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Original Souls (A World Apart #1)

BOOK: Original Souls (A World Apart #1)
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Short Reference List

Chapter 1:

Little Boy Close To Blue

Chapter 2:

Worlds Away

Chapter 3:

The Crumbling Walls

Chapter 4:

The Seat Of Power

Chapter 5:

Descending To The North

Chapter 6:

The Nexus' Complexes

Chapter 7:

The Watch Towers Over The Hour

Chapter 8:

Getting Hands On With Fate

Chapter 9:

The Wonder Twins & Friend

Chapter 10:

Daddy Is The Dearest

Chapter 11:

A Penny For Your Thoughts, A Courter For Your Heart

Chapter 12:

All Sales Final!

Chapter 13:

Glass Handed Ghost Man

r 14:

Front Row Seat To Disaster

Chapter 15:

Eterna's External Experience

Chapter 16:

Politics As Usual

Chapter 17:

Game On!

Chapter 18:


Chapter 19:

Lessons In Session

Chapter 20:

For Our Ears Only?

Chapter 21:

What's A Library?

Chapter 22:

Upon The Falls Of Night

Chapter 23:

Ascending Through The North Lake

Chapter 24:

Severe Unions

Chapter 25:

What A Sight!

Chapter 26:

Guarding The Tomb

Chapter 27:

The Grass Wasn't Greener

Chapter 28:

Forging The Next Chapter Of Fate

*Author Thoughts*

This is an outright work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and all incidents are products of the autho
s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


A World Apart: Original Souls

© 2012 by Kyle Thomas Miller


All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced by any means, electronic, photocopying, mechanical, graphic, recording, or by any information storage system without expressed permission by the sole author. Expecting cases of brief quotes as a part of critical articles and reviews.

Short Reference List

Of notable and possibly confusing terms throughout the book


. It is said that to even utter a word of it is to curse your own tongue. It was the most commonly spoken tongue before it was deliberately replaced by English, concerning communication and the spells of the eight Worlds. It’s known in this book as a blended language composed of several others that existed long before it. In our reality is predominantly composed of Spanish and Latin, with some terms in Maledictus being complicated fabricated.


. If you’re reading this and understanding it right now … you probably know a thing or two about the English language. But within the pages of Original Souls, English is a secondary, worldwide language that has taken root in place of the cursed language, Maledictus. Spells in English are much weaker than the spells in the language of its predecessor. Thus, most who can manage to wield in the cursed language seize the opportunity than user the faulty newer language of modern times.


The Great Eight
. The long gone creators of the eight existing Worlds. They lived a little over a millennium ago.


Ancestry Wars
. Are the setting for the dates noted beneath every chapter heading throughout the book. A little over a millennium has passed since the wars that tore apart the original land, which led to the majestic creation of the current eight Worlds. The ending date of the war marks the separation of the first homogeneous race spreading into the heterogeneous eight races. These eight newly defined, different races have eight differing eye colors that denote their ancestral lineages to the eight wagers of the Ancestry Wars.


8ights Council
. A group of elected official in the modern eight Worlds that govern an act as heads of state. The eights Chancellors reflect the image of the Great Eight, whom are their ancient ancestors.


Puente Del Cielo
. A modern earth spanning bridge that can be seen from outside the planet’s atmosphere. It traverses the earth in crisscross bands, connecting the eight Worlds that were once separated by the corrosive Ancestry Wars.


. (pronounced;
) A mostly golden skeleton key shape affect that serves as a conduit for wielders to cast spells. Each llave is cut from something called a Maximo Llave, or a magnum key. These keys rotate midair at a wielders chest. The spiraling motion, driven by the wielder’s strong-hearted desire, picks up charged energy, a powerful stamina from the wielder that is then converted into extra power for casting spells. Some llaves have spells engraved on them that protect their vulnerable rotations from being perturbed by other wielders. But some simply choose to use their llaves as if they were old-fashioned wands, which llaves replaced decades ago. Many elderly choose to use actual wooden wands because llaves feed off physical and emotional energy from the wielder. So, it can be a tough task for some oldies to get it up into rotation, ,making wands a preferable choice.


Pixies and their Dust

Golden pixie
dust has become the most commonly used pixie dust in the human dimensions. It’s revered for its illustrious beauty and readymade molding in objects of nearly any magical design.

Bronze pixie
dust is not common, in that the bronze pixies have never before been seen by human eyes. They live and stay inside the Fairy-lares, which are a dimension  apart from earth and its eight Worlds.

Silver pixie
dust is known for its near indestructible durability, and unique ability to ward off evil magik. But decades ago the silver pixies oversold their product and ended up stranded on both sides of their dimension. All pixies survive on their dust physically and financially. Trading with the human, and a few other creatures, provides them with the provisions for continued subsistence. But after the silver pixies started selling off more than they produced, they began to die off. They have hard time crossing between the borders of the eight Worlds and the surrounding dimension, like their home dimension the Fairy-lares, because there is just not enough of that dust left to keep them alive and vital.


Aurora Boreal Institution
. The most prestigious and diverse school in all the Worlds. It’s set up under a protective force field on the far north side of the smallest World, Hyperborean. Its namesake is that of the illustrious Northern Lights that occur at the planet’s north pole.


. Currently the most politically powerful of the eight Worlds. With the signature of race in this novel being a person’s eye color, and not their skin tone, Draconians stand out for their differing, shimmery ice-cold shades of bright blue eyes. As well, they standout for their generally icy and dicey personalities. This World is the only one restrictive enough to ban the use of magic to all civilians within its borders, whether you’re of their blue-eyed Draconian blood, or not!


La Envidia
. Spanish word for envy. And these green-eyed folks that bear the name are prompted by their jealous thoughts so innately that it often times makes the very rash, deceptive, and judgmental people.


. The smallest World and farthest north. It’s the former home of Aurora, the creator of the Aurora Boreal institution, and of the Great Eight era. These yellow-eyed dignified beings that descend especially from her are known for their stark pride. A pride that can often times lead them to repetitively falter, repeating past mistakes without regard.


. A World of self-absorbed pretty boys and girls. These pink-eyed beauties are normally boisterous and conceded beyond bearing. Lirio is one of few Worlds that still teaches Maledictus to students, and isn’t afraid to utter phrases of it in conversation as well. Lirians are generally beautiful, selfish, indifferent to sports, disgusted by animals, and possess a host of other idiosyncrasies that make then some of the most annoying people on the planet. Their one redeeming quality, Lirio is the most socially equate and open-minded World out of all eight.


. These brown-eyed lovers are often sensitive and warmhearted. With that said, they can easily mistaken for weak crybabies. The most respectable and respectful of the eight races. The smallest of stature, both physical and political. Their society reveres peace, but often, Arcan individuals have a fuse burning inside them that can lead to explosive fractures in their surface personality when pushed too far.


. These purple-eyed city dwellers live in an asphalt utopia. Nearly as socially experimental as Lirio, and still they often have brainy qualities. They live fast paced lives, but one thing that can slow a Velocidadian down, is their argumentative nature. They’ll abruptly stop the flow of events just to argue about the pleasure derived from having experienced said event.


. These stoic, sharp-tongued people are a race different from the others. Their appearance, much less diverse. Their traditions, much more observed. They are completely white-eyed folks, pupil as well as the iris. They have all white hair, head as well as the body. While their facial attributes may vary among family members, the entire race has an uncanny, sometimes unbearable resemblance to one another.


. Now, these gray-eyed fiends are quite the card, considering the disastrous and manipulative games they love to play. Imperativo is a place of knowingly impaired judgment, but a quick-witted self-idolization refrains its entire people from ever caring about the heart wrenching societal development of the prejudices they propagate. The Draconian people are more openly ruder and cruder, but the Imperativans use undertone and covert indignation to one up any who dare crosses their path. 


*You’ll find many terms throughout the book that seem to be certain omissions from a list such as this. But to include more plot driven terminology would have spoiled the adventurous journey just a page or two ahead. Still, my grandest hope is that you’ll come to agree, if you so choose to read on.
And I hope that the small amount of formatting issues don’t mentally rip you from the story, as they were necessary to deal with kindle conversion and the few slips from my weak eye. Sorry.


A World Apart: Original Souls

Kyle Thomas Miller


Eternity Will Become Realit


Chapter 1:
Little Boy Close To Blue

March 21, 1002 ~ Nightfall



" is a strong word. It holds so much meaning here in my home World, Draconia. Unfortunately, i
s a negative meaning. I'm not sure yet whether banning it to civilians was a good idea. Still, i
s perfectly legal for me, a standard blue-eyed, dark-skin Draconian, and the team of men standing behind me in this abandoned factory.

BOOK: Original Souls (A World Apart #1)
6.64Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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