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Linc's Retribution

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A Brothers of Devil's Comfort MC

Book 2





Brair Lake







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Linc's Retribution (Brothers of Devils Comfort MC book 2)



For three years Cassie & Linc Davies have lived in married bliss. For two of them they have being trying unsuccessfully.


Who would believe that a visit to a doctor's surgery could bring so much havoc to two people’s lives?


Unpleasant news sends one’s woman’s husband into another woman's bed.


Can Cassie and Linc save what they believe is a perfect marriage. What do you do when someone you love betrays you?


Find out in Cassie & Linc's Story


Devil Comfort MC are Bad ass Bikers with their own sense of Justice. You do not mess with them or with the Old Ladies, who hold their hearts.


This book is about a life, shrouded in violence, death, sex, swearing drugs, guns, fun and love


This book contains explicit sex and profanity and is intended for mature audience of 18+ only


There are acts of sexual content that some readers may find offensive. Self-pleasure, anal play (male and female), male and female sex, phone sex, there is also a little bit loving.   Strong language, drugs, guns violence, death, Arrogant Dominant Alpha Men 


If this offends you please do not purchase




Chapter              1










































She's the type of girl that can be hurt

but still look at you and smile

– Marilyn Monroe.


Chapter 1



“How long do you think he’ll have her doing the dirty jobs?” Baby Blu’s musing cut into my thoughts. At my look of confusion, she helpfully points over to where Rayven, one of the girls from Tie Me Down, is busy cleaning Tabby’s Harley.


A smile plays on my lips as my gaze wonders over to the girl and with a half-hearted roll of my shoulders. "You're experiencing Tabby's new seduction technique. A little over zealous I know." Everyone at the club is aware of Tabby's behavior towards the girl. The way he keeps her close with any excuse, has become the clubs’ entertainment.

“Sorry. Whose seduction technique?”




Baby Blu’s “
Cassie I think you may be right,” leaves me smiling as I turn back to watch the dark haired girl cleaning the Harley. Baby Blu’s small diversionary tactic is not going to work. I can practically hear what she really wants to know. It will not be long before the real quizzing begins. But I don’t mind. The day Linc cheated on me, was the day I truly became grateful for Baby Blu’s friendship.


A cold shudder runs through my body as the memory of that fateful day surface like an unwanted visitor. Time has shown me that no matter how hard I try, the memories refuse to stay buried.

For the last couple of years Linc and I have tried unsuccessfully for a baby. Unhappy with our failure,
I had eventually persuaded Linc that we needed to see a doctor. That we needed to have a fertility test.


The wait in the doctor’s waiting room at the time had being agonizingly slow. My stomach was a hive of activity and Linc’s constant pacing had proven he was not much calmer. We were continuously glancing up at the clock. Whose ticking was deafening in the silent room. 


Finally the call had come for us to see the doctor. Linc and I had patiently sat, waiting for the doctor to break the silence, and when he did. My world had begun to tumble down. I had being expecting there to be something wrong with me. However this proved not to be the case. What the doctor told us had shocked us. My test had come back clear. The problem was with Linc. Linc’s sperm count was low. As the doctor continued with his explanation, Linc became quiet. When I think back. I should have realized. He was too quiet. 


After hearing the results, Linc had not spoken. On the way home, he still remained silent. And when we arrived home, instead of staying to discuss the problem. Linc had taken his bike and left. Dejected at Linc’s callous treatment I had cleaned the kitchen. As the day drew to a close and Linc had still not been in contact, worried, I had decided to go to the club. Pain closes round my heart as I close my eyes. After all this time, I can still see the image of Linc and that whore in our bed.


After discovering Linc with another woman, I did not want to be on my own. Armed with a bottle of tequila, a Chinese, and with the intentions of getting drunk. I made for Baby Blu’s place. Baby Blu had stuck on a lame Rom-Com movie, and the more tequila I drank, the more insulting I had become about Linc and men in general. At the same time I am fully aware that Linc and Inferno are in the kitchen, where Baby Blu has banned them. Occasionally Linc would wonder in to the living area on the pretext of checking that everything was OK. Only to be chased out by Baby Blu.

For six weeks I have avoided the club, and if I had not been collecting Baby Blu for our weekly shopping expedition, I would still be avoiding the place. Not that this has made any difference to Linc. After all it is hard to avoid someone when they work next door to you, and Linc would practically drop by every five minutes. Nope, my being here has nothing with me wanting to see Linc Davies.


Baby Blu’s chatter breaks into my thoughts as I pretend an interest in a conversation I am far from wanting.


“Have you decided what you're going to do about Linc?”
“What about sex? Has there being any since that night?”
“No. Cassie, I need more than that.”
“It's not that simple Baby Blu. The bastard hurt me. And I'm neither going to forgive him. Or forget about it” As an afterthought I add “Or jump in to bed with him."


As far as I am concerned. It’s too soon to take Linc back. And if I did, would he have learnt from his mistakes. He has to realize, he cannot make a fool of me.  Not a day has gone by since we have split that I have not seen him. He brings me breakfast, takes me out for lunch and pops over in the evening with supper.


If I tell him I have plans, he insists on dropping me off and picking me up. Dam, the man’s sending me crazy with the way he is always underfoot. I never saw this much of him when we were living together. The only time I get to myself is when he is on one of the club’s runs. And to think I hated the time we spent apart then. But this does not stop him from keeping in contact. Even when he’s away, he rings at every opportunity.


“Cassie, are you telling me you’ve not being tempted in the last six weeks.”


“Always. Especially as he is constantly touching me at every opportunity that arises. And I don’t stop him Baby Blu. I need his touch.”


I do not tell her, although we have not had sex technically. Linc has still brought me to orgasm on several occasions. That it is easy to give into his touch. Sometimes, when I lay in my empty bed at night, I almost give into the temptation to take him back. This is when I am hit with my own insecurities. Is he banging one of the club whores when he is not with me?


If I bring the subject up, Linc swears, that there is only me. Each night when he leaves me, I tell myself I trust him. With him living at the club I need to trust him. Life would be less complicated if he lived elsewhere. And there is my problem, and the reason why I finally gave in, and made today’s visit. Do I trust him? Fuck, I hate not knowing what I should do.


“What would you do Baby Blu? If you discovered Inferno had cheated on you?”


“Easy I would kill him.”


“Yeah, that’s what I thought I would do. And as you can see, the bastard is still breathing.”


I want my man back. But I refuse to make it easy for him.  I miss the sex and why should I deny myself, just because he was stupid enough to fuck another woman. Now that I have made my decision, my mind becomes a frenzy of activity. Linc is going to have to play this my way, and by my rules.


My coffee may be lukewarm, however my body had become hot as I made my plans. Linc’s next four day run is about to happen. This gives me four days to formulate and put my plan into action. I could have chosen to go down the same path as my mother and take a lover. But that’s not what I want. What I want, is for Linc to regret what he did to us. And maybe make him suffer a little at the same time.


“I’ve decided it’s time Linc, and I dated.” I tell my companion unexpectedly.




“I never had that Baby Blu. The dating. I met Linc, we had sex within ten minutes of meeting, and I had married him within twenty four hours. This time I want the dating. Something to tell the grandkids.”


To hide her laughter Baby Blu lifts her cup to her lips. “And you think Linc’s going play along?”


Without bothering to hide my own smug smile. “He’ll do what I want. Shit, he may not like it Baby Blu. Well that’s tough. I want to date, and that’s what I’m going to get.”


Through heavy eyes, I study Baby Blu’s facial expressions quickly change in a matter of minutes. Yep, I intend to have some fun. Lincoln Davies will not only see me as a woman. But he will treat me as one. In the process, I intend to enjoy myself, while watching my man suffer.


“So will this dating involve sex?”


“Baby Blu. Will you stop talking about sex while I’m trying to come up with ways to make my man suffer.”




Baby Blu’s snigger does not bother me. “No you’re not. And for your information, Linc and I will be having sex. Shit Baby Blu It’s being six weeks. But that’s going to change.” I deliver with a snigger of my own.


“And this great dating plan. Does it include Linc moving back in?”




“So you’re going to carry on trusting him while he’s living at the club?”


“I trust him. However the apartment over the studio is vacant and he can stay there.”


Then as an afterthought I add. “One chance Baby Blu. I’m giving him one chance, and if he screws it up. I’m gone.”


While talking to Baby Blu, I have decided Linc needs to be taught a lesson for what he has put me through. And to do this, I am going to need Baby Blu and Rayven's help. In the meantime and at Linc’s expense, I get to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies, shopping. On his return, Linc will have no idea what has hit him.


It’s not until we hear a commotion coming from the direction of the bikes that Baby Blu and I pause in our conversation. A glance across the parking lot shows Tabby’s giant form heading towards the ethereal girl. With his height and build he is no match for the child / woman.  From this distance it is hard to tell what the altercation is about, and as the argument escalates, their voices become louder. Both parties own fierce tempers. As each of them become more volatile, Baby Blu and I watch in shock, as Rayven turns the hosepipe she was using, on to Tabby.


“Shit, this could get messy.” In the middle of the yard a hulking drowned man is standing. A man whose temperament matches his red hair. At first, Baby Blu and I sit in horror as we watch the girl run from Tabby. The sound of their argument carries on the air and we realize it’s not fright which has caused the girl to run. Instead it's her peals of laughter. Laughter the giant is not appreciating.






With a shout for our men, Baby Blu and I run towards the girl before Tabby does any serious damage to her.


“What the fuck?” The sound of a door slamming and running footsteps has me turning towards the deep southern drawl. As I gape at my man while he runs towards the turmoil, memories of our first meeting make an unwanted appearance.

BOOK: Linc's Retribution
7.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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