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Authors: Alessandra Hazard

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Straight Boy: A Short Story (2 page)

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Xavier didn’t gloat, but Sage hadn’t really expected it.

Xavier just nodded and said, “Now go to sleep.”

“You’re not the boss of me,” Sage muttered, scowling.

But he did as he was told.




* * *




Next time in the showers, Xavier’s soaped finger slipped between his ass cheeks.

Sage froze. “You said you wouldn’t force me,” he hissed.

“I’m not and I won’t,” Xavier said, pushing the finger inside him slowly. “I have to touch you to make sure others see me touching you. If I don’t, they’ll start thinking you have me wrapped around your little finger.”

Sage snorted—he couldn’t even imagine that—but he forced himself to relax. Xavier was right, damn him.

The finger pushed deeper. It didn’t really hurt, but it felt odd. Very odd.

The finger pulled out, then moved back in. Sage’s face went hot. He had another man’s finger in his
. He couldn’t believe he had a man’s finger in his ass.

The finger brushed against something inside him, and Sage’s eyes widened, his mouth falling open as a bolt of pleasure shot through him.

“Say hello to your prostate,” Xavier said against his ear from behind, brushing that spot again.

“S-stop,” Sage whispered, hating how unsure his voice sounded. Against his will, his cock started hardening.

“That’s the only thing I’m going to do,” Xavier said. “You can jerk off.”

“Screw you,” Sage said weakly as Xavier moved the finger in and out slowly. He wondered how many people were watching them. He didn’t look.

“You like this,” Xavier said into his ear.

“I don’t.”

“You do,” Xavier said, rubbing his prostate again.

Sage couldn’t quite hold back a whimper. “I’m straight.”

“Of course you are.” Xavier started moving the finger quickly. “You just like having my finger in your ass.”

Sage bit his lip to prevent himself from moaning. “No.”

“No? Fine.” Xavier licked his ear and pulled the finger out. “You’ll be begging me for this soon.”

Sage closed his eyes. He felt odd. Empty.

“I hate you,” he said, turning his head to glare at Xavier. He tried hard not to look at Xavier’s erection.

“Of course you do, Pretty.”





* * *





Next day, his girlfriend came to visit him.

Sage looked at her through the glass that separated them and tried to find something to say. Laura looked lovely, as usual, her heart-shaped face very pretty and very feminine. She also looked very out of place.

“How… how are you?” she said into the phone.

Sage smiled wryly. “How do you think?”

“You… you look good,” Laura said after a moment.

He nearly laughed. If only she knew. If only she knew how much he would have liked not to look good. Had he been ugly, no one would have spared him a second glance. Had he been ugly, Xavier—

Sage pushed the thought away. No; he wouldn’t think of it. Not now, not with his girlfriend here.

“Thanks,” he muttered, awkwardly. “How is school?”

“Good,” Laura replied.

An awkward silence stretched between them.

Sage stared at her, taking her in. He missed her—missed his old life before all of this. He loved her. And yet… He felt so disconnected from her. She belonged to another world. A world in which he was just an average guy who didn’t get publicly groped and finger-fucked by another guy.

His face hot, Sage averted his gaze and looked down. “You don’t have to visit, you know,” he said without looking at her. “You don’t have to wait for me. A year is a long time.”


“Do you—do you want me to wait?”

Sighing, Sage ran a hand over his face. “I have no right to ask this from you. I fucked up, now I’m paying for my stupidity.” He gave her a crooked smile. “You don’t have to wait for me—only if you really want to.”

Her blue eyes glistened with unshed tears. Slowly, she nodded.

“Your time is up,” the guard said, walking to him.

Sage hung up and let the guard lead him away, his heart heavy.

He told himself it was for the best. Laura wouldn’t have wanted him anyway if she found out what had been going on.

It was for the best.




* * *




It became a routine. Every time they were in the showers, Xavier slipped a finger into him, and by the end of the month, Sage was so used to it Xavier’s finger met no resistance. Actually… he started feeling like one finger wasn’t enough. He kind of wanted more. And he really wanted to come, but he refused to jerk off with Xavier’s finger in him. He refused to give Xavier the satisfaction.

Sage hated him. He hated him and hated that lately it had come to the point that he got half-hard when they got to the showers. Hated that he got rock hard the moment Xavier’s finger touched his asshole. Hated that he started squirming on Xavier’s finger.

Hated that he wanted more.

Sage was so sexually frustrated lately that he felt like punching someone. Preferably Xavier.

He broke two weeks later.

They were in the showers again. Sage had his forehead pressed against the wall while Xavier dragged his finger in and out of his hole. It was too slow and Sage couldn’t stand it. He pushed back, moaning when Xavier’s finger rubbed hard against his prostate. People were watching them, but Sage couldn’t bring himself to care. He was too far gone to care.

He whimpered when Xavier pushed another slick finger in and started fucking him with them. It felt good. So good. Sage closed his eyes and, wrapping his hand around his cock, started jerking off. He tried to think about his girlfriend, but Xavier’s big hand stroking his stomach and ass made it impossible. He had a man’s fingers in his ass and he was loving it. But right now, he didn’t care how wrong and dirty—and gay—it was.

Sage groaned when Xavier’s fingers started moving faster. He wanted to come. He was burning with it. He stroked his cock, small moans leaving his lips as Xavier tortured his prostate. He wasn’t gay. He wasn’t. But god, it felt so good.

Xavier shoved a third finger in, and the burn made Sage cry out and come, shaking with his entire body, his knees barely holding him up.

When Sage opened his eyes, the realization of what had just happened hit him hard: He came with Xavier’s fingers inside him. Another man had made him come. And everyone saw it.

Dazedly, Sage jumped away from Xavier. He soaped himself all over, trying to ignore the catcalls.

He refused to look at Xavier.




* * *



They didn’t talk about it.

Sage ignored Xavier, and Xavier let him ignore him.

Next time they were in the showers, Sage tensed, expecting Xavier to push his fingers in again, but he didn’t.

It threw Sage off-balance.

He told himself he was glad—and he was. Being fingered in public was beyond mortifying.






* * *




A few weeks went by, and all Xavier did was fondle him a little. Sometimes, he kneaded Sage’s ass and massaged his hole, but he never pushed his fingers in anymore. The worst part was, Sage still got an erection even when Xavier’s hand barely touched his ass.

It confused him and made him angry—with himself. And it annoyed him that Xavier constantly walked around shirtless. A show-off.

“Don’t you own a shirt?” Sage snapped one evening.

Xavier just looked at him for a long moment, his eyes gleaming. “It never bothered you before.”

Sage scowled.

The assessing look Xavier gave him made him uncomfortable.

“What?” Sage said.

“Do you want something, Sage?”

Sage. His own name sounded strange. Xavier usually called him something ridiculous, knowing how much it annoyed him.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Sage turned onto his stomach, determined to ignore him.

But Xavier didn’t let him ignore him.

He tensed when he felt Xavier sit on his bunk next to him.

A big hand touched his butt.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Xavier’s voice was quiet.

Sage wet his lips. “No.”

A finger slipped under his shorts and stroked between his cheeks gently. “You sure about that?”

“I’m straight.”

“Do you want me to touch you?” Xavier repeated, as though he hadn’t said anything.

Sage bit his lip and remained quiet.

Probably taking it as a yes, Xavier pulled his shorts down.

It isn’t happening
, Sage told himself. It couldn’t be happening. He wasn’t lying on a prison bunk while his cellmate groped and spread his cheeks.

It was really happening.

Sage bit the inside of his cheek when Xavier’s finger circled his twitching hole. Then there was something wet pressing against his hole. Sage went rigid. A tongue. Xavier was licking his hole.

Flushing, Sage whispered, “What are you doing—it’s disgusting—”
And gay

Sage tried to push Xavier’s head away from his ass, but Xavier just gripped his buttocks hard and, spreading his cheeks, forced his tongue in.

“Are you craz—mmm…” Sage’s protests turned into a long moan as Xavier fucked his hole with his tongue, delving deeper and deeper, again and again, until it wasn’t deep enough. Sage groaned and started pushing back on the tongue, wanting more, needing more, his hole twitching hungrily around the tongue. He whimpered, pushing his ass higher. It was dirty and obscene, and so very wrong, but he loved it. Distantly, he wondered what Laura would say if she saw him now, writhing on a guy’s tongue like a—like a slut. He flushed at the thought, but he couldn’t stop doing it—just as he couldn’t stop needy whimpers.

“Please.” He wanted to come. He wanted something deeper in him. The tongue felt amazing, but it wasn’t enough. “More.”

Suddenly, the tongue was gone.

Sage panted heavily, rubbing his leaking cock against the mattress, his hole twitching and
. Finally, two lubed fingers pushed into his hole, and his ass immediately clenched around them.

“You were fucking born for this,” Xavier said hoarsely, pumping the fingers in and out of him. Sage moaned as they repeatedly brushed slightly against his prostate—too briefly; he wanted it harder.

“Harder,” he said, pushing back onto Xavier’s fingers.

Xavier chuckled. “I’ll give you my cock in a moment.”

Sage’s eyes widened. “I’m not gay.”

Xavier pulled the fingers out, and Sage whined, his hole clenching convulsively.

So empty. He never thought it was possible to feel so empty.

He squirmed,

Xavier circled his fingers over his hole. Sage tried to impale himself on them, but Xavier took the fingers away, laughing softly. The next moment, Xavier rolled on top of him and Sage felt something slick and blunt touch his hole.

“This is my cock,” Xavier said hoarsely. “If you want it, you will ask for it. I’m not going to fuck you if you don’t want ask.”

“I have a girlfriend,” Sage whispered.

But did he? Did he have a girlfriend?

Xavier sucked on his neck, his breath hot against his skin. “I don’t care. You may have a girlfriend, but right now you want my cock in you.”

The head of the cock stroked his hole but didn’t push in. Sage bit back a moan. He wanted it. He wanted a cock in him. He wanted it so badly he was shaking with it. He wanted Xavier to fuck him. He wanted to spread his legs like a whore and beg. God, he really was Xavier’s bitch. What had this prison done to him?

“I hate you,” he said, with feeling.

“Sure,” Xavier said, placing kisses all over his neck and making his neck tingle. “Now ask.”

Sage shook his head, but his body had a mind of its own and was already pushing back on the cock. He gasped as the head breached his sphincter. It didn’t hurt as much as he expected, so he pushed back again, moaning as Xavier’s cock slid all the way in.

“You were supposed to ask,” Xavier gritted out.

Sage grinned. “Was I?”

“Cheeky little shit,” Xavier ground out before starting to move. He set a quick rhythm, fucking into him without restraint.

Sage closed his eyes. He couldn’t believe how good it felt. He was moaning and panting as he pushed back onto his cellmate’s cock, his own cock drooling all over the mattress.

“That’s it,” Xavier said against his ear, licking and kissing it. “You’re my thing now. Mine.”

BOOK: Straight Boy: A Short Story
4.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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