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Ripped (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)

BOOK: Ripped (Siren Publishing Classic ManLove)


Five years after the death of his wife and child in an automobile accident, Roman Carter, owner of Ripped specialty gym in Hot Springs, Arkansas, begins a new chapter in his life.

Physical intimacy is easy for Roman as he shares a bed with husband Kyle Stringer. Kyle expresses his love verbally, but Roman is unable to return the sentiments. Their first lessons in intimacy are clouded by this realization. Kyle quickly questions Roman’s love for him, and the pair ends up in different bedrooms. HIV-positive and still recovering from an abusive relationship, Kyle needs his husband’s reassurance, but Roman is terrified that opening his heart to Kyle would be a betrayal of his wife’s memory.

Roman admits becoming romantically involved with Kyle, gym physical therapist and trainer, was one of the best things he could have done, but when tragedy threatens to rip their marriage apart, can the couple evolve their wounded souls to find peace?

Alternative (M/M or F/F), Contemporary

21,470 words








Anita Kinley











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Chapter One


A warm glow from a bedside candle revealed two figures lying spooned together, legs entwined. A white cotton sheet was tangled between them, the comforter long discarded on the floor beside the bed. The point where one began and the other ended was difficult to comprehend, as an intimacy permeated the entire room. The intoxicating aromas of cum, coupled with two half-full glasses of Bordeaux lingered.

For Roman Carter, the reality of the last few hours captured his soul more than he dared allow. It had been a long time, too long, since he had felt this complete. While he lay cradled in Kyle’s arms, images of his husband’s dominant caresses returned, igniting a fresh desire.

Alone in their bedroom after the commitment ceremony, Kyle had immediately taken him into his arms. He remembered the slow, sensual kiss and the hand placed on his hip as his husband pulled him close. Kyle’s lips had been moist and sweet on his, their taste still lingering. Even the scent of Kyle’s body seemed to have evaporated into his pores.

Roman barely had time to light a few candles and pour the wine before Kyle grabbed his hand, leading him the short distance to their bed.
They had undressed each other slowly, until tender caresses were replaced by unexplored passions.

Now Kyle was probably asleep, or should be. The clock on the nightstand was approaching two o’clock in the morning. Feeling Kyle lightly stroke his arm, he stirred against his touch.

“You should be asleep,” his partner whispered, pulling him closer.

Surely he can’t read my thoughts, too.
Smiling in the dim light, more sensual ideas continued to enter Roman’s mind.

“Why? So you can continue to touch my arm in the hopes that I will unknowingly succumb to your advances,” Roman replied, smiling and rolling over so both men were facing each other.

“It would appear you already have. You know you’re my gay baby,” Kyle countered, capturing Roman’s lips in an intimate kiss.

“I don’t think I fully understand the role of a gay baby,” Roman answered teasingly.

“Oh, I am going to make sure you do!”

Breaking apart their faces, he remained close. Roman twined Kyle’s fingers with his own, hoping his eyes assured his husband of everything that their bodies had shared. He regretted not being more verbal. Roman recalled Kyle’s myriad of sentiments that he had mingled into a sexual dialog. Perhaps that was the role of a “top,” a word that his partner had used as their skin first made contact with the sheets.

“We should have done this before now,” Roman said, using his other hand to trace Kyle’s lips in a sensual gesture.

“I believe it was a mutual agreement, waiting to be intimate.”

“I’m not talking about the sex!”

“Just sex?” Kyle questioned, less than serious, as a smile lit the dark blond’s face.

“No, silly boy…acknowledging us, this marriage, and allowing my brain to accept what my heart wanted.”

“Contrary to what you may think, this
silly boy
knew before you even realized it yourself,” Kyle said.

Roman felt Kyle quickly flip him, pinning him below his body.

“So what was it that your heart wanted, Roman?” Kyle asked as his hazel eyes darkened a shade.

Enjoying the feel of Kyle’s lips, he parted his own, allowing his lover to deepen the kiss.

He felt Kyle suddenly pause, brushing a nose against his.

“My heart wants us to be one. While the oral was nice, my hard dick wants to be inside your ass. That has to be satisfied.” Kyle spoke barely above a whisper as Roman felt his lover’s hands caressing his body, while describing an even more explicit scenario in his ear. “I didn’t suggest earlier because you were nervous. It wouldn’t have been pleasurable for either one of us.”

Roman suddenly found himself spooned once again against Kyle’s body, but this time his husband’s hands were more insistent.

“It’s an act of trust, gay baby, and a culmination of love. Do you trust me, Roman?”

Roman opened his mouth to reply, only to be silenced again by Kyle’s lips.

“Of course you trust me. I don’t feel you trembling like earlier tonight. Thought I wouldn’t notice as you tried to distract me by pouring wine and lighting candles. I’m the one who should who should be calling you
silly boy
. Submit to me, Roman. We need to bond. I need to make damn sure you understand what it means to be my gay baby.”

Kyle’s arousal was clearly obviously in the insistent tone of his words.

“Open your heart to me,” Kyle breathed, spooning him even closer. “And relax. It will make the first time easier,” he continued, reaching for a condom and lube in the nightstand.

Roman quickly grabbed Kyle’s hand as their fingers entwined and Kyle’s dialog smoldered his senses.

“Surrender to me, baby,” Kyle whispered, his voice laced hot with desire. “This may hurt…the first time…It did for me. Let’s try my fingers first…sort of get you ready…loosen you up. Feels good, don’t it?” he asked as Roman felt him slip first one finger, then another inside his body. “So very tight and warm. I don’t want to hurt you, but my dick is much bigger.”

Roman closed his eyes, drinking in the new sensations that were taking hold of his body, as Kyle settled into a pattern that included the continual slipping of fingers inside his body.

“Gay baby, you tell me when you’re ready,” Kyle said. “My pleasure depends on yours, as well. You’ve got nothing to prove to me. We’ll just keep loosening you up until you are ready.”

“I want your cock inside me,” Roman whispered, knowing Kyle heard his sharp intake of breath as he felt his husband’s dick slowly filling him.

“I don’t recall anyone ever making me feel this fucking good,” Kyle moaned, “so deep a connection…so complete! God, you’re so tight! I love you,” he said as Roman felt his warm breath on the back of his neck.

As he gripped Kyle’s hand tighter, an inferno was mounting in his body, threatening to unleash, and he believed that Kyle’s words reflected his own unspoken thoughts. He wanted to feel Kyle come inside him while his own explosion spilled.

“Talk to me, gay baby. Tell me how I am making you feel,” Kyle whispered, never giving him a chance to reply, covering his lips with his own. “Do you like being a bottom?” he murmured, moving in a gentle rhythm. “This is about two men sharing their love. Don’t you ever let anyone tell you different. It’s about me wanting to connect with you. I need that with you.”

“I want you to make me come,” Roman replied.

“So do I. Tell me if I’m hurting you.”

Roman felt Kyle roll him beneath his body as their chests met.

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