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On Becoming Her Sir

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On Becoming Her Sir




Cassandre Dayne



On Becoming Her Sir

Cassandre Dayne



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Chapter One


“What are you thinking?” Jezebel Waters asked. As she shifted, she exposed her breasts, her nipples remaining hard. The look on her face held mischief, then a moment of darkness, as if she was hiding something.

Luke Brennan slipped the phone on top of the dresser, hoping tonight they’d have some time alone. When she reached up and touched his shoulder he had a wave of sadness sweep through him and given how close they’d been there was no discernable reason.

“You okay? You seem tense.”

“I’m fine. Really. Just work, my kitty Kat.” Luke sighed and turned to face her. He realized he hadn’t called her the nickname in a long time. He wasn’t certain why. The single tear in the corner of her eye gave him pause. Very slowly he wiped the bead onto the tip of his index finger then licked away the tear. Every time she cried a pain rushed through him.

Jessie’s eyes opened wide. She swallowed hard and arched her back, the move presenting her breasts in the most incredible fashion.

“Woman. The inner bad girl comes out as always,” he breathed. God, his submissive was going to drive him to insanity. Beautiful and ballsy, Jessie would forever think she was in control. Jessie’s porcelain skin, the way her eyes could light up a room, and her incredible hour glass figure was merely a few of the amazing attributes belonging to the woman who had so captured him. No matter he was her Dom, she knew how much he adored her, even when he felt the need to discipline her - if for no other reason than her continued willfulness. He was going to have to come up with a new word, maybe an entire expression for the complicated creature she remained. He couldn’t seem to get through all the layers, the mask she continued to hide behind.

“Mmmm… Yes, always and you love this side of me.” Giving him a heated look, she rubbed the flat of her hand down his chest slowly until she reached his crotch. “I know you do.”

Luke chuckled and leaned over, swirling his tongue around her hardened bud. With one hand he pressed her legs apart as he sucked on her nipple, his eyes never leaving her shimmering face. “You’ve very playful tonight. I’m thinking you’re not telling me something. I’m thinking you need a spanking.” Dragging his tongue down, he licked and nipped her skin until he reached her clit.

“Shit! I mean no sir. I’m just…just…” Moaning, her hand opened then reached down and cupped her own breast.

He eased back and studied her, his Jessie, enjoying the look of raw hunger on her face. For a few minutes he wasn’t Luke Brennan, business owner and wealthy man. Right now he was merely a man, one who owned an enticing lady. And Jessie had to be the most incredible woman he’d ever met. Beautiful. Willful. His submissive was a complete handful. “Yes, spanking.”

“No. No!” Laughing, she struggled in his hold as he tugged her over his lap. “You’re aren’t going to…”

Her words were cut short as he swatted her ass, issuing several hard slaps. “You’re such a bad girl.”

“I’ll be better. I will!” Her wailing was muffled as he pushed her head against the comforter.

“You keep saying that.” The effect on her skin as he swatted her ass was both painful as well as exhilarating for her. That much Luke knew.

“I promise.” Every part of her body shaking, Jessie moaned and gripped the dense material of the bedspread.

He remembered days when the concept of him spanking her was difficult. He didn’t like to discipline her, preferring a complete understanding of her total devotion. And she was devoted, her longing to be his and his only a quiet reverence within her. But he would forever question his methods of punishment, the severity.

She palmed the floor, her legs shaking, one foot tapping against the floor.

Luke patted her ass, rubbing first one ass cheek then the other. “You know you’re a very willful woman, one who needs discipline every day. I need to step up my manners of discipline with you.”

“No, sir! I mean yes, sir.” Jessie moaned and wiggled as she slapped her hand down on the plush material.

Luke studied her reaction, as he had been for the last few months. The way their relationship had changed was intriguing and she was falling into her role as submissive more every day. Well, not without a few foibles along the way. She remained willful in her behavior, a woman with balls. And his role as her Dom had changed, but for him he continued to struggle, he needed to figure out what kind of a man he was, let alone how to be her Sir. Right now he felt like nothing but a failure - a monster. And he was terrified he was going to hurt her.
No. No!

“Luke.” As she giggled, burying her face her the comforter, she was rewarded with several hard slaps against her ass.

The ugly shadow was gone as soon as the memories had taken him to his own private Hell. He needed rest, time away from work. Clenching one fist he slipped a light hearted tone into his voice. “What in the hell am I going to do with you?”

“You cursed.”

“Yes, I did,” Luke said as he laughed. “And I’m going to do more of that around you. There is no doubt in my mind. You’re one difficult woman to deal with.”

“No, I’m not.”

Crack! Slap!

Growling, Luke slapped her ass and upper thighs several more times. “Yes, you are.”

Jessie squirmed and moaned, her entire body tingling.

He could tell a part of her wanted to fight, push her body way from him, but the other part was the submissive woman, the one who was happy to succumb. Their journey had been interesting and the spanking today was nothing more than playtime, a bit of demonstrative fodder from a man who already had her under control. Or did he?

Jessie kicked out and swung her hand around to cover her ass.


“You’re giggling at me? You’re taking this lightly, Kitty Kat?” Luke huffed.

“No!” But she couldn’t stop laughing. “Kitty Kat? I’m more like a raging lion.”

Luke realized he wasn’t the best disciplinarian and the spankings usually ended up in session of pure sex. Not that she minded, but sometimes he did. “You and I need to have a serious discussion about your behavior.” The honest truth was she had been pushing away from him lately, her mood much darker than it had been almost since the beginning. He had to wonder whether she was having second thoughts. The fact he was working with his friends again, men who owned woman in a rather interesting fashion, he knew troubled her. He hadn’t been truthful and he’d lost ground in their relationship. The trip they were planning to leave in a little over a week was a new beginning. No, the time alone together was the occurrence in which he was going to become her sir in the method she needed. This was merely…

“I’m a good girl.”

“Like hell you are.” Luke pushed her upper shoulders down and issued several additional spanks. Both cheeks were crimson, her skin full of heat. He rubbed her ass and sighed.

She heard his phone and darted a glance over her shoulder. “Don’t take the call. Please.”

Luke patted her ass. “There are several irons in the fire tonight at work. I have to. You have to know that.” Leaning over he nipped her shoulder, taking the tender flesh into his mouth. When he released her he licked around the bite.

“Don’t you…have a phone…call?” Rolling over she struck a very seductive pose.

Chuckling, he rose to his feet. “My. My. Remain right here. I’ll be back.” As he moved toward the door he stopped and gave her a nod, one of reverence as well of command.

“Yes, sir.”



After he walked out of the room, closing the door softly, Jessie moaned and lowered her head, clenching her pussy muscles. “God that man.” A moment of raw euphoria swept though her, a series of sensations that she just couldn’t keep out of her mind. He realized what he was doing with his methods of discipline as well as his words and subtle but very controlled behavior.

Jessie knew the night was only going to get worse, as was the condition on her backside. Closing her eyes, she tried to remember the first time Luke had spanked her, the first time he’d truly disciplined her. The beauty of the moments before had been incredible, giving her the ability to let go as a woman. She was as uninhibited as she’d ever been, but there were moments she held back and the realization was daunting.

As she curled on her side, savoring the sting covering her ass, she had a moment of trepidation, something she’d been experiencing more lately. Luke was holding back from her. He had been since his rather interesting reunion with men who had been his friends as well as business partners. All of this had occurred in an earlier life. His sudden need to be around them again continued to surprise her. The calls in the middle of the night, the clandestine meetings that she honestly believed he was hiding on purpose, bothered the hell out of her. But Luke was her Dom, her Sir, and she’d accepted his complete ownership.

Shivering, she tugged the comforter around her and fingered her collar. Jessie had a few more days of work. Then they were leaving. She only knew basically where they were going, but not the exact location. The thought sounded odd. Luke was taking her to a quiet place, one that catered to men and women in either D/s or a BDSM relationship. From what she’d been told, the vacation spot was tropical, lush and very private. That’s all her Sir would tell her.

Jessie glanced at the door and there was a small part of her that wanted to listen in on his conversation. She’d never been that way with him, not in the months they’d been together. Nibbling on her bottom lip, she almost rose off the bed, disobeying him.
Don’t do it, Jessie. Don’t do it.
She hated the little voice.

For a few seconds she thought about the nasty call from her brother, the one that had left her in tears. Why she’d been possessed enough to finally open up about her relationship with Luke was beyond her. The berating words, the ugly tone issues after her admittance had her on edge, pissed off at the world. Her entire family thought she was a flake, ready to give up all she had for sex. Like they had any clue about what they were talking about. She refused to allow their conservative and ignorant attitudes to interfere with her joy, her extreme happiness. Luke was her life, her love and her… She was a collared woman. A smile slipped across her mouth. Yes, she was. Fuck her family.

Huffing, she closed her eyes for a few minutes, but she had zero patience for anything. She might as well write in her journal. She would no doubt get spanked again for not having written in the journal for days. When she opened the book she realized she hadn’t written in almost three weeks. “Shit.” This wasn’t good.

BOOK: On Becoming Her Sir
12.31Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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