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Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series)

BOOK: Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series)
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I’d like to dedicate this book to all the amazing men in my life



S ~ You are more than I ever dared to hope for and continue to teach me how to love

I will always accept your snuggles, laughter and warmth


G ~ You’re the glue that holds me together when I crack

Me My Moo


D ~ You set the bar high and always show love and loyalty even in the darkness

Forever your little girl and your co-pilot


K ~ My first companion in this journey called life

Always just a call away


A ~ A special piece of our families joy and my Squirt

My godson


J ~ For all you’ve done and the values you instilled

Animal pelts, Monopoly, broken glasses and brownies


Pennies from above, I see you tails up

Thank You


So many blogs have helped me to pursue this dream of mine and helped to bring Hamden into the hands of more than I ever thought possible.


Book Addict Mumma, Reading is my Time Out, Reviews by Tammy and Kim, It Started with a Book Blog, Maria’s Book Blog, Rude Girl Book Blog, Romance Book Worm, Three Chicks and Their Books, Confessions of a Book Heaux, the Reading Vixen and so many others. I can never thank you enough.


My Book Club

Deb, Lilly, Holly, and Judi

Frou Frou Girly Drinks, Research in the name of Hamden and laughs until my belly hurt.


My Girlfriends

Deb, there are no words for all that you have done for me. You’ve helped bring these books to life, have encouraged me even in my panic stricken mode, and been my biggest fan.

Angie, you reminded me that there truly are genuine good people in the world and have shared your charismatic love of the little blessings in life with me.

Nicole, for continuing to be my anchor to normalcy and my extension to reality when I need it.

Tish, for laughter and everyday life as well as the balance of immature hysterics

Holly and Jilly, for decades of memories, lifelines that I have cemented into my sanity even when I don’t show it.


Mom, Tracey, Kristy, Lynetta, Alice, Kim, Bethany, Stephanie, Karleigh, Maria, Stacy, Tammy, Kristi, Nickey, Brandy, Kelly, Vicky, Cheri, Susan, Meghan, Denise, Kerri, Carolyn, Beth, Donna, Lori, Auntie, Karyn, Judi, Sarah, and Henry

For walking this crazy journey with me, day in and day out. You’ve stuck with me when I wanted to give up, reminding me why I do this, dried my tears or gave me something to laugh about when all I felt was despair, and for giving me the confidence to bring my Hamden Hotties to the masses.


Lola Nash looked at the enormous warehouse in front of her, thinking Rebecca must have given her the wrong address. The building in question looked deserted, but massive. Lola pulled her old green Wrangler into a spot in front of the only door she could see. She hopped out, adjusting her sunflower yellow dress to fall loosely around her. She wore her brown suede heels, praying that she would not have to remain on her feet too long, because in all honesty, they were the most uncomfortable shoes to wear. Getting an uncomfortable feeling in her stomach, Lola double-checked the paper that had the address and time of her interview. Lola looked at her reflection in the large unlabeled glass door, deeming her appearance suitable for her interview, she reached for the door. However, there was no door handle, only a large red button to the left of the door. Squaring her shoulders and taking a deep breath, Lola pressed the button. She was just about to give up, when the door opened. A small petite woman opened the door and said in a thick German accent, “Ms. Nash, I presume?”

“Please, come in.” Backing away and gesturing with one of her stiff arms. “My name is Gitta,” she said finishing with a tight smile; an unfriendly aura surrounded her.

Lola slowly walked toward the woman who was holding the door open and led the way into the building. The hallway was dark, limiting Lola’s quick and erratic gaze trying to see anything through the darkness.

“Just this way Ms. Nash.” Gitta said, as the distinct clicking of Gitta’s heels was the only clue to which direction she was being led through the darkness. Suddenly, Lola was in a naturally lit area with huge windows at the top of two story walls. She finally was able to get a good look at Gitta as they continued walking with a purpose. For such a small woman, she looked anything but delicate. Her drab brown hair was pulled back in a severe bun. Her gray tweed suit looked dated and stiff. She wore a thick black scarf around her neck with its ends tucked into the top of her suit coat. Her simple black pumps were just as boring as her outdated suit. The only part of her attire that was surprising was her stockings; a thick black seam ran down the back of her calves. Generally, not something you would see in the woman’s fashion department, but rather, only seen in the fetish section of lingerie catalogs.

Finally, they reached a set of doors that looked to be at least fifteen feet high. They looked impenetrable. Lola watched as this small woman turned the handle and eased the huge door open.

“Whoa,” escaped Lola as she walked into a club looking area; the size of a football field. Even though the room was stripped bare, it was easy to see the balconies adorning the far left walls and the large central staircase leading up to what looked like a stage. The cold industrial looking décor sent a chill through her system. Off to each side of the central staircase where large tunnels leading to more darkness.

Lola was lost in thought as she took in the enormous room, she didn’t see when Gitta came to an abrupt stop and turned around, almost causing Lola to crash right into her. “Ms. Nash, the position I am offering you is to serve refreshments. Does that sound like something you could handle?” Gitta asked in a curt, heavy accented, clipped voice.

Yeah, I think I can handle that. If not, I wouldn’t be here, now would I?
But Lola thought better of it and decided to hold her tongue. Remembering that Rebecca said this job paid more in one night than she made all month at the restaurant she worked at, the thought had peaked Lola’s interest.

“Yes, I’m a bartender.” Lola answered.

“Your experiences tending bar is not what you will be using.” Without a change to her facial expression, “You will be delivering refreshments to the members. Do you understand?” Gitta asked.

Now Lola’s annoyance was creeping up. She was not one to be intimidated by anyone, let alone be spoken to as if she was four years old. She was just about to say as much when Gitta spoke.

“You will be paid $800 cash for a six hour shift. That does not include whatever tips you receive, which of course, are yours to keep as well. You will be supplied a uniform. There will be no employment paperwork. This is strictly cash only employment. You were recommended for this position by Ms. Thatcher, because of your ability to use discretion. Upon your arrival, I see you will be acceptable. This position is not something you can discuss with anyone. Am I making myself clear?”

Discretion? Acceptable?
What the hell did Rebecca sign me up for? But, that kind of money is enough for her rent for one month. As long as it isn’t anything illegal, it cannot be that bad, right?

BOOK: Three of Diamonds (Hamden Series)
5.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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