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Chapter 8




Rick popped his head into Stephanie’s office. “Are you feeling lucky?” he asked.


She looked at him suspiciously, “Why do you ask?”


“Today is your lucky day! Tom can’t make the Vegas trip because his wife went into labor this morning, so I need you to go. It’s a quick trip. You get there on Monday, and you’ll be back on Wednesday. You’ll be on a consulting basis for the client. So basically, if they have any product questions, you’re there to answer them. Good news is you’ll have a lot of free time. Just think of it as a company-paid vacation,” he said with a smile then disappeared.


Stephanie pulled her desk drawer open and took out Jason's business card. The same spark ran through her as she brushed her fingers over the raised print. Her heart fluttered as his voice poured through her head, the choice is yours. God, what she wouldn’t do to hear him call her “Stef” and to feel his burning touch on her body.


Stephanie laughed quietly and thought, Sin City, of all places. She realized that she already made up her mind. She made her decision when she walked out of that Miami Penthouse almost a month ago. Now, the decision to be made was how to contact him. There were a few options; phone, e-mail, text. Calling would be the most personal, but also the most frightening. No, she’d contact him electronically.


* * * * *


Jason’s Blackberry chimed just as he sat down for lunch with his general contractor. They were breaking ground that day on a new luxury multi-million-dollar housing development just outside of Salt Lake City. He pulled his phone from his pocket and read, "J - Vegas this Monday thru Wednesday. ~Stephanie." Jason smiled as he read the text.


"Good news?" a voice asked from across the table.


"You can say that. Excuse me a moment." Jason stepped outside of the restaurant. Oh sweet Stephanie, Vegas is perfect but two nights with you won't do. He texted back, "Friday - Wednesday."


A minute later his Blackberry chimed again, "Not possible."


Jason shook his head and typed, "You can swing it. I'll make the arrangements. See you Friday night." Jason hated to admit it, but he felt a sense of relief to hear from her. It had already been a month since their night together. He was fairly confident that she would reach out to him. He didn’t doubt for a second that she would be able to resist his last words, "I haven't tasted you yet." He knew the minute he saw her walking through the lobby in those sexy heels that one night with her would not be enough. His feelings were confirmed as soon as he felt her body next to his on the dance floor as she ran her fingers across his shoulders. That's why he had to give her a reason to see him again. It took every ounce of will power not to go down on her that night. He wanted to taste her sweet pussy, but resisted knowing it was the hook that would bring her back to him again.


Thank God she contacted him. He couldn’t get her out of his mind and figured he would give her a total of six weeks before he made the trip to Boston to search out her sweet ass. True, he gave her the impression when he left her that morning that she was in control, that she would be the one to decide if they saw each other again. What she didn't know was he had her contact information from the hotel. Jason was a frequent guest at the Del Santos and it wasn't too difficult to convince Max Martin to give him her work address and phone numbers. He wasn’t about to let her go that easy. Back at his office, he called in a few favors and found out a little more about Stephanie and her life in Boston. She was thirty years old, which was ten years his junior. It seemed like a large age difference, but Jason prided himself on keeping young. He still had broad, muscular shoulders and washboard abs, thanks to daily workouts. He also had a full head of hair that he liked to keep on the longish side.


Interestingly, he discovered another fact about Stephanie, one that he hadn’t expected. She was, in fact, recently divorced. She and her ex-husband, Gary, graduated college together and they were married for just over seven years until their divorce a couple of months ago. He racked his brain trying to figure out why she would lie to him. He understood why she would say she was married when they were stuck on the elevator. She obviously kept her ring on her finger as a deterrent to keep away unwanted attention. Why, didn’t she come clean after? He gave her a perfect opportunity to set the record straight the next morning when he asked about the male caller. Rick was his name. Maybe there was something going on between the two of them.


It drove Jason crazy to think of her with another man. True, they only had one night, but as far as he was concerned that night bound them together, and he wouldn’t be able to shake her from his head anytime soon. However, he would not tolerate game playing. He had been played enough by Jessica. No, he had no time or patience for games. If that was Stephanie’s angle, he would quickly catch the next flight out. He would not be burned a second time.


Jason couldn’t get Stephanie out of his mind. He thought of her curvy body, bewitchingly long, almost-black hair and deep brown eyes. His heart pounded in his chest, and his growing erection strained against his pants when he thought of their night together. She was so starved for attention. It should be a crime to sexually frustrate a woman like that, he thought, not for the first time.


The question was, how did she feel about him? He was about to find out. Three days remained before he would see her in Las Vegas and there were plans to make. He dialed his longtime secretary back at the corporate office in his hometown of Seattle. "Bev, I have an important prospective buyer coming to meet me in Vegas on Friday, and I need you to make some arrangements..."


* * * * *


The text exchange left Stephanie breathing heavy. She couldn’t believe that in just one text, he was able to talk her into spending an additional three nights in Las Vegas. Friday was just three days away; there was so much to do between now and then. She dialed her salon and made hair, mani-pedi and waxing appointments for the next day. A work out, a spray tan, and a stop at that sexy lingerie boutique in the city on the way home were also a must. "I'm leaving early, Rick," she said as she passed his office. "Lots to do before I leave on this trip you just sprung on me." She smiled as she walked to the bank of elevators.


The next day she arrived at her office to an overnight box and envelope on her desk. Both labels listed the sender as Royce Homes. Of course, Royce Homes. I should have put two and two together earlier. Jason Royce of Royce Homes. Jason’s card was a personal card of phone numbers and didn’t show his company information. Stephanie knew Royce Homes. The company built upscale housing developments all over the country. In fact, she and Gary looked at a model a few years ago in a suburban development outside of Boston. Royce was best known for creating living spaces with the homeowner’s lifestyle in mind. Everything was convenient as well as functional; however, it came with a hefty price tag. Royce Homes were the top of luxury and there were plenty of buyers willing to pay for it.


She wasn’t surprised Jason knew how to find her. He didn’t get where he was without taking advantage of resources at his disposal. She was turned on by the fact he didn’t leave it up to her after all. If she hadn’t contacted him, she wondered how long it would have taken Jason to come find her. Stephanie ripped the box open; inside was one beautiful red rose with a small water vial attached to keep it fresh. Also in the box was a card sealed in an envelope with her name on it and a small Tiffany blue box with a white ribbon. She opened the card, her heart pounding in her chest.


Dear Stephanie,


I was thrilled to hear from you. You will receive a separate envelope from my Seattle office with an itinerary regarding your flight, hotel and transportation.


I do ask a favor of you. Please leave your worries, stress, guilt and, most of all, your inhibitions at the airport. They don't call it Sin City for nothing. Once your plane takes off, it’s just you and me, nothing else matters. No distractions and no interruptions. I promise you the most incredible five days of your life.






Stephanie’s face flushed. She swallowed hard. Her mind raced with visions of them together. She ached to feel his touch and inhale his scent. Her hands burned to know she would soon sink her fingernails into his broad muscular shoulders. Oh God, his parting words that fell off his tongue like honey, I haven’t tasted you yet. She was getting herself hot and bothered right there on her leather chair in the office. I’ve got to cool off or I will be coming right here and now, she thought as she grabbed a bottle of water from her fridge under her desk and downed the entire bottle. She put aside the box for now and opened the envelope. Inside was a letter from Jason’s assistant thanking her for her interest in Royce Homes and informing her of her travel itinerary, hotel reservations and transportation arrangements. A first class window seat was booked in her name. Her flight was due to take off from Logan Airport at noon on Friday, and a limousine would be waiting at the airport to take her to her accommodations at The Castello Hotel & Casino.


Stephanie had to catch her breath. What was a playful text yesterday became very real today. She looked at the small box on her desk, Tiffany’s, of course. Stephanie was beginning to learn to expect only the best from Jason Royce. She opened the box to find a rose gold, heart lock pendant encrusted in diamonds that she recognized from Tiffany’s new collection. Even though Stephanie was a lover of all things Tiffany’s, she could not accept the necklace. Under no circumstances would she be considered a kept woman.  What did I get myself into? She leaned back in her desk chair, with the beautiful necklace in one hand, and used the letter to fan her face with the other.




Chapter 9




The sound of the doorbell put Stephanie into a panic. She considered calling the whole thing off. Playing sick was an option. Rick would understand. Jason? He would be another story. If someone told her six months ago that she would be flying across the country to be with a man she met in a hotel elevator and then went to bed with, she would have said they were crazy.


Calm down. Take a chance. She thought as she slipped into the cab.


Logan Airport was close by and she arrived in plenty of time for her noon flight. Never fortunate enough to fly first class before, she was pleasantly surprised by the niceties of it all. Her cell phone rang as she finished the complimentary mimosa in the airport. She smiled when she looked at her cell and saw his number.


“Hello, Jason.”


“Sweet Stephanie, I’m calling to see that you made it to the airport okay this beautiful morning.”


“Yes, I’m here.”


“The forecast calls for clear skies from Boston to Las Vegas so you can look forward to a perfect flight. You got my note, right, to leave all concerns at the airport?”


She laughed nervously, “Yes, got it.”


“Good, listen, I will be in later this evening. I have some business in Salt Lake to take care of first, but I’ve arranged some surprises for you when you get to Las Vegas.”


“Yes, about these surprises. The necklace is beautiful but I cannot accept it.”


“Its really just a token.”


Stephanie smiled. “A token to you is one week’s salary for me. See you later tonight.”


“Until then.”


She paused, not sure she should show her cards right away. Oh what the hell.






“I just want you to know that I haven’t been with anyone, you know, my husband, since before Miami. You are the last person I’ve slept with.”


She was uneasy about the silence at the other end; maybe she shouldn’t have said anything. Then she heard him take a deep breath. “I can’t wait to show you how happy that makes me, Stef. And that is officially the last time you mention your husband, or any other man. for the next five days.”


She smiled. “Got it.”


Stephanie ended the call just as her seat was called. She retrieved the little blue Tiffany’s box from her purse and held the pendant in her hand for a moment. What a fitting symbol. She knew at that moment Jason and only Jason held the key to her heart. What started as lust and desire had grown into something more. She would discover just how much more during the next five days. She stood and took a deep breath, leaving behind worry, guilt, stress and, most of all, her inhibitions. Grinning from ear to ear, she took her first class ticket and boarded the plane.




Stephanie found her name neatly printed on a sign held by a limousine driver when she landed at Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport. The driver swiftly took her carry-on and laptop bag and Stephanie followed him to the waiting limousine. Stephanie lowered her dark Del Sol sunglasses from the perch on top of her head as she walked outside. Unaccustomed to the sweltering heat and bright desert sun, she instantly felt overdressed in her business suit and heels.


Once inside the limo, the driver confirmed her hotel stay and asked, “What brings to you Las Vegas, Miss Thomas?”


“Business. Business with a little bit of pleasure.” Stephanie smiled.


“That’s usually the case here.”


The limo passed by the hotel entrance and stopped at a tall gate around the corner.


“I think you passed the hotel.”


“No, your reservations are at the Porta del Castello, known here in Las Vegas as The Gates. It’s the most exclusive and expensive resort on the strip. Must be pretty important business.”


A man dressed in black appeared and knocked on the driver’s window. The driver gave Stephanie’s name to the guard who nodded his head at the direction of the gatehouse. She watched as massive wrought iron gates opened to a beautiful tropical garden. As the limo drove slowly along a narrow cobblestone path, Stephanie looked around in fascination. The garden contained lush ferns, palms, and brightly colored tropical flowers. They drove past two homes and came to a stop at the last structure on the narrow path. Stephanie visited Las Vegas multiple times before. She even stayed at The Castello Hotel & Casino on a few occasions, but never knew the existence of The Gates.


A woman, also dressed in black, stood waiting for the limo to stop at the front door of a sprawling hacienda style home. She opened the limo door and offered her hand to helped Stephanie out of the limousine. “Good afternoon, Miss Thomas, my name is Victoria. Please come with me and I’ll get you settled in.”


Stephanie followed Victoria into the expansive foyer. Victoria handed her a cool glass of iced cucumber water. “Mr. Royce gave us specific instructions and said you are to receive the royal treatment,” Victoria said with a smile. Royal treatment. Yes, there was definitely a connection between Jason Royce and royalty, Stephanie giggled as she wandered around the living room and kitchen. Victoria directed the driver to bring her suitcase into the bedroom. “Carla will be in to unpack your things.”


“I think you’ll find everything you will possibly need for your stay here. Mr. Royce gave me the particulars on your likes and dislikes as well as your dress size and color preferences. If there is anything you desire, please contact me.” Victoria handed Stephanie a card with her phone number.


“Also, you will find a note from Mr. Royce in the bedroom. Have a pleasant stay at The Gates, Miss Thomas.”


Stephanie was speechless, but was able to squeak out a thank you. Her eyes panned the main room of the suite. The décor reminded her of the Penthouse suite at the Hotel Del Santos in Miami. From the plush sofas to the vases of fresh flowers, there was beauty everywhere. What was it that Victoria said? She personally shopped and if something didn’t fit to contact her? Confused, Stephanie walked into the bedroom to find it even more beautiful than the room she just left. Floor to ceiling windows showcased the lush garden. She heard the babbling sound of the stone fountain located outside the window. Beyond the garden, she spotted a small waterfall flowing into a tropical lagoon. The beautiful overstuffed king sized bed was covered in soft browns with various pillows of different sizes and shapes. Stephanie grabbed Jason’s note off the table next to a chunky glass vase filled with two-dozen red roses. She sank onto the bed and ripped opened the envelope.






I can’t tell you in words how happy it makes me that you are now in the house we will share together for the next five days and nights. As Victoria mentioned, the unit is stocked with what I hope is everything you could possibly want. Please take a look around.


I’ve scheduled spa treatments for you this afternoon and reserved a private cabana at The Castello for your use today. I hope you will find the selection of dresses, gowns and jewelry to your liking (don’t worry they are all on loan). Please choose something stunning and meet me at La Luna lounge at eight o’clock tonight.


Remember my small, but important rules during our stay. No mention of anyone but us and since you are already here, you have already left all inhibitions back in Boston. As I said before, Stef, these five days promise to be incredible.


Anxiously awaiting your kiss,






Stephanie jumped off the bed and ran to the closet. Slowly she opened the double doors to find at least a dozen dresses and gowns of various lengths and colors along with two shoe choices for each dress sitting prettily on the floor. She walked into the expansive space and pulled open two drawers stocked with the most magnificent jewelry she had ever seen. The first black velvet lined drawer contained a diamond encrusted necklace, earring and bracelet set. The second drawer held a ruby choker and a long emerald pendant on a gold chain, each with matching earrings. Never in her life had she seen such dazzling jewelry. It was all so beautiful and perfectly matched her style. She checked out the dress and shoe sizes, which not only were all her size, but matched her taste perfectly as well. The note stated the items were ‘on loan’. She believed that was probably the case with the jewelry, but she had her doubts about the dresses and shoes. Stephanie would speak to him about such extravagant gifts. Even though it was exciting to play dress-up and wear insanely expensive jewels, the gifts made her feel uncomfortable and she refused to be bought.


Stephanie shook her head in disbelief as she walked into the bathroom. All of her favorite hair and skin products as well as bath oils were presented in a beautiful basket. The huge bathroom contained not only a steam shower, but also a magnificent whirlpool tub. It took every ounce of self control not to fill it and spend an hour soaking. But there were spa treatment appointments to keep and a pool cabana to check out. Besides, she thought as a smile crossed her face, she would rather christen the tub with Jason anyway. She quickly changed into her bikini and headed out.


As Stephanie enjoyed her hot stone massage her mind wandered to Jason. It had been five weeks since she saw him last. Five weeks since their glorious night together while stranded at the Hotel Del Santos in Miami. A tremor of worry flowed through her body when she realized she really only spent a couple of hours with him. Just a few short hours and they weren’t talking much of that time. What if the attraction was only due to the circumstances of that fateful Miami night? The excitement of the storm and the resulting power failure created the perfect setting for their one night affair. What if they couldn’t move further and take their relationship beyond that night? Her questions were about to be answered, soon.

BOOK: Marooned in Miami
11.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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