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Submitting to the Officer

J L Taft


Kris Elliot is having a bad day, which only gets worse when
some fucking bitch rear-ends her car at a red light. She nearly lets her mouth
and temper take control, but is kept in check by the hottest police officer
she’s ever seen. She’d love to let him manhandle her, but figures he’d run from
her foul language and red-hot temper.

Officer Mark Walker loves Kris’ dirty mouth. He can’t wait
to show her how to put it to good use, and isn’t afraid to use a little
spanking to get what he wants. And Kris is more than happy to oblige.

Submitting to the Officer

J L Taft


Chapter One


“God damn it! You stupid bitch!” I had been sitting at a red
light when I felt a jolt and, looking into my rearview mirror, realized I had
just been rear-ended.

The nerve of some people. I slammed my door closed as I got
out of the car. Coming around to the back, I groaned aloud at the sight of my
taillight in pieces on the ground and then again as I saw the huge crack in the
bumper. A young woman got out of the car that had hit me, still talking on her
cell phone.

I felt my face go red with rage and my hands start to shake.
Walking over to her, I reached out to grab the phone that was stuck to her ear.
She looked at me in shock as I disconnected the call.

“You better have damn sure been talking to the police!”

“I’m sorry!” she stuttered and reached for her phone back,
but I jerked it out of her reach.

“Were you talking to the police?”

“No! Why do we need to call them? I barely hit you!”

“But you did hit me is the point! Call them!” I thrust the
cell back in her face.

“Can’t we work something out?” The whine in her voice warned
me of the coming tears but I showed no mercy.

“Absolutely. After you call the police so I can report what
an idiot you are!” It had already been a rough week for me and this was just
icing on the cake. Now I had to worry about fixing my car.

Seeing that the girl had no intention of making the call, I
went to my car to grab my own phone. Dialing the local police station, I
reported the accident and hung up, resigned to wait for god knew how long for
the officer to show. At least it wasn’t a busy intersection and we could leave
the cars where they were.

There was no way I was going to end up paying for the

Another girl got out of the passenger side of the vehicle
and they stood chattering to each other. They couldn’t have been more than
twenty and that fact still didn’t manage to cool me off.

Hearing snippets of their conversation, my head started to
steam when the passenger looked my way and muttered, “Fucking bitch.”

Stomping to where they were standing, I wasn’t sure what I
intended but I was almost seeing red. “You wanna say that to my face?”

“Fucking bitch!”

I don’t know what I expected, but to have her take me up on
the challenge wasn’t it. “You stupid little brat! Where do you get off?” My
voice had risen and I was now screaming at her in the middle of the street.
“You guys managed to hit me and then you have the fucking nerve to call me a

Stepping up so our faces were inches apart, I contemplated
snatching some of the hair out of her cute little ponytail.

The girl’s hands tightened into fists and I smiled
venomously at her. I hadn’t been in a good fight in a long time and it might be
just what the doctor ordered to blow off this steam. I waited for her to make
the first move. I wasn’t born yesterday and was not stupid in the ways of the

Suddenly a long arm shot between us and then another, making
a space where a man pushed his big body. There was no doubt in my mind that it
was a man. His height alone had him towering a good six inches over me.

Before I knew it, he had eased far enough in the middle of
us to add some much-.needed space between the girl and an ass kicking.

“Ladies, good afternoon. I’d like to see both of your
licenses and registrations, please.”

Turning on my heel, I swayed my hips as I got my purse out
of the passenger seat of my now cracked-up car. I could feel the officer’s eyes
on my ass as I leaned over. Pulling out my license and registration, I then
grabbed my insurance card. I knew how this would go.

Walking back over to where he stood, I held out the required
cards to him. And then found myself staring into the deepest chocolate-brown
eyes I had even seen. He was gorgeous—broad shoulders, a narrow waist and a
head of dark curls that I immediately wanted to run my fingers through. His
face was lean, with well-defined cheekbones and dark brows. But it was his lips
that held my gaze, perfectly shaped and made for kissing.

Gradually I realized I was staring, but then, so was he.
Abruptly he reached for my license and I sucked in a breath when his fingers
grazed mine. It had been a while since I had felt this strong surge of attraction.

Pulling his hand back, he cleared his throat. “Thank you.”

I nodded and he walked off to do whatever it was police did
in their fancy cars. I was still pissed and turned my head to glare at the
whining girl.

The officer spoke to her and took her information. Snapping
some quick pictures of the damaged cars, he let us move them from the middle of
the street. I watched him as he went about his work, filling out the report.
Holy shit, this crap took forever.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I couldn’t help taking a
quick peek between his legs as he walked back to me. There was an unmistakable
bulge and I wondered what he would look like naked.

Handing me back my stuff, he asked me quietly, “Can you tell
me exactly what happened, ma’am?”

“Holy shit, you need me to spell it out for you? That little
brat over there rear-ended me!”

His lips twitched but he recovered quickly. “Were you at a
complete stop at the light?”

“It was red! Of course I was fucking stopped!”

“Okay, are you hurt? Do you need medical attention?”

“No, I’m just fucking great, it’s my car that suffered.
Apparently her phone call was more important than paying attention to her damn
driving. These young kids think their world will end if they don’t answer their
fucking cell phones.”

“You have quite the mouth on you.” His voice had lowered and
I looked back at his face. I had to admit it was a very sexy face.

“Yeah, so?” He couldn’t arrest me for swearing.

“You saw her talking on her cell phone?”

“Yeah, she hadn’t even bothered to hang the hell up when she
got out of the car.”

Again I thought I saw his lips twitch. He looked quickly
down and scribbled on his pad, swiftly filling out my statement on the police
report. It gave me another chance to look him over and I liked what I saw. His
dark hair fell over his forehead and I had the almost irresistible urge to
brush it back into place. Or just run my fingers through it until it was all
falling in the wrong places.

Suddenly he looked up and caught me staring. I flushed but
didn’t look away. He gave me a small smile and my copy of the report. I
exchanged insurance with the little bitch and picked up the pieces of my broken

“It looks like we are all set here, Ms. Elliot. Any
questions for me?”

“No, everything is just fucking peachy.” I crossed my arms
over my chest and I saw his eyes linger on the swells showing above my tank

“That mouth of yours really is something else.”

It didn’t seem like he was insulting me, more like he was
infatuated with the idea. And for once I kept my mouth shut, not sure if it was
a compliment or not.

He hesitated and then reached into his pocket and pulled out
a card. “Here’s my number if you do have any questions or if the insurance
company would like to speak to me about the incident.”

Was this standard procedure? I wasn’t sure but wasn’t going
to complain.

“Thanks, Officer…?”

“Officer Walker. Mark Walker.” He stuck his hand out and I
took it, feeling the touch of his warm hand straight to my neglected pussy.

“Kris Elliot.” I wondered if he felt it too, but he was an
officer of the law and certainly couldn’t act on impulse even if he did.

Dropping my hand, he smiled and said, “Have a better day,
Ms. Elliot.”

I watched him walk away and for a moment felt regret. That
was how it was for me, always meeting unavailable men. But then again, he
wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.

Chapter Two


I drove home still pissed off and my mood only getting worse
when I saw my busybody neighbor waiting at the fence between our yards. She
waved as I pulled in and I ignored her, hoping to make it into the house
without having to speak to her.

No such luck, she was hollering before I even had my car
door closed. “Kris! Kris!”

, I muttered under my breath. Sending a prayer up
to the unknown to help me keep my temper, I met her at the fence.

“Something I can help you with?”

“Well, I just wanted to let you know that my nephew is in
town. You remember, the doctor?”

Oh god, not another of her not-so-subtle attempts at hooking
me up. Then a stroke of genius struck me.

“Actually, Mrs. Harris, I have a date tonight.”

Her face fell and I tried not to get too much satisfaction
from it. “Oh?”

I knew she wanted details but I was just perverse enough to
deny her. “I have to run. Have a nice evening, Mrs. Harris.” Before she could
utter another word, I hightailed it in the side door and closed it with more
force than necessary. I was immediately thankful that she hadn’t noticed my
fucked-up car yet or I would have never gotten away from her.

Dropping my purse and the one bag of groceries I had—one of
the advantages of living alone—I headed for the stairs and a shower. Stripping
down to nothing, I stared at my body in the full-length mirror. I didn’t look
bad for being on the close side of forty, my breasts still firm and high and
gravity not taking its toll yet.

My hips had widened some and I swore that my ass got bigger
every day, but all in all I still looked good in the buff. My hair was by far
my best asset, long and blonde, naturally blonde, thank you very much. It was
curly and tended to do what it wanted and I had given up years ago trying to
tame it.

My hair did make me look younger than I was, which was fine
with me, and my big blue eyes usually got me what I wanted if I batted them a
few times. But I vowed not to use them unless it was a dire emergency. I wasn’t
about to be lumped in with those whining girls from this afternoon.

Lying to Mrs. Harris about a date was purely
self-preservation. But as the water coursed over me and cooled what was left of
my anger, I wished that I did have a date that night, with Mark Walker.

Mr. Police Officer had been one of the sexiest men I had
come across in a long while, besides the fact that it had been a long ten
months since I had a man in my bed. Visions of that sexy man naked before me
had me wet and aching in moments.

I had gone on a few dates since the big “D” but hadn’t made
any lasting connections with them, the words of my ex-husband echoing in my
head and still leaving a bitter taste in my mouth.
Why can’t you be like
other women? Stop swearing like some whore!

James had wanted a quiet, submissive woman in bed and out of
it. I regretted ever asking him if he wanted to play around with sub/Dom games.
It had unleashed a cruel side of him I had never known was there.

The more I tried to please him, the further away I got from
my own desires. James had been imaginative in bed and that was putting it
nicely. He had constantly found new ways to humiliate me, even when we were out
in public. It had firmly closed the door on my newfound interest. I had let it go
and hadn’t thought about it again, until today.

I had learned by way of experience that most men were more
trouble than they were worth. Repeated disappointment and unsatisfying sexual
encounters led to staying home with my vibrator as my only company. It got the
job done but I was suddenly craving more. I wondered if there really were men
out there who could be dominant and not be assholes, or if the erotic stories I
read were all bullshit.

Stepping out of the shower and throwing on a light summer
dress, I skipped a bra and panties. The dress was a gauzy material with a
halter top but a dark-blue so it wasn’t see-through, unless it was wet. But it
was comfortable and I didn’t have any plans for the rest of the day.

I took care of the few groceries I had bought, mostly
yogurt, and made a fruity drink. The little white card called to me like a
beacon but I did my best to ignore it, for all of five minutes.

The rest of the day stretched long and boring in front of me
as I stared down at the business card. Before I could analyze my thoughts and
talk myself out of it, I took a deep breath and dialed his number. No guts, no

He answered on the second ring.


“Hey there. This is Kris Elliot. We met this afternoon?”

“Ms. Elliot, of course. Is there something I could help you

“Nothing concerning my bad luck this afternoon. I actually
wondered if you were free for dinner sometime.”

“Sure.” His voice was low and rough and he paused for a
second. “I’m free tonight.”

“Okay, dinner at my place? I’ll cook.”

“That sounds great, what time?”

“Seven?” That would give me time to figure out what the hell
I was going to cook now that I had offered it. I cursed my wayward mouth, not
for the first time that day.

“I’ll be there, Kris.” It was the first time he had used my
first name and it sounded so good that I didn’t realize for a second that he
was asking for my address. I quickly rattled it off and after I had hung up, I
stared down at my phone and couldn’t help but smile.

Taking some steaks out of the freezer, I prayed they would
be thawed in time and I rummaged around looking for something to go with them.
Thankfully I had the makings of a green salad in the fridge and I got busy
cutting up veggies.

I was just putting the steaks on the grill when the doorbell
rang. Looking down at myself, I cursed long and hard. I hadn’t changed, hadn’t
done anything with my wild hair and still wasn’t wearing any underwear. Oh
well, too late now. I couldn’t leave him standing on the porch too long or Mrs.
Harris would take it upon herself to intervene.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and was surprised to
see him in uniform, with a big bouquet of daisies in one hand and a six-pack of
beer in the other. The flowers were such a contradiction to the strength of the
uniform that I almost giggled.

“Hello, these are for you.” He handed me the flowers and I
leaned up to kiss his cheek as a show of thanks. But he turned his face at the
last second and brushed his lips against mine. It sent a shock through my body
and I trembled for a second before I got a hold of myself.

“Thank you. They are beautiful.”

“You’re welcome.” He said with a smile, “You look great.”

Wow, he was buttering me up for something and I hoped it was
to get between my legs. Flashing him my best grin, I used my sexy voice and
said, “Come on in.” I led the way to the kitchen and put his beer away after
grabbing us both one. I handed him one as I led him out to the back porch.

“I just put the steaks on so it’s going to be a few minutes.
I didn’t realize you would have to come straight from work. We could have done
eight so you would have had time to change.”

“I live in this uniform so I don’t mind it, but I have a
change of clothes in the car if it bothers you.”

I raked my gaze over his body. The uniform fit him like a
second skin, the dark-blue stretching tight over his wide chest and thick arms.
He smiled when I reached his face, my fingers itching to mess up the carefully
combed dark hair. “It doesn’t bother me, not the way you mean anyway.”

“Some people are intimidated by it.”

“Well, I’m not.” I was a little, but more excited than
intimidated. I shook my head to clear the images of what he could do with his
handcuffs, but they were harder to dislodge than I thought.

I checked the steaks to give myself something to do and felt
his eyes burning into my backside. Sitting down next to him, I racked my brain
for something to talk about. I didn’t want it to turn awkward.

He leaned back in his chair, looking comfortable except for
the tension that hovered between us.

He took a long swallow of his beer. “I have a question to
ask you.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

“All that swearing you do, do you talk like that in bed?”

Is that why he had given me his number? He liked my
bitching? I stared into his eyes to see if he was serious but I saw only
curiosity staring back at me.

“I have been known to. Why do you ask?”

“Just curious. I’ve never met a woman like you before.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I grinned at him to let him know I
was joking, kind of.

“So, can you control it?”

“The swearing or my temper?”


“I can control it.” James had taught me that well. “My
ex-husband didn’t appreciate either of them.”

He nodded as he absorbed this but didn’t comment on my ex,
and I breathed an internal sigh of relief. “I like it,” he suddenly said.

“You like my temper?” I chuckled unbelievingly.

“I like your naughty mouth and that you aren’t afraid to say
what’s on your mind. It makes things unpredictable.”

I couldn’t tear my eyes away as he stood. “Really? So you
don’t like things predictable?”

“Nope, I don’t.”

Then I felt him standing behind my chair and his hands came
down on my shoulders. “Do you want me to leave?”

I didn’t hesitate and I knew what he was asking. “No, I
don’t want you to leave.”

He nodded as if he had expected that answer. “Will you stand

I stood up with his hands still on my shoulders and he
steered me around so I was in front of him. I had to look up to meet his gaze
and what I saw there made me shiver.

“Can I kiss you?”

I didn’t have time to speak before his mouth came down on
mine, hard and heavy, giving me no time to think. Vaguely I wondered why he had
asked if he wasn’t going to let me answer, but the thought faded as he deepened
the kiss. His tongue was licking, seeking entrance, and I opened to give it to
him. His fingers tangled in my hair, tighter and tighter, holding me hostage as
he plundered my mouth.

He invaded and demanded a response, scraping his teeth
across my lips. After a moment’s hesitation I gave in and let him have his way,
sweeping me along with him, giving up control and letting him take it even
though my mind rebelled at the thought.

His lips left mine to nip and trail down along my neck and
collarbone, which released wetness between my legs. Then he stopped suddenly,
leaving me reeling. Leaving me ready for more, a lot more.

He took a step back and let go of my hair, my breathing as
labored as his. “That was a great start.”

Yeah, I guess it was.
I was still trying to tamp down
the need to jump him and have my way right here on the porch, in view of any
neighbors who happened to look out their windows. I almost giggled at the
thought of Mrs. Harris finding me in such a situation.


“Yeah?” I said, blinking.

“Better check the steaks.”

Suddenly I could smell them burning and dashed over to the
grill to take them off the heat.

“Damn it all! I burned them!”

“It’s not the only thing we burned.”

I looked his way to find his eyes smoldering. I couldn’t
help sending a saucy smile over my shoulder. Although it occurred to me that he
knew I was suffering and he obviously loved every moment of it. I didn’t mind,
as long as he planned on putting me out of my misery at some point.

I brought the salad out and we sat down to eat our burned
steaks. He dived in, claiming they weren’t bad at all.

“Before we get started, I want you to know that your
attitude and your colorful use of the English language turn me on.”

“That’s a first.”

He just smiled, and I was surprised as how intuitive he was,
giving me reassurance even if I hadn’t asked for it.

He went back to eating and I joined him. When we had
finished, he helped me carry dishes into the kitchen. I saw him glance around
the small space, his eyes lingering on my dark, hardwood kitchen table.

I started loading the dishwasher, nerves taking over, but he
stopped me by grabbing my hands. “Come over here.” He pulled me into his arms
and I went willingly, hungry for another taste of his mouth. Standing on my
toes, I waited for his mouth to descend on mine.

“If you want a kiss then kiss me.” His low voice rumbled and
sent shivers down my spine.

I hesitated only a moment before brushing my lips against
his. Pulling back, I looked into his deep, dark eyes and only saw desire and
encouragement. I leaned in closer and sealed my mouth over his, then ran my
tongue over his lips. He opened and allowed me to dip in for a taste.

I explored his mouth slowly, testing the sharpness of his
teeth with my tongue and then tempting him to tangle his warm, long tongue with
mine. Once he started kissing me back I lost all track of time. It could have
gone on for minutes or hours—I didn’t know, nor did I care.

He pulled back when we could no longer breathe, gazing down
into my face, making me feel beautiful as his eyes darkened when he caught
sight of my swollen lips. “I think it’s time for dessert.”

I momentarily panicked—I hadn’t made anything for dessert.
“I, umm…”

He held a finger over my lips to quiet me and pulled me to
my sturdy kitchen table. “Sit on the edge and lie back.”

I did as he told me, an inkling of what he meant forming in
the back of my mind. He pulled a chair up and straddled it, positioning his big
body between my legs, which I had to spread a little wider to make room for his
broad shoulders.

My legs dangled off the sides and he ran his hands up them,
slowly, reaching the hem of my dress. Pushing it up, he left it to rest in
folds on my belly.

“Tsk tsk. No panties? You are a naughty girl.”

BOOK: SubmittingtotheOfficer
3.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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