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“Does that feel nice, darlin’?” he asked, beginning to pant himself with the incredible sensation of her velvet pussy enclosing his cock just the way a girl’s pussy should.

“Oh, yes, daddy. So very nice. Please do it hard. I know daddies like to do that, and I want to be your good little girl.”

“Alright, darlin’,” Ross said, and took firm hold of her hips and began to ride his little lady harder and harder.

“Am I… am I nice and tight?” she gasped. “The way a little lady should be?”

His cock seemed to leap at her words. “Yes… lord, yes, darlin’. So nice and tight. Such a sweet little pussy. Hush now and let daddy do his fuckin’.”

Knowing that she wanted to hear him say such taboo things seemed to unlock his orgasm. He tried to hold on, because he could tell that Victoria was close to coming, too, but in the end the hard ride he gave her just turned him on too much, and he growled, “Daddy’s comin’, darlin’.” Hardly believing what he did, he reached his hands from her hips, took hold of her pigtails, and pulled them back.

Victoria did come then, just a split second before Ross did, screaming “Daddy!” as he pounded her red bottom with his spasming hips. Their climaxes seemed to go on and on, but at last, slowly, Ross withdrew, stroking her back as he did so.

“Thank you, darlin’,” he said. “That was the best sex I ever had.”

“Oh, me too, daddy,” she replied. “I didn’t think… I didn’t think it could ever be like that.”

“Let’s get under the covers now.”

“Okay, daddy.”

When he held her in his arms under the covers, his bare skin to her bare skin, he couldn’t stop cuddling her, tickling her, kissing her. He thought he could never get enough of the sound of her giggles.

“Daddy?” she asked, very sleepy now.

“Yes, darlin’?”

“Can I keep calling you ‘daddy’?”

Ross laughed. “Yes, darlin’.”

“That’s good.” Her eyelids were closed, he kissed them, and she giggled again. “That tickles, daddy.”

A minute later, when he thought she was asleep, she whispered, “Daddy?”

“Yes, darlin’?”

“I’ve never done… I mean, um, do you want…” Her eyes were scrunched tight shut, and he could tell that she must be blushing. What could she possibly mean?

She pursed her lips and shook her head against the pillow. “Forget I said anything, daddy, okay?”

“Okay, darlin’, if you want me to. But you can ask me anythin’, any time. You know that, right?”

Victoria nodded, still without opening her eyes. Then she whispered, even more quietly, “My bottom.”

Ross felt his brow crease in puzzlement. “What about that cute little backside of yours?”

“Will you… I mean…” She shook her head again. Then she said, in a rush, as if to make sure she said it, “Do some daddies like to use their little girls’ bottoms?”

Ross felt his cock grow hard again in an instant. “Now?” he whispered.

“Well… I’m sleepy,” Victoria admitted. “But if… if you want to use my bottom… I mean I’ve never done it, but I really want you to do it.”

“Why?” Ross asked, still a little mystified, but amazingly turned on by the thought that Victoria had offered him her bottom this way.

Now her eyes finally opened to look into his. “I’m not sure, really, but I’ve just always… I’ve always thought that if I was going to belong to a man, the way I want to belong to you, daddy, the man should have me that way… to show me that he would use me however he wanted.”

Ross shook his head in disbelief. “Are you the most wonderful little girl in the world? Or only the perfect little girl for me? I promise—”

The phone rang. Ross kissed Victoria quickly, trying to tell her in the kiss what he promised—that he fully intended to fulfill her desire to have his cock in her bottom.

“Ross,” Jack said, on the phone. There was desperation in his voice. “They’re coming for her. I’ve got the FBI coming too, but something she did today—on a computer at the library, maybe?”

“Whoa. Jack. Slow down.”

But then, by the light of the half-moon, Ross saw a car coming up the driveway, without its lights on.

“I think I see them, whoever they are.”

“Get out of there! I’ll explain when you’re safe.”

Victoria was wide awake, sitting up and looking out the same window at the shadow of the slowly approaching car.

“Throw on some clothes and slip out the kitchen door to the stables,” Ross told her quietly, lowering the receiver. “Hide in Sophie’s stall.” She nodded, got out of bed swiftly, and left the room.

“You’ve got to get out of there, too. There are four or five of them, and they’re well-armed. They’re probably planning to stage it as a home invasion.”

“I’m certainly not gonna try to fight, so don’t worry about that. But I have to watch my girl’s back.”

“Your girl?” Jack seemed so rattled that the news derailed him slightly, but then he said, “Um… anyway. Call me when you’re safe. Hopefully Victoria’s trouble will be over, as long as you stay safe tonight.”

Ross went downstairs to get his shotgun, watching warily through the living room windows as he moved toward the gun safe. The car had almost reached the house. He heard the kitchen door open and then close; it was on the other side of the house from the driveway, and the short path to the barn led straight back from there. He got the shotgun and loaded it quickly, sticking a box of spare cartridges in his pocket.

The car rolled up in front of the door. In the moonlight he made out five heads—all big men, it looked like. Moving so that he had the car in view through the windows, he crossed the living room back toward the kitchen.

He knew his own house and his own property, and that would make an enormous difference in covering Victoria’s escape. From the shadows of the kitchen, he watched the five men spread out—the thing he most needed to see. Only one of them went around toward the stable. Ross opened the kitchen door noiselessly, thankful that he didn’t like squeaky doors and oiled everything regularly. He slipped out of the house quickly and headed for the stable, keeping to the shadows he knew so very well, because they were cast by things he had seen every day for the last three decades and more.

Chapter Sixteen



In Sophie’s stall, Victoria did her best to keep herself from crying out of fear for herself and worry for Ross. For long minutes she sat against the wall, hugging herself, trying to draw calm strength from the horse, who had whickered happily in greeting when Victoria came in. Finally she heard quick footsteps coming toward her down the row of stalls, and she almost called out to Ross, but she bit her tongue at the last second, frightened that it would not be Ross at all.

She looked at Sophie. The black horse with the white blaze seemed to become a little more attentive. She lifted her head and pricked her ears. She pressed her back into the corner of the stall and willed herself to be silent and invisible.

Then she heard his voice—her daddy’s voice, Victoria thought with such relief she could hardly believe it—calling softly on the other side of the half-door that led to the stall, “Darlin’, are you in there?”

Victoria called back, “Yes. What’s happening?”

“Can’t talk now,” Ross replied. “Sit tight. Don’t say anything unless you hear my voice.”

What was going on? Austin had found her, clearly. It could only have been because of the stupid search on the library computer. Victoria cursed her reporter mind. Why was she never able to leave well enough alone? Now she had managed to endanger not only herself but also the man she loved.

That thought, that she had a cowboy whom she could call the man she loved, seemed to calm her. She thought about what it felt like to have his arms around her under the covers—then she thought about what it felt like to have his cock inside her, driving hard. The contrast between her thoughts about her career as a reporter—always trying to get the story no matter what the danger—and the feeling of belonging to her new daddy, the handsome cowboy, seemed to her like it could not be greater.

Very strange circumstances,
she thought,
in which to reevaluate my life choices
. She listened hard for footsteps. Was Ross still there on the other side of the stall door? She fought the urge to call out to him.

Then she heard, from the other end of the barn, the sound of a stall door being opened and then closed again. She tried desperately to figure out what that might mean, but she drew a complete blank. There was silence after that, until she heard another stall door, maybe the same one, maybe a different one, being opened and then shut. One of the horses down at that end of the barn whinnied loudly and stamped, but she couldn’t hear any other human sounds.

Victoria looked at Sophie, standing there calmly, her ears slightly cocked. Did that mean Ross was near?

“We know you’re in here, Victoria Mason,” called a voice from down where the stall door had opened. “We just want to talk to you.”

The urge to answer that she had no desire to talk to the man whose voice she heard, Lou—the head of Bob Austin’s security team—nearly overwhelmed her.

“Senator Austin is here,” Lou said. “He’s not going to let anything happen to you.” Was it true? Was the senator actually there at the ranch? Why would he have come himself?

“See,” said Lou, his voice getting nearer as he walked down the row of stalls, probably looking over each door, maybe wielding a gun, “he just wants to take care of you, Victoria. Make sure you’re okay.”

So desperate was Victoria to believe that she wasn’t in mortal danger that although she
—absolutely knew—that Lou was lying, she very nearly called out to ask Lou to bring the senator to her. Maybe, the irrational, desperate side of her kept saying, Austin just wanted to bribe her, and she could get away and find some other means to bring him down.

“Come on out, Victoria,” Lou said. His voice now came from one stall down. If he was doing what she was sure he was doing—looking over each stall door with his gun in hand—he would find her anyway. She looked at Sophie again. Now the horse was becoming a little restive, shifting back and forth uneasily and tossing her head a little.

Then, suddenly, Lou’s face was peering over the door, looking right at her. He pointed his automatic pistol at her and said, “Hello, Victoria.” His smile seemed to her the nastiest thing she had ever seen in her life.

“I think you’d better put that gun down,” Ross’ voice said from behind Lou. “I’ve got a shotgun trained on your back.”

Victoria watched Lou start to turn, but then Ross said, “Not so fast. Gun down.”

Lou’s face disappeared from the stall door. Victoria heard the sound of his gun scraping against the concrete of the stable floor as he set it down.

Ross said, “Alright. Stand, with your hands up.” Lou came back into view, now with his back to Victoria, and his hands raised to shoulder level.

“Victoria,” Ross called, “don’t you come out. There are four more of them.”

Suddenly the sound of at least one more car approaching fast up the drive came to Victoria’s ears. Then she heard the senator’s voice, yelling from the other end of the stable, “Lou, get out of there! Plan B!” His voice sounded absolutely desperate. Victoria wondered if he had a gun.

“Senator Austin,” Ross called back to him. “I don’t think Plan B is going to work either.”

Then she heard a single gunshot. She screamed, “Ross!” There was a moment of silence, and then she heard Lou say in amazement, “Just blew his fucking brains out.”

After that, a voice on a loudspeaker said, “Ross McGregor and Victoria Mason, this is the FBI. Shelter in place until we can find you.”

“I don’t think my mare Sophie will mind the company,” Ross said dryly. The stall door opened, and Lou entered with Ross and his shotgun behind him. Victoria started to get up, but Ross said, “Darlin’, you just stay there for a bit. I need to make sure this fella isn’t going to try anythin’.” Then he said to Lou, “You go sit down over there in the corner.”

Victoria couldn’t suppress a giggle, at the thought of what Kelly Stovall had made her do in the pink bedroom, only a few hours before. The giggle soon turned into a kind of jagged hysterical laugh, until Ross said, “It’s okay, darlin’. It’s going to be okay.”

The FBI arrived about five minutes later. The senator had indeed blown his brains out, at the thought that all his plots might finally have unraveled. Jack Riley got to the ranch three hours after that, having driven through the night.

No one was going to be getting any sleep, so Victoria made coffee, and the three of them sat at Ross’ kitchen table, just as they had when Victoria arrived and earned her first whipping from the man she could not stop kissing now, whenever she refilled his cup.

Jack looked at her in apparent wonder, but he didn’t say anything about the kissing; he just smiled a wry little smile and told them the story of how Victoria’s visit to the library had almost cost them their lives.

“So when I heard that the pictures couldn’t be recovered from your memory card, Victoria, I called in an enormous favor from an FBI guy, and got him to fight for a court order to tap Austin’s phone. They finally put the tap on this morning, and it was nearly too late, because one of the first things they heard was Austin saying to his security guy…”

“Lou—the guy in the barn,” Victoria said to Ross, by way of explanation.

“That they have a lead on the reporter problem, off the Internet, and to come pick him up. So my guy calls me, and I get him to look at the search traffic from Pleasant Hill. It took me all of five seconds at that point to figure out what was going on, and that’s when I called.”

“But why did the senator come himself?” Victoria asked.

“Three things. One, I don’t think he’s been thinking straight for a while now—the thing with Cynthia Loper that you got the pictures of is only one example. The drugs will do that eventually. Two, he didn’t want to entrust the job to anyone else. Three, the guy maybe really did want to try to persuade you, with or without a bribe. I think they would have killed you if they had to, but Austin wanted to be the one to make that call.”

Victoria looked at Ross. “I’m so sorry, daddy,” she said. She glanced at Jack and saw his eyes go very wide at that.

BOOK: The Rancher's Little Girl
9.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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