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“Adira.” Her name was like an aching sound on his lips.

His face was a taut mask of pleasure. Brazenly, she ran a finger over the head of his rod and felt the wet pearl of his need on the tip. Adira cried out when she felt him slip another finger inside her and used two fingers to wrench a moan from her lips. He slid them deeper, faster and her head thrashed in ecstasy as the sensations coursed through her. She could feel the tightening inside her, building to something she did not recognize. She’d never had an orgasm before. Adira was unable to hold back and a cry escaped her. Favian captured her cries with a fierce kiss, delving his tongue deep inside her mouth, mimicking his movements at the apex of her thighs. Her hips rose and fell in a frantic pace. Drawn tight like a bow she released again, moaning almost frantically into his kiss.

“Oh, goodness. Oh, my God,” she said, trying to catch her breath. Adira bit her lip as another sliver of her orgasm raced through her. “Is it always like this? It feels unbelievable.”

“Oh, damn, I hope so, you are amazing to touch and feel. I’m addicted to pleasing you as of now,” Favian said. “I could watch you come over and over again.”

“Shall I do it to you now?” Adira said.

“Oh, honey, don’t ask me that.” He groaned.

“I want to experience everything with you.” Adira leaned over him and took control. She kissed him hard and was very pleased when Favian moaned low in his throat.

She kissed her way down his body and noticed his hands were clenched tightly at his sides.

“Am I doing it wrong?” Adira asked.

He opened his eyes. “God, no, I’m just trying to keep myself from throwing you down and taking you right now.”

“I’d like to keep going if I could,” Adira said.

“If you didn’t I would be disappointed,” he said with a husky laugh.

She took the hard length of him in her hand, watching him for clues to his pleasure. At the first kiss to the tip of his cock, a low groan escaped his lips. She ran her tongue down the length of his shaft before taking him inch by pleasurable inch into her mouth. She grew bolder, sucking greedily at his cock and loving how his body tightened and his thighs bunched and tensed.

“Fuck.” He said the word in a voice harsh with need. “I must have you, be with you now.”

Their lips met feverishly as he settled himself over her. She loved the feel of him, his weight pressing her into the bed. She spread her legs apart and felt his cock at the entrance of her pussy, tentatively probing and slipped a few inches inside. He kept his thrust shallow until she moaned in frustration. “Give me more,” she demanded. Adira bit his shoulder and undulated her hips in temptation. Favian took her up on her offer and in one smooth thrust he filled her. She cried out and it blended with the harsh sound that escaped his lips. It was as if that moment was suspended in time, neither moved, only stared into each other’s eyes.

“I could die happily right now. I’m in total bliss,” he whispered. He laced his fingers with hers over her head and moved slowly. “Adira, everything about you is perfect.”

“Take me, Favian. Fly with me.” She kissed him gently.

The last of his reserves seemed to melt away. He took her with restrained savagery, pumping into her with an urgency that made her feel hot and tingly all over. He lowered his head to her breasts, sucking and tasting them ravenously as he fucked her. Nothing else seemed to matter, only striving for that place he’d taken her before. Adira could never forget this moment, the taste of his skin, the way he whispered words of endearment in Spanish and of how he looked at her with such emotion she had never seen before.

The passion built up and flowed over. Adira couldn’t hold on any longer and was sent careening into an orgasm that made her senses reel. She came hard and still the sensation and pleasure continued under Favian’s lovemaking. He was almost merciless in the way he kept her suspended in pleasure. She looked up at him and watched as his eyes opened.

He met her gaze and gave her a soul shattering kiss. “Adira,
centro de mina
, I can’t hold back.”

“Favian, let me feel you come,” she whispered close to his ear, “inside me. I love the way you feel when you slide into me.”

Mi querida,
yes!” With a loud, harsh cry he thrust into her with rapid repetition and came inside her. She felt the warmth of his seed fill her and yet another rise of pleasure coursed through her from the feeling and she succumbed to his lovemaking once more. Favian fell to his side on the bed and took her with him so she was half lying over him.

After the longest of moments, she finally spoke. “I should move, but I don’t want to.”

Favian chuckled. “You don’t have to. I like you just where you are.”

“What does
centro de mina
mean?” she asked curiously, recalling his words.

“You sound so British, even when you’re using my language,” Favian said.

“Is that an insult?” Adira poked him in the ribs.

“Ouch, no, you make anything sound good,” he said. “Say ‘rocket launcher’.”

“Why would I do that?” Adira asked.

“Because I want you to,” he said huskily. “Please.”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine. Rocket launcher.”

He laughed. “Oh, God, I get hard just hearing you say
. By the way, it means heart of mine.”

Adira’s heart skipped a beat. “Really, is that what you want? We’ve only just met.”

“Yet I want to know everything about you and spend every moment with you,” he said. “How much time do you have left in New York?”

She snuggled closer. “Three days.”

“Spend them with me. I’ll show you New York through my eyes, and we’ll go from there,” Favian said. “But when you leave, know that I’ll be following you or you’ll be coming right back. This is the start of something magical. I won’t give it up.”

“Okay, I’ll spend it with you,” Adira agreed. “I feel the same way. I don’t want this to end even though it’s so new.”

He kissed her and she felt the hunger in his kiss once more. It made her own passion rise up again and he pulled her to straddle his body. She felt him position himself at the entrance of her pussy and slide into her easily.

“Right now I want to please you again and again,” he said and groaned. “I don’t think I will ever get enough of you.”

“I think I’m already yours,” she admitted honestly.

“I’m glad because I’ll be yours if you want me to be,” Favian said huskily.

“Yes, I do.” And she moaned when he kissed her breasts. “Yes, yes, yes.”

Passion consumed them once more and Adira was lost.

He was right. This was the start of something spectacular and for her, in her life, it was rare, to say the least. Adira would accept it and embrace the man that made her feel so amazing. It seemed that for the last few years, as she had planned her trip, she was walking the path of destiny’s making.

Chapter Three

Adira stretched and looked around. Favian was missing from the big warm bed, but she saw a folded piece of paper on his pillow. She unfolded it with a smile and looked down at the scrawled message.

Mi querida
don’t leave. I had an early morning appointment. Mason and Suzie won’t be in until later this afternoon. Breakfast is in the kitchen and when I get back I’ll show you New York the right way. Love, Favian.

She hugged the note to her chest and giggled. She was living a fantasy, a whirlwind romance. Favian was perfect in so many ways. She laid there and dreamt of being with him again, feeling his touch and his kiss. She felt like she was walking on air, or walking on sunshine as the song proclaimed. She rolled out of bed and danced around the room. Adira pulled on one of his large T-shirts she found in the tall drawers before walking down the winding staircase. She was humming when the front door opened, but instead of it being Favian as she expected, she was met by an impeccably dressed blue-eyed blonde woman.

Her eyes widened then narrowed when she saw Adira. “Oh, so which one are you?”

“I beg your pardon?” Adira asked. “May I ask who you are?”

“Ah, the exotic one.” The woman closed the door and hung up her coat. “I’m Hillary, Favian’s sister, and you are number four.”

“Excuse me?” Adira wondered why his sister would approach her with such venom.

“Oh, you are such an innocent one. Let me guess, first time in the big city?” Hillary gave a cold laugh. “Let me elaborate. Favian is, how do you say, a collector of women. You are number four this month and, really, I wonder how you women fall for it each and every time! You fall into his bed willingly and then there’s the flowers once or twice and then nothing. You women are so simple minded. A great dinner and some sweet words and then your panties drop.”

It was as if ice water had been thrown in her face.
All of it was a lie just to get me in bed?
Adira felt tears prick her eyes but forced them back. She wouldn’t let the vile woman see her cry.

Adira raised her head and lied. “We both had an itch and we scratched it. I was going to grab some breakfast before I left, but since you’re here I won’t bother.”

“Well, don’t let me stop you. I mean, one more meal after sweating up the sheets is afforded to you,” Hillary said lightly.

Adira didn’t answer. She went back upstairs, still numb and reeling from knowing that she was such a fool. She let herself believe and once again she was dashed like a ship against the rocks during a storm. She firmed her shoulders and refused to let the tears fall as she slipped out of his shirt and into the dress from the night before. On impulse, she grabbed up the T-shirt and folded it as small as she could and pushed it into her evening purse. She should’ve left it, but somehow it felt like she was giving it all up and wanted to hold on to the memory of one perfect night. She made her way quietly down the stairs and slipped out of his house, thankful she didn’t have to talk to Hillary again. Thankfully, this time, she had no problem in hailing a cab and getting back to her hotel.

Once in her room, she fell across the bed and cried. “How can I be so stupid?”

After three hours of crying and thinking it over, staying in New York any longer seemed unbearable and she packed up and checked out three days earlier than expected. She spent the last of her money to change her ticket to a flight for that evening and she sat at the airport all day waiting.

By the time she got home, she was exhausted and only had enough money to take the bus home. All the while, her poor heart was aching and she could only call herself stupid over and over again. It was a fun fling and nothing more, just a bit of fun in the big city. But, as usual, Adira put her heart into it and it was smashed to bits. She made herself a cup f tea and looked out the small window of her flat into the cold rainy night of London. She had three days until she had to go back to work. Three days to heal and get over it and go back to her bland life. Vacation over, and the romance was nothing but a dream.

* * * *

Two months later and Favian was still reeling. He’d come home to find Adira gone. No note, only the wrinkled sheets to remind him of the night he’d had with her. The one woman who he’d shared a profound connection with and she’d disappeared. It left him in a bad mood. Everyone noticed it, even Hillary seemed to stay out of his way. Carol was the only one to show some sympathy, and when Remy came into the office and slammed the door, Favian knew that his bad mood had rubbed raw his best friend’s very last nerve.

“Go find her,” Remy snapped as he sat down.

“If she wanted me she would have been where I left her,” Favian snarled and then sighed. “Sorry, the first woman I’ve felt anything for in a long time and she decides to run away. Not only that, but she checked out of her hotel the same day and flew home to get away from me.”

“You don’t know. Something could have spooked her or maybe something came up and she had to leave. You won’t know unless you take your ass to London and ask her,” Remy said. “Seriously, Carol is planning a mutiny if you come in here like a snarling beast again. Even Hillary won’t come near you and I’d bet money she had something to do with it.”

“I haven’t scared her that much. She’s been crashing at my place while her place is being painted. You can’t blame her for everything, Remy. She wasn’t at the house when this happened.” Favian sighed. “Let’s face it. I was sucker punched by a pretty face and a British accent.”

Remy stood and went over to the black and gold marble bar that stood in the corner of the massive office. He poured them both a glass of the single malt scotch that Favian kept in the crystal decanter and brought it back to the desk.

“Drink this,” Remy said before he downed his own drink. “Yeah, whatever, something smells fishy and until it comes to light, you’re going to be an ass to deal with. It could all be settled if you would go find this woman and if she laughs in your face then you can lick your wounds and move on. As is, you are making yourself crazy and everyone around you murderous.”

“Everyone?” Favian gave a smirk and sipped his drink. “Look at me, it’s not even one in the afternoon and already drinking because of a woman.”

“Carol is going to scalp you or rap you over the knuckles,” Remy said. “Let me tell you something. I saw your eyes when you talked about her and I doubt highly she was playing you for a fool.”

BOOK: The Billionaire's Baby
6.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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