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BOOK: Super Dark (Super Dark Trilogy)
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“So Frasier was right,” I said. “All that holy man stuff is true.”

Elliot nodded weakly.

Suddenly everything was falling into place: Frasier’s miraculous recovery, the rapid healing of Elliot’s wounds after the stabbing … His otherworldly gifts had been responsible for it all.

Then something else hit me.

The night of Taffin Carter’s party, Becky had complained of a terrible migraine. It was so bad it had prevented her from attending, leaving the path clear for Elliot to spend time alone with me. A coincidence or something more sinister? I wasn’t sure. Could it be Elliot had used his power to inflict an illness on her so that he could get me all to himself? I couldn’t be certain, but the thought was more than a little worrying.

“How long’s this thing gonna last?” I asked finally.

“How the hell should I know?”

Panic set in.
What if he stays like this? What if the morning comes and he’s still a gresvelt? My mum will have a heart attack!

“What are we going to do?” I said quietly. “We can’t spend all night here. What if you don’t change back? What then?”

“Please, I’m thinking …” Suddenly, he sprang forward, grabbed my arm, and marched me toward the bedroom door.

“Wait! Where are we going?”

Gripping my hand so tightly I thought he’d break it, he didn’t answer, but continued dragging me down the hall.

I gasped as a beam of light brushed his hand and I saw that the fingers locked in mine were covered in thick purple hair, the knuckles rough and beast-like.

I shivered. “Stop, wait!”

But my cries felt on deaf ears. Within seconds, we were outside and climbing into his Lotus.

“Can you please tell me what’s going on?” I shouted.

“We’re going to Stoneheath,” he replied, wrapping the blanket more tightly so his face was completely obscured. “I need to talk to Lord Albion. We need to make peace with him, to stop him from sending any more sentinels after us.”

I shook my head. “No way! I’m not going to Stoneheath. That’s like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Can’t you just leave me here?”

“No. It isn’t safe for you to be left alone,” he said. “Now that you know the truth, both our lives are in danger. There might be a hundred other sentinels lying in wait. The only safe option is for you to stick as close to me as possible, so I can protect you.”

“I can’t just up and leave,” I protested. “What will I tell Mum? How on earth am I gonna explain all of this to her?”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” he growled. “Right now the most important thing is to keep you safe. To hell with everything else.”

I made a face, peering down at my pajamas and bare feet. “Can’t I at least get changed and put some shoes on? It’s the middle of the night, for Pete’s sake. I can’t go out like this!”

“This is no time for vanity. We can get you clothes in Stoneheath.”

Without another word, he started the engine. Bracing myself, I buckled up my seatbelt, a cold deadness growing inside.

“Are you sure about this?” My voice trembled.

“No. But what choice do we have?”

And then we drove down the street and out of Elmfield, and I wondered if I would live to see another day.



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BOOK: Super Dark (Super Dark Trilogy)
10.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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