Taming the Alphas: Part One: Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance

BOOK: Taming the Alphas: Part One: Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance


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“The management of the Orange Tap Bar and Restaurant is not allowing any suspected shifters into their establishment. In an interview that took place earlier today with Jerry Mars, owner of the Orange Tap, he said, “We cannot allow our customers to be endangered for the enjoyment of a few. We have the right to decide who can frequent our business. Anyone we suspect is a shifter will be turned away at the door.”

Two suspected shifters have staged a demonstration in front of the establishment; Shelby Smith and Lisa Drews. The two women had been employed as summer camp counselors at a local campground in the Maryland Mountains when they, and a few other counselors, disappeared for several weeks. They recently reappeared and were questioned extensively by the federal government. The official government press statement indicates they were the intended victims of a failed sex trafficking plan, but managed to escape. However, rumors have circulated indicating the women were attacked by a werewolf clan, bitten, and then turned into shifters. If the rumors are true, the government knows these facts, but is allowing the women to assimilate back into society regardless.

Several factions are rioting. A group that calls themselves the WHO, which stands for the ‘Werewolf Haters Organization,’ believes that the counselors have been turned into shifters. They feel the sex trafficking statement from the government is a blatant cover up for what really happened to these women; and are adamant that the counselors are shifters and a threat to the public. They want all shifters imprisoned. The WHO group also supports strong birth control methods for the shifters, including forced sterilization and vasectomy, so they cannot continue to repopulate.

Other groups believe that if the counselors have been turned into shifters, they should have the same rights as any other American. Those in support of the shifters are in the minority. The general consensus from the American people is that the owners of the popular eatery should be allowed to let in—or turn away—whomever they want.

The police are expected at any time. We will be continuing our coverage as events unfold…”


Marcy Haynes Reporting for Channel KKA—Local News, Breaking News, Weather and Sports



“Beverly Carter?” the professor called out.  I slid out of my chair and sauntered over to the professor’s podium. I could see his eyes roaming over my body as I sashayed towards him. I knew I looked pretty good, so why not play it up. The sun was my natural beautician. I’d spent most of the summer outside and the sun’s rays had tanned my skin to a light shade of caramel, while highlighting my blond hair with golden streaks. I’d always had a good shape. My boobs were a bit small, but so was my waist, so it all worked together.  Eating clean for the past few months had tightened my body as well. Who knew Camp Vickers would be such a health spa.

But, though I knew I looked good physically, inside I was a bundle of nerves. What if I couldn’t keep up with this class? Every semester it was a struggle for me to get through each of my courses; it took me forever to learn the material. And here I was, trying to start the semester late.

But I couldn’t let the professor see I was worried. It seems that the more confident I acted in class, the better my grades, even if I was a complete puddle inside. “That would be me,” I said, “only the last name is Collingswood, not Carter. You did mean Collingswood, right?”

The professor peered down at the sheet of paper in front of him. “Yes, I see. I read the name wrong.” He signed the paper with a flourish and handed it to me. “Here you go. You are officially transferred into this class.” His eyes continued to travel over my body, lingering on my breasts. I had a special push up bra on and I knew they looked perky in the scoop neck pink tee I was wearing, but it was still kinda gross getting such an intense eyeball—especially from a professor! “I am sure you will enjoy class, and I hope you learn a lot,” he murmured.

“Hey, up here!” I wanted to shout. “Talk to my face, not to my boobs!” But I didn’t. Why make myself a target? I was already worried that I might not be able to master the material. “Thanks, I look forward to the course.”

He moved his gaze up to my face and it suddenly dawned on him who I was. His jaw dropped and a scowl played across his lips. “Jesus—you’re one of those suspected werewolves, right? I recognize your name now.” He didn’t wait for me to answer. “Well, I don’t know about this.”

Damn, he’d heard the rumors. “Umm,” I said sweetly, “didn’t you just sign the form?”

The professor sighed. “I guess I have no choice since the Dean ordered it. But let me tell you straight young lady, I’m not happy they put you in my class. It was already at the limit and I am not a fan of trying to assimilate you supposed shifter people back into society. What really happened there anyway? Were you turned into werewolves or not?”

How interesting. Just minutes before he had been devouring my boobies with his eyes, and now he was acting all jacked up about the whole ‘assimilate the camp counselors who could be werewolves back in society thing.’

“Well, it’s like you heard from the government report,” I replied, launching into a spiel I had memorized. “We were working as camp counselors, and on the last night of camp, those of us who stayed behind to clean up were drugged by the camp manager, Chester McGreevy.” That much was true. McGreevy had drugged us, but the next part was a lie. “It was a sex trafficking plan, but he screwed up and we escaped, got lost, and finally made our way out of the woods.”

I hated lying but I had no choice. I had been forced to sign a document with the government and if I failed to honor the agreement, I would be locked up, and likely never shown the key. Fearing a mass panic, the government did not want us to reveal we were shifters—but we were.

The truth was, after McGreevy had drugged us we were ripe pickings for a gang of wolves he worked with; the Vlodiks. They attacked and bit us. A rival clan, the Lycans, saved us from them … but it was too late. We had already been bitten and turned into werewolves, except for one girl, who couldn’t shift. All of us, with the exception of the male counselor, were matched up and put under the protection of a wereman with the hope that eventually we’d mate with them. We’d lived with the Lycan shifters at their retreat Camp Vickers for a few weeks in the mountains.

Eventually, the alpha of the Lycans, Caleb, met with the highest level of the United States Homeland Security. He revealed to the government agents that there were thousands of werewolves, and some were even secretly living in society amongst humans. Caleb and the government struck a deal. The counselors could stay at Camp Vickers or return to their everyday lives, it was their choice. Then, the government would educate the public about werewolves. They would confirm our existence and let people know we were not monsters, but people just like them … with a few added abilities, of course.

Unfortunately, the government failed to keep their promise and instead made up a BS story about sex trafficking. But then rumors circulated, and many people suspected the truth.

The professor interrupted my thoughts. “So, that’s the story huh?”

I nodded my head.

“Well I don’t believe it; just too many rumors. And you know what they say—where there is smoke there is fire. The word on the street is that you are all werewolves, and that makes sense, considering what I heard happened. To think, no one knew about werewolves all these years…” the professor said disgustedly, shaking his head.

“No, I … I’m…” God, it sucked having to lie, and it was no use anyway. His mind was already made up, there was no sense trying to argue. I gave him my most serious look. “Anyway, even if I was, turning into a werewolf is not something that would be contagious. I will work hard in your class.”

“You better,” he replied dryly.

I could tell there would be no getting away with anything in this class. Whereas before he was all grins and roving eyes, he now acted like I was some society reject. For a person who was supposed to be an educator, it was sad to see him judge someone so harshly for being different.

“You’ve got the transfer form; you are officially in the class now. Take a seat. And let me tell you, no monkey business or…”

Geez, what did he think I was going to do, go on a rampage and bite everyone in the class? Well, Mr. Professor, that was not my style, but if it was, I would make sure the biggest chunk would be from out of his ass!

Oh well, I thought, sighing inwardly, at least I got the transfer paper I needed. I slid into a seat near the front row. With all the mess that happened at Camp Vickers, I was forced to start the new semester at University of Maryland late. Naturally, most of the classes were full—especially the smaller, advanced courses, like this one. But the Government had asked for special treatment for me from the school, stating I had almost been a victim of sex trafficking. The Dean had taken their request into consideration and given me permission not only to start classes late, but to also allow me entry into any class I wanted, even if it was full. I knew this was a pretty big deal. After all, classes had been in session for several weeks now, and the transfer period was long over. At least that was one thing the government had done right.

Despite my glee at getting in the class, it was hard to stay awake as the professor started talking. He had one of those monotone voices that lulled you into sleep mode. I glanced at the course schedule in my notebook. Ugh, there were plenty of classes scheduled, and I knew if wanted to understand the material I would have to attend all of them. I yawned and stretched my arms a little, hoping the professor wouldn’t notice.

Pay attention Beverly, I told myself. You are back in school. You have to get a decent grade here, or you may not graduate. The Vickers mess is over and it’s time to move on. I rubbed my neck lightly, feeling the bite mark on my skin. Of course, now that I was a werewolf, things were never going to be the same, but at least I was back in the real world where I could shop and party, instead of being stuck in some forest. Though I had to admit, the fuck sessions with Dave had been more than eye opening—no regular guy had ever come close to giving me the mind-blowing sex I experienced with that wereman.

I closed my eyes as I thought of Dave, the werewolf I had mated with at Camp Vickers. He had this hot, intense look that drove me wild. His face was sculpted to perfection, with a firm nose and chin, topped by gorgeous, gray eyes.  He had dark salt and pepper hair that I loved running my fingers through. And his body—Dave’s physique was all twisted steel and sex appeal, so firm and muscular. With a body like that, you would have to imagine a ginormous cock, and you’d be right. The first time I saw it I almost freaked out. He was hung like a horse and when he fucked me; he used his tool fully. He drove so deep into my pussy he had me seeing stars. Mmm, I could feel my little pink panties get wet just thinking about it.

Not only was the sex good, but Dave was also a great guy. I loved him, and I was thrilled when he agreed to share an apartment with me while I continued my studies at the University of Maryland, College Park.

The sex was just as hot in our little apartment as it had been at Camp Vickers. We also had plenty of arguments, though, just like we’d had there. Just this morning, we’d fought over who was supposed to have picked milk up from the grocery store. There wasn’t a drop in the fridge for coffee.

But of course, we had made up after. I licked my lips as I visualized Dave sucking my pink nipples and fucking me senseless with his big, hard dick, but my daydreaming was interrupted by the sound of a metal chair screeching along the floor.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the girl in the seat next to me inching away, trying to do it in a way I wouldn’t notice. She must have heard the professor say my name, or recognized my face from my picture in the media. Inwardly I laughed. Like so many of the other people I had come across since I’d returned from Camp Vickers, they all thought I was a shifter and would attack at any moment.

They didn’t realize that I was in control. I did not just bite people randomly. Sure, there were evil werewolves, like members of the Vlodik pack, but that did not mean they should lump us all together. But of course, I just couldn’t help myself. Turning my head away so the professor couldn’t see, I bared my teeth and gave a low, guttural hiss. She almost fell down as she knocked over her chair while rushing to move to a different seat. My face was still in a snarling mode when the door to the classroom opened and a sizzling hot guy walked in.

“And you are?” the professor asked, giving the hottie a stern look.

“Just transferring in,” the hunky dude replied. “Sorry about the lateness,” he said, giving the class a sheepish grin. He seemed genuinely sorry to disrupt us, oblivious to his toothpaste perfect smile punctuated with deep dimples. The guy was friggin’ delicious, but I wasn’t focusing on his face. The man had a body to die for, starting with muscular arms and powerful, bulging biceps. His thin tee barely concealed well-developed pecs that boasted sinfully delicious tats. “Mmm,” I murmured softly. I could imagine tracing my tongue around the curves of the ink, down the length of his body.  His rock hard chest tapered to a firm waistline, perfectly paired with muscular legs encased in tight blue jeans that revealed a nicely developed, firm ass. I’d like to bite that.

“Stop looking,” I scolded myself. Since I’d moved back to College Park to resume my studies at the University of Maryland, I was trying to focus on getting the credits I needed to graduate. I wanted to get the heck out of Maryland and put school and Camp Vickers behind me. I dropped my eyes, pretending to read the textbook in front of me, but I couldn’t resist taking another peek.

Mr. Sexy slid into a seat near me, glancing over and grinning. Sandy blonde hair framed a pair of gorgeous baby blue eyes that topped his perfect nose, straight with just a hint of a tilt at the end.  We both gasped at the same time.

“Beverly!” he exclaimed.

In shock, I realized it was Todd!


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