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Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey

BOOK: Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey
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Black Ink Publications Presents

Reverend Cash

Let Us Prey

A Novel by

Sa’id Salaam

Copyright 2015 by Sa’id Salaam

Reverend Cash, Let Us Prey

All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems without permission in writing from the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in review.

First Edition: October 2015

Printed in the United States of America

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

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As always, First and Foremost All praise and worship is for Almighty God, alone, with no partners.

I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Him.


I dedicate this book to my blood brothers as recompense for their support.

Oh, and I can’t forget one of my favorite readers and supporter, Byron Mathis. He bugged me for three years to write this book so here we go… Enjoy!

Chapter 1

“Go on, William. Let ‘em see it!” Mary urged when her younger brother entered her room. She made the request sound like it was for the benefit of her small group of large friends, but she didn’t mind getting a peek herself.

“Yeah, let us see!” Bernice dared. The three hundred pound girl cocked her head and twisted her lips dubiously. She just knew that her friend was exaggerating. There was no way that her scrawny little fourteen-year-old brother was packing meat like she claimed.

“Yeah!” Shawna and Shonda co-signed. The two rounded out the well-rounded group of friends.

The whole crew weighed at least three hundred pounds each and because of it they were dubbed The Buffalo Gals in their South Memphis hood. The nineteen and twenty-year-olds were all pretty and kept jobs, that kept their wigs flipped and bellies filled. Memphis was known for its BBQ joints, and the girls were well known in all of them.

“Y’all gotta pay me a dollar each,” young Billy demanded. The young boy was already quite the hustler. He knew that anytime anyone asked for anything it had value to it. Knowing this, he did a variety of small jobs/task and made runs to earn a buck or two. That’s how he, William Cash, became known as Dollar Bill.

“Here!” the three girls shouted and produced a dollar each. Mary crossed her big arms over her big chest, which translated to she wasn’t paying.

Billy snatched up the money with one hand and opened his pants with the other. The dirty jeans he wore fell to his ankles causing his dick to swing free. It was a flaccid eight inches of ashy dick that had them all drooling.

At his age, Billy was too dusty to be considered cute. However, he did have smooth dark skin and a crop of thick curls atop his head. Although he only weighed one hundred fifty pounds he already stood six feet of his eventual six feet three inch height.

“Dayum!” the girls exclaimed in unison. They’d all managed to see a dick or two before but nothing like this.

“Un uh!” Billy protested when Shawna reached out to touch it. The girl was almost hypnotized by the swinging pendulum of penis.

“Hunh,” she said, thrusting another dollar at him. That shut up his protest and allowed her a feel. She wrapped her chubby fingers around the shaft and gave it a good squeeze.

“Shawna! What you finna do?” Mary demanded when the other girl opened her mouth and leaned in.

“Nothing!” she lied as she stopped herself from putting it in her mouth.

Billy had never been given head, or had sex for that matter, but he would have let her put it in her mouth for another dollar.

“Let me touch it too!” Bernice demanded, pulling out another dollar of her own. Shonda retrieved another bill as well so that she too could get a feel.

All of the petting and tugging began to get a rise out of the boy. Billy felt his dick stiffen and took off running out the room.

“Hey! Come back! We wasn’t finished yet!” the Buffalo Gals called out after him. They wasted their breaths being that he’d torn out of the raggedy screen door and hopped the rickety porch to where his friend awaited him.

“Sup Billy?” Byron asked as he ran to catch up.

“Nothing. I got us some money, so let’s go play pool,” Billy said when he finally slowed down. At their ages all the two did was drink pop and shoot pool. They were still at an age of innocence, but that was quickly coming to a close.

“I’m finna go!” Shawna announced back at Mary’s house. She planned on taking the mental picture of Billy’s dick home with her and masturbate. Hers wouldn’t be the only fat fingers inside of a lonely vagina either because her friends all had the same idea.

“Me too!” Shonda agreed and stood. It sounded like a stampede as the three big girls rushed from the room and out of the house. As soon as they were gone Mary wasted no time before she dug into her own hot box.

Chapter 2

Billy and Mary’s mother’s name was Eleece, but around town she was known as Lady. It was one of those contradictory nicknames, like calling a big dude Tiny, because Lady was a tramp. She used what she had to get what she needed. Lady was a beautiful jet black Indian woman from Trinidad. She had jet black silky hair that naturally extended down to her round ass.

Her exotic looks suggested that she had some exotic pussy as well. The only thing men loved more than new pussy was exotic pussy, and they had no problem paying for it. They were rewarded with their money’s worth when they slid up into Lady’s slippery Patchouli smelling pussy as she whispered Patois in their ears.

This all happened back in the glory days, before HIV, so no one even thought about wearing condoms. Back then the worse that could come from a bad shot of ass was having to get a shot in the ass. Lady’s well used hot water bottle was used not only to keep her box clean, but it was used as birth control as well. At the end of each day she would use it to hose out the different semen samples left behind.

That meant that quite a few men ended up eating cum left behind from quite a few other men. The funny thing about it all was that she would tell them that they were drinking semen, but none of them understood Patois well enough to take heed.

Although, the daily douche worked well to prevent her vagina from becoming a petri dish it sucked as birth control. The first time Lady ended up pregnant, the question of her child’s paternity was answered at her birth. The baby was born with the yellow hue of a mulatto which meant that white Mr. Jenkins was the father. Mr. Jenkins owned the corner store that played background to the corner whores.

The white man loved black pussy, but refused to pay for it. He and Lady had a bartering system going. Once a week he’d trade her a sack of groceries for a romp in the sack. It was bumped up to two sacks when one day she came in with a baby girl with the same hump on her nose as he had.

Her second pregnancy began with a guessing game, since more men had taken a turn at her box than they had at solving a Rubik cube, and was just as impossible to solve as the colorful cube.

When the child was pulled free from her womb she leaned forward to check it out.

“It’s a boy!” the doctor exclaimed.

“A boy? That’s a damn man!” one of the attending nurses proclaimed frowning at the appendage that hung between his little legs.

“Either that or he got three legs!” the second nurse proclaimed.

“Leroy,” Lady said shaking her head. Billy’s big dick had solved the mystery of who his daddy was. All hopes of the man being someone worthwhile were tossed into the pail right along with the placenta.

Leroy Johnson was one of the local pimps and part-time pushers who procured pussy and pills on South Memphis’ notorious streets. He was a tall handsome fellow with a mean talk game. One night he’d sweet talked Lady out of the bar and into her bed. At the exact same moment that he had busted a nut in her vagina he’d also tried spittin’ some pimpin’ in her ear. Lady took offense at it and spit saliva into his face. She was hoe, not a whore and didn’t take kindly to the proposition.

Leroy didn’t take kindly to being spit on and therefore he kindly whipped her ass to prove it. He beat her with both his hands and his feet. Next came the slaps with his notoriously large dick. It was ten inches soft, but the beating had aroused him and expanded it another two inches. After the beating he raped her in every hole. Lady saw his dick in her dreams for weeks after the incident. Now she saw it’s junior between her son’s baby thighs.

“I mean William,” she said quickly changing both her mind and her baby’s daddy identity at the same time. –Leroy would one day get to know his son, but he wouldn’t know it. No worries though, since he had plenty other children running around town.–

William, the salesman, wasn’t much of an upgrade considering that he barely took care of his real kids. However, he did donate leftover meat from his route a couple times a week until his death a couple years later.


Lady was a tramp, but she still loved going to church. She loved the singing and the clapping. She loved the dresses and the hats the ladies wore, and like most of the women in the congregation she loved Pastor Paul.

Pastor Paul was a pretty boy with thick lips who wore his hair slicked to the side. Not only was Pastor handsome but the man could also preach. He spit the gospel with the flair and cadence of a rapper. He would prance and preach until he was drenched in sweat.

His assistant pastor would oscillate behind while co-signing his words like a hype-man. He was to Pastor what Flava-Flav was to Chuck D. The choir would rise and fall like back-up singers. The local juke joint ain’t have shit on Calvary Baptist Holiness Church of the Rock.

Pastor Paul could have had his pick of any of the women in his flock, but his wife made sure that he didn’t. The First Lady stuck by her husband’s side like a secret service agent entrusted with the detail of guarding the president. Dead presidents actually because she would be damned if anyone else got her cut of the collection plate.

First Lady Dawn Paul liked big hats, big cars, and fancy dresses that kept her big titties on display. First Lady made sure to keep the women away from her man by personally teaching the women’s classes while leaving the men to her husband.


“Y’all hurr’ up and get ready!” The sound travelled with ease through the tiny shot gun house as Lady called out from behind her closed bedroom door.

“Man!” Billy huffed at the notion of going to church. The place was just as hot as the place that Pastor Paul warned about. The only upside to going to church was the buffet they ate after the four hour service let out.

“Okay!” Mary yelled back through the wall. Unlike her brother, she didn’t mind going to church at all. A lot of church men liked big girls so she went faithfully every week, as did the other Buffalo Gals.

“You hurr’ up back there too,” Lady said to the man inside of her. He was taking long leisurely strokes, like a child playing in a puddle.

“Yes Ma’am,” Tommy said and increased the speed of his strokes. Lady helped out by laying her head on the bed and putting an arch in her back. He in turn hunched his back over hers and threw it into overdrive.

“And don’t you cu–… shit!” Lady fussed as Tommy went stiff and came inside of her. “Damn you! Now I’m going to be leaking all on the pews.”

“My bad,” he said taking a few more thrust. He pulled out and jumped to his feet so he could go home and get ready for church himself. On his way out of the room he paused and put some money on the dresser before continuing on to the front door.

An hour later, the family finally left the house headed to church. The walk over to the church is quite pleasant when made in the fall and spring, but it was downright brutal in both the summer and winter.

It was a normal summer day and the sun was beating down above their heads. Billy’s thick crop of curly hair acted like a wool cap atop his head causing sweat to stream down his face and soak his shirt. Both Lady and Mary were protected from the sun’s harsh rays by their hats, but not its heat. Both their panties and bras were soaked full of sweat by the time they reached Calvary Baptist Holiness Church of the Rock.

Tommy was pulling into the parking lot as they arrived. He only offer a slight nod as a greeting being that his wife and children were in the car with him.

Mary and Billy shot each other a glance and twisted their lips like ‘this nigga here!’ Their house was so small that a fart could be heard from room to room, so they’d definitely heard their mama’s pussy farting and slurping while Tommy hit it from the back. Now here he was offering a simple head nod.

“Y’all don’ made me late,” Lady fussed as they walked into the packed church already in full swing.

The kids shot another glance towards one another and smirked. Those last minute back shots were what made them late. Their mama knew it too, but wouldn’t admit that she’d needed to squeeze a few more coins out of the man to put into the collection plate and to pay for their buffet plates.

They hadn’t missed much because Pastor Paul was still at the front pew putting on. His hype-man trailed behind him wiping the sweat from his forehead and eyes as he preached.

“Can I get an Amen?” he asked and got several. He then asked for a hallelujah and got several of those too. That’s when he sent the collection plate around for the second time. “Yes Lawd!”

“Yes Lawd!” Billy repeated with a snicker and got pinched.

“I done tol’ you ‘bout playing in here,” his mother scowled through clenched teeth.

Billy pouted about the pinch as he set and painfully endured three hours of song and dance followed by testimonials and talking in tongues. He had to literally bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud.

“Thank you, Lawd,” he mumbled when the collection plate made its final round accompanied by the final song.

Pastor Paul shook hands with all the husbands while his wife watched the wives. She made sure not one of them got too close to her man. Once the last person left the two went into the office to count up the money.

“Lawd, whatever You want You keep,” the pastor announced before tossing the cash in the air. Their Lawd obviously didn’t want any of it because it all fluttered down to the floor.

“Thank you, Lawd!” Mrs. Paul shouted and dug in.

BOOK: Reverend Cash: Let Us Prey
10.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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