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Authors: Rebekah R. Ganiere

Rise of the Fae

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In a post-virus New World, authentic humans are a hot commodity. And The Society rules.


Neeman has tried everything to overcome the pain of both heartbreak and being forcibly turned into a vampyr. When he meets the headstrong Selene in a nightclub, she could be the change he needs. Her beautiful human-like features stand out among the vamps, and he has no choice but to bring her back to his Tracking Squad’s compound before she gets herself killed.


Charged with stopping a demon invasion, Selene has been sent back to the Earth Realm by the Fae. But en route, she loses the talisman that can keep her darker nature, and her impulses, under control. With Vampires now ruling Earth there are more vices than ever to distract her from her mission. Especially Neeman, whose hard body and piercing gaze awakens a primal desire within her. He’s the only one who can protect her from The Society, and from even darker forces on the horizon…but he can’t protect her from himself.



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Rise of the Fae

A The Society Novel


Rebekah R. Ganiere



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For those who always said I could.



A huge thank you to my editor, Paige Christian, Renee Rocco and Lyrical Press for all the love and support.


Chapter 1


Selene stared into the luminescent void, her breathing short, eyes watering from the glow. The surface rippled with light and darkness swirling together, waiting to swallow her whole. Her heartbeat fluttered like a hummingbird’s wings at the sight. It’d been over two decades since she’d seen one. How long had this one been here without her noticing?

She glanced around the glade. The sickly sweet scents of the blossoms sitting next to the cherished altar made her stomach churn. Her blood still stained the massive alabaster stone she’d spent weeks tied to, despite her being ordered to scrub it till it shone.

Hushed footsteps swished behind her. The Council of Elders had chosen her for this mission, but not because they liked her, let alone trusted her. No, they chose her because there was no one else who could do what they were asking.

“Selene. Are you ready my child?” Her mother’s hand fell like a feather upon her shoulder. Her smooth voice floated over Selene’s neck, making her body tingle. Her mother had never sounded so passive and distant when they’d lived on the Earth realm.

Selene nodded mutely, her eyes never leaving the portal, not daring to give away her desire to race through the rift and disappear. Afraid that if she blinked she would find it had all been another test and they wouldn’t really let her go.

“We’re all counting on you, Selene. This is your chance to prove to everyone whose side you’re on. To avenge what has been done and return honor to me, as well as give you what you’ve always wanted. A place to belong.”

Her mother brushed the hair from Selene’s shoulder with thin, light fingers.

Selene balled her fists in an effort not to swat them away.

“Don’t let your feelings for Maelstrom get in the way of your mission. And don’t be distracted by the pleasures of that hedonistic place. It’s different now. Worse. The temptations are greater than ever now that the Vampires rule.”

Selene’s throat dried like it had been scrubbed with sandpaper. She tried to conjure enough saliva to swallow. Ever since she’d left the Earth realm she’d been trying to fit in, trying to prove herself to everyone, while secretly praying for a way back. Excitement and terror clenched her gut and made her palms sweat.

“I won’t succumb.” Was that too much glee in her voice? She turned her gaze from her means of escape to her mother’s beautiful face. Selene donned the placid expression that the High Elder had beaten into her and lowered her eyes in the most demure of fashions. “I will do my best, mother.”

“Be well, my daughter, and bring me honor.” Her mother pushed something into her palm. “There’s one of us on the other side. He’ll be your contact. When you’ve gotten close enough and you’re ready for us to prepare the trap, he’ll contact us.”

“Move already!”

Selene’s body lurched and she took a step forward. Her eyes darted around to see if anyone had noticed, but their heads remained bowed and their eyes on their feet.

Selene ran her fingers over the smooth amulet around her neck. Her heart tightened and her skin tingled as she stepped up to the portal. The hairs rose on her arms as the surface snapped with electricity. The desire to rush into the portal toward freedom caused her limbs to shake. Holding back was a torture almost worse than the ones that had scarred her skin. She needed to be careful, patient. “
Don’t blow it.

“And remember, my daughter, to wear your amulet always. It will keep you grounded.”

Selene nodded, but the lilt of her mother’s voice was almost unbearable. She could hold back no longer. Smiling, she sucked in her last gulp of air, and pressed her body into the portal.

The surface sucked her in like quicksand. Every molecule of her body shredded apart. She spun in a vortex, every piece of her moving faster than light, pulling to and fro whirling, twisting, churning. She wanted to scream, but had no voice. Propelled forward by the magick of the rift, Selene fought to stay conscious. Nausea and vertigo mixed in her separate pieces like a tornado through her atoms. To get anywhere close to Chicago, America she had to focus her thoughts on something she remembered. She pictured Mason, tall and strong, the set of his jaw, the flex of his arms, his laugh, his smile, his rage. Every part of him came into clear, crisp focus.

Pressure built on her form, squeezing and reshaping her. Every part of her slammed together and she fell. Head over ankles she spun until she landed with a thud. Her skull struck solid ground. She sucked in a shallow breath. The smell of decay and grease filled her. The scent was familiar, though she’d been away so long. Memories surfaced of the last time she’d been in the earthly realm.

She rolled on her stomach and retched. Her body trembled with exhaustion. Nausea rolled through her, making her heave again. She wiped at her mouth with the back of her hand and smiled.

She’d made it. She was free. Free of her mother, free of the elders, free of the boredom.

The sounds of rock music played in the distance. Her eyes strained to adjust to the dimming light. Her eyelids spasmed and her eyes teared as a flash of light struck her. Selene rolled away. The sharp pain in her knees and the gravel and pebbles grinding into her arms told her she was naked. Not to mention the breeze on her bare—

“Hey! Are you okay?” a man called to the right.

Selene turned her head and tried to focus. A blurry figure moved closer.

“Hey.” Heavy, cool fingers landed on her shoulder. “What happened? Are you okay? You’re naked.”

Someone wrapped a warm piece of clothing around her. The blurriness faded as she blinked over and over.

“Where’s your master? Who did this to you?” asked the gray-skinned man.

Selene got to her feet shakily and pushed her arms through a faded red flannel shirt. The man put his arm out to steady her and she got a good look at where she’d ended up. She stood on a city sidewalk. Boarded up businesses scattered the road. Down the block, a customer walked out of a flashy convenience store.

Selene’s gaze lit on the older man who stood next to her. His face held a soft quality, and wrinkles cut the corners of his eyes. His skin was a bluish gray color and his hair was white like salt. “You’re…You’re a vamp.”

He chuckled. “Yup. Haven’t been a human like you in almost twenty years now.”

She’d not seen any of the humans who had been mutated by the V2000 virus before her mom had forced her to run to the fae realm. It amazed her how different from Vampires and vampyr they were. Vamps looked more like undead from old movies and books than any pure-blooded Vampire or turned vampyr she’d ever seen.

Her stomach roiled and her knees shook as the aftereffects of portal travel struck her. Her head lightened and she gripped the old man by his dirty undershirt. She needed to keep it together, needed to focus.

“Where am I?”

His brows furrowed. “You’re in the Middle American Territory.”

Selene’s temples throbbed and she tried to remember where she was trying to go.

“Chicago?” She gulped in air.

“Yes, Chicago.”

She’d made it. She planted a hard kiss on the old vamp and then backed up, taking in her home city. She was back. Laughing, she spun in a circle. She was free.

She reached for her amulet, and gasped. It was gone. Like everything else. Including the coin her mother had given her to help identify her contact on this side.

The coin she didn’t care about. She had no intention of contacting her mother or those like her ever again. But the amulet... She spun in a circle scanning the ground. No, no, no! She needed it. Panic lit within her.


“Are you all right, miss? Can I help you get somewhere?” The old man’s face held concern.

Selene scanned the area and memories rushed back to her. “I’m looking for Mael—Mason.”

“Is he your master?”

Selene stiffened. “My master? Of course not. Why would he be my master?” How could this man possibly think someone like her would have a master?

The old vamp looked Selene over. “Well, you’re human, so…”

Selene nodded, understanding. Her mother had told her all remaining humans were now slaves to the Vampires and no longer free.

“Come on girl. Let me get you somewhere safe where they can figure out what to do with you.”

“Find Maelstrom.”

Selene’s head whipped up and she grabbed the old man’s wrist. “Do you know Mason?”

The old vamp’s eyes widened. “Are you sure you’re all right?”

Her heart sank. “So you don’t know him then.”

“The only Mason I know of is the new mate of Lord Danika—”

“Yes, that’s him.” Selene gripped him tighter. She needed to get to Mason.

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