The Carnelian Tyranny: Savino’s Revenge

BOOK: The Carnelian Tyranny: Savino’s Revenge
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Cast of Main Characters


Chapter 1 Conclave

Chapter 2 Affinity

Chapter 3 Persuasion

Chapter 4 Heritage

Chapter 5 Embroilment

Chapter 6 Perspectives

Chapter 7 Impressions

Chapter 8 Contrivances

Chapter 9 Displaced

Chapter 10 Betrayal

Chapter 11 Eman

Chapter 12 Noel

Chapter 13 Vexation

Chapter 14 Ambush

Chapter 15 Revelation

Chapter 16 Adieu

Chapter 17 Andre

Chapter 18 Breach

Chapter 19 Ambrogia

Chapter 20 Raniero

Chapter 21 Concealment

Chapter 22 Massacre

Chapter 23 Despondency

Chapter 24 Loris

Chapter 25 Coronation

Chapter 26 Escape

Chapter 27 Carnage

Chapter 28 Terracina

Chapter 29 Despair

Chapter 30 Tribulation

Chapter 31 Remembrance

Chapter 32 Judgment

Chapter 33 Martyr

Chapter 34 Rescue

Chapter 35 Surrender

Chapter 36 Schemes

Chapter 37 Epiphany

Chapter 38 Abomination

Chapter 39 Restoration

Chapter 40 Recompense

Chapter 41 Penance

Chapter 42 Inauguration





For Debbie Hahn and Christy Holley, my sisters of the h

For without your passion and encouragement, the saga of

Darian and Marisa would have never seen the light of

I’ll love you both for




“In righteousness you will be establi

Tyranny will be far from

you will have nothing to

Terror will be far rem

it will not come near


Isaiah 54:14 (



HRH Princess Maraya Petra Fiore
(aka Marisa MacCa

Eighteen years old; daughter of the late Queen Elyse Fiore and late King Alano Macario; lost and presumed dead to the Carnelian world twelve years ago; graduate of South Medford High School, Jacksonville, Oregon; recently returned through a vortex; engaged to Darian

HRH Prince Darian Petrus Alessandro Fiore

Twenty-two; son of the late Prince André Fiore and Princess Helena Arras; Chief Counsel of the Crimson Court; High Commander of the Knights of the Crimson Order; older brother of Adalina; engaged to Maraya

Baron Alessio Macario
(aka Alistair “Uncle Al” MacCa

Late forties; identical twin brother of the late Prince Alano Macario; Paladin Knight of the Crimson Order; former real estate agent at Rogue Valley Realty of Jacksonville, Oregon; uncle of Marisa and Mark; husband of Cinzia; father of Arrie

Baroness Cinzia Pantaleone-Macario

Mid-forties; born in Andrésis now living in Crocetta; former Lady-in-Waiting to the late Queen Elyse; wife of Alessio; mother of Arrie; aunt of Marisa and Mark

Lord Arrigo “Arrie” Macario

Twenty-four; son of Alessio & Cinzia; Apageon Knight of the Crimson Order; cousin to Marisa and Mark; advisor to Prince Darian

HRH Prince Marcus Levis Cerrino Fiore
(aka Mark MacCa

Sixteen; former student at South Medford High School, basketball fanatic; War Counselor in-training; brother to Marisa; nephew of Alessio & Cinzia

HRH Princess Adalina Gisella Fiore

Fifteen; daughter of Helena Arras and the late Prince André Fiore; sister of Darian

HRH Princess Helena Arras-Fiore

Late forties; born in Ravenna, now living in Crocetta; widow of the late Prince André Fiore; mother of Prince Darian and Princess Adalina

Count Faustino “Tino” Durante

Early fifties; former
to the late Prince André Fiore; Paladin Knight of the Crimson Order; language teacher and intellectual

Cavaliere Bruno Nestore

Late twenties; Chief War Counselor and instructor in self-defense, all-time Carnelian Academy broadsword champion; youngest person to reach the level of Apageon Knight; Paladin Knight of the Crimson Order

Lord Cozimo Laurentine Arroyo

Mid-eighties; Chief Advisor of the Crimson Order; former squire to King Petrus Fiore and longest-serving member of the Crocine Royal Household; Keeper of the Law and philosopher

(aka Cecil Weinga

Early fifties; born in Pasadena, California; PhD in Physics and Astronomy from Caltech; founder of the vortex wormhole theory; currently living in Crocetta; suspected by local inhabitants to be a sorcerer

Eman Yewil

Early thirties; born in Crocetta proper; shepherd; friend of Princess Marisa; neighbor of Castle Beauriél estate

Lord Luca Domenico

Twenty-two; Crimson Academy graduate;
to Prince Darian and Salim Knight of the Crimson Order

Baron Porfiro

Early sixties; Paladin Knight and High Commander of the Crimson Civilian Militia


Count Savino Umberto da Rocha

Twenty; son of the late Queen Sophie Fiore and the late Count Gregario da Rocha; former Paladin Knight of the Crimson Order; twin brother of Matilda; cousin to Marisa and Mark

Lady Matilda “Mattie” Florentina da Rocha

Twenty; daughter of the late Queen Sophie Fiore and the late Count Gregario da Rocha; twin sister of Savino; cousin to Marisa and Mark

Lord Dastar Raniero

Early fifties; of unknown origin; former Political Advisor to the late Queen Elyse Fiore; recently returned from exile

Lord Emiel Gaspar

Mid-fifties; born in Drychen province; currently serving as Chief Advisor and Special Envoy to Count da Rocha

Talvan Pardivoor

Late-thirties; member of the Ijbant Titan Tribe of Northern Terama Provence; High Commander of the Abbadon Warrior Guard; under the command of Count Savino da Rocha


Late thirties; member of the Orieno Titan Tribe of Eastern Terama Provence; High Commander of the Abbadon Warrior Guard; under the command of Count Savino da Rocha

Loris Raniero

Fifteen; Keeper of the Castle at Abbadon; nephew of Lord Dastar Raniero


HM King Bertoldo Macario

Mid-fifties; King of Terracina Provence and ally of the Middle Crocine Kingdoms; High Commander of the Royal Terracine Fleet; cousin of Baron Alessio; widower of the late Mirella Agapeto; father of Caterina, Costanzo and Caprice

HRH Princess Caterina Macario

Twenty; born in Terracina; Crown Princess of Terracina

HRH Prince Costanzo Macario

Eighteen; born in Terracina; second in line to Terracine throne

HRH Princess Caprice Macario

Fifteen; born in Terracina; third in line to Terracine throne


Levels of Knighthood in the Crimson O

Squire (1) Arydon (2) Salim (3) Apageon (4) Paladi
n (5)

BOOK: The Carnelian Tyranny: Savino’s Revenge
2.81Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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