Lissa Kasey - Dominion 2 - Reclamation (7 page)

are so slippery.” He pulled me up and led me away from the crowd into the empty locker area. His arms folded around me. It wasnt until then that I realized how badly I was shaking.

“Im sorry,” I mumbled against his chest.
“Theyre just dishes. I can buy more. Everything okay?” I shook my head.
“Want to talk about it?”
“Youll think Im crazy.”
“Been seeing Smurfs lately?”
“Smurfs. Small blue people. That would be the only way

Id think youre crazy.” He looked thoughtful for a minute or two. “Though I suppose they could exist, especially since vampires, witches, and faeries exist.”

“Faeries arent real,” I protested.
“Are so. Ive met some.”
“Maybe Matthews a faerie then.”
“Highly unlikely. Male faeries are rare, and about the

size of your thumb. Females are a little smaller but number in the thousands.” Gabe hugged me tightly while he rambled on about faeries. “Reproduction is less than two per lifetime for each female, I think. And with so few males….”

“Youre nuts,” I told him, but just being with him made me feel better.
He laughed. “The two of us are perfect for each other then, arent we?”
I sighed.
“I called Jo. She said shed cover for you tonight. And Mike is on the way to take over for me. How about we take off?” Gabe gave me a suggestive wink. I dont know why he kept trying, but as long as he was, so would I.
“Okay.” I let him help untie my apron and hand me my coat.
Mike and Jo arrived almost at the same time. Jo gave me an affectionate kiss on the cheek, telling me we had to do a movie night soon. Had it really been almost two months since the last time? Before Frank died. Before Brock had messed me up. I sighed and promised wed get together soon. She looked good, healthy, and not so world weary. Her lover had been murdered by Brock. I suppose if there was hope for her, there had to be hope for me, right?
In Gabes car a few minutes later, I was surprised when he leaned across and kissed me like he really meant it. He always tasted like copper pennies unless hed been drinking, and it was something I enjoyed. When he pulled away, he looked a little flushed. But he helped snap my seatbelt into place and started the car.
“Wow,” I told him.
“Liked that?”
“Why doesnt everyone kiss like you?”
“Because then, what reason would you have to love me?” he asked, pulling the car onto the freeway and driving in the opposite direction from home.
“Youre hot, and nice, and hot. Where are we going?”
“So Im two times hot?”
“You know you are. Where are we going?”
He reached across the seat and pulled my hand into his lap, careful to rub the skin above my wrist. “Think of this as an early birthday present.”
“You know I dont like when you buy me things.”
“I havent bought anything for you.” He pulled into the one hotel we had used before. Its reputation for cleanliness almost matched Gabes place.
I swallowed and stared at the big building, so not wanting to fail again.
“You wont.”
“Youre being creepy.”
“Everything you feel is on your face. Youre not disappointing me. Tonight is for us. Just you and me. No Trimega or Dominion or even Jamie to get in our way.” He smiled that sweet curve of lips and flash of teeth that made me fall for him in the beginning. “I have a plan.”
“Im at your mercy,” I told him.
“Well see about that.” He pulled a bag out of the backseat and led me into the hotel. We didnt even stop at the front desk. He just took us to the elevator, and up we went. It was late enough that no one other than a hotel employee or two were around. Gabe swiped the cardkey through the door lock, and it clicked open. It felt like a honeymoon suite. Floor a thick dark-green carpet, bed kingsized, wrapped in silky-looking pale-green sheets. The beige of the walls felt nondescript, and the artwork just depicted scenes of Minnesota landmarks.
Gabe put the bag on the luggage rack and kicked off his shoes before stripping out of his jacket. “Going to stay awhile?” he asked me.
I pulled off my coat and hung it in the closet, then left my shoes by the door and flicked the deadbolt into place. “Whats the plan?”
He stretched himself out in the middle of the bed and patted the spot beside him. “Join me?”
After crawling across, I lay down next to him, wishing that my hands were better so I could touch him. Being this close to him always made me want to run my hands over his skin. The gloves made it easier to move, though little things were still almost impossible, like buttons. “Whyd you have to wear a button up and not a T-shirt?” I complained.
He laughed lightly and slowly undid the buttons one by one, starting from the top and working his way down. I followed every one of those buttons with my eyes, until he pulled the end of his shirt out of his pants and let the last one free. The shirt fell open to frame his pale chest. Dark nipples winked at me, and the light spattering of hair made me want to run my hands across those beautiful lines.
Though right now I was beyond hard, I didnt have much hope it would stay that way. “I want to touch you.”
He spread his arms out above his head. “All yours.”
I waved my gloved hands at him. “Not the same.”
“Youre an inventive guy. Maybe you can use something other than your hands to touch me.” Gabe adjusted his hands beneath his head like he was as relaxed as could be.
One side of the shirt completely slid off, baring the full and pert nipple to me. I couldnt help leaning across and covering it with my mouth. The little sound that fell from Gabes lips made me smile and play with the nipple even more.
“So my plan was to keep talking, but I dont know if anything I say is going to be all that intelligent,” Gabe told me as I pushed the fabric away from the other happy pebble and began torturing that one too.
I shifted to straddle his hips and get a better angle. Planting little nibbles in a line from nipple to mouth, I kissed him, delving deep. Halfway through the kiss we were grinding our hips together, and he was fighting not to move his hands.
Pulling back, I tugged at the shirt. “Shirt off, please.”
“Well, since you asked so nicely.” He did a half sit-up and threw aside the shirt, then settled back against the bed.
I resumed my torture of his chest. “What were you going to talk about?”
“Whatever. Anything. I dunno. Seems to calm the cat version of you. I figured maybe it would work on your human anxiety too.” The muscles in his arms bulged as he tried to keep himself in check and not touch me back. I wanted to lick the veins that ran down them, follow that blue line until I found his heart and could taste the beat through his skin.
“Its all about the tone. When Im a lynx I cant understand what you say half the time anyway. I really have to focus on it.” I slid back and dipped my tongue into his belly button.
“Tone, hmm? So I could be reading you tax law so long as the tone is calm?”
“Probably. But I like when you tell me pretty things.” I gestured to his pants. “Can you undo this for me?”
One hand slowly eased down to undo the button before going back under his head. I pulled back the fabric and helped him out of his pants. He lifted his hips ever so slightly, and the jeans vanished on the floor somewhere. He wore nice briefs, light blue in color. They looked like a pair Id bought for him a few months ago. His erection stretched the fabric in a firm outline, curved to the side to contain all of him. I nipped at the head through the fabric.
“Talk,” I commanded.
He groaned. “Coherent thoughts required?”
“No,” I said around his cock, soaking the fabric with my spit.
“After I drove you home that first night we met, I had to jerk off in the car. I kept seeing your cute little ass in that leotard.” He groaned again when I sucked on his heavy sack. “Thought for sure Id turn around and go pick you up just to have you. Id nearly convinced myself that if I died for being with you, at least it would be a happy end.”
“Hmm.” He always said such pretty things.
“When I went back at almost dawn you were just coming in. Didnt really know what I was seeing at first. Just saw a lynx wandering around an estate in the middle of St. Paul. Then I watched the cat climb a tree outside the house and shift flawlessly to human once up top. You were very naked, but apparently good at tree climbing and window hopping.”
I let go of him long enough to reply. “It was the third crest of the new moon. It was either shift or find someone who could help me bleed off the energy.” I tugged at his underwear until he raised his hips again so I could slide them off. His pretty uncut cock fell against his stomach when I freed it.
Having never considered myself much of a size queen, it was funny to find myself in a solid relationship with one of the larger men Id ever known. He was no monster, by any means. Just a solid length that fit me perfectly and that I could barely wrap my hand around.
Somehow I didnt think my medicated gloves would work for that. “Blow job?” I asked him.
“Whatever you want.”
“I want you to fuck me.”
“Such a potty mouth. Are you ready for that?” His voice still had that even tone. “Theres lube in the bag.”
I searched for the lube, tremble in my hands and my erection wilting some. This was so stupid, and it was going to end tonight, if I had any say. After finding the bottle and setting it beside Gabe, I moved to lie beside him again.
“You take over.”
“Sei, I think you should have control. Right now, foreplay is key. Think of this as your first time all over again. Only better because its you and me.”
“I do have control. Im going to tell you what to do. Foreplay and all.”
He looked skeptical but let his hands fall away from his head. “Command away, mio gatto.”
“You have hands that work. Undress me, please.”
He rolled the T-shirt until I had to sit up to get it off, then he tossed it aside. My nipples felt heavy since I had my rings in tonight. Gabe licked his lips, but his hands went to my pants to unbutton them and help me slide out of them. My undies werent the kind I would have chosen if Id known about this excursion, but they were hardly ugly. Red bikini briefs made me feel empowered this morning when Id put them on.
“Red is very nice. You never wear red for me,” Gabe mumbled, pulling off my socks, then caressing up my legs to reach the undies. “Shame to take them off.”
I laughed again, feeling somewhat carefree for the first time in what felt like ages. “Another time. My nipples need some attention.”
“They do, do they? Hmm. Well let me just take care of that.” He freed me from the red bikinis, then dipped his head to play with the rings hed bought me. Flipping from one to the other, he had me hard again and trembling with desire against him.
“Lower,” I told him.
He licked down my belly, pausing at my belly button like I had with him. “Here?”
“Hmm.” His mouth found my cock and didnt bother being gentle. He swallowed me with practiced skill, all the while keeping his hands in full sight. Watching him bob with his lips pressed against me was like watching the most erotic porn flick. I could have come just from his skilled suction, but thats not what I wanted.
“Lower, please,” I begged.
He shifted to let go of my cock and attacked my balls. Nipping and sucking at them until I thought Id die from the pleasure. His hot breath tickled my sensitive skin. I pulled my knees up and spread them, giving him better access.
A look of indecision crossed his face briefly, but he settled himself between my legs, and when I felt the first tentative touch of his tongue I almost jumped off the bed. One of his hands moved slowly, firmly wrapping around my cock and giving me gentle tugs. His tongue assaulted me below, pressing deeper until it penetrated that strong outer ring. I fought not to lose the warmth of that feeling as fear filled me. This was Gabe; he would never hurt me, I told my confused body.
Gabe paused, looking up at me.
“Dont stop,” I hissed at him.
He closed his eyes and continued his oral adventure while his hand quickened its strokes, working in time to the rhythm of his tongue.
I breathed deeply and tried to focus on the feelings and Gabes pretty blond head, bent at the most intimate part of me. Once hed worked me back hard again I rode the feeling for a bit before giving him further instructions.
“One finger please,” I told him, knowing Id probably go soft at the first touch.
He continued to press his tongue inside. It wasnt until he pulled back that I realized hed used his pinky finger to breach me and slid it gently inside with his tongue. I nearly shouted with joy when the realization didnt wilt my happy. When he pulled the little finger out and replaced it carefully with his longer middle finger, I felt the fear of coming pain rise. But it worked inside of me, curving up until it hit that willing bundle of nerves, making me squirm and writhe against him.
“Hmm,” he mumbled while he took my balls in his mouth again and fingered my ass in slow rhythm to the long strokes he was delivering to my cock. It was like sensory overload. How long had it been since Id felt such an incredible high?
I fought the tingle rising in my spine, not wanting it to end yet. “You…,” I panted. “Inside please.” Shoving the bottle of lube his way I stomped down on the flying edge and told my body to wait.
He leaned forward and kissed me long and deep, lips tasting like copper and me. He still stroked me lightly, finger inside working, hitting that sweet spot before vanishing and being replaced with the pressure of something much larger.
I tried not to flinch as he bore down, waiting for the muscle to relax and let him in. When the head finally eased its way inside, Gabe increased the tempo on my cock, tightening his grip and giving me shorter, heavier strokes. I barely noticed his continued press until he was fully sheathed inside me, and the stretch was a comfortable, welcome feeling.
“I love you, Seiran Rou,” he whispered over and over between kisses. His hips not moving, just those skilled hands and wonderful lips. He shifted slightly and somehow pressed himself against me so I could feel the length of him inside, pressed against that internal sweet spot.
“Move,” I commanded and begged all at once. “Please.”
He waited only a few seconds more before pulling back and diving in again. This is what I had missed. All those weeks of unreasonable fear and pain, driving me to miss something I loved so much. Shoving down, I met each thrust and clung to him like the oasis he was. He lifted my hips, adjusting the angle. The sound of his body meeting mine was almost as erotic as watching him pound into me.
Pleasure built upon pleasure, and I dug my gloved hands into his arms, gasping for breath while my body flew. He coasted above me, happily, as lost in passion as I was. I kissed him again and let everything go.
The feeling in my spine poured forward, releasing in an impressive spurt of warmth between us. He moaned at the sight and pushed his hips harder, finally pulled out, gave himself a stroke or two, and his release mixed with mine.
We were both breathing hard, but when he pressed his body to mine and kissed me, having him so close was all that mattered. Wed done it. Id let him make love to me. Hadnt lost my erection and had even come with him inside me. My heart beat a mile a minute while I returned all his heated kisses.
He licked the tears from my face. “Hope these are tears of happiness.”
“They are.” I found his lips again. The hope I had expanded a thousand times. Surely I could find normal again now.
We dozed together for a while. Unfortunately, since we werent at home, Gabes body temp began to drop. No grave dirt here to keep him running at normal temps. After cleaning up with a few wipes hed packed, he wrapped a thick comforter around us. I jerked awake from his body cooling quickly beside me.

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