Mia's Masters [Locks and Chains 2] (Siren Publishing Ménage and More)

Locks and Chains 2

Mia’s Masters

Mia Randall has drooled over her three drop-dead-gorgeous and very gay bosses for almost three years. Listening to their kinky boardroom sex-a-thons would heat any woman’s blood. But as always the disappointment that they are gay has kept her desires a secret. When a fire leaves her homeless with nothing but the clothes on her back, her bosses come to her rescue with an offer she just can’t refuse.

Dylan Cooper and his partners Mathew Reed and Peter Burke have lusted after their sexy receptionist for years. But she has a boyfriend and they aren’t home wreckers. Besides, who could possibly accept three men, all with very strong kinks, into their lives forever?

They offer Mia their help. Honorable and not so honorable. With the hope of finally getting her into their bed. Just the way they like it, on her knees and ready to serve.

BDSM, Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
63,818 words



Locks and Chains 2






Sara Kingston










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Phillip, without your pushing and prodding I would have stayed hidden. Thank You! I wish you the best, and may you meet the love of your life very soon.

To my ever-reliable and never thanked enough Susan, without you nothing would get finished.


Locks and Chains 2



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Chapter One


Mia Randall sat at her desk and again wondered why her life was at a standstill. She’d now been officially single for six long months with not a prospect in sight. Her last boyfriend, Jake, was now long gone. Thank God. She wondered, not for the first time, why on earth she’d dated him in the first place. What had she gotten out of the relationship with him anyway? He was as boring as hell and so goddamn in love with himself. He even said good morning to himself in the mirror every morning, for heaven’s sake. She’d been on her own for a year before he’d come along. And if she was honest with herself, the unrequited crushes she had on her bosses were really the reason she’d rushed into the arms of the first man available, who just happened to be Jake. What she needed was a great romantic affair. She needed the knight in shining armor to come in and sweep her off her feet, demanding she live in his castle till her dying day. No, better, she needed some hunky wolf shifter to claim her as his mate, and they would live hundreds of years in bliss. Maybe a vampire would be better? No, maybe she needed three hot hungry men who were in need of their sexy, shy receptionist. The one who just needed the right men to make her come alive and be the hidden vixen she was. She chuckled. Not even in her fantasies could she believe that she was sexy.

Sighing to herself, she again drifted off into a moment of fantasy about them. She knew she could always go out clubbing with her friends and pick up some guy for a quickie, but she wanted more. She wanted to find someone to love and care for. Someone who would love and care for her in return.
She was willing to admit she was old-fashioned and sappy. She didn’t have the confidence that other women seemed to have to go out and get what they wanted. Oh well, she thought. Another night home alone seemed to be in the order, with a cold bed and her fantasies to keep her company. Maybe she could read a new book, something a bit naughty. On the other hand, maybe she should have a warm bubble bath and a glass or two of her favorite white wine.
So what!
She was alone, but she liked herself and her life on the whole. She knew she was smart, funny, and quite good-looking. Okay! She was decent looking anyway, she thought. No one ever ran away from her shrieking, “Monster!” Maybe she was a tiny bit large in the hip department, and maybe a few pounds had settled where they shouldn’t have, but overall, she was happy with herself. She had a great job, which she loved, and some great friends. The hollow feeling in her soul screamed at her to recognize her loneliness but like all the times before she just pushed that bitch down where she belonged. In the dark, hidden.

She had started as the receptionist just over three years ago at a custom telecommunications company. They specialized in the installation of phone and computer systems for large corporations. The two owners, Dylan Cooper, CEO, and Mathew Reed, Chief Sales Officer, took a chance and gave her the job. And she made sure they never regretted that decision. She went above and beyond the call of duty, working late nights when necessary and never complaining about her workload, and most importantly, ensuring her bosses’ private lives remained private.

She would never forget the day, two months after she began her job. Her bosses, Dylan and Michael, were having a private lunch meeting in the boardroom. She had decided lunch at her desk was in order that day. She usually ate outside and then strolled in the fresh air to clear her mind. However, that day she’d wanted to get a head start on a sales report to impress the boys, as she thought of them. So as she sat eating her sandwich and going over the report, the sounds of grunting, groaning, and then commands began to echo through the walls of her adjoining office. Very quickly she’d realized that not only were they gay, but that they also lived in a BDSM relationship. Dylan was the Dom, and Mathew was his sub. She had researched quite a lot about the BDSM lifestyle in those early months, trying to understand what the noises correlated to. The idea intrigued her and really turned her on. Jake was never interested, and to be honest, she wouldn’t have let him tie her down anyway. She didn’t trust him enough.

Then a little over a year ago, Peter Burke, the new IT manager, joined them in their lunch meetings, and, she’d guessed, probably their lives as well. He was definitely a sub, although she’d had the feeling in those early days he may actually have been their slave. She was now almost certain he was. She would love to talk to Peter about it. If she finally took the leap into the lifestyle, she knew she’d want to be a sub. At least she though she did. What old-fashioned girl wouldn’t want to? Domination and submission just clarified the roles each partner wanted to hold in a relationship. From her research it seemed so anyway. Well, taking out all the kinky stuff, which she admitted was the best part. The idea of being a slave was a fantasy, and she knew she couldn’t actually live it in real life. She knew she had trust issues, and she didn’t think she’d be able to trust anybody enough to have total control of her life. But the idea of being a sub made her hot. She could just imagine Dylan ordering her to suck Peter’s cock while he fucked Mathew or him ordering her to lie on the boardroom table while they all emptied their seed into her. Though that was a fantasy she’d adore to live, could she really handle three men in her bed?

Her bosses kept their relationship a secret. Occasionally, she’d see a woman on one or all of their arms at different events. This made her fantasies run wild at the thought of maybe being that woman. She guessed they didn’t want it to be public knowledge that not only were they gay, but also that they were a permanent ménage or trio. Mia knew some people had issues with multiple-partner relationships, but she didn’t judge. She believed that whatever made one happy, as long as it didn’t hurt anyone else, was one’s own private business. Besides, the love that those three had for each other was amazing. She would get glimpses of it every now and then when they thought no one was looking.

Mia took it upon herself to ensure their relationship remained private from the world. She also pretended she didn’t hear or see the minor slipups the boys made. Like when Peter would accidentally call Dylan “Master,” or when Mathew leant against Peter longer than necessary while filling his coffee cup. She never gave them any idea that she knew about their private life. They were terrific bosses, and she didn’t want anything to make them uncomfortable or threaten the great working relationship they all enjoyed.

She sat at her desk, guarding the entry to the executive floor with the patience and diligence of a terrier, when she knew they were having a “working lunch” in the boardroom.
Another sex-a-thon.
She had chuckled to herself. She’d come up with the name after listening to one of their sessions that had lasted three hours.

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