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Authors: John Tranter

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The Best Australian Poems 2011

The Best Australian Poems 2011

Published by Black Inc.,

an imprint of Schwartz Media Pty Ltd


37–39 Langridge Street

Collingwood Vic 3066 Australia

email: [email protected]


Introduction & this collection © John Tranter & Black Inc., 2011. Individual poems © retained by the authors.


Every effort has been made to contact the copyright holders of material in this book. However, where an omission has occurred, the publisher will gladly include acknowledgement in any future edition.


eBook ISBN: 9781921870453

Print ISBN: 9781863955492


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John Tranter



Robert Adamson

The Sibyl's Avenue


Ali Alizadeh

Public Mourning


Richard James Allen



Chris Andrews

Function Centre


Jude Aquilina

An Apology


Louis Armand

Hugh Tolhurst, with Lines for a Poem


Peter Bakowski

Portrait of Edith Murtone, fiction writer


Ken Bolton

The Funnies


Ken Bolton & John Jenkins

Volatile Condensate


Neil Boyack

Others in the Town


Peter Boyle

Clarity of the word


Kevin Brophy

The Sublime


Pam Brown

In my phone


Joanne Burns



Michelle Cahill

How the Dusk Portions Time


Grant Caldwell

the lights are on


John Carey

on empty


Bonny Cassidy



Julie Chevalier

ms marbig No. 26 16


Justin Clemens

We begin building that which cannot collapse because it will have to have been built as if it had already fallen


Sue Clennell



Jennifer Compton

Four Lines by Ezra Pound


Michael Crane



Fred Curtis

Adenocarcinoma Triolet


Toby Davidson

Metropolitan Cannibal


Bruce Dawe



Sarah Day



Suzanne Edgar

Homage to Mapplethorpe


Brook Emery

‘You know the way …'


Kate Fagan

Chrome Arrow


Diane Fahey



Jeltje Fanoy

Mother's (creative) tempat


Michael Farrell



Johanna Featherstone



Liam Ferney

Gli ultimi zombi


Toby Fitch



William Fox

Long Weekend, 2


Andrew Galan

The Suns Fall at Zero


Angela Gardner

The Sum and its Parts


Carolyn Gerrish

Absurdity Rules


Jane Gibian

Leftovers from a pirate party


Geoff Goodfellow

An Uncertain Future


Lisa Gorton

Dreams and Artefacts


Robert Gray

Flying Foxes


Kathryn Hamann

-kuing the Rex


Jennifer Harrison

Busker and Chihuahua, Chapel Street


Paul Hetherington

Through a Window, Looking Back


Sarah Holland-Batt

The Capuchin


Jodie Hollander

The Humane Society


Duncan Hose

The Truffle Hunters


D.J. Huppatz

vs Fake Kenny Rogers Head


Mark William Jackson

The Frequency of God


John Jenkins

Miracle on Blue Mouse Street, Dublin


A. Frances Johnson

Coal and Water


Evan Jones

Send in the Clowns


Jill Jones

Break on Through


Paul Kane

Triangulating the Tasman


S.K. Kelen



Cate Kennedy



Richard King



Graeme Kinross-Smith

The History Idea


Andy Kissane

It Begins with Darkness


Mike Ladd

Mise en Scène


Sam Langer

into the index


Martin Langford

Sydney and the Bush


Anthony Lawrence



Geoffrey Lehmann

Unlicensed (from Spring Forest)


W.M. Lewis

Sierra Nevada


Kate Lilley



Debbie Lim

Bodies of Pompeii


Helen Lindstrom

5.30 a.m.


Astrid Lorange



Roberta Lowing

In the Laneway


Anthony Lynch



David McCooey

(Weldon Kees)


David McGuigan



Rhyll McMaster

Late Night Shopping


Jennifer Maiden

A Great Education


John Miles

Snake Lady


Peter Minter

Claustrophilic Lavallière


Les Murray

Going to the City, Karachi 2010


David Musgrave

Reading Laurie Duggan in the Shanghai New Zhen Jiang Restaurant


Nguyen Tien Hoang

Thursday April 21. Canberra


Jal Nicholl

Values Meeting


Mark O'Flynn

Our Lady of Coogee


Ella O'Keefe

Four Thirteen


Paul O'Loughlin



Ouyang Yu

I love


Louise Oxley

The Red Gurnard


Geoff Page

A Manual of Style


Eddie Paterson

‘This is the Only Place...'


Janette Pieloor

Ripples under the Skin


Felicity Plunkett

Cyclone Plotting


Claire Potter



David Prater



Aden Rolfe

How we tell stories about ourselves


Peter Rose



Penni Russon



Gig Ryan

Daphnis and Chloe


Philip Salom

The Faces of the Unpunished


Andrew Sant

Mr Habitat Delivers a Speech to the Lapidarists


Michael Sariban

The Place in Darkness


Jaya Savige



Mick Searles

On the Up & Up


Thomas Shapcott

Georges Perec in Brisbane


Michael Sharkey

Heroes of Australia


Craig Sherborne

Trophy Getters


Alex Skovron



Melinda Smith

Murder at the Poetry Conference


Pete Spence

Where's my Rattan Overcoat?


Peter Steele

The Knowledge


Amanda Stewart

Bondi rock pool. 1963.


Adrian Stirling

Christmas Poem


Maria Takolander

The Ashes


Andrew Taylor



Tim Thorne

Cave d'Aristide


Helen Thurloe

Ambulance thinking


Ann Vickery

Adventure at Sadies


Corey Wakeling



Chris Wallace-Crabbe

The Piano Inkpot


John Watson

Missing Miss Moore


Meredith Wattison



Alan Wearne

Freely and with the appropriate sense of space


Ron Wilkins

Poolside Reflections


Warrick Wynne

The Stations of the Stairs


Mark Young

A Line from Paracelsus


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