Strictly Off Limits (Jade's College Diaries)

Strictly Off Limits

Jade’s College Diaries)

Little Book One








A novella by Crystal D. Spears





Copyright © 2013 by Crystal D. Spears

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher Crystal D. Spears except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.


All names, work of arts, places are all fictitious and from the imagination of the Author. 


This content contains New Adult/Mature acts and/or situations along with language.


To contact the Author for any reason you may find contact information at the back of this novel


Chapter One

Dear College Diary,

Drinking the Jade Water? WTF





          I scan through my cards biting my lower lip I know this is my downfall, but yet I choose to give myself away. I look over at him, him being the reason I want to lose. If I lose this card game I will finally get what I want. And what I want is him. Nate—oh god Nate, he is a God a figment in every college girls imagination and dreams. Nate is 6'4'' with sandy blonde hair that hangs down into his eyes and when he runs his hands through it, musing it into his own perfect style it's enough to make your panties wet. His football stocked frame with his proceeding muscles, his tanned skin and his baby blues make him the object of eye fucking for many females and maybe even some men. The party is dwindling down I say dwindling, but really everyone is either passed out or somewhere fucking. I am not trying to win this card game because I want to tangle with Nate and if I win I don't get to do that. I am fucking plastered, but Nate made this deal with me before I got hammered he can't back down now. I can't help but feel as if he wanted this too; he knows I will lose on purpose if it means getting naked with him. "So—whatcha got good lookin'," Nate asks. His voice a low hum that makes my panties dampen. I look down at my cards and see I am holding absolutely nothing of worth.
Thank the sex gods!
I lay the cards down on the table and reach over to grab the Hennessey pouring us both another shot. He flicks his perfectly shaped eyebrow up laying his cards out showing a royal flush. I smirk pushing his shot towards him. "Looks like I finally get what I want," I purr.

I watch as Nate downs his shot slamming the shot glass on the table. "Baby—we both get what we want," he says while reaching for my hand pulling me onto the card table. "It's about damn time; I've been chasing this magic stick for two fucking years!" I run my manicured finger across his lip. "We were freshman Jade; I had to test the waters taste all the different flavors. But—now I want the flavor Jade,” he murmurs against my lips.
Oh god!
His tongue grazes my lower lip and I whimper. He growls slamming his lips hard against mine. The kiss is frantic, hungry— two years of wicked wanting wrapped up in this forceful kiss. I gasp and Nate takes advantage of my lips parting and when his tongue wraps around mine I lose all control. I scratch at his back bringing him closer to me which only fuels his fire. He lays me down on the card table dragging the hem of my summer dress to my waist. “I wonder if your pussy tastes as good as your kisses,” he growls. This man is skilled his lips never leave mine and I don’t even realize he is dragging my thongs down until I feel the cold air hit my lips. “Well, well look at what we have here,” his fingers dance along my “eat me” tattoo above my pussy. “I lost a bet,” I whisper. “Well since it’s talking to me I guess I should comply,” he breathes. I don’t have a chance to think or have a comeback. This is what I’ve always wanted Nate. Nate the guy I met at freshman orientation. Nate the guy who has been my best friend for two years the womanizing man whore. All thoughts are lost as his tongue glides against my core. “Give me some help baby,” he brings two fingers to my mouth I don’t hesitate I suck them straight into my mouth. I didn’t realize he was such a dirty guy. He pumps his fingers in and out of my mouth a few times before dragging them down to my pussy. As his now wet fingers glide inside he nips my clit inbetween his teeth and lightly tugs. My eyes roll in the back of my head as he pumps and licks my core to pieces. My legs begin to shake. “That’s it Jade baby let it go, give it all to me,” his plea muffled. “Nate—,” I moan. All my senses are gone I feel weightless as I come around his long fingers and his gorgeous mouth.

“Mmm—just as I imagined you would taste,” Nate licks his fingers. I throw my arm over my face grinning from the sheer happiness of having an orgasm in months. I hear the wrestling sound of a condom wrapper opening. 
Shit we’re going to screw right here!
“Baby, prop your legs open on the table, I need in you right now.” I try to do what the man wants, but my legs feel like jello. Nate chuckles at me. “Need some help good lookin?” I can do nothing but nod. Where in the hell did my voice go? I muster all my strength and lift my head up as soon as I feel him lean over me.
Holy Shit!
  “Umm,” I bite my lip “Nate,” I whisper. “Don’t worry baby I’ll make it fit.” I’m definitely not so sure about that.
Okay,” I whisper. He bends my legs at the knee scooting me to the end of the table slamming into me with no warning. “Shit,” I scream. The bastard didn’t even give me a chance to adjust to his fucking one eyed monster.  “Fuck… I should’ve tasted the Jade water a long time ago,” he grunts thrusting into me. The burning is intense I feel myself stretching to his width with each movement. Finally my toes start to curl and the burning subsides. He wraps his arm around my middle pulling me into a sitting position. “Wrap those beautiful long legs around me Jade baby.” I still have my heels on so I decide to give the bastard a taste of his own medicine. I dig the stiletto heels into his bare ass. “Jesus Jade,” he pumps faster inside me. I smirk biting him on the shoulder forcing him to moan. Thrust after thrust I feel my body quiver and the need for him taking over. Running my hands through his hair I tightly intertwine my fingers with a few locks and yank.  “Jade you’re killing me here,” his fingers wrap tightly around my neck yanking me back slamming his lips to mine. It’s primal his tongue whipping around in a frenzied dance with mine. His mouth tastes so good I can’t help but suck on his tongue forcing him to groan again. “Faster,” I whisper inside his gorgeous mouth. “Baby— if I go any faster it’s going to be over.”  At this point I couldn’t care less. “I’m going to come faster and harder please,” I beg him. Leaning me back a little further his mouth leaves mine and drops to my collarbone as he pounds me into oblivion. I dig my heels further into his ass as my inside clamp down on him. “Shit—,” he grunts. He slams harder into me making me come undone I swear rockets are launching somewhere. “Yes! Yes, Yes,” I scream out. “Mother fuck,” Nate screams. We both fall backwards against the card table panting for calmer breath. “I fucking knew it, I knew I needed to taste the Jade water,” he says while pulling out of me and disposing of the condom.
What —that’s all he has to say?
“Thank baby,” he leans down and brushes a kiss across my lips. He bends over pulling his pants back up never once looking back at me.
What the fuck?


Chapter Two

Dear College Diary,

Should have poisoned the Jade water!!!!!




              It’s been three fucking weeks since I screwed Nate. Three long weeks since I’ve talked to my best friend, he’s done nothing except ignore me at all costs. The lectures we have together he doesn’t sit near me in fact he makes it a point to sit all the way across the damn room. I should have poisoned the damn Jade water dammit. He’s even fucking more girls than he was before our little card table screw. I wouldn’t even care about that if he would just talk to me. I don’t understand what his problem is and I am sick of it. I need to stop staring at him, but his voice, breath and scent is still lingering in my damn brain. “Earth to Jade,” I hear next to me. “Huh,” I turn to find Sheila grinning at me. “What,” I shrug. “What the hell is going on with you and more importantly what is going on with you and Nate?” Oh god if I only freaking knew. “I slept with him at a party a few weeks back. I’m seeing know it wasn’t a smart decision on my part.” Her mouth drops open. “You let Nate stick his disco stick in you,” she deadpans.

“Yes and obviously like I said not a smart decision on my part. Ever since it happened the bastard has been avoiding me like the Black Plague,” I whisper. She bites her lip while frowning. “Look Sheila I don’t need a lecture I think I learned my lesson pretty well thanks.” I gather my laptop and my books standing up. “I’m going to go I don’t feel like being here anymore,” I lean down and hug her. “Party tonight at Omega Frat you’re coming right,” she asks. I should I need to stop sulking. “Sure I’ll meet you there.” I head towards my dorm. It’s still bothering me though not once has he returned my texts. Was I a bad screw or what? Just when my thoughts are eating me alive when I make it to my dorm and throw my things on my desk flipping on the light I hear my phone beep.

Nate: Why did you leave the lecture?

Now he wants to talk what the hell is his deal?

Me: Oh my bad u talking 2 me now?

Minutes go by before he answers back.

Nate: I’m sorr

All I get is a lousy as
s I’m sorry? I’m not even going to bother with texting his ass back. I flop down on my bed deciding it’s best to take a nap before the party tonight. I really don’t want to see him now. Hopefully Nate will be too busy screwing another whore and won’t be there. It’s not like I’m ugly or something. The only thing fake on me are my nails. I have shoulder length brunette hair, tanned skin and a curvy figure. I have hazel eyes I guess those could be kind of boring, a small amount of freckles on my button nose that most guys love. So what’s his damn deal? I give up if he thinks I’m not good enough he can go fuck himself.

Waking up from my nap I head to the communal showers, I take extra care shaving I’m most definitely sleeping with someone tonight. I need to get Nate the male whore out of my head before I go crazy.  I dry completely off before I wrap the towel around me. I don’t want the chill to raise hair numbs on my freshly shaved legs as I walk back to my dorm room. I have this habit of walking with my head down which in this case is a bad thing because I run smack into someone and that someone has a ripped muscled chiseled chest. I trail my eyes upwards as I apologize. “I’m sorry.” The beautiful chest rumbles with laughter as I trail my eyes upwards. My breath hitches in my throat and I’m staring into the most intense green eyes with long beautiful eyelashes. “It’s okay gorgeous.” I think he might have called me gorgeous. “Huh,” I mumble. “You alright,” beautiful chest guy asks. “Oh right um yeah I guess. I’m sorry I’m clumsy. It’s just—wait a minute you don’t live in this dorm,” I accuse. I would so remember a guy like this. “Correct, visiting my sister I was out running and thought I would stop by,” he holds his hands up “I’m not a creeper watching for hot girls coming out of the communal showers,” he chuckles. “I’m an Omega in fact we’re having a party tonight you should come.” I stare at this hot guy like a fool. “Uh I was actually getting ready for your party already my friend Sheila invited me,” I say confidently. “Ah red head Sheila? She’s a firecracker,” he laughs. “Yes she is,” I start to move around him and he holds out an arm stopping me. “What’s your name?” Shit how rude of me. “I’m Jade and you are,” I ask. He sticks a hand out for me to shake. “I’m Walker it’s nice to meet you Jade.”
Walker? Where have I heard that name before? Wait!
“Walker you mean Dean Walker? As in Dean Walker President of Omega,” I say as I take a step back. “Ah so gorgeous girl has heard of me,” he winks.
I didn’t just trade one guy obsession for another. “Heard of you? Yeah you could say that. Most popular senior guy on our college campus, sleep with you once “walk-er on outta there” afterwards Dean Walker. Yes I have most definitely heard of you, now if you excuse me I need to get ready,” I huff as I push past him. “I’ll see you tonight gorgeous Jade,” Dean yells.

I decide on a short strapless red dress and black knee high stiletto boots. I spend the most time curling my shoulder length hair in tight spiral curls. I give myself a deep smoky eye, a little blush and some killer red lips. Yeah I look hot. As I’m rubbing more lotion on Sheila comes barreling into our room. “Wow bitch you look fucking awesome! I love your hair like that,” she twirls her fingers around. “Yeah it took forever,” I say as I finish lathering my coconut lotion on. “Guess who I literally ran into today while I was leaving the communal showers,” I tease. “Who bitch?”

“Dean fucking Walker, I mean I literally ran into that fine chiseled chest. I almost turned into a blubbering idiot. Almost,” I point. “You know we’re going to his frats party tonight right?” I roll my eyes. “Yep Mr. Chiseled himself made that little reminder,” I point out. I squirt on a little coconut body spray as my phone beeps. I pick it up and roll my eyes at the name.

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