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This is a work of
fiction. Names, characters, places, dialogue, and everything else are products
of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to people or events, living or
dead, is purely coincidental.






is a completely stand-alone follow-up to
, I want to
give readers an opportunity to see more of Kellan’s background and get a
feeling for where he came from.  So with that in mind, I’ve included a free
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Slade: A Stepbrother Romance
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Kellan: A Bad Boy
Military MMA Romance


– Kellan

– Parker

– Kellan

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– Kellan

the Author


By Sienna


Slade: A Stepbrother


- Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris

– Slade

– Iris









I’d just gotten the shit kicked out of me in the ring,
and all I had to show for it was a pair of nice tits.

But don’t worry about me. You
should’ve seen the other guy.

This was what winners got, what we
were entitled to: a hot chick to wipe the blood off our lips and wrap her own
around our cocks. Sometimes they were groupies from the crowd, or sloppy drunks
our managers could convince to hang out in the winner’s room for the ride of
their life with a big, bad, dangerous guy like myself.
Killer Kellan.
That was what they called me. But when I was in this room with some horny babe
with a tight, ripe pussy, they only called me one thing.


This chick wasn’t
from the crowd. She was one of ours—a ring girl, one of the scantily clad
sirens who’d strut around the mat, holding up those big cards that let you know
which round it was. I’d seen her before with some of the other guys, stumbling
out of the winner’s room with her eyes glazed and her hair a fucking mess. She
was a regular, the kind of girl who couldn’t get enough of some mean dick
filling her every hole. By the way her thighs were quivering, I could tell she
was jonesin’.

“Hey there,
Killer,” she purred, sprawled out across the bed that had seen more ass than a
toilet seat. Crooking her finger, she beckoned to me, sliding her tongue across
her full, glossy lips. “Come claim your prize.”

“She’s all yours,”
Vic, my manager, muttered beside me—an unwanted reminder that he was in the
room. “Enjoy the spoils of war, kid.”

Please. I’d seen
war and its spoils. They were nothing like this.

He closed the door
behind me and the flavor of the week sat up in bed, coyly holding the sheets
over her tits. She shook down her long, dark hair and giggled, biting her
fingernail at me. “You heard the man, Killer. Come get me. I’m all yours.”

There was no
reason to deny her. I was rock hard—had been for about a week now. Fuckin’
before a fight was bad luck. You were supposed to hold in all your frustration,
all your anger, and take it out on the other guy in the ring. Sticking your
dick in something would take the edge off, and in my world, you needed all the
edge you could get.

a fight, though? That was pretty much mandatory. Girls would practically line
up at the door to sprawl across your bed like it was a silver platter. Provided
you won, of course.

And I always won.

“What’s the
matter, Killer?” the hunny in my bed asked, cocking her head. She leaned
forward and grabbed at the waistband of my shorts, pulling me toward her. “You
had a rough day, huh? You look exhausted. Don’t worry—Jasmine will take care of

I cupped the back
of Jasmine’s skull, then wound my fingers so tightly through her hair she
gasped out loud. When I jerked her head back, her big, brown eyes were wide
with not just surprise and intrigue, but

I’d seen that look
in people’s eyes before. Too many of them. Whether I was fucking or fighting,
it was always the same. People were afraid of me—of Killer Kellan. The chicks
seemed to get off on it. They liked the danger.

But for me, this
whole song and dance was getting old, fast. None of these ring girls could give
me what I needed. None of them even had the first clue.

What I wanted was
an escape, to feel like something other than the weapon that the military, and
then this glorified fight club, had made me. I wanted to look into a woman’s
eyes and not see uncertainty, for once—no matter how wet the thrill made them.
I wanted a woman who, when she looked at me, would hold nothing but admiration,
desire, and
in her gaze. Maybe even love.

Jasmine was not
that woman. She couldn’t give me what I needed. But I could take from her a few
moments of bliss, just enough to make the cuts and bruises and muscle aches not
seem so bad.

That should’ve
been enough for me. Why wasn’t it?

“This isn’t how
this works,” I told Jasmine, staring down at her slack face, her slightly
parted lips. “You’re not fuckin’ me, baby. I’m fuckin’

The little smile
that caught the edges of her mouth made her eyes sparkle. This was what she
came here for—a rough fuck and a walk of shame she’d take on wobbly legs

I yanked down my
shorts and let my cock spring free, hard and heavy as it thumped against her
chest. Jasmine let the sheets drop and I pressed my shaft between her tits,
pivoting my hips so that the rosy crown of my dick pulsed just beneath her jaw.
When she took hold of my balls, a thin bead of precum and a low growl escaped
me, and when she flashed me a mischievous grin and descended on my manhood like
a cock-hungry vulture, I shoved all the way in to the back of her throat and
held her there, savoring the wet tightness of her mouth.

Jasmine’s eyes
fluttered closed and she laved the underside of my dick with her tongue, one
hand fondling my big balls with the other pumped at my base, jerking off the
few inches of me that weren’t buried deep in her throat. She never even
gagged—she must’ve been used to this kind of treatment by now.

I pistoned back
and forth between her jaws, my balls tightening with each of the wet, sucking
sounds my thrusts made. Jasmine sucked so hard her cheeks hollowed and I
groaned, tilting my head back as she made circles around my tip with her
tongue. It was like she was coaxing the cum right out of me, tickling my taint
with her nails, looking right up into my eyes as she used the point of her
tongue to make a come-hither motion against the bottom of my swelling dickhead.
I grit my teeth as I began to swell, spreading her lips wide as she tried to
contain me. I could’ve blown my load right there and then—the pressure building
up inside me was so fucking tempting.

But that wasn’t
where I wanted to cum.

I pulled my dick,
hot and sticky, from Jasmine’s mouth, and she let out the sweetest sigh, like
she already missed the damn thing. I smeared her own spit across her lips and
gave myself a few short strokes. “Get those legs back for me.”

She bit her lip.
“Aren’t you gonna get me wet?”

I smirked and
pushed her down by her shoulder so her back was flat on the bed. Parting her
folds with my cock, I ran my tip from her hole all the way up to her clit,
feeling the gush of wetness that was already there.

“I just did,” I
told her, then stripped my shorts off all the way.

Jasmine was
panting, cheeks flushed as I grabbed a condom from the nearby dresser and
opened it with my teeth. I pulled out the latex sheath within and rolled it
down my length, grunting as it strained around me. Vic usually put Magnums in
here for me; they felt nice on my thick, oversized cock. Well, as nice as
having a barrier between you and the sweet, succulent walls of a good pussy
could feel. Damn, I would’ve loved to drive into Jasmine bareback, but she
didn’t know me from Adam, and I didn’t know her from Eve. It was better this

She was playing
with her pussy by the time I’d gotten the condom on all the way. I watched her
French-tipped nails move in a flurry over her clit, peeling back the hood to
reveal that little button that drove all women wild. Her legs were spread wide,
feet on the edge of the bed, but she hadn’t obeyed my order completely.


I snarled, giving her a sharp slap on her ass. Jasmine yelped, then cooed,
looking up into my eyes through half-lowered lids. “Now.”

“Like this?” she
asked me, pulling her legs up a little and exposing that perfect, pink pussy of
hers to my eyes.

“No,” I said,
grabbing her calves and shoving them back until her knees touched her
shoulders. Jasmine whimpered when I dug my fingers into her flesh and her pussy
slickened even more. “Like this. I’m gonna get nice and deep in that eager cunt
of yours, Jasmine. Deeper than any of those other fuckers have ever got before.
Are you ready for that?” I sawed my cock between her smooth pussy lips, and she
moaned and shuddered. Her nipples were rock hard.

“Yeah,” she
breathed. “I’m ready, Killer. Give it to me.”

I positioned
myself at the sweltering entrance to her depths and muttered, “Damn right you
are,” as I plunged forward, letting her moist, throbbing muscles cling to me
all the way down.

“Jesus!” Jasmine
cried, face twisting in both pleasure and pain, hands clasping her own breasts.
“Oh, fuck, Kellan! You’re so big…!”

I was, and I could
tell by the way her pussy stretched around my dick that she’d never had one
this size before. She wasn’t just paying me lip service; she was in awe.

“You love it,” I
accused her, rocking back and forth to force more of her cunt to acquiesce to
me. “That’s why you’re here, isn’t it? So one of these big, bad fighters can
make you feel like a slut?”

Jasmine squealed
and squirmed when I bottomed out inside her. I still had an inch or so that
wouldn’t fit, but that was okay—I hadn’t found a girl who could take me all the
way in yet, and she at least was doing an admirable job of trying.

“Those other
fighters,” I said, beginning to thrust in earnest now. “Did they ever make you
squirt, Jasmine?”

Breathily, she
whispered, “No.” Then she tweaked her nipples for me, making her tits even
rounder and fuller than they were before. I grunted and sped up, kneeling on either
side of her so that my face was right in front of hers when I slammed my hips
into her ass. The way her flesh bounced with the impact made me even harder;
there was something so primal and intoxicating about that wet slapping sound.

“I’m gonna,” I assured
her, grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her onto my dick with every one
of my powerful plunges. “I’m gonna make you squirt all over me, Jasmine.
Because that’s what you really need—someone who can make you into a good girl.
Someone who can make you obey.” I grunted as my cock swelled even more inside
her. Shit, I was close. “So when I count to three, you’re gonna let go and
squirt all over my dick, and you’re gonna make a big, sloppy mess while I dump
my load into your pussy.”

“I… I don’t know
if I can,” Jasmine admitted, whimpering as she writhed on my dick. “Oh, it’s so

“You can, and you
will.” She looked like she might argue again and I snarled. “On the count of
three, you’re gonna do exactly as I say. No matter how hard you fight, it’s
gonna happen, because you aren’t in control here, baby. I am.” With one hand, I
pressed down on her mound, and used the other to embed my thumb firmly against
her clit. With my thighs, I elevated her ass up off the bed so that my dick
pounded straight into her G-spot. Jasmine’s eyes flew open wide.

“One,” I said,
rubbing her little clit as fast as I could.

Jasmine wailed.
She kneaded those heavy tits of hers, the fluttering motions of her fingertips
on her nipples mimicking my frantic strokes on her clit. I felt another rush of
wet warmth from inside her as it embraced my dick.

“Two,” I said,
pumping up hard and fast into her spot, relentlessly pummeling that bundle of
nerves I knew would make it impossible for her to stop herself.

Jasmine tried,
though—when the sensation overwhelmed her, she pushed at my hands and squirmed
like never before, saying in a high, breathy voice: “N-no! It’s too good! Ooh,
fuck, Kellan, it’s too much. I can’t take it. Stop…!”

She didn’t want me
to stop. She just needed to release all that pressure that had welled up inside
her sweet spot. Cruelly, I pressed down on her mound at the same time I
quickened my pace on both her clit and her cunt, ramming so hard into her the
headboard struck the wall with every thrust.

Jasmine wailed and
kicked my shoulders. Her eyes rolled back. Her pussy tightened suddenly.

“Three,” I said.

With a low,
guttural groan that soon turned into a scream, Jasmine let loose a torrent of
sweet pussy juice all over my hips and waist. She spasmed and convulsed,
fingers curling, body a live wire snapping and crackling under me. I could feel
her dripping off my balls and that was all I needed to tip over the edge of my
own ecstasy, letting out a roar of bliss as my dick spat out a thick, creamy
load into her tortured cunt.

The way she
screamed my name, over and over, sounded like the chanting of the crowd
whenever I strode out into the ring. It should’ve made me feel the same way,
too—admired, special,

Instead, I felt a
little void inside me, a place that wasn’t quite filled by the woman I’d
brought to rapture and tears, or the pent-up aggression I’d taken out on her.
Even my satisfied cock seemed like it was missing something, some level of
intensity that usually kept these shitty feelings at bay for a couple of days.

I pulled out of
Jasmine as she was still recovering from her massive orgasm and pulled the
condom off, throwing it away. I was just about to clean up with a towel when
she crawled to the edge of her bed on her belly and looked up at me, face glowing
with joy and sweat.

BOOK: Kellan
5.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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