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The lads were already on the bus, and they grinned widely as I walked up the corridor between the seats towards them.

“Well, that certainly was good timing,” Paul commented as he pulled me into his arms and nudged his nose under my top to kiss across my stomach.

“Very good timing,” added Simon as he stood behind me and pulled off my jacket and then my top.

“What if someone comes back early?” I gasped as Simon’s cold fingers popped open my bra.

“They can join in or go away until we’ve finished,” Paul said. His blond hair tickled my stomach as his kisses rose higher. Simon threw my bra onto the chairs beside us and wrapped his arms around me. He cupped my breasts, lifted them and squeezing them in his big, manicured hands. I moaned loudly for the first time that day. Being hidden away inside the vehicle gave me the confidence I needed to let it all go.

Simon played happily with my breast and Paul went to work on my jeans. As he popped the button and lowered the zip, I kicked off my comfy shoes. He pulled the jeans and my knickers down and off my legs. I was suddenly naked, apart from my socks, on the backseat of a bus in some hypermarket car park in France and I loved it.

Paul lowered his head and held my lips apart with one hand as he stuck out his long, lithe tongue and tickled my clit. Slipping lower, he lapped up my juices.

“I’ve wanted to do that since I laid eyes on you,” he groaned as he came up for air, his stubble glistening like golden tinsel with the moisture.

He stood then, and his jeans fell to the floor. He kissed me and while I ground my lips against Paul’s, Simon’s fingers dropped to my waist. One hand slipped into the wetness of my eager cunt. Paul pulled down his boxers. The slight bend pulled his lips from mine, and they sought out the points of my nipples which ached from lack of stimulation. His rough suckling made me gasp as Simon slammed a long finger inside my slick passage.

“She’s ready,” he said, and with his spare hand, he passed a condom to Paul.

“Oh fuck, yes, I’m ready,” I groaned as Paul opened it and eased it over his thick erection. Sitting down, he swivelled in the chair and lay down, his head by the window and his feet in the aisle.

“Take your seat please, ma’am.” Simon slipped his finger from my cunt as he spoke and I eagerly climbed onto the back seat, my knee resting precariously close to the edge of the seat as I lowered myself down onto that fat, inviting cock. I felt Simon’s breath on my buttocks as I sank down and was thrilled to think he was getting such a close look at my cunt lips splitting around Paul’s cock as my pussy eagerly slipped down it.

“Fuck,” Paul hissed, pulling my full attention back to him. I dropped my head and kissed him, his dry lips stuck to mine as I tasted the sweet bitter lager lingering on his palate. My attention was then pulled back to Simon as his sticky finger rubbed over my arsehole. A moment later the tip popped inside.

“Shit,” I cursed. “You could have warned me.”

“That takes away half the fun,” he replied. “Anyhow, I’m only loosening you up for my cock.”

“Oh, no.” I shook my head. “You’re not going up there without masses of lube.”

“That’s alright then. I’ve got masses of lube.” He stretched over and dangled a tube in front of my face. “And a condom. Any objections?”

“No,” I gasped. In fact, I was eager to feel his cock inside me. “What kind of man carries a tube of lube with him on a day trip to France?”

“A bi man,” Paul growled as my cunt contracted around him with pleasure. Of course, it all slipped in to place then as Simon’s slicked up finger massaged the lube into my anal canal, the action erotic beyond belief.

“So you do, you know, live together.” I groaned as Paul’s teeth nipped at my swaying breasts.

“Yes, we do,” Simon said. I heard the crinkle of foil as he released the condom from its packet. “But we find it scares off women if we tell them that from the start.”

“We’re a double act,” Paul said after his mouth loosened from around my still throbbing nipple.

“And a bloody good one at that,” I replied. My body was on fire with lust. So many erogenous zones were being stimulated at once, including my often neglected brain. It was funny that in all my time with Darren I’d never been taken by two men. Simon and Paul were my first, and I was out of my mind with excitement.

Simon’s hairless legs brushed the back of my thighs as he positioned his legs around both me and Paul. The fur of the back of the seat was replaced by hot calf as he leaned in. Gently, he pressed his cock to my aching hole.

“Are you ready?” he asked, the strain of holding back apparent in his voice.

“Yes,” I squeaked out and felt his cock head pop inside me. The world does not hold enough words to describe how full I felt as that slim, strong dick slipped into me. With each push I thought I would pass out, the pleasure of double penetration too much for one woman to handle.

Simon gripped my hips and forced himself in and out of me. His action pushed me down onto Paul while I just held on for the ride. The two cocks pressed against each other parted only by the thin membrane between them, and with each thrust, it seemed they fucked each other through me. When I managed to open my eyes for a second, Paul’s gaze was fixed solidly on Simon and a course of pleasure shot through to my cunt as I realised I was being used for their pleasure. I was certainly getting my share of thrills and being a vehicle for their lust inspired me to multiple orgasms. With those two determined dicks inside me, rubbing my clit against Paul’s pelvis and manipulating my sensitive G-spot from all angles, I came and I came and I came.

As one release ended another started. I barely had a moment to gasp a breath before screaming out the next orgasm. The men panted and cursed as I stiffened and thrashed, sandwiched between them. Just as I started to lose count and consciousness, Simon roared and I felt his cock throb in my arse, his own orgasm achieved.

He slipped away and out of me and I heard him fasten himself up. I knew Paul hadn’t come yet, so I looked down in to his eyes.

“It’s the condom,” he groaned, his face tight with arousal. “I can’t quite get enough stimulation through it.”

“Well then,” I replied, mellow and giving after my multi-marathon. “We shall have to take it off.” I gingerly lifted off him, my hips aching in that special pleasurable way that only happens after a damn good fuck, and slipped to the floor beside him. I pulled off his condom, but before I could take him in my mouth Simon did.

I had never before seen a man suck a dick and was amazed by how erotic a sight it was. His thick, black lips pursed so beautifully around the fat girth of his friend and he didn’t flinch at the rubbery taste I knew he’d experience because of the condom. Suddenly, the mellowness turned to lust once more, and I had to do something about it. I slipped my fingers between my thighs and fingered my wet hole, moaning as Paul cursed and his cock throbbed.

“I want to taste you,” Paul said, his voice strained, and I wanted him to taste me. I wanted to cover his face in my juices so I climbed back onto the seat, my thighs now split around his head as I lowered my eager pussy to his mouth. He sucked and licked and lapped like a man possessed, and I watched his dick disappear and reappear from between Simon’s lips as once more I approached orgasm.

A plane could have landed on top of the coach or the whole host of pensioners could have streamed back up the aisle and we wouldn’t have noticed. We were all absorbed in what we were doing, and until the orgasm blew through my pussy and up to my brain, I was incapable of real thought.

I saw Paul come though, just before I exploded. His hips stopped and Simon’s mouth stiffened as he sucked and sucked. Cum escaped and slipped back down that shaft. I closed my eyes and experienced my own ecstasy.

“We better get dressed,” Paul panted after I moved and he could talk again.

“First things first,” I gasped and pressed my lips to his. I forced my tongue into his mouth to taste my juices and smear them all over my face. I stood up and took Simon’s face in my hands and kissed him fiercely, smearing my juices onto his cheeks and tasting Paul’s sweet tang as my tongue probed his mouth. “Now we can get dressed.”

It happened that we’d timed it just about right. I was just slipping my shoes back on when the driver opened the door and thanked us for looking after the vehicle. I wondered if he could smell the heavy musk of sex in the air, mixed with the polished mustiness of coach travel. I smelled it, and it haunted me all the way home.

Just before the boys reached their stop, we exchanged phone numbers and I invited them to my party. Though it was meant to be only for old college friends, I couldn’t resist. I had just experienced something special, and to be perfectly honest, I was hoping to experience it again on my fortieth birthday—what a way to start the descent down the other side of the age hill.
























Chapter Three




Parties always seem like such a good idea in the planning stage, but as the appointed hour approaches you always end up in a mad, blind panic. Well, I do. It didn’t help that I’d worked on my birthday—only ‘til lunchtime but still, it ate into my preparation time.

I ended up trying to empty packets of crisps, dry my hair and burn a party music CD all at the same time around an hour before people were due to arrive. Almost everyone I’d invited had replied, but only half of them had confirmed they’d be coming. I’d not heard a peep from Darren, but really that was no surprise. I was bitterly disappointed but I tried not to let it show. I contented myself with the knowledge that Simon and Paul would be coming. The promise of hot, threesome sex with a bi male couple perked me right up.

As I slipped into my tight red, floral dress, I went through my party checklist in my mind.

Nibbles, check, sexy frock, check, party mix, check, booze and ice, check and extra condoms and lube, check. I was ready for everything and feeling fairly excited. My fortieth year was definitely looking promising or at least the start of it was.

For a while after that I was too busy to think, welcoming guests, pouring drinks, hugging friends and finding out all about their new jobs as fully trained doctors. I tried not to drink too much. I know from experience that tipsy is good for sexual liaisons but plastered is bad. I tend to pass out or throw up before the good bits start. However, when an hour had passed and there wasn’t a sign of Simon and Paul or Darren, I started to feel a little melancholy.

I felt rather selfish for feeling like that since all these lovely people had turned up and they were trying their best to ensure a good time was had by all. There was much dancing, drinking and laughing, and I joined in too, hoping no one would notice my low levels of enthusiasm. I’d gotten to a point where I wondered if I’d started my menopause early—sometimes medical knowledge is a curse—when a loud knock at the door shook me from my reverie.

“Well you passed the fashionably late mark about half an hour ago,” I said as I held open the door and ushered Simon and Paul inside.

“I know,” Simon sighed and shook his head. “I’m so sorry but Paul here was late home from work.”

plans were out of whack by an inch,” Paul snapped back, taking off his faded denim jacket and revealing a black cotton shirt beneath.

“I’ll take that,” I offered.

“The builders built it wrong,” Simon mumbled, unbuttoning his expensive woollen coat and folding it meticulously before he passed it to me.

“That’s it. Blame someone else,” Paul huffed.

“Oh, will you two behave?” I snapped. Maybe it was the third glass of wine I’d just drank or maybe I was hitting early menopause but I certainly was not in the mood to listen to them bickering all night. “It’s my party, and you’ll leave your work at the door.”

“Sorry.” Paul looked sheepish and Simon followed suit. “It’s been one of those days.”

Simon nodded and peace reigned at last. I hung their coats on the rack in the corridor before leading them to the kitchen and offering them a drink. Simon took wine and Paul ripped into a can of lager. For a while, I introduced them to friends and we were civilised and grown up. I actually began to enjoy the party experience again.

It was as I slow danced with Paul that things got steamy, and his hands roamed down to my arse and squeezed.

“Doctor,” he growled. His breath tickled past my ear as his hands wrapped around my waist once more. “That swelling is back.”

He pushed against me to prove his point, and I nodded into his shoulder. “So it is. I better examine it more closely.” I moved a hand from around his neck and ran it down his arm enjoying the smooth crisp cotton that encased his hard frame. When I reached his hand, I lifted it off my waist and he rested it on my shoulder so I could reach between us and assess the situation properly.

BOOK: Sexier Side of the Hill
6.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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