Solar Seduction (Planets Book 3)

BOOK: Solar Seduction (Planets Book 3)
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Solar Seductions

Planets Book 3

by Jaden Sinclair





Published by

Melange Books, LLC

White Bear Lake, MN 55110


Solar Seductions, Copyright 2015 Jaden Sinclair


ISBN: 978-1-68046-047-6


Names, characters, and incidents depicted in this book are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental and beyond the intent of the author or the publisher. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.


Published in the United States of America.


Cover Design by Caroline Andrus



by Jaden Sinclair


Zane Dill had given up on ever finding love and the perfect woman. He never thought that by helping his friends he’d stumble upon her, or that she would be the daughter of the man bent on destroying all that Pluto has to offer. Now his one and only goal in life is to protect the woman who has his heart. To keep her safe, to love and cherish her to the end of his days.


Kalisha Sedgwick has a big secret that, if divulged, will change the lives of the Deity, a society that wants nothing more than to take what Pluto has to offer and give nothing back. Keeping this secret is one of the most important things to Kalisha—that is until she wakes up and comes face to face with Zane.


Instant attraction hits, yet she is fearful for him. She’s seen what her father has done in the past, been in his path when his rage is at the max. But in Zane’s arms, Kalisha feels protected and safe for the first time ever, and she’s just as willing to do everything she can in her power to stay that way, forever. 


Chapter One


The shuttle Zane Dill hired to take him to Mars lowered slowly to the orange, dusty ground about thirty miles from the home of Stan Sedgwick. Zane stood next to the hatch, waiting for it to open so he could head for his
. His soul mate, or bride as some would like to call it.

“Take this with you.” The man he hired tossed him a large backpack. “It has a first aid kit in it, camping equipment and a supply of food. There’s a storm heading our way, so you’re on a short time limit here.” He gave Zane a smirk. “Inside info tells me that your girl might have been beaten also.”

Zane’s nose flared in his anger. To know that his
might be beaten and hurt really pissed him off.

“There’s a cream in there which is good for open wounds,” the pilot went on. “You have the map of the location where I’ll be for your ride back to Pluto. Don’t be late, and keep the radio on. If I get caught I’ll let you know and we’ll go to plan B.” Plan B being they would head to another planet and hold there until things cooled down enough to go home.

The hatch slowly opened and lowered to the dusty ground. Zane nodded at the man. “I’ll see you real soon.”

Zane Dill was a seven foot, one hundred percent blond haired Pluto man. Like all men on Pluto, he was a walking brick of muscle. Thick thighs and arms, tight washboard abs and shoulders that were wide enough to take on the world. He had a strong face with sharp cheekbones, full lips and turquoise-green eyes which recently had been called angel eyes, thanks to Kade’s wife, Sorsha. Before his body lost the sexual drive it once had, Zane could get any girl he wanted with them, and usually did. But for the moment, the one girl he wanted was one named Kalisha Sedgwick who resided presently on Mars.

He left the shuttle and stood still while it ascended back up into the air, the wind blowing locks of blond hair into his eyes. Unlike his two business partners, Zane kept his hair cut short, to his shoulders and feathered back from his face. Being so long without his
, he sort of gave up on the whole sex appeal thing.

Now after all this time, he finally had hope once more. If it wasn’t for chance being on their side, and Zane giving a hand to Kade Tully in bringing home his wife, he wouldn’t be standing on a planet about to make his move to bring home his own bride. To bring an end to the loneliness he felt inside his soul.

The location where he’d been dropped was remote, just like he wanted. Dressed all in black, a zip up jacket with hood and no sleeves, Zane zipped up, put the hood up to help draw attention away from himself, in case someone did see him. Mars didn’t get many men from Pluto, and he didn’t want the Senator to know that someone was here. Especially since the man didn’t get his law passed like he wanted not so long ago; a law that would stop all marriages between Pluto’s men and Earth women, but let Earth keep all the benefits that Pluto had to offer. So having blond hair made him stand out, just like the size of his body would.

Zane began the walk to the house, and with each step he took his body slowly came back to life. It was strange, but after his senses picked her up at the substation on Pluto he felt life in every nerve ending in his body. But as soon as she was taken away he seemed to feel like his body went back to sleep. It was strange, mostly because once a Pluto man sensed his girl was close, he became a rock until they joined. At least that’s what others had told him.

Thirty miles with his long legs took less than thirty minutes. Zane stopped in front of the two story brick house that belonged to Stan Sedgwick as well as the Deity. He wrinkled his nose at ‘them’, a society that wanted nothing more than to take everything Pluto had to give without giving back. They wanted to change the law and refuse to let anyone marry an Earth girl and that pissed him off. But then, every time period had one of their kind, and it wasn’t that long ago when the KKK on Earth tried to wipe out all the blacks.

Zane knelt down on the ground, watching the house. There were two hovers parked in the front and no movement inside the house, but he knew there were people present. Being this close to her his body was once again alive, but the connection that he should have with her was limited. It made Zane frown, not understanding what or why it was so. He should be on fire right now, and yet he only felt a small stirring in his groin and an even smaller amount of heat race through his body.

He jumped when he heard a faint scream coming from the house. Zane gritted his teeth. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Kalisha was being either beaten or tortured, and it made Zane want to kill. He had to fight within himself to stay put and not rush the house to take someone’s head for hurting his

Zane didn’t know how long he stayed squatted down, waiting, but when a group of men came out of the house he knew he was at a boiling point. One man stood out to Zane, and he figured that had to be Stan Sedgwick. Her father.

He snarled as he watched the man talk on a cell phone and act like he hadn’t just beaten his child, or whatever it was he was doing up there. The urge to wrap his hands around Sedgwick’s throat was strong, but Zane stayed put and waited. If they were leaving then that meant he would be able to get into the house and take his

His eyes never left those hovers as they pulled away from the house. Zane kept his eyes on them until he couldn’t see them any longer before he stood up and finished his walk to the house.

He wasn’t surprised that the house was locked, and it only took him one second to use his strength and turn the knob, breaking the lock. In his mind, he didn’t give a shit if the house burnt down after he had Kalisha, so why should he give a fuck about a locked door.

Once inside his senses came to life in full force. Zane closed his eyes and felt every sensation that hit him, enjoyed each one, even the burning pain of nerves coming back in very sensitive places. When he opened his eyes it was like he had tunnel vision and went straight up the stairs. He didn’t look around the house, or try to find information that might help bring these people down. All Zane did was follow the link he felt to the girl who would make him complete.


He stopped in front of a door and reached his hand out to touch it. Zane sucked his breath in as heat seemed to come from the door, up his arm and warmed his whole body. His cock sprang to life and desire as well as an emotion he never thought he would ever feel hit like bricks to his head. Love. The girl behind this closed door was his
and if he had been back in the temple then this would have proven the test as performed.

Zane tried the knob and wasn’t surprised to find it locked also. Another hard twist and the lock popped off, the door slowly opened. What he saw broke his heart and had tears coming to his eyes, a few even slipping down his cheek.

On a homemade cross-like stand, was his bride. She had been strapped down on her belly, probably by that fucking father of hers. Her shirt was shredded down her back and hanging in strips on her arms. She was passed out. It wasn’t a surprise since she had been beaten until her back was in bloody stripes.

Kalisha had been whipped.

“Oh, Mala,” Zane whispered. “What have they done to you?”

He rushed to her, dropping the gear, working to release her arms and legs. Kalisha would’ve dropped to the floor if he hadn’t caught her. Her eyes were closed, sweat and tears covered her face as did strands of golden brown hair. She had a heart shaped face, long lashes and full, sensual lips. Her body was neither fat nor slim, but had a nice shape of curves in all the right places. Jeans hugged her legs and hips and the thick belt around her waist held them up.

Her shoes had been taken away, leaving her with bare feet that also showed marks of a beating. Zane carefully inspected her body and swore under his breath at the deep bruising on the bottom of her feet. This clearly was a tactic meant to stop her from running again.

Shaking his head, he shifted her again and slung her up on his shoulder. For him, she weighed nothing and he could easily carry her. He picked up her discarded shoes, shoved them in his pack, picked it up again and walked out of the room.

Kalisha moaned a few times as he walked down the steps, but other than that not a sound came from her. She didn’t move. Didn’t make a peep. She was out cold.

He hated having to leave like this, without the chance to treat her back, but he didn’t want to chance running into her father. That wouldn’t be good and would end with a big fight for sure. Zane knew that if he came face to face with the man all of his anger would boil over and he might even try to kill the bastard. So to keep peace, he needed to get her off this damn planet and go home to Pluto to hide so he could treat her and then later on start loving her like she needed to be loved.

The walk to the point where he intended to meet the shuttle took longer than the walk to the house. It was a bit further away. Also slowing him down was the extra package over his shoulder. He was careful with the manner in which he handled her and walked slower so as not to give her too much discomfort. It was hard to hold back, when all he wanted to do was run with her.

The closeness of her body was pure torture. Zane had to bite the inside of his cheek and lip several times in order to stay focused. The raging hard-on between his legs hurt more with each step he took. But it was a hurt he welcomed, since it had been so long since he’d felt it.

Night had begun to descend upon the planet by the time he reached the pick-up point. Going on pure instinct, Zane found a place to hide Kalisha and the bags as he went to make sure it was safe. A good plan, and one that definitely would pay off.

The shuttle and his pilot were being detained by authorities, with Sedgwick standing by, watching. The shuttle was open, his driver standing outside and there were several men going through each and every inch of it.

“Good thing we have plan B,” he mumbled to himself, turning away and heading back to Kalisha.

Picking everything back up, including her, Zane started his way south, away from the men. As he walked, he brought out the phone that Jovan had given him before leaving. Dialing the number, Zane waited for either Jovan or Kade to answer.

“Give me some good news, please,” Kade answered.

“I have her, but my way off Mars has been temporarily delayed,” Zane said. “Sedgwick was there and had men going through the shuttle.”

“So now what?”

“I’m moving south. There’s a place I can camp and lay low for a couple of days if I need to until my pilot gets back with me on when we can leave. If he can’t get back here, then we have to think about something else. There’s a storm coming.”

“This is your plan B?” Kade said and sighed.

“That is my plan B.” Zane looked over his shoulder as he walked deeper into the isolated, dry desert of the planet. “Unless you have another idea.”

“I told you this plan wouldn’t work. He’s going to shut everything down. You know that, right? Getting you two off Mars is going to be almost impossible.”

“I need to get Kalisha someplace safe. I need to get off of Mars.” Zane tried to glance over his shoulder at her face. “She’s hurt.”

“How bad?”

“He beat the hell out of her, Kade.” Kade swore on the other side. “Yeah, and he also made sure she couldn’t run away so easily in the future. He beat her feet to a bloody pulp.” The small radio he had in his back pocket began to buzz. “Kade, hold on, man.” Zane stopped walking, shifted everything in his hand and reached for the radio. A small message scrolled across the tiny screen.
Can’t do plan B. You’re on your own, man. I’ve been shut down
. “Great!” he growled, bringing the phone back up to his ear. “You’re going to have to come for me. My pilot isn’t coming back, and now there isn’t a plan B. He’s been shut down.”

“Okay, hold on one second.” Again, Kade sighed and Zane waited for what felt like a lifetime. He could hear Kade pressing buttons or maybe it was the sound of him typing something up. He wasn’t sure. “Okay, this is going to take me some time. You’re right about a storm heading your way, which is going to make finding a shuttle and getting to you almost impossible. No one is going to want to fly into what’s coming your way. And you add that Sedgwick is looking for her as well, let me just say it’s a nice cluster fuck. How are you fixed for supplies?”

“I’ve got enough supplies for about three, maybe four days.”

“Well, at least that is some good news. This storm shouldn’t last more than forty-eight hours at the max, but it will be nasty. Sand storms always suck the worst. It should, however, give me enough time to get something figured out. Oh, your papers showed up also. You can go ahead and place the necklace on her. They said under the circumstances and with what you told them, they recognize the test and acknowledge you as husband to her.”

Zane closed his eyes and breathed a small sigh of relief. “Thank the gods.”

“That bad?”

“I’m on fire, man, and it hurts like hell.” Once more he shifted Kalisha’s limp body on his shoulder and Kade laughed.

“Oh, I know what that is like. So you go to the place where you think it’s safe to camp and stay low. Not sure if we’ll be able to talk once the storm hits, so why don’t we just say you turn the phone on at noon and we can at least check in. I’ll let you know as soon as I find transportation for you.”

BOOK: Solar Seduction (Planets Book 3)
13.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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