Red Hot Letters to My Husband

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Kendra Stair





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This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, and places are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.





To my husband, who is red hot.






Kendra Stair


Copyright © 2013




Chapter One


Crystal Anniversary


“How was your anniversary?” Megan asked as we blended aromatherapy
.  We had a big order to fill for a day spa and were all pitching in to get it ready on time. 

Trish turned expectant eyes on me.  She had been dying to know all day but I had made her wait until Megan arrived before I gave details
of my weekend

“It was nice.  Tom gave me a set of crystal candle holders and I gave him some crystal wine glasses.”  Tom adored wine and I loved candles so the crystal theme of our fifteenth wedding anniversary had offered an easy choice of presents.  “We had a nice dinner and then had some nice sex.”

Megan frowned.  “That’s a lot of nices.”

“I know,” I said despondently.  “Our marriage is fine but I want something more.  I don’t want to just cruise.  I want exciting and mind blowing.”

“It’s only going to get worse.”  After divorcing her husband for cheating on her, Trish had a cynical view of marriage.

“Nonsense.  It will go where you want it to go.”  Megan was still madly in love with her husband of ten years.  “Maybe you need to do something to add some spice.  If you felt like this, why didn’t you do something different on your anniversary?”

“I had a few thoughts b
ut then
I chickened out on the night.  I just felt too self conscious.”

“Why not commit it to paper?  It will clarify what you want to do and if Tom’s expecting it, you’ll be less likely to back out.”  Megan was a fan of writing things down.  She absolutely adored lists.
  “It might even create some anticipation.”

“That’s a great idea.”  I flashed Megan a smile before we moved on to talk about their weekends.

On Tuesday, I had the morning off while Megan practis
ed massage therapy at our business
, Balaflame Therapy. 
Aside from the reception area, we only had one room for clients so we shared the space.  It was a great arrangement because it allowed us to have time off to spend with our kids and attend to other interests. 
Usually I blended aromatherapy oils for our online business.  Today I would think about what I wanted to say to Tom and commit it to paper.

After I jotted down some ideas, I considered the list thoughtfully.  If I sprung this on Tom all at once he’d probably feel like he was under attack.  I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  After all there was nothing wrong with our marriage, as such, other than it was stagnating.  I needed to do something to clear the blockage and get things running again.  Perhaps I just needed to do one thing at a time.  I thought about it for a while before an idea hit me.  A phone call later, I sat down at my computer and began to write.



Chapter Two


Hard and Fast


The next Friday night I waited anxiously for Tom’s call.

I’d dressed in a short black sheath, a garter and black stockings and ultra high heels.  They even had a platform under the balls of my feet to make them even higher.  When I faced Tom, I would nearly be eye to eye
to his six foot frame
.  A perfect height for what I had planned.

I nibbled on my lip nervously.  I’d slipped an envelope into his briefcase this morning and told him to read it at lunch in private.  What had he thought when he opened the letter?  That someone had possessed his wife?  Was he anticipating what was to come or was he disgusted by my wanton behaviour?

I cast a glance at the clock.  If he was anticipating the evening, surely he would have left work by now?  Yet there had been no phone call.  Was he too shy to make it?  I had blushed while writing the letter.  We’d never talked dirty before.  The ‘f’ word was a new addition to my sexual vocabulary.  One that I liked.  Just thinking
it made my pulse race.

The phone rang.

My pulse hiked up another notch.

“Hello,” I breathed into the phone, trying to sound sexy.

“Do you know how hard it was to have a meeting with the minister when all I could think about was fucking you all afternoon?” Tom growled in a deep husky voice.

Shivers went down my spine.  I loved his voice.  I could listen to his deep and gravelly tone for hours and when it adopted that husky tinge when he was aroused it always made me wet. 

“I’m coming home.  When I get there I’m going to fuck you hard and fast.  Wear something sexy and be ready for me.”

The phone disconnected.

Heat and cream rushed between my legs.

We were going to do this. 

I read through my copy of the letter, priming myself for the scene ahead.


Dear Tom

As an additional gift for our crystal anniversary, I have organised for my parents to take the kids for the last Friday of the month for the next year.  On that Friday, we are going to do something special.  Tonight, I want to do the following.

Before you leave work I want you to call me and say.  “I’m getting ready to come home and fuck you hard and fast.  Wear something sexy and be ready for me.”

I’m not going to tell you what I’m going to wear except that I won’t have any underwear so you’ve got instant access.

As soon as you walk in the door, I want you to push me against the wall and completely surround me with your hardness and strength.  I can already feel my pulse start to pound at the thought.

Grasp my face in your hands and take my lips hard and fast, delving your tongue in deep, before you trail kisses down my neck and suck on my favourite spot.

“I want you now,” you should growl as you impatiently undo your belt.

“I’m yours,” I’ll reply as I lower your zip and free your cock before I stroke it.

Reach down and grab me behind one knee and pull it up so it’s nearly to my chest then with one hard thrust bury yourself inside me.

For a moment we’ll stand there while I adjust to your size, staring at each other, knowing the pleasure that’s about to come.

“Fuck me now,” I’ll say.

At my signal, you will drive into me again and again until we both explode with pleasure.

The anticipation is driving me wild.

Love, Sherry.


As soon as I hear
the car, I went to the door and opened it.  I couldn’t wait a second longer.
  My heart was fluttering with excitement and my legs were shaking with anticipation.  If this was how I felt now, how was I going to be able to remain standing when Tom thrust inside me?  I would have to rely on him to hold me up.  I just hoped his legs were up to the challenge.

Tom strode up the few stairs to the front door and pushed inside, closing the door behind him
with a shove
  He seemed just as eager as I was.
  Within moments I was backed against the wall, pressed between the hardness of Tom’s chest and the plaster behind me.  Instant heat shot through to my pussy.

Tom grabbed my face and devoured my mouth, his tongue twisting against mine.

I was immersed in heat.  Surrounded by pressure, I felt as though my pleasure was intensified.  It felt bigger compressed into such a small space.

Tom’s lips dragged down my throat.

I moaned in delight.

When he bit the tender area between
neck and shoulder, I would have collapsed if he hadn’t been holding me up with his body.

“I want you now.”  Tom undid his belt and I helped him with his zipper.

His erection sprang out, hard and eager.

“I’m yours,” I finally remembered to gasp.  I felt a bit silly with such a proclamation.  I normally don’t speak during sex, let alone telling Tom I belong to him.  However, knowing Tom was expecting it helped me to squeeze out the words.

Tom grasped behind my left knee and pulled up my leg.  “I love these shoes.  They’re fucking hot.”

I felt my pussy clench.  Tom was much better at talking than I was.
  Although it puzzled me how he could think in the heat of passion.  Without the lines I’d rehearsed, my brain wouldn’t be able to come up with anything.

He traced a finger along my slit before plunging inside.  “You’re so hot and wet and swollen.  I can’t wait until you squeeze my dick.” 

The little puffing murmurs against my throat drove me wild.

I felt the head of his swollen cock nudge at my entrance.  The initial stretch as he pushed inside felt fantastic.  Then he
thrust in
all the way
and I gasped
at the burn of his full penetration
.  It was tight and hard and the pleasure
pain was exquisite.

BOOK: Red Hot Letters to My Husband
8.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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