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Let Me Love You

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Let Me Love You


Amy Davies


First off, I would like to
thank my awesome husband, who has stuck by me through the whole book, even when I hit a huge writer’s block. He has taken care of our 3 children and even cooked

Thank you
to my family and friends that supported me.

Darryl I love you ba
be, just keep being you always and Thank you for letting me love you.

My 3 ch
ildren you give me the inspiration every day. I love you lots like jelly tots.

Also a huge Thank you to some a
mazing girls that I have met online. Ladies you are my Rock stars.

Kim, Kellie, Kaz, Sarah
and Carolyn, Toski and Carrie. I love you chicas




Copyright© by Amy Davies

All rights reserved


Details based in this book may seem close real life events and the author did not intend to offend

Characters, location, events and story lines are all fictitious.

All songs mentioned in the book are not owned in any way by the author.



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Let Me Love You



It’s Friday night and yet again I’m alone, but these days I like being alone. No one’s here to see the bruises, or the way he speaks to me. The apartment is clean, just the way he likes it; it doesn’t take me long these days, as it’s easier to keep on top of everything. I take my e-reader out of my bag and sit in the bay window looking over the city. I’m reading a book about a very hot CEO dominant that actually takes care of his girl and loves her. My dominant boyfriend just likes to hit and rape me. Where did I go wrong with that? I wish I could just leave, but he has threatened to kill my family and I know that both he and his dad have the means to do it. He reminds me daily that he has this power over me.

I hear the front door unlock and my
hearts jumps in my throat. I hear the laughter of him and two others. Oh God, he has brought Dylan and Evan back with him. This is not going to be a good night. “Tally, where are you?!” I hear Dean shout.

I plaster a
fake smile on my face and reply. “I’m by the bay window, Dean. You guys have a good night?” All three men stroll into our living room. They sway back and forth, I can tell they are all drunk.

“You guys have a good night?”

“Come here Tally” Dean demands. ”G
reet our guests in the proper manner.”

I steady my shaky breath and move towards them. I stop and kiss Dylan on the cheek

have you been Dyl?” He smiles a creepy smile that always makes my skin crawl.

“I’m good Tally, even better now babe
.” I nod and move to Evan. Evan is the sweetest of the group.

“Hey Evan.
How’s the new job going?” I ask, as I know that he just started a new job.

“Yeah Tally, job is good. You ok
ay?” He asks in a knowing manner.

Dean wraps his arm around
my waist and pulls me closer.

“Are y
ou done flirting with my boys, Tally? Because if you like them that much then I can think of a few ways to please them and me.” He smirks.

“I wasn’t flirting Dean. Y
ou asked me to come and greet them, so I did.” He didn’t answer me. I felt the back of his hand connect with my face and I fall to the floor.

really want to piss me off girl? You know you want to fuck them. I see they way you look at Evan, so get back into the guest room and strip now. My boys are horny after drinking and flirting with whores all day, so they deserve a little action. Don’t you think?”

I look at Dean with horror that sinks right into my bones
. “You can’t make me have sex with Dylan and Evan, Dean. Please don’t do this. I’m yours and only yours.” I’m shaking now, tears streaming down my face.

I would take a beating before I let the three of them take me. I stand and head for the door
, but get yanked back by my hair.

Dean whispers in my ear
. “You will do as you’re told girl, now fucking strip.” He throws me toward the guest room. I steady myself and shake my head no.

No Dean, this isn’t happening. Send the boys home and you can make love to me. Please..”

I plead with him
, but he doesn’t give in. Dean comes at me and hits me again. From the floor, I see Dylan smiling and rubbing his erection through his jeans. Evan is averting his eyes. I pray in my head that Evan will help me, put a stop to this, but he doesn’t. Dean kicks me in the ribs as I try to get to my feet. He turns to the boys and smiles.

“Go into the guest room, second door on the left. We will be there in a few
.” I look at Evan again and mouth ‘Please’. He shakes his head and follows Dylan. Evan looks just as scared as me.

“Get up!
You are going to go in there and fuck my boys, okay? Dylan wants to taste that sweet pussy of yours.” I cringe and begin to dry heave. I stand and look Dean in the face. I’m shaking from head to foot. I glance around the room and spot my bag sitting on the floor near the door. I have to get out of here. I can taste blood in my mouth and I’m sure I have a few broken ribs, but I’m going to have to grin and deal with the pain if I want to get out of here.

, this isn’t happening tonight, or ever.” He laughs at me and I feel sick to my stomach.

“Oh doll face
, it is going to happen. Remember, just one phone call and you will be responsible for Scarlett and Jake getting hurt, or worse” My blood runs cold, but something snaps inside of me.

uck you Dean.” I pick up the vase that’s to my right and throw it at Dean. It catches his shoulder, so I make a run for the door while he regains his balance from trying to dodge the vase. Dean’s mom bought that vase. I fucking hate it. I fling the door open and run for the elevator. Pushing the buttons a mile a minute doesn’t make the doors open any faster, but I still do it. The doors open as Dean runs out of our apartment door, screaming at me.

Oh G
od please, please.
I will the doors to close.

The doors close as Deans gets there
, but he is not fast enough. I hear him scream my name, but I block it out. I sag against the wall and collapse to the floor. Breathing heavily, I text my sister Scarlett to see if she is home. The doors slide open with a ping and I jump out of my skin; part of me was expecting Dean to be waiting for me. I stand and exit the building, feeling the evening warmth on my skin. For the first time in so many months, I feel free of the clutches of Dean Riley. I call a taxi cab and head to my sister Scarlett’s place.

I Nat
alia Slone now welcome freedom, hopefully.


Chapter 1


My interview is in a few days with a big shot photography company named Exposure. They found one of my photos online and asked me to come in for a job interview. Why oh why did I say yes? Photography is just a hobby of mine. I have never thought of taking it further, but Scarlett my big sister, convinced me that this might be a good thing for me. My family sees this as my chance to meet Mr. Right. You never know, I might make it big. I live with Scarlett. I know I cramp her style from time to time, but I know she loves me.

“Tally, it
’s eight o’clock. We’re going to hit traffic and be late opening the store. Get a move on!” Scarlett shouts at me from our kitchen.

I work in a small clothing boutique called Scarlett’s Avenue. Scarlett owns the store. When she turned twenty-five
, she got a large part of her inheritance and actually did something good with her money. Scarlett was a tad on the wild side at a younger age, but after certain events, she grew up. Scarlett’s Avenue sells vintage chic style clothes with large price tags. We will be celebrating her thirtieth birthday soon and in true Scarlett style we are having a big glitzy party. I come down the stairs to meet Scarlett at the bottom, tapping her foot, giving me a get-a-move-on-glare.

k I’m here, let’s get a move on, we don’t want to piss off the boss.” I say to her while I dance past her and head towards to door.

Scarlett scowls at me
. “You’re really going to wear that to work?”

I’m wearing skinny jeans with a plain black fitted shirt that buttons up to my breasts and a white camisole underneath with flats. I don’t t
hink she likes my fashion sense. I don’t really have a style. I just wear whatever I feel comfortable in. I nod and keep walking, smiling to myself. Scarlett is a very modern kind of girl, always keeping up with fashion trends and always getting the men. Scarlett has long straight chocolate brown hair, beautiful green eyes, and according to a guy that once described her to me, legs that go all the way up. She has the perfect body. She took her looks after our mom.

Now me
, well, I’m me. I have shoulder length mousey coloured hair, blue eyes, and legs that don’t go all the way up, but I’m pretty slim. ‘Too skinny’ mom says, but I follow my dad’s side of the family. We arrive at the store. We are busy, as every other day. Customers come and go, not really looking to me for any fashion advice. They just look down on me until Scarlett steps in.

I go out back on my break,
check over my emails, and do some research on Exposure. They have a hand in everything, from family photos to portfolios. Their main reason for being such a big company is all the celebrity work that they do, from promo shoots to red carpet. They have pictures on their website of celebrities. I don’t know most of them, as I don’t watch a lot of TV or movies. I click the slideshow and have a look at what other celebs they have photographed. As the screen is flicking through, I hit the ‘stop’ button. There is a guy I have never seen before. He has big blue ocean eyes and a smile that could make anyone fall in love instantly. I tingle in all the right places. After seeing the star studded list of celebs, I start to panic. How am I never going to get this job? I’m not going to fit in here at all, and now I’m really nervous. I go back out to the front of the store where Scarlett is talking to a well dressed woman in her mid-fifties. They both stop talking and turn to look at me. Scarlett waves her hands, summoning me to them. I walk over, keeping my eye on Scarlett, who is just smiling at me.

, this is Mrs. Silver. She owns Exposure and she has come into the store today to look for a pretty dress for her Grand-daughter, Penny. Can you help her please, Tally?” Scarlett walks away, leaving me there with Mrs. Silver. I stand there looking at this amazingly dressed woman and realize that I have lost my voice.

I take a deep breath.

“How old is your Grand-daughter
, Mrs. Silver and what is the occasion for the outfit? That might help on deciding the best outfit for her.” Mrs Silver smiles at me.

“Penny will be sixteen and it’s her sweet sixteen
birthday party.” You can tell that she adores her Grand-daughter by the way she smiles when she says her name.

We go looking around the racks picking out a number of dres
ses for the birthday girl, Penny. Mrs. Silver shows me a photo of Penny and I notice she is very pretty and tall like Scarlett. One of the dresses I pick out is a pretty ivory knee length strapless dress with a very fine silver belt at the waist. Mrs Silver loves it.

“Is there anything else I
can help you with, Mrs. Silver?” I ask, as we head over to the counter for her to pay for her item. Mrs. Silver shakes her head and hands me her credit card. “Would you like me to gift wrap the dress for Penny?”

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