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     Primarily I need to thank my Parents may they rest in Paradise, if it weren’t for them who knows where I’d be.  I need to thank my children Jayden & Leah ya’ll keep me on my toes and make sure I most certainly stay on my job. If I could shake the earth for you, trust me I would. Jayden and Leah you are my rock, my sunshine and sometimes pain but I’ll always love you from the moon and back. Aunt Lynn Murphy-McNeil and Aunt Tammie Murphy Thank you for being my biggest fans. Being my Mom sister’s namesake is a hard task especially with me never wanting to let any of my Aunties down I hope to carry your names far.

     Thanking my friends who stayed on my back about finishing what I started. Ya’ll have never deterred me from my dream of being an Author so here we go. I would like to thank Future Brown, Miracle, Adonaya Boyd, Vernetta Oakman, Leaonoria Major when I tried to walk away on this ya’ll showed me, real LOVE…Tamika Langford if anyone knows what I’m going thru on a day to day basis that’s you, Mama. We’re the embodiment of STRONG BLACK SINGLE MOTHER’S… When one door shut several other doors open for us. I want to also thank my Muslimah sister for being there for me when I thought no one was listening sister you were In sha Allah. My sister from another mother Andrea Harrison thank you thank you thank you for being the most realist sisters I’ve ever met and I love you for that. Eugene a.k.a Fatman I rode ya back thru this first part of my series and our arguments are the best so with that said Thank You Friend…

To my Readers Thank you for all your love and support.

Be on the Lookout for part two coming soon…


*Chapter One*


Savannah and I have been rocking since May of 2010.She stole my heart right from the jump. There was no way I would let another bitch mess that shit up for me.  Back then, I didn’t think any woman could do anything to change my ways. From day one, she rocked with me and never changed up. Here we are now five years in and Savannah and I are still rocking with each other.

I’m Dragon you can call me one of those niggas that don’t give a fuck. When my mind is made up, it’s nothing turning it back. I had my mind focused on getting this money and building some type of Empire for myself if nothing else. I made no time for them money hungry ass bitches. Every time I looked up there was a smut ass bitch throwing her ass up in my face, ready to drop their panties at any given time. Back in school, I was into brains and beauty.  Having an intelligent conversation with one of God’s beautiful creations, not being one of them Nigga’s that’s just trying to hit and quit it. In the streets, my mentality pretty much stayed the same.

Folks knew my name from me busting ratchets all over the streets of N.Y. Before that, I was known for basketball and football. I was the captain at St. Anthony’s High School I was unstoppable, to say the least. My parents were proud of me bragging to their friends all the time and shit. Always calling me their star athlete they just knew we’d make it out from Pink Houses just off my talents. Either way, my focal point was getting my parents and siblings out of the hood. Those were my reasons for being the best that I could in both sports. But that all ended once I busted my knee on the basketball court during the Garden City Classic tournament. St. Anthony’s vs. Newton North game. My career ended before my eyes.

      My mother Rachal would say to me.

“Boy, I pray for your safety day in and day out. I can’t stop you from doing whatever it is you do when you walk out them doors. But I can pray to the Almighty that he turns your life back around and soon. I don’t know why you went left but what I do know is you’re my only son so I want to keep you here as long as I can and not behind a jail cell plus I want some grandbabies running around here boy.”

I was the youngest of three. My two older sisters did everything the right way. They went to school bust their ass’ got the good grades and were given scholarships to West Virginia University. I tried the school thing. I even graduated at the top of my class I took it as far as continuing my education by going to the Fashion Institute. I had an eye for fashion. After busting my knee up, I figured do the next best thing that I love. Once I started hanging with the wrong crowd during my sophomore year. I saw how fast some of my boys were getting money. So I felt the need to be a part of it. By any means necessary.

I’ve been in the game now for 6 years I built myself up from a pound of weed and now I’m at the top of the game. I was put on by this Italian cat named Rico. Now this Nigga was big time and by the looks of him, you wouldn’t think he was a King Pin. Rico was an Italian brother almost standing 6” ft even. He’s always fresh in Sean John suits and his shoe game stayed on point.

   Rico saw how hungry I was on and off the courts. He attended all my High School games back then. That I could remember. Word on the streets Rico always placed them high ass bids on St. Anthony’s games anytime he knew I was playing. Rico pulled me aside a couple times congratulating me on a job well done.  Once I trashed my knee and started hanging with these crazy ass cats from Jamaica Queens getting into all types of trouble.I took a semester or two off from school and ended up catching a case. I lucked out from not having to do the bid in 2013. Even after not having to do a bid I still went back to the streets.

    I was making a sale in Rico building down in mid-Manhattan in this luxury ass high rise building. As I exited the building making my way over to my truck, I crossed the street. That’s when I started hearing tires screeching behind me. A black on black Mercedes Benz coupe with dark tinted windows pulled up on the side of me. I slowly turned back towards the car. I started reaching slowly for my ratchet when I saw the driver side window start to come down. He saw me grabbing at my hip for my ratchet because he started shouting from the window.

“Whoa lil Nigga, hold up it’s just me. Rico!”

    Rico shouted from the car window.

If it had of been anybody else, I probably would’ve blasted their ass. But Rico and I had no beef. Rico asked me if I had a minute to take a ride with him. I hit the alarm button on my truck and walked back over to the passenger side and hopped in. As he peeled off, he cut his music down a little lower.

“What’s been going on wit you lil Nigga? I been peeping ya game a long time. And I think it’s about time that we do some business together.”

    Rico said to me.

“I ain’t been doing much. You know busting traps staying low and shit.”

    I responded.

    “Listen young blood. I have a proposition for you that you can’t refuse. You’ll see real break fuckin with me. I have connections all over the United States. You work with me you’ll always be covered where ever you decide to go. Those Nigga’s over in Jamaica Queens are going to have you either locked up or in a fucking grave. I’m not on that type of time. I’m about building. Do you know how many businesses I have out here?”

Rico said in a stern voice.

“I mean I know you’re about ya business. That’s what I like. I see you getting money and never caught up in the bullshit.”

    I said with a smile.

“I’m not knocking ya hustle or nothing. But I know you’re an intelligent motherfucker. What’s up with you and school?”

    Rico asked me.

Rico wanted to be my Connect and Mentor just as much as I did. I knew for a fact he had ties all over. Rico was getting it big time for real. He had his hands in some retail chains and tattoo shops. So I knew if I got into business with him, either way, I was making money. He ended up putting me and one of my homies on with Cocaine, Syrup, and Pills. Shit he basically took me under his wing more so like the big brother type teaching me more about the game. Some things turned over quicker than others but I made that shit work for me.

I started hitting up the colleges with pills and weed. That’s how I met the most beautiful woman.  She wasn’t just book smart but Savannah was also street smart. She definitely caught my attention. I thought she wouldn’t give me any type of play. Savannah had this dark chocolate skin like butter. Her hair was a rich, deep brown color with a blonde streak in it. She wore it up in a ponytail with a Chinese bang or down in a wrap. But what were most intriguing to me were the frames that she wore. Behind them, she had hidden these light brown baby doll glass like eyes. Savannah killed a brother with her eclectic way of dressing. At times trying to hide her thick curves, all-real too it was nothing fake about her. She had to be at least 5’3” I give her 5’4" tops. I know most of these model chicks wish they had a body like Savannah.

    I was on my way over to campus to meet up with this Shorty named Tameka. she’d been copping off me for a minute. En route to the dorms Tameka called me and asked me to meet her down Bed-Stuy instead. She then also informed me not to be alarmed because she wasn’t alone.  As I pulled up to the corner of Jefferson Avenue, I could see Tameka standing with Savannah. Shit, my stomach started to do flips and my heart began to race. Usually, when I’d meet up with Tameka, she would always ask for a ride. As I pulled up on Tameka and Savannah, I rolled my window down. I’d got up enough heart to speak to Savannah any other time I would just smile and nod my head.

“Hey, Beautiful how are you doing today? It’s kind of cold out I wouldn’t be a gentleman if I don’t offer you, ladies, a seat in my warm truck. Maybe even offer y’all a ride to your dorms or wherever you ladies are going.”

     I said to Tameka and Savannah as I forced a glob of spit down my throat praying she wouldn’t blow me off.

“We’re doing fine thanks for asking my good brother. I don’t see why not my toes are feeling like ice cubes standing out here with her. She got me all out here on some wild goose chase for books and some get high snacks.”

    Savannah said to me with a smile giggling.

I was hella sure she was going to turn her nose up or straight out say no. I quickly parked so I could get out quickly and grabbed their bags and open the door for Savannah.

Tameka laughed and Savannah quickly turned to me with a smirk on her face and said.

“Don’t be trying to impress me by opening the door for me sir thank you and I can handle my own bags. But I do appreciate the ride back to the dorms.”

    Savannah said while again laughing.

“Oh baby girl trust me I’m not. You may see me as a thug or, however, you may perceive me to be, but my mother Rachel raised me to be better than that.”

I quickly said to Savannah letting her know mama didn’t raise a fool.

“I do apologize if I offended you. Listen I’ve had my share of assholes whole played the role of good guy and it ended with them fucking me over. Pardon my French so I may bite at times. I mean who else is going to look out for me besides me?”

    Savannah spat out with a smile.

    I was amazed at her honesty and keeping it a hundred with me. I could tell she thought about what she said afterwards. But to be honest, I love me a straight forward woman.

“Well let me change your mind on that, all men aren’t that bad my good sister. I’m not even asking for a relationship, just a friendship and if it grows then so be it.”

    Before dropping them off Savannah and I exchanged numbers. She even gave me her hours of when I could call because she damn near spent her life in class. Being the gentleman that I am, I wouldn’t dare mess anything up for my lady of interest.

When Savannah cut her eyes at me and smile, it would send a chill down my spine. Being as people see me as a street thug dope dealer who would have thought Savannah the college girl and I would make it this far. 

Savannah knew damn near everyone on campus she put me down with the weed smokers, dope fiends, and pill poppers. Shit she even put me onto the students who were into popping Adderall and Ritalin. Savannah was all about growth. She was my Bonnie to my Clyde she made a brother want to change for the better. She loved me not for the lifestyle I was in but for me she was nothing like these other chicks out here and I could feel it. Savannah looked beyond my dealings in the streets and wanted to know my goals and where I saw myself in the next thirty years.

I was deep in the game I had some beef with some young cats that I put on from Jamaica Queens and until this day I still do.




These cats didn’t like the fact that I had basically taken over most parts of N.Y. even down into their territory. The brothers were Darrin 27 he was the eldest of the two. He was about6’2” alight skin fat ass Nigga with dreads. He swore he was Jamaican but not an ounce of it in his blood and his younger brother Smoke who was 20. He was the exact opposite Smoke stood like 5’8” dark brown skin kept his haircut low with the waves. This Nigga went as far as getting a grill on his lower fronts like almost every other Nigga in hip hop. Smoke wanted to follow heavy in his brother footsteps but most of the places Darrin hung at, Smoke wasn’t allowed because of his age. Shit got heavy when Darrin and Smoke robbed two of my trap houses. Darrin made sure he went around town flossing all the shit he bought with the money and holding his corners down with the 15 keys he stole from me. Smoke was giving his share and told to get out of N.Y.

    It started to seem as though Darrin had been ducking me. Since word on the street was, I was gunning for him.  It seemed like where ever I went it was like I had just missed him. I could’ve just snatched up one of his trappers but I wanted the motherfucker who went up in my spot. What those fools didn’t know there're all types of cameras all over my trap cribs.

I thought to myself as I drove to pick Savannah up from work I was thinking of ways I could get this Nigga back. Now not trying to use my babe or shit like that. I knew Darrin tried to holler at Savannah a couple times but she never gave his ass any play. When she found out it was him, that robbed me we came up with this crazy ass plan. After I had picked her up, she decided to go ahead and indulge in some conversation with him the next time she saw him. Being as though nobody knew, we were together. We kept our relationship on the hush tip since we’ve been together. But she was down for whatever Savannah intentions were always good and always for the betterment of us. I kept many bitches around me so you could never pin point out my main chick. Savannah understood why and for that we never had any trust issues. Shit, I had motherfuckers trying to take me out. So just to keep her safe we kept us under lock and key.  Savannah’s idea was to get in good with him so Darrin would be comfortable enough to take her with him to his stash houses. I really wasn’t feeling it but Savannah was very head strong. once her mind was made up, there was nothing anyone could do to change it including me.

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