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Pale Stars in Her Eyes

BOOK: Pale Stars in Her Eyes
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The Starlight Chronicles

Pale Stars in Her Eyes

Jerra has been abducted, indoctrinated, and sentenced to a life of sexual servitude. It doesn't matter that she had a satisfying life on earth, the superior species evolved from her own planet has other plans for her. When she discovers she is the female who must service the three most important males on a ship bound on an important mission, she is both intimidated and rebellious.

Ran Kartel is a diplomat and he knows this expedition is the most dangerous he has ever undertaken. Never does he consider that a human female—inferior in every way—would stir not only his predictable lust but also his heart. Yes, his body must be sated, but he never expected his emotions to be so engaged.

Three males, one human female, and a very combustible situation that explodes under the pale stars...

Sensuality Rating: SCORCHING

Futuristic / Multiple Sex Partners

Novel (30,500 words)

The Starlight Chronicles
Annabel Wolfe
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Pale Stars in Her Eyes

Copyright © 2007 by Annabel Wolfe

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The Starlight Chronicles
Annabel Wolfe
Copyright © 2007
Chapter 1

The clothing was unfamiliar and Jerra realized with a swift glance in the mirror she had the damned thing on backwards. With a muttered expletive, she pulled the soft material back up over her head and turned it around before she slipped the gown back on.

Good God, that was even worse.

She stared at her reflection, seeing the crests of her areola visible over the clinging drape of the neckline. The other way, her breasts were minimally covered so she took it off once more. Her nude body gleamed in the light of the passing stars outside the window of her cubicle and the soft glow of a single recessed light. She put the gown back on the way she first had it and had to be satisfied with the fact the amount of skin showing was indecent. At least her nipples weren't exposed. After all, she had no choice but to wear it.

The door slid open behind her without warning and she whirled, grateful her visitor hadn't entered the moment before and caught her naked. Heat rose into her cheeks as the man who stood in the doorway deliberately raked her body with cool, appraising perusal before he gave a curt nod. He commanded, “Come with me."

"Where?” she asked, her hands clenched at her sides. The dress barely covered her upper thighs and she fought the urge to tug the gauzy material lower.

"It isn't your place to ask.” In his uniform of tunic, fitted pants, and polished boots, Lieutenant Herad was an impressive figure. Taller than most human males, he filled the doorway to the room that had been her cell for the past few days. His features were starkly masculine, and his dark hair was immaculately neat, tied back from his angular face. He looked both stern and annoyed. “You've been schooled, Miss Aubrey."

"I've been kidnapped,” she said bitterly, even though it was probably a stupid thing to argue when she was on a strange ship, bound for a destination unknown, with no protection or a single familiar face. “You took me from my home, violated my privacy in every way possible, and no one has explained to me why. Yes, I've been told to cooperate, to stay quiet and obedient, but forgive me if I'm not interested in pleasing my captors."

"You'll please at least some of us, don't worry, whether you want it or not. And you know full well we harvest females from Earth.” His tone was cold and detached. “It is our legal right."

Jerra fought a shiver of apprehension. Yes, she knew the S-species were in domination and agreements had been made because there had been little choice. Her planet was defenseless against the evolution of a new form of life, the result of a colonization effort and incredible genetic advances. The S-species, or Superhumans, were physically and mentally superior in every way to her ordinary, original race. They were children of the old Earth, spawned to live in diverse conditions on distant planets.

Who would have guessed within a few short generations, they would rule most of the known galaxies and keep their mother planet neatly under their thumb with very little effort?

"What about my parents?"

"They've been compensated, don't worry. They knew this was coming, for they were informed last year we'd decided you were suitable."

They had known? In retrospect, she had noticed her mother or father hadn't been as affectionate in the past months, probably in sheer self-defense over her inevitable departure.

It was impossible to keep her voice from wobbling. “You intend to breed me?"

"Yes. Eventually.” His gaze was steady and unapologetic though he must have caught the edge of fear in her voice. “Right now, we are headed out on a diplomatic mission that will take the better part of a year in your terms of time. On the return voyage to Minoa, you will be impregnated."

She felt a little dizzy at that revelation, though it was what she feared all along. The S-species were very careful not to become inbred and took human females to make sure the genetic pool did not narrow too much. Jerra said recklessly, “I wish I'd simply broken the law and not stayed a virgin."

"And had it discovered and been thrown in prison?” He lifted a dark eyebrow in reproof. “Come now, Miss Aubrey, we both know you are too intelligent for such a foolish decision. It's part of the reason you were chosen. According to the mandatory tests, you have a high level of cognitive function that's entirely natural. You also meet all the other standards—good health, a sense of self-preservation strong enough to obey the laws, and the most important, physical beauty."

Well, lucky me

"That's why we have to take the tests as children?” she asked with cold fury. “So you can pick the next specimen to breed like an animal? We're told it is to monitor the evolutionary process of mankind."

"Humans don't need to know everything. Besides, you will not be bred like an animal, but like any woman, inseminated by a fertile male during sexual intercourse. In the meantime, however, the journey is a long one and the males get restless, even the most disciplined, without sexual activity. We learned a long time ago having a female available when the need arises helps the crew. You'll be most useful, I am sure."

The blood drained from her face. She could feel herself go pale. “You ... you expect me to ... to ... with your entire crew?"

For the first time, he looked amused. “No, of course not. Do you have any idea how many soldiers and flight crew there are on a ship this size? Besides, we aren't barbarians, quite the opposite. I think you'll actually find your assignment both an honor and a pleasure. Now, come with me."

She doubted the part about feeling honored and even more the pleasure, but his assurances were a distinct relief. Her current predicament was bad enough. Jerra didn't move. “What assignment?"

A low sigh escaped him and his eyes narrowed. The lieutenant muttered, “What a stubborn female."

"We all fear the unknown. I imagine even the S-species has that problem. Just tell me and I am much more likely to cooperate."

"That would be refreshing, but trust me, you'll cooperate either way.” He explained briskly, “You will share quarters with three males. Colonel Ian Helm who is in command of the military presence on this vessel, Larik Armada, who is a brilliant engineer, and maybe you've heard of Ran Kartel, the diplomat who leads this expedition. For the duration, you are theirs."

Though she normally did not follow interplanetary news, for there was enough in her own world to keep track of, she had heard of Kartel. He had negotiated several treaties that were thought impossible, and was reputed to have not only persuasive powers but physic abilities.

Three men?

The idea was daunting and mortifying. One moment, she had been living a normal life and now, she was supposed to be a concubine to three strangers who would use her only for physical pleasure. No wonder they'd given her clothing that barely covered her body.

This is insane

But apparently it was real.

"Come,” Lieutenant Herad said for the third time with no equivocation in his voice.

There didn't seem to be anything to do but obey.

* * * *

He felt her before he saw her.

Ran Kartel glanced up sharply, waiting for the door to open. The girl was apprehensive, and waves of uncertainty and dismay rolled like a lapping ocean surf through his mind. He wasn't sure he blamed her, for like all the human women on the ship, she had been plucked from her placid earthly existence and brought as a captive to please the men on board. All would later be bred to keep the bloodlines free of mutations and weaknesses in immune systems. To him, the practice was not entirely fair, for his government preached impartial rule, but he had not crafted the legislation that put it in place. Nor was he involved in any way in the harvesting program, except one.

He would reap the benefit of not having to go three months without sex. That length of time would be nearly impossible, for along with elevated intelligence and superior physical size was an increased sex drive among his kind.

"She's being brought in,” he murmured to the other two men sitting at the table in the common area of their berth. The room was round, and each of them had a sleeping cubicle. On the other side was a different room, this one with a large window through which a bed was visible from the community area where they ate their meals.

The window into the room served two purposes. The first was so they could enjoy watching the girl at all times, even when they weren't using her. After all, she was there for their pleasure. The second was to show when she was with one of them, and already occupied.

It was quite a practical arrangement, for there was simply no way to bring a woman on board for every man. The soldiers had to share ten to one and schedule their time, but since he, Armada, and the colonel were the highest raking men on the ship next to the admiral, they were given not only the privilege of sharing between fewer men, but the most beautiful of the captives.

Armada, the engineer who designed the new super engine that now powered them with silent force across the depths of space, lifted his fine brows. He was like most S-species and remarkably good-looking. Thick fair hair waved around features that were both sculpted and classically handsome. He was tall, leanly built, and keen intelligence showed in his remarkably blue eyes, their color pure cobalt. He said, “I'm told she has blond hair and the color is actually real for a change with human women.” He grinned, making his face look boyish. “Her snatch is just a slightly darker shade."

"How the hell do you know that?” Ian Helm gave him a glimmering look, his long fingers wrapped around the stem of his glass. He was a contrast to the young engineer with sleek dark hair, high cheekbones, and eyes dark as the endless universe without stars. He was known as a remarkably brave soldier, his build massive and heavily muscled, and he was a good six inches taller than either one of them even though they were considered tall males. Ran had always thought privately he wouldn't want to ever really see him angry, but normally, the colonel was a very controlled man and had an agile mind under pressure.

"Dr. Yent did the examination. He mentioned to me she was a gorgeous specimen of a human female and her hymen unbroken until he did it surgically. The blood tests confirmed she's entirely clean of any of their typical diseases."

BOOK: Pale Stars in Her Eyes
3.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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