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Authors: Arabella Quinn

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Rock Me : Wicked

BOOK: Rock Me : Wicked
Rock Me : Wicked
Arabella Quinn
contemporary erotica romance, new adult romance with sex, rock star erotic romance, rock star sex, new adult romance, new adult fiction, rock star romance, rock star erotica, new adult contemporary romance, rock star romance books
  • Lena never forgot...*

Alex Lavigne would always be the one who got away. Now 10 years later, Lena's dreams are haunted by x-rated fantasies starring the sexy hunk who has since become lead guitarist for the wildly popular band, Cold Fusion.

Alex's world is turned upside down...

When Lena reenters his life, she rocks his whole world. He'll do whatever it takes to hold onto her.


Their passions explode beyond their most wicked imaginings. But is that enough to overcome the many obstacles standing in their way?

Warning: This book is for mature audiences only! It contains very explicit descriptions of sex and sexual acts.

Rock Me : Wicked

Rock Me

by Arabella Quinn

Published by Arabella Quinn, 2013.

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental.


First edition. February 20, 2013.

Copyright © 2013 Arabella Quinn.

Written by Arabella Quinn.

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This book is dedicated to Adam Levine - one smokin' hot rocker. And my own personal fantasy.

Rock Me : Wicked

Chapter One


Alex sits
on the edge of my bed, strumming his guitar slowly. I lie snuggled under the
covers watching his fingers gently caressing the strings. His other hand runs
up and down the neck of the guitar, pressing the strings and lovingly coaxing
out the seductive melody. Each stroke of his fingers sends a jolt of desire
straight to my aching core.

watches me, staring straight into my soul. He quietly sings the words to the
song, but I barely listen to them. I don't have to; I know they are meant just
for me.

My body
burns for his touch. I want to feel his sinfully wicked fingers gliding all
over me, enticing sweet music from my yearning body. My pussy is already
slickened with the hot juices of my feverish desire. It throbs with

I had
been mesmerized by his fingers expertly working the guitar, but when my eyes
are compelled to meet his own, my stomach flutters. The intensity of his stare
is fierce. There is no doubt that he will take me. I almost gasp at this

voice is sultry and sexy as he sings the words, telling me that I am his. My
hands slip inside my pajamas; I cannot wait any longer, the torture is too
exquisite. I moan softly as my fingers slide against my desperate and swollen
clit. He notices my moan and my flushed face, but he keeps strumming his
guitar. His voice never wavers.

I try to
hold back, but it is impossible. The need I feel is palpable. I twist under the
bed sheets as my fingers press deeper. The jolts of desire I feel are gathering
and deepening into a concentrated mass of white-hot lust.

He has
stopped playing the guitar, but the music continues. He is sliding across the
bed towards me, beautifully naked. I admire the slight curl in his dark brown
hair, the piercing blue eyes, and the rugged jawline roughened with stubble.
was always
o handsome.

He slips
inside the covers with me and I reach to pull him close. I trace my fingertips
across the pattern of the tattoo on his upper arm. My hands skim over his
strong arms and glide over his smooth broad chest. We begin to kiss as my hand
slips lower.

Our lips
lock together passionately, as if we had been separated for ages. I part my
lips inviting his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues entwine, as I taste him
once again.
It has been so long.
My head begins to spin as the kiss
drowns me in its intoxicating bliss.

hands run along my skin, leaving behind a trail of fiery abandon. Our bodies
are pressed intimately together; I can feel his cock straining against my
belly, his need as all consuming as my own. I shiver with anticipation as his
hand gently, almost reverently, cups my breast. I groan against his mouth as a
thumb swipes across my hardened nipple. I thrust my chest into his hand, and
when he gives my nipple a pinch, a shock of electric bliss sizzles deep in my

breaks our kiss as I press my sex against his leg. I am almost mindless in my
overwhelming need. His mouth closes over my breast; his tongue flicking my taut
nipple mercilessly. Pleasure washes over me, heating my insides to a boiling

I reach
for his bulging cock, but it slides out of my grasp as his mouth works its way
downward, marking my body. Between my breasts, to my navel and then lower
still, his tongue wanders a torturous path. I whimper in agony, waiting for the
ultimate reward.

My legs
spread wide when he finally reaches his destination. His teeth nip at the
delicate skin on the inside of my thighs. My hips rise as he takes me in his
mouth. I inhale a sharp breath as his tongue slides between my silky folds. He
teases my sensitive clit endlessly, circling relentlessly with his tongue and
nipping with his teeth.

fingers dig through his hair as my hips thrust hard against his mouth. I edge
closer and closer to the brink of heaven. My head is thrashing against my
pillow as I feel a finger slip inside me. I cry out his name and he lifts his
head to look at me. Our gazes lock. There's almost a sadness in his eyes.
There's a desperation in mine.

climbs back up to me. He cups my face in his hands and kisses me gently. I
reach for his cock again, and this time I am successful. I hear him growl with
satisfaction as I stroke his hard length. I feel the sticky drop at the tip of
his cock and wish my lips were around him.

I wrap
my legs around his waist as I guide his cock to my quivering center. He looks
deep into my eyes as the head of his cock presses against my pussy. My stomach
tightens as he pauses for a moment. His eyes drink me in as he thrusts deep
into me.

fingernails press into the skin of his back as he slowly pumps into me, over
and over. Our joining is so sensual it overpowers me. My climax is building so
quickly, there's no stopping it. His eyes never break from my own as his
movements grow faster, harder. I'm swirling deeper into myself. Everything is
fading from me as I speed closer to absolute ecstasy.

orgasm shatters me. I feel the creamy juices of my release, from some secret
spot deep within, flood over my shuddering core. My muscles clench and unclench
uncontrollably around the magnificent cock that fills me as I writhe in the
twisted bed sheets.



gurgled cry escaped my lips as I sat up in bed, looking around in confusion.
the hell?

My door
opened a few inches and my roommate, Jen, poked her head in. "Are you okay
in here? It sounds like you're being attacked. Anyway, you're late! You're
radio has been going off forever."

glanced around my bedroom, bewildered. My panties were drenched and my pussy
was throbbing with an unmet need.
Oh lord. The dream. Alex.
It had felt
so real.

listened to the last few lines of the song playing on my alarm clock radio. It
was Cold Fusion, Alex's band. My brain had subconsciously heard the song and
immediately conjured up the pornographic fantasy. And it was easily the best
sex I had ever had. I groaned at the thought. I was really pathetic.
really needed a boyfriend.

The song
ended and the perky DJ spoke, "That's Cold Fusion with their new hit Here
To Stay. They'll be opening for Warning Shot this weekend at the Arts Center.
So get your tickets now, I hear they're close to being sold out."

I didn't
have any more time to indulge in my secret fantasies, because according to the
clock, I was very late. And my boss was a stickler for punctuality. I extracted
myself from the tangled mass of covers and headed for the shower.

than an hour later, I glanced at my watch as I swiped my work identification card
through the scanner. I cringed when I saw that I was about 18 minutes late. I
slinked past my boss's office and headed straight for my cubicle. I threw
myself into work for the next two hours, returning e-mails and consulting with
colleagues over the phone on my latest project.

I was
just about to take a break and grab some desperately needed coffee when my
friend, Melissa, stopped by my cubicle. Melissa was a serious drama queen and a
huge gossip. But we had gone out to some bars and nightclubs a few times
together and I always had a great time with her. She was a little ditzy, but
lots of fun. And she attracted men like bees to honey.

She was
smiling mischievously. "Okay, spill. Don't think I didn't see you sneak in
here late and all disheveled looking. You got lucky, didn't you?"

I rolled
my eyes. Only Melissa would use the word 'disheveled'. "Hardly. I

looked disappointed. "Oh, that's boring. Darn."

I tried to throw her a crumb. "Well, I did have a very vivid dream. A

Her eyes
immediately sparked with interest. "That's better. Do tell."

my voice, I asked, "Have you ever heard of the band, Cold Fusion?"

nodded, "Who hasn't?"

She was
hanging on to my every word. "Well, I had a very
about Alex Lavigne from Cold Fusion."

Her eyes
opened wide. "Wait. Which one is he?"

I tapped
my pencil absently on my desk. "He's the lead guitarist and back-up

Her eyes
glazed over as she pictured him. "Oh yeah. Well, they're all yummy."

I smiled
triumphantly as I knew I had her reeled in. "Well, I was friends with Alex
in college."

A few
heads turned our way as she squealed a little too loudly, "What? No way!
You're friends with Alex from Cold Fusion? Holy shit!"

slightly, I hastily added, "Well, I haven't seen him in almost ten years.
He probably wouldn't even remember me. But we were friends in college."

lowered her voice again. "Friends or

question made me squirm. No, we never had sex in college. But we had come
pretty close several times. In fact, Alex seemed to be the constant in my
college life. While different boyfriends floated in and out of my life and
while girls and sports seemed to be front and center in his life, we always
remained steady friends. We had been the kind of friends that often boys and
girls can't be to each other. Joking, laughing and touching while jealous
partners watched. In private, passions had flared numerous times, but we each
remained true to whomever we were dating at the time.

timing never worked out. When I would find myself suddenly single after a bad
breakup, Alex would be dating some other girl. And I held back on any feelings
I had for him. And before that girl was out of his life, I would already be
dating a new guy. I always wondered if we could have had more than just a
spectacular friendship, but was always too nervous to act upon those feelings.
I didn't want to lose him altogether.

And I
guess that is exactly what happened anyway. College ended. I was pretty serious
with a different guy at the time. Now, I look back and wonder what I ever saw
in that guy in the first place. Alex graduated and moved to Texas. We didn't
keep in touch, which seems so odd looking back, especially knowing how close we
were once. That was the last I had heard of him until a few years ago when I
saw a college friend's post on the internet about Alex's band. I hadn't even
known he was in a band.

I really
tried to keep from obsessing about it. He was so far out of my life. But when
his band started making it big, I have to admit that I spent some time
searching him on the internet and watching posted videos of some of the band's
live performances over and over. It didn't help that he looked sexier than

was waving her hand in front of my face. "Hello? Earth to Evie. Are you
still there?"

blinked away my memories. "Yeah, sorry. Just remembering. And
unfortunately, no, we were not lovers. I don't think you can be
in college anyway. College boys don't know too much about lovemaking. At least
not the guys I dated. They were just into pounding."

Melissa looked at me sadly. "Well, I hope you're getting some better play
now, girl. Anyway, how could you let a prime specimen such as Alex Lavigne get
away without getting a good pounding? A rock star! It's a crime!"

shrugged. "Well, he was no rock star back then. So, Cold Fusion is playing
at the Arts Center this weekend."

looked at me shrewdly. "I thought that show was sold out. Hmmm? But I bet
you can get us in with your connections." Her voice started rising in
excitement as her enthusiasm ran away with her. "We could go backstage and
meet the band. We could probably even meet the other bands! Oh, God. It would
be amazing."

needed to hit her with a dose of reality before she got too carried away.
"I don't have any connections. And there's not going to be any backstage. Alex
wouldn't even remember me. But I did hear that there are some tickets left and
I'd love to go see him perform. Wanna go?"

agreed. "Hell, yeah. You know, my uncle works at the Arts Center. Maybe he
can get us backstage. He's gotten me backstage a few times, but the only people
I ever met were a bunch of horny roadies. I once caught a glimpse of Liam Gray getting a blowjob backstage, though."

I made a
face. "Sounds wonderful. I'll try and get tickets. And don't even bother
your uncle. I don't want to go backstage and stalk Alex. I just want to watch
him perform. He'll never even know I'm there."

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