Morning Glories (Devil's Hornets MC Book 3)

BOOK: Morning Glories (Devil's Hornets MC Book 3)
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This is a work of fiction. Any names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons--living or dead--is entirely coincidental.


Morning Glories copyright @ 2015 by Kathryn Thomas. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embedded in critical articles or reviews.


Book 3 of the
Devil’s Hornets MC







Laying out under a beautifully moonlit sky as naked as two people could possibly be, Natalie Harper couldn’t be happier. She had been fed, she’d drunk wine, and she was getting to ready to be fulfilled like only the man beside her could do it.


“Look at you.” Jack Storm lay on his side, leaning his head on his hand and looking down into her face. She could barely control herself. Literally, she couldn’t lay still. Just his gaze roaming over her body made her feel alive, but when he added his touch, it was almost too much.


“What’s the matter, Natalie?” Jack’s concern warmed her, and she wanted to explain what was going on within her, but she wasn’t sure she could put it all into words.


“The distance you put between us was killing me. I’ve wanted nothing more than this. To be the way we were before I was abducted and had sex with the guy who captured me.”


“I know you are concerned about that but I’ve told you before… I want you to forget about all of that. You were under my protection, and I let you down. As for the rest of what happened when you were taken hostage—well you know how I feel about that. You don’t ever have to bring that up again.” Jack placed kisses down the side of her face, and she wanted so much to believe what he was saying. If it weren’t for the little niggling something in the back of her mind that wasn’t letting her believe what he was telling her, she’d be fine.


She put her hand on his chest so she could look into those beautiful kaleidoscope eyes full of brilliant colors. “It’s just that I feel the past is somehow hurting our now and definitely our future.” Explaining something to him was difficult because it had been so long since she’d been intimate with him and she didn’t want to ruin it, but she had to get some of these thoughts out.


“We’re here together now. Fuck the past.” Jack’s slight scowl didn’t bode well for this conversation, and she didn’t want to be the one to spoil the mood. He leaned down to kiss her just the way she liked. Firm lips against her mouth kissing her like he meant it and the thoughts she had about continuing this conversation vanished faster than she could grasp on to them. There was more she wanted to mention, but she’d hadn’t seen him in over a month, so being able to touch him and soak him in was a heady desire.


The Devil’s Hornets had continued protecting her shop, and she was grateful for that. Loud Mouth, the man who had been in charge of her protection when she was abducted, had been there every day working hard and being supportive even though he was a man of very few words. He was recovering himself as The Reapers, the rival motorcycle club that wanted more territory in the streets for their drug game, beat the shit out of the man before they took her into custody. Loud Mouth was a part of the same motorcycle group as Jack, but she wasn’t sure what he did with the group. For one thing, he should have been considered a safe because try as she might, she couldn’t get a sprinkle of information out of the man about Jack, and she had tried. Donuts, lunches, and humor hadn’t done it, but she hadn’t given up hope. She could see that he felt sorry for her and that is what really stopped her questions. No way was she going to be one of those women who clung and whined when it was over. Jack was gone, and she had to accept that, but then she turned around and there he was.


The Reapers has assumed she was important to Jack because she was with him often, but he set them straight on that. He’d said for her and everyone else to hear that she was just a business owner they protected and a side fuck. Nothing like humiliation to set the record straight. She’d thought that he’d just said it for her safety, but when he didn’t show up to pick her up for work and had his number changed, she knew that was what was really what he meant. It was stupid that she’d let his words hurt her so badly, especially when she knew he’d have to deny her in front of the rival gang , but they did. Not when he said them, but when she realized it was true.


After the confrontation where the nine tough bikers Pyro, T-Bone, Randy, Henderson, Jameson, Danny Boy, Jack, and Ruthless, rescued her from captivity, they apparently killed the president of The Reapers who’d ordered her abduction in the first place. When the men escorted her outside, Jack stayed back and in a few minutes was out of the building with them but the explosion let her know that they’d seen the end of Elderwood Johnson. Was it bad that she was happy about that? She didn’t know or care because that was how she felt about being done with the whole situation but when the next in line for presidency walked in after the man who’d molested her on tape so that Jack could see but stopped short of splitting her in half with his enormous cock. Natalie should probably tell Jack off about his behavior during the last talk with the Reapers and his treatment of her ever since, but she couldn’t find it in herself to ruin this moment. She wanted to be happy with Jack now, but he would get what was coming to him when they were both pleasured and didn’t have the fog of desire clouding their brains.


Her body was bare, and even with the licks Jack was placing on her skin, she couldn’t feel the breeze or maybe she was just too hot and couldn’t calm down. He was staring at her body, and she was laying there enjoying the admiration in his eyes, but she wasn’t one to just lay back and take what the man was offering anymore.


Natalie liked taking what she wanted. It made her feel powerful and sexy, although it didn’t hurt to know that he liked it when she asserted herself sexually. She pushed his chest so he was on his back, and she straddled him. She’d been fed up with her fingers and the dildo that she bought even though she got it because it reminded her of the girth and length of Jack’s thick, veiny cock. The only thing her toy didn’t have was his sexy scent and his body attached to it. It had made a big difference in her pleasure and had made her miss him even more. The desire for the real thing had grown each time she played with her toy, and feeling the thick bulge between her legs was making it almost impossible to hold back. She was frantic as she rubbed her clit up and down against his length.


As much as she wanted to climax, she didn’t want it to end and all the ugly to be brought up, but also she wanted this good feeling to last. If she knew they wouldn’t both go crazy, she’d want to do this forever. Then they’d not have to worry about other people or threats the new president of the Reapers laid on them. It would just be this… her, Jack and pleasure.


Grinding her wet pussy against Jack’s denim covered cock should have been too much stimulation. The rough texture of the fabric scraped against her engorged clit, but it wasn’t enough. She pushed harder and went faster, forgetting about forever and just wanting right… damn… now.


“Help me, Jack. Why did you leave me?” She cried out and then she wondered why the hell that exited her mouth. That wasn’t what she’d wanted to say, was it?


Jack moved his hands to her hips to slow her down, but regardless of what she said, she didn’t want to stop or slow down, but she did because she was the one who let that cat out of the bag, and it sounded like he wanted to deal with it.


“Like I told you when Smith threatened you at your shop… I’ll not put you and your life in danger for a good fuck.” He watched her face when he said it, and she wondered if he saw her flinch because it almost felt like a slap when those words left his mouth.


“You didn’t mean that then, and I don’t believe you mean that now.” Natalie tried to stop her hips from moving, but it was almost like she wasn’t in control of it.


“I’ll do what needs to be done to keep you safe. I mean that,” Jack said with a face so earnest she didn’t doubt he meant the words that left his mouth right then.


“That’s not how it seemed. You acted as if I was just a piece of ass. One of many at your disposal, but I didn’t believe that you meant it until you didn’t show up for me after that.” Getting angry wasn’t what was supposed to happen, but she wasn’t able to stop the fire in her from blazing out of control in her emotions or her libido. Her body’s response to all this stimuli was her arousal growing stronger and her body tightening as it prepared for release.


“Your body and mine were made for each other,” Jack said as he studied her. She wondered what he saw when he looked at her, but she didn’t have to wonder long as he sat up and then flipped her on her back so that now he was on top and she lay under him with her legs as wide as they would go. If he stopped or slowed her down, she wouldn’t be responsible for her actions. Looking up at him with the stars behind his head made her breath catch. Damn she missed him, but what she really wanted was for him to pull out his cock and show her one of the reasons why she missed him so much.


Jack rolled back on his side so he was again looking down on her as he trailed his hand down her body stopping only to tweak her nipples like he knew she liked. Her hips still moved as if searching for his hard length she’d been grinding against, but there was nothing there. When he finally got to where she needed him to be, she placed her hand over his to help him or rather to help herself, but he moved them. The slap of his fingers sounded distant, but she felt it right where he placed it. The throbbing bundle of nerves loved that little tap and wanted more, and her hips bucked as she hoped he’d do that again but harder and faster…


“More, Jack, don’t tease me.” Natalie knew she wouldn’t die if she didn’t get relief soon, but she hated hurting like this. The ache in her body could be quenched easily when she did it herself but it only returned after a few hours. The empty spot in her heart throbbed all the time, and she didn’t have a cure for that pain. She wanted him to give her what her body craved, and that was him. Natalie didn’t care if he was wrapped up in a bow for her to keep or if they were going to have to go back to smaller doses, but she wanted him. Then, hopefully, both the empty spots of her pussy and her heart would be filled.


The light pats moved to firmer taps before he pumped her wet hole with his two thick fingers. She was close… so close to coming she couldn’t even think anymore, and her body was on auto pilot. Her body fucked his fingers like it was the only thing her body needed to be fed. She thrived on his attention and couldn’t wait until her body was sated so she could tell him all the things that filled her mind while they were apart.


“Come for me, Natalie.” Jack switched between plunging his fingers deep within her body and smacking her swollen clit that held the key to her climax. She grabbed his hand and pressed his fingers so they stayed on her sex, and she came so hard, she jack knifed in the bed riding out wave after wave of pleasure. The noise that left her throat could probably be heard by all the people nearby but she couldn’t care less as she let herself have the treat she’d been denied for a month. The touch of Jack.


She could barely control her breathing and was disoriented when the echoes of her orgasmic cry silenced. The walls of her bedroom were the only thing that greeted her when she regained her focus. It was only a dream, and she was once again filled with the empty spot in her heart. She was going to go crazy if she didn’t stop this longing and pining for someone who clearly meant what he said about leaving her alone.


She needed to get out there and date. They say the only way to forget a man was under the next one. Natalie hadn’t ever believed that, and she didn’t really believe that now but she was going to have to give it a try. Waking up like this told her that Jack was deep in her psyche, and she wasn’t going to be able to get him out without some serious effort. She’d looked for him in the day, staring out the window just hoping that she’d catch just a glimpse of him. There were times she tried to talk to Billy, the man who helped her in the shop, to casually try to find out some intel on Jack, but it didn’t help. She never got any information about the man who gained her heart and neglected her. There were times she could swear that she felt him watching her. Not like a creep, but his loving gaze would caress her from afar… and that’s how she knew this obsession was going too far. She was going to make herself insane.


The tears fell from her eyes before she could fully wrap her mind around what she was going to try giving up, but she knew it was for the best. She could be strong when she was around everyone, but when she was alone, she was at her worst. There was no reason to pretend to be happy or to act any other way than how she truly felt. When she had to be alone, it was almost like her sadness had a human form. It was clingy as hell, and it hurt so much because it came along with the reminder of all the things she and Jack had done together.


This dream she’d had was the most painful thing that she’d dealt with because in it she felt like they had a chance to be together, and she would be able to tell him what she’d been feeling. She had plans of what she was going to say and how she was going to say it. First she was going to give him hell, but then she would work it out with him. He’d apologize, she’d graciously accept, and then they’d live like the fairy tales. Happily Ever After. Pipedreams. What she wanted wasn’t ever going to happen.  She was going to have to let this shit go or her sanity was going to go right along with it. Doing all that for a man who wasn’t willing to stand by her and fight just didn’t make sense.

BOOK: Morning Glories (Devil's Hornets MC Book 3)
10.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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