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Authors: Gideon Defoe

The Pirates!

BOOK: The Pirates!
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In an Adventure with

Gideon Defoe

To Sophie,
who still has a quarter of a million pounds of which I have not seen a single penny, even though this is the second entire book that I have dedicated to her.


One I Battled a Ton of Turtle!

Falling to Bits! – In the Captain's Office – Off to Nantucket

Two Skull Hunt on Pygmy Island!

Cutlass Liz Makes a Dramatic Entrance – The
Lovely Emma
– An Old Scoundrel – A Rash Decision

Three I Knifed My Way to a Diamond Pit!

The Egg-timer – Not Much Treasure – A Mysterious Fellow

Four A Slow Boat to Bloodshed!

A Brand-new Boat – The Albatross – Digging For Treasure

Five Satan's Fish Ate Us Alive!

The Captain Has a Plan – Putting on a Show – The Smell of the Greasepaint

Six Death Feast of the Panther Women!

That's Showbusiness – A Boisterous Bout of Buccaneers – Meeting Ahab Again – The Shanty Battle

Seven At the Court of the Crabs!

What Now, Pirate Captain? – Back Into Action Under the Pirate Flag – Ooops!

Eight Damn You I Say, Dr. Chesington!

An Awkward Apology – A Nice Dinner

Nine I Ride with the Bandit King!

A Change of Occupation – Whale Bait – An Explosive Scheme – Another Scheme – Bad News

Ten Swimming Pools of Passion!

The Pirate Captain Is Not Himself – The Prize Ham – A Dangerous Idea

Eleven Blood, Beer, and a Busted Boat!

A Terrible Rogue – He's Not So Bad – Success!

BOOK: The Pirates!
8.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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