The Billionaire's Call Girl: A BWWM Billionaire Romance

BOOK: The Billionaire's Call Girl: A BWWM Billionaire Romance
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CJ Howard
The Billionaire's Call Girl  © 2015,  CJ Howard

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One Billionaire. One Call Girl. One Contract.


Becoming an escort was the last thing that anyone would have expected star student Felicia Bennett to become but sometimes you have to do things you do not want to do in order to survive.


The last thing Felicia expected was for her one and only client to be handsome married Billionaire Jake Johnson.


Jake is stuck in a sexless marriage and needs an escape. So he offers Felicia a contract which makes her his exclusive girl to call on when he needs to be sexually satisfied.


For Felicia there could be worse jobs and it appears to be an arrangement that is perfect for the cash strapped student.


However, as the two of them begin to realize the intense sexual chemistry they share it soon becomes apparent that the terms on this contract might have to be adjusted....









The family bustled around the kitchen preparing dinner together: a young boy, who was in middle school, was setting the table for all of them; his older sister, who was in high school, was preparing a fresh green salad; their older sister, who was in college, was slicing a warm loaf of bread that had just been pulled from the oven; and their mother was carving pieces of meat off a roast she had slow-cooked all day.


Cal Bennett, the children's father, walked into the kitchen and set a large chocolate cake on the counter, attracting smiles and attention from all three of his children and a raised eyebrow from his wife.


"That looks good!" Maryanne smiled at him.


He walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, holding her in a close embrace and leaning in to kiss her cheek.


"Dinner looks good too. Thank you for making it!" The corners of his mouth curled upward for her and he tickled her ear with his mustache. She laughed at him and he helped her move the roast to the table.


In no time at all, the family was seated together around the table and ready to eat. They bowed their heads to say grace, reaching for each other's hands and holding on to one another, making a circle of love around their table.


They served the meal and ate together, talking about their varying experiences that day: work, school, the church choir, and spending time with friends. Having family dinners together was something they did nearly every night, and it made them a close and connected family. They were well aware of what was going on in each other's lives. They were involved with one another, and all of them loved it that way.


When dinner was finished and the table cleared, they all headed in their own directions. Maryanne stopped the oldest daughter, Felicia, and asked her to go into the living room with her and her husband, Cal.


They sat together around the coffee table. The living room in their home was much the same as every other room;; it held older furniture that had once been nice but was now a little worn, there were photographs hanging on the wall of moments of their lives together, both large and small,, and posed portraits. The room was clean, but lived in and comfortable.


Felicia looked at her parents expectantly, waiting to hear what they were going to talk with her about. She was a beautiful young woman: she had long black hair and dark honey chocolate skin. Her big brown eyes were angled and framed with thick eyelashes, and her sweet, wide smile had often drawn remarks from people that she looked like the “girl next door.”


At twenty four, Felicia had grown as much as she ever would, reaching a height of five feet seven inches, so she was just a hair taller than most of her friends, but she didn't stand out. She was still living at home with her parents, a fact which most of her friends thought was nice, as least, the ones who knew her family. She was grateful to stay there while she worked her way through college, hoping to create a strong and successful future for herself. She thought she would move out after she graduated and found a job, and her parents were glad to have her with them until that time.


Cal coughed and his face grew serious. "Felicia, we wanted to talk with you about some things that are changing for us that will affect you." He glanced at his wife and Maryanne pursed her lips into a tight line.


"We've got some big debts we owe that we need to pay, and, because of our responsibility for those debts, we won't be able to help you with your tuition next semester. I know the money you're making working at the coffee shop part time isn't going to be able to cover your expenses for the coming year.


So I wanted to warn you right away and let you know what was happening so that you'd have time to maybe apply for grants or more scholarships, or even look for a different job." Cal looked sorrowful as he explained their circumstances to his daughter.


"I know you're doing your best, baby," her mother said softly. "We wish we could help you more, but we've just got some big bills to pay right now and things are really tight for us. I hate to leave you having to take care of everything on your own." She reached her hand out and touched her daughter's cheek.


Felicia had seen her parents sacrifice a great deal for her and her siblings so that they might have all that they needed. She sorely wished that she didn't need help from them, that she could graduate sooner, find a great job and be able to afford to help them with their own bills. She smiled at her parents and reached her hand out to her mother.


“I don't want you to worry about it. I'll be able to handle it. It's going to be all right. I am really grateful for all that you've done. I wish that I could help you two out, but don't you worry about school. There are so many scholarships I could get, and you know my grades are so good that I wouldn't have any trouble at all getting grants and scholarships. I'll make it work! Don't you two worry." She leaned over and hugged them both, and then a knock at the door interrupted them.

"I'll get that," she said, standing up as her parents exchanged sorrowful looks with each other. She wasn't meant to see it, but she had, and she knew that they felt badly about not being able to help her.


Felicia crossed the room and reached the front door. When she opened it, she saw her best friend, Mary Carson, standing there on the front porch. "Hi!" Mary grinned with a bubbly smile.


Felicia opened the door for her, and Mary bounced in, giving Felicia a big hug and then greeting her parents warmly. "Hello!" She grinned at them. Mary was Puerto Rican: dark, cute, sassy, and full of energy. She had been Felicia's best friend since middle school.


Maryanne rose from her chair and gave Mary a hug. "Where are you to off to tonight?" she asked with a smile.


Mary waved her hand in the general direction of the door. "Oh, there's some new place that everyone at school is talking about and I thought it would be fun for us to stick our noses in the door and see what the fuss is all about."


Maryanne kissed her daughter's cheek. "Alright, well you two have fun and be careful. Check in with me later." She turned and walked back to the kitchen with Cal.


Felicia looked at Mary. "I just need to run up and grab my bag. I'll be right back," she said with a grin. They had both been looking forward to seeing the new club that everyone in their classes was so excited about. It was all anyone talked about and the two of them had yet go. 


Mary nodded excitedly, and Felicia dashed up the stairs to retrieve her bag. She stole a quick glance in the mirror and ran her fingers over her long curly hair; adjusted the little red dress she had slipped into because it showed off her gorgeous curves; and eyed the red lipstick that accented her sensually full lips. Pleased with the result of her fast handiwork, she gave herself a smile and headed down the stairs and out of the door with her friend.


The train they rode slipped through various neighborhoods, and the houses and businesses that flashed by became nicer looking as they went. Pawn shops and dollar stores disappeared and trendy shopping centers and restaurants took their places. The train finally stopped and the girls disembarked, looking around, and then began to walk toward the area where the club was carefully hidden.


It was a modern day speakeasy,which was a stroke of marketing genius. Everyone wants what they can't have, and gaining access to a hidden or slightly restricted place gave all of the patrons a thrill. It wasn't impossibly located, but if a person didn't know just what they were looking for or how to get in, they could walk right past it without even a glance.

Mary and Felicia walked down the sidewalk passing businesses and houses and a long, tall old brick wall that they eyed with interest. At the end of the wall was a little rosebush in a blue ceramic pot. Beside the plant was a nondescript blue door; the paint looked weathered and unremarkable, and the door handle was an old tarnished brass ball that looked as if it had seen better days. There was nothing about the wall or the door that indicated that there might be anything around or behind it that anyone might be interested in.


"I think this is it!" Mary said with blatant anticipation.


Felicity looked at it and raised one eyebrow. "It doesn't look like much." She said uncertainly.


"It's not supposed to! That's the whole point!" Mary grinned at her, clamped her hand around the knob and turned it, pushing the door open. Both girls were in awe of what awaited them behind the old door. They found themselves in a lush courtyard made of worn cobblestones and with countless flowering plants and potted trees arranged about the area. In the center of the courtyard stood a massive water fountain with Grecian looking statuary featured at its center. Water poured from the top of it, gushing over the lighted pool beneath.


There were cafe tables placed throughout the courtyard and people were talking, laughing, and drinking at most of them. The girls took in the scene around them in awe. They were still gazing at all of it when a young man, dressed conservatively in black, came up to them with a grin on his face.


"Welcome to Le Jardin! Is this your first time here?" he asked with an expression that clearly showed he knew that it was.


Mary looked at him and immediately smiled and batted her eyes. "Yes! It is. It's so lovely! I am really impressed!"


He drew near and winked at her. "Wonderful! Impressing beautiful ladies is something I like to do! Since you're new here, please let me show you around." 


Mary looked as if she'd follow the good-looking young man just about anywhere he wanted to lead her. Felicia shook her head subtly as a soft chuckle escaped her. They followed him around the courtyard as he explained that the area was an entrance and also a 'getaway' sort of spot for people who wanted to step out of the club and get a breath of fresh air and some peace and quiet.


He took them to another blue door, but this one looked exotic, as if it could have come from some foreign palace, or as if it might lead to one when they walked through it. He opened the door for them, bowing as they passed and found themselves inside a small foyer.

The foyer was done in blue and white with a very contemporary style, and featured only a single podium, behind which a stunning looking woman sat, as if she were part of the garden statue collection rather than a hostess. She nodded slightly to them as they passed her, and the young man led them to the only other thing in the room: a set of silver elevator doors. He pressed the button and grinned as if he were about to show them to the best place they might ever see.


The elevator doors slid open silently, and the three of them entered. It descended swiftly to what felt like two floors down below the ground. When the doors slid open, they found themselves in what could have been termed an art gallery garden.


Where all of the plants and flowers had been real in the courtyard above ground, the room they entered was full of similar plants and flowers, but all of them were made of metal and were part of art sculptures.


There were simple white leather sofas and chairs set about in various locations all over the room, and all of them were filled with people talking to each other and drinking. At one end of the room there was a bar of black marble, backed by a lengthy mirror. Soft blue lights surrounded it, but were hidden from view. Their illumination created a subtle blue glow around the area, and had a considerably calming effect.


On the other side of the room, at a distance, was a dance floor that was packed with people gyrating under a strobe light and lasers. At the wall behind the dance floor stood a lofty platform holding a DJ box where two shirtless young men were working tirelessly at creating the rhythms that everyone was enjoying.


"This is the inner garden," the young man stated proudly. "There are little side rooms and spaces divided off of this main area for people who aren't into dancing, and the restrooms are right over there." He pointed to the far side of the bar.


"The kitchen is open until midnight every night, and we offer a good variety of tapas, finger foods, desserts and cheese plates." He winked at Mary and said, "Come with me."


He took them both to the edge of the bar and leaned over the bar to talk to the bartender.


"Franco! These girls are visiting us for the first time. Get them each whatever cocktail they want to start their night off with, with my compliments." He turned back to them and they both smiled and laughed a little.


"Thank you!" Mary said, leaning over to him and kissing his cheek lightly. He nodded at her. "My pleasure. Save me a dance later, okay?" he nodded his head at her and disappeared into the crowd of people.

BOOK: The Billionaire's Call Girl: A BWWM Billionaire Romance
4.03Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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