roommate Carina!" Desirae introduced the girls. Carina waved not knowing if a more formal introduction was necessary. The girl had brilliant hazel eyes that sparkled in the light.

"Hi Carina, I'm Andrea! I've heard quite a bit about you!" Andrea had an amazing smile that instantly made you feel welcome.

Carina silently raised her eyebrows at Desirae. She could not say the same about the girl. Although they talked about a lot of things this was the first time Carina was meeting any one Desirae's friends outside of their building. Carina smiled hoping to ease the awkwardness of the moment.

Andrea led them to a small table with food and drinks. An iPod sat in the corner playing a variety of music. One moment the room would be bouncing to a heavy beat and the next moment they'd be singing to a popular tune. Carina looked around the room in dismay. She didn't recognize anyone but her roommate. She really needed to make an effort to meet more people.

Andrea and Desirae stood huddled next to each other gossiping as Carina stood off to their side. It was one of their differences. Desirae was Ms. Busybody. Carina grabbed a plate of finger foods from the table and attempted to mingle with others in the room. She kept her eye on Desirae knowing the girl wandered off too easily.

Carina kept checking her phone watching the time pass. It was almost midnight but Carina was didn't want to stay any longer. She was bored out of her mind and it didn't look like things were going to get any more exciting. According to Desirae it was still early but Carina felt lame just standing around. She headed toward her roommate with the intention of telling her she'd see her back at their room. Andrea yanked Desirae and Carina into the hallway and called out to a group that had just passed the door. She began introducing the guys as Carina struggled to keep up. She needed to be polite but she was ready to call it a night.

"This is Fabien and Emile..." Andrea was saying.

"Wait, aren't you in my biology class?" The guy named Emile asked. He was looking directly at Carina.

Carina tried not to stare but she was trying to place him. Their class wasn't that big but she really didn't socialize. "You have Professor Watters?" She asked trying to remain engaged in the conversation.

"Yes, you don't recall the brilliant student who successfully completed the lab on the first try?" He playfully reminded her.

Carina remembered that disastrous lab. The professor had purposely given minimal instructions testing to see who had actually read the syllabus.

"Ah, the suck up... I remember you." She teased right back.

The others looked puzzled as Emile and Carina erupted in laughter. He told his side of the story while Carina interjected and depicted hers.

BOOK: Irresistible
8.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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