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She might as
well get the news over with and let him deal with the shock of it all as she
was. “What you’re saying about the people of America may be true in 1501, but
in this time… my time we have a vast variety of cultures.”

“What do ye
mean yer time lass? What year do ye think it is ma bonnie lass?” Placing his
fingers under her chin he forced her to look into eyes of emerald green.

“I don’t think…
I know… and don’t call me that. It’s the year 2012… I have no idea how this is
possible… but I believe our times have somehow intersected. I don’t know if you
have traveled forward in time or if I’ve traveled back… maybe it’s a little of
both. The mist is thick we can both barely make out the area around us….” She
shrugged her shoulders at this point giving in to the idea that one or both of
them had traveled in time. Hell it really was possible they were in a type of
limbo… not in either time. “Behind you is your world… behind me is mine.” She
shrugged her shoulders again as if that incredible statement should explain it

“I doona ken
if I believe ye lass, but I do ken I have dreamt of ye every night for months and
now ye are here in the flesh. That is a gift I will gladly take advantage of.”
Tavish pulled her back into his arms his goal to ravish her lips until she
gladly melted into his embrace.

He had watched
her from a distance when his dreams first began… but as the days had went by he
was able to move much closer… to listen as she spoke to others without her
seeing him. She had a gentle, but big heart and obviously loved children. She
was smart and fierce, with a natural talent with a bow. He had watched her practicing
with others in a field… hitting her target true ever time. The others even
tried intentionally to throw her off with distractions, but she never once
missed her target.

He had noticed
her odd dress and those of the others around her, but at the time he was so
drawn to her that it had only been a passing thought. Could she be telling the
truth? Every time he had observed her she had been in a field or other open
area shrouded in mist. Maybe… just maybe there had been more that he was unable
to see?

Now he was
holding her in his arms, kissing her luscious mouth and he never wanted to let
her go. He was sure this wasn’t a dream like the others. He had been restless
and unable to sleep after his return from the meeting with his liege lord.
Walking through the woods he had been drawn to this spot along the edge of the
tree line. He drew back slightly… barely touching her lips with his own,
running the back of his fingers along her soft cheek. “Och lass, I have waited
for sae long tae touch ye. I find I have nae desire tae ever let ye go… just tae
lay ye down in this grass and make sweet love tae ye for hours. I’ve been drawn
tae ye since the first time ye appeared in ma dreams, but yer gentle nature and
the obvious love ye have for children has captured ma heart.”

Her insides
fluttered at his words… he sounded so sincere she didn’t doubt him for a
second. For months she had watched him in her dreams as well. She had never
felt so drawn to any man… well except maybe Ian… but this was different, more
intense. She wanted to stay with him… to let him do just as he said. Making
love to this man for hours sounded heavenly. She couldn’t deny, at least to
herself, that being in his arms felt so right. The idea of love at first sight,
or even soul mates floated through her mind briefly, but then it wasn’t the
first time she had ever seen him. This whole situation was ridiculously
impossible, but there was no denying that it was happening. Who was to say that
it wasn’t fates way of bringing two souls together that were meant to be? Okay…
so it seemed farfetched, but what other answer was there? A mass hallucination?
Yeah that made so much more sense… not! Her family had always believed in the
unexplainable mysticisms that ruled this world. Why doubt those beliefs now?

The cool night
breeze drifting across her kiss moistened nipples brought her back to her
senses once again. At some point during her musings he had managed to undo the
toggles on the front of her outfit and expose her breasts to his touch. Her
dazed mind could do nothing more than feel as his lips pulled the breast back
into his mouth, grazing the elongated nipple with his teeth before gently
laving it with his tongue to sooth the hurt. He eased her to the ground near
the edge of the forest pulling her down onto his chest as he lay back in the
grass. He continued to lave and tease at her breasts suckling greedily at times
as she felt his hands pull on her dress.

Bunching the
material in his fists he was slowly drawing her skirts up her legs. God she
could feel his arousal as it brushed against her stomach. What would it feel
like the make love to this man? To have the arousal she felt against her body
deep inside her? She could tell he was thick and long, though she had nothing
really to compare it to. She felt his finger tips touch the back of her knees
as he slowly slid them under her skirts and up the back of her thighs. He had
obviously given up on pulling the heavy material up and decided on the more
prudent option of just exploring with his hands underneath of it. Maybe the
chill in the air had changed his goals? She should be cold, but in all honesty her
body was so over heated from his kisses and arousing touch that the cool air
only heightened an already unquenchable desire.

As he kneaded
her bottom with his callused hands she couldn’t stop the groan that escaped her
lips. Sliding his knee between her legs he gently nudged them open causing her
legs to slide to either side of his hips. She could feel the moisture soaking
into her panties as he touched, nipped and petted her body. Shifting slightly
she began an enthusiastic exploration of his chest with her hands. In doing so
she had also managed to place his arousal closer to her needy center. He
released her breasts kissing his way back up her body taking gentle nips to the
skin near her ear. His breath was warm as he pulled her close to him causing
her nipples to brush against the light sprinkle of hairs on his muscled chest.

“God lass ye
feel sae heavenly in ma arms… like we were made for each other. I can feel us
running out of time this night, but let me pleasure ye a wee bit longer before
we must part?” Her slight nod and the whimper that was released from her kiss
swollen lips was answer enough for him.

She could feel
him sliding his finger along the crack of her bottom… back and forth teasingly,
each time inches closer to her needy center. She was unaware of her spreading
her legs farther apart or her unconscious effort to rub against his arousal.
Suddenly his fingers were spreading her nether lips and plunging deep into her
channel, first one then two within a few seconds. The feeling of being
stretched was overridden by the exquisite feel of his fingers moving in and out
of her in a seductive rhythm. She could feel the pressure building inside her
as her legs began to tremble. The world exploded around her as she fell over
the imaginary edge of a great cliff.

When she
finally came to her senses once more he was poised above her ready to enter her
for the first time and make their bodies as one. “Ma sweet lass… I had wanted tae
wait, but I find it almost impossible tae resist making ye mine.” She had a
moment of indecision before the choice was taken from her completely. As his
lips touched hers he plunged into her body thrusting through her virginal

She screamed
into his mouth as the pain began to drown out the pleasure of moments before.
In a confused daze she could only manage one word. “Tavish?” He stilled instantly…
his arousal buried deep inside her body, jaw clenched as he fought off the
desire to move. He knew she needed this time to become accustomed to their
bodies united as they were.

“I’m sae sorry
lass… if I could have avoided hurting ye I would have gladly, but the first
time always hurts. I promise ye the next time will be better for us both.”

Those few
words were all the reassurance she seemed to need. Sliding her arms around his
waist she buried her face in his chest and tried to relax as he thrust inside
her. In all the romance books they talk about a pinch of pain and then pleasure
beyond your wildest dreams. Well the reality was slightly different. The
pleasure was still there… but buried under the surface. The pain was more than
a pinch and with each thrust inside she could feel her walls burning from the
friction as well as the stretching from his size.

“Sweet lass if
ye doona let yourself relax and enjoy this ye are just going tae cause yerself
more pain. Trust me… please lass… just trust me.” The concern in his voice
managed to penetrate the pain filled fog in her mind and she relaxed a little

slightly away from her, he wrapped her legs around him as he slowed his thrust.
Slightly wetting his fingers with his mouth he touched her small pearl hidden
in the folds between her legs. Leaning forward he gently sucked the tip of her
breast in his mouth once more. The combination of all three zones being touched
at once over whelmed her senses throwing her into a larger orgasm than the
last, flooding her channel with the liquid desperately needed to allow his
passage without as much pain. His thrusts became more frenzied as each gush of
fluid was released in her excitement. He gave one final thrust before roaring
his release into the eerie silence of the misted night. Feeling his seed
splashing into her body did something to her insides causing another orgasm to
hit her without warning.

She must have
passed out at some point because when she finally came to her senses she was
lying slightly on her side with Tavish still buried deep inside her and her leg
slung negligently over his hip. She instinctively cuddled close to his chest
causing his arms to wrap protectively around her instantly. Wiggling slightly
she was amazed to feel him growing hard once more inside of her.

He growled
into her ear. “Lass if ye doona hold still I will be ready tae go again in

She snuggled
closer rubbing her nose against his chest playfully. “That would be a bad thing

His groan
seemed loud in the quiet of the night. “Och lass… ye are going tae kill me.” He
smacked her bottom when she wiggled again. “Lass ye are going tae be sore as it
is… if I take ye again this soon ye will be in a lot of pain in the morn.”

She wiggled
again this time kissing his neck and rubbing her breasts seductively against
his chest. “I’ll worry about the pain tomorrow then. I only care about right
now. Make love to me again… please?”

His loud groan
was all the warning she got before he grabbed her hips and began moving slowly
inside her. Using his lips to suckle on her breast she could do no more than
lean her head back thrusting her breasts closer to his mouth. He laved and
suckled at each breast worshipping one before switching every few minutes to
the neglected side as he slowly stroked her building desire with his thrusts.
They both wanted to savor this time they had together. Something, an inner
warning of some kind, told them both that there time together was almost over.
It seemed like they had been together for hours, but surely someone would’ve
noticed if she had been gone that long?

Wetting his
finger in her juices he slowly circled her forbidden entrance before going back
to gather her juices once more. She had read about this in many romance books.
Would he be so daring as to push his finger inside her forbidden entrance? Did
she want him to? Before she could think any more on it his thrusts became
frenzied distracting her thoughts. As his finger slipped inside to his first
knuckle she once again realized she had waited to long. She could feel the
finger wiggling around inside her back entrance before he picked up a rhythm
and began to push in and out of her in time with his thrusts. She felt her
arousal building once more. Using his free hand he swiped some of her juices
onto his finger then smeared it onto both nipples, before heading back south once
more. He licked at her juice making pleased noises as he nipped and licked her
nipples clean. She felt him spread her ass checks which caused her rose bud to
open wider, the finger of his second hand slipped inside thrusting with the
first. It was all too much she exploded around him. Moments later she felt him
thrust one last time before joining her in bliss.

Coming to her
sense she felt the slight tremor in his body as the last of his liquids spurt
inside of her. He hadn’t removed his fingers and he still suckled at her breast
causing small tremors in her body. She found herself sighing contentedly as he
released her breasts and slowly pulled out of her body. He helped her arrange
her clothing once more into an acceptable look… nothing was going to help the
swollen lips or slightly mused appearance her clothes and hair seemed to
portray. Hopefully she could sneak away without the reporters noticing… if they
did nothing would stop them from speculating on who she had snuck off with.

Tavish brought
her into his comforting embrace as he kissed the top of her head. “I doona ken
how this works lass… ye could leave yer world behind and try tae come with me
now…” She could hear the almost pleading quality to his voice.

Her heart
swelled at the knowledge that he didn’t want to leave her behind. The reality
was she didn’t want to leave him either, but what about her responsibilities to
the children? Despite her misgivings she found herself nodding in agreement
then following him as he lead her into the woods. The mist seemed to become
thicker the further they went causing her to grasp his hand tightly in fear.
She could hear the tremor in her own voice as she whispered his name. “Tavish?
Tavish… I’m afraid.”

“Wheesht lass
ye have nothing tae fear… I will always protect ye.” Just then the trees opened
up and the mist began to clear.

BOOK: Love in the Mist (MacKay's)
13.15Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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