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Things Forbidden

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Things Forbidden
Forbidden [1]
Raquel Dove

Zoe is a smart girl who makes one stupid choice after another when she places her trust in a demon with a hidden agenda. Should she trust him one last time, or rely on her own wile to get her out of this sticky situation?
As a demon lord, Paris has certain expectations
placed upon him. But when he abandons his duties to satisfy his curiosity, all hell breaks loose. He knows he should leave the human girl alone, but he just can't seem to tear himself away from her.




Things Forbidden


By Raquel Dove

Copyright2012 Raquel Dove

Chapter One




His senses swam with an overload of
He fought the feral growl that was rising in his throat at his own actions.  He was disgusted with himself, even as he
continued to watch her from
behind the cover of trees.  It was wrong.  No, it was absolutely forbidden. 
  He could never have her. 
Should never have her.
  And yet he wanted her with every fiber of his being.  And so, he continued to watch her.  He watched the thin fabric of her shirt pool as it hit the grass beneath her.  He watched as the warm summer air kissed her exposed breasts, perking up her perfect pink nipples.  He watched as a tiny bead of sweat glided down her taught supple body.  Her hands, perfectly manicured, reached for the zipper of her jean shorts which promptly joined her top on the ground.  He felt the pressure in his pants growing as she reached back to take her golden hair down, giving him a glorious view of her body.  Nothing was left to his
save for the things he wanted to do with said body.  His hand reached for the steadily increasing lump in his pants, adjusting himself to accommodate the increase in size.  The simple touch brought a measure of frictional pleasure and he found his hand lingering, rubbing,
the electricity of his own touch.

He shook his head, fighting with everything he had to look away.  Not only was what he was doing wrong in principle, but mating with a human was strictly forbidden.  It was beyond forbidden, actually.  Mostly for the possibility of the unholy offspring that could be produced.  It was the worst thing a being like
could do.  And a demon lord of his stature should be far above such vile acts.  He clenched his jaw as he tried to force himself to walk away.  Just one more glance, he told himself.  There’s no harm in just looking. 

The human woman was young, in her early twenties.  He could tell a lot about her simply by her scent. 
Her intoxicating scent.
  She was single, or had at least not been touched by a male for quite some time.  She had a dog. 
A small one, a Jack Russell.
  He could smell the pet’s scent on hers, covering her clothes and every inch of her skin.  He lifted his nose, inhaling deeply as a light breeze picked up, carrying the girls scent closer to him.  It swirled around him, taunting him.  The subtle notes of amber that tinted her scent were of an added pleasure to him.  He could hear the girl’s heartbeat.  Slow,
steady, and strong.  She was a healthy creature, and innocent.  It made his current actions even more deplorable, and at the same time even harder to stop.  If he didn’t leave soon, he might do something he would regret, and possibly be sentenced to death for. 

The girl’s lithe body was completely exposed to his hungry view, and it made him ache with need.  She turned, tiptoeing to the edge of the small pond, dipping one foot in to test the water.  He watched, in a mild
, as the delicate curve of her bottom bounced with every step.  His body tensed, the heat pooling in his groin.  His hand reached for his lap, once again trying to adjust himself to accommodate the added length.  His tongue trailed out to lick his lips.  He wanted this creature.  He wasn’t sure why, he had never felt such an urge towards a human before.  There was just something about her.  It wasn’t the first time he had seen her either.  She came here often. 
More often than a lone female should in the middle of the night.

The girl dove headfirst into the pond, disturbing the placid water.  She disappeared under the surface for a few seconds before finally bobbing back up for air.  She came to rest on a large rock under the water, her breasts bobbing just above the surface. 

He took a deep, steady breath, trying to subdue his urges and force himself to leave.  He was just beginning to win, but the girl’s next actions rooted him to the spot.  She looked around, as if suddenly worried that someone might be watching her.  After a tense moment she decided she was safe in her seclusion.  Her small hand began to rub the bobbing mound of flesh that was teasing the surface of the water.  Her fingertips found the small round nipple and she rolled the fleshy nub between her fingers, a sigh escaping her moist lips.  Her other hand trailed down her stomach, beneath the water.  He could see by the rhythmic tick of her bicep exactly what she was doing.  There was no way he could leave now, no matter how bad he knew he should.  He just had to watch this scene play out.

He began to rub absently at the bulge in his pants, hoping to relieve some of the pressure that had built, his eyes locked on the magnificent sight before him.  His attentions grew more frantic as the soft moaning pleasures of the girl reached his sensitive ears.  His zipper was threatening to cause serious pain and he moved to unzip the offending device.  Just as he was about to release himself from the suddenly too tight confines of his pants, the girl screamed, wide eyed and slapping a free hand over her exposed breasts.  For a split second he thought she had somehow spotted him.  But when he looked in the direction of her gaze he saw the source of her indignant fright.  A greasy looking male human had stepped out from the wooded area that surrounded the pond.

“Need a hand there, girly?” he
a sickly grin on his scraggly face as he rubbed his crotch.  He clearly displayed his arousal to the girl, not hiding the vile thoughts that were on his mind.

“Get away from me,” the girl shrieked, fear and anger swirling in her wide blue eyes. 

Human matters were of little consequence to a demon lord such as himself.  He knew the best thing for him to do was walk away from this situation.  His desire had gone limp the moment he saw the filthy male anyway.  There was no further reason for him to be here.  He turned to leave as the man took another step towards the indecent woman.  She screamed again.

no one
around, honey,” his voice dripped like poison from his lips, as his grungy hands worked to untie his tattered pants.  “
no one
to save you.”

He knew he should just leave.  What could he do anyway?  Save the girl?  Let his presence be known to her?  It was not right in his world.  He had to think of the bigger picture.  That bigger picture did not include this human girl. 
Even if she was innocent.
Even if he did enjoy seeing her.
Smelling her.
  Her delicate scent that, as he well knew would forever be tainted by this filthy human male’s if he had his way with her.  That is something he certainly did not want to happen.  He could stop it from happening.  Not because he would stoop so low as to care about and protect a feeble human girl. He could do it for his own selfish reasons.  Because he enjoyed the girl’s scent as it was, for whatever reason.  That was enough self-convincing for the young demon prince.

In a heartbeat the demon was standing between the humans.  He could hear the girl’s gasp of shock from behind him, and felt an odd swell of pride as he picked up the mild relief in her scent.  He didn’t give the man before him a moment to blink before his clawed hand ripped through his ribcage, grasping the still beating heart and ripping it out.  The man crumpled unceremoniously to the ground. 

He expected the girl to run off into the night, screaming at the sight she had just witnessed.  Instead, as he turned slowly around to face her, he found an odd look in her eyes. 


you,” she managed to sputter out.  Her forehead creased as she took in the sight of him.  He was now covered in blood, but otherwise dressed in what looked like a very expensive suit.  His cold black hair was tousled with gel and contrasted sharply with his pale white skin.  His eyes were
a haunting
silver, and his ears were delicately pointed.  “Who are you?”

He knew he had already done too much.  He had saved the
he could and should just leave now, without a word.  But try as he might, he couldn’t stop the words from coming out of his mouth. 

“Do you not fear me?” he asked, a perfectly groomed black brow arched in disbelief.  He dropped the bloody heart he had been holding. 

“You just saved me,” she said matter-of-factly, “Why would I fear you?”

He felt a strange pinch in his chest at the naivety of the girl.  If she knew who he was, and everything he was capable of, she would fear him far more than her previous attacker. 

“Why do you come here, alone and so vulnerable?” he said, trying to shake the strange hold she had on him.  His voice was steady and cold, but held an unmistakable hint of concern behind it. 

“I just like to get away,” she said, looking away, “this is the only place that makes me feel at peace.  Wait…how did you know I come here?”

Before realization had fully hit her, the demon lord disappeared.  The absolute last thing he wanted to do was get into an explanatory conversation with a human girl that wasn’t even supposed to know he existed.  He breathed a heavy sigh of relief when he was far enough away from her, and finally out from under her hypnotizing influence.  He didn’t know if she would ever be brave enough to visit the pond again, but it didn’t really matter.  He had the girls’ scent locked firmly in his mind now.  He would be able to find her anywhere she went. 

Chapter Two




He was surprised to see her come here again.  He was sure their encounter would have scared her off.  And yet, here she was.  Foolish human, he thought to himself.  This is why their species was so inferior.  She had nearly been raped, possibly killed, and then witnessed a creature ripping out a still beating heart.  One would think it would deter a person from returning.  And yet, here she was.  Somewhere in the back of his mind a thought registered.  He should not be so concerned with a human and her incomprehensible actions.  But for some reason he decided to ignore that thought.  He was merely curious, he decided. 

He watched her, much like he had the last time he had seen her here.  She was looking for something.  She was looking for someone.  He could have kicked himself if he was any less dignified of a demon.  She was looking for him.  What a stupid girl.  She had seen what he could do. 
Had seen that he could tear her to pieces without a second thought.

Perhaps the girl was a masochist.  Perhaps the thought of danger excited her.  Perhaps he had been wrong in his original assessment of her, in her innocence.  But that was absurd.  He was never wrong in his assessments.  This girl was either brave or stupid.  Judging by everything else he had seen of her, she was stupid. 

“I know you’re here,” she called out into the night, “and I know you’ve been watching me.”

This was getting interesting, he thought.  He had indeed been watching her.  He had followed her home that night, hiding in the shadows, moving faster than she could ever see.  The girl lived in a rough neighborhood, and she lived alone.  He witnessed her in direct danger at least three separate times on her walk home.  He wondered what made her act so irresponsibly.  She was curious to him, and he liked to satisfy his curiosity when it was piqued.  So he decided to follow her, learn more about her.  It had been about a week in human time. 

“Come out,” she called again, twirling around, eyes trying to see into the darkness around her. 

BOOK: Things Forbidden
2.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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