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Slave-Girl Sex Bundle

By Annie DuBois

Copyright 2012 by Annie DuBois

Table of Contents


An Abused Slave Girl

The Bound Slave-Girl

Submission, Confession, Submission

An Abused Slave-Girl

was 3 o’clock in the morning when the phone rang. Spencer
Clarke, the sleep still hanging heavily in his eyes, looked over at
the caller ID on his cell phone. “Slave”, it read.
Annoyed at being woken up at such an ungodly hour, but genuinely
curious about what the call was about, Spencer picked up the phone.

he asked.

me. I’m so sorry to bother you, but I just couldn’t
sleep. I didn’t know what to do, so I called you. I’m
hope you’re not mad,” the young woman told him.

course I’m fucking mad, it’s 3 o’clock in the
morning and you just woke me up,” said Spencer, the anger
becoming apparent in his voice.

sorry Sir, it’s just…”

your ass over here right now,” he said, interrupting his slave
and hanging up the phone.

set his phone down and stretched out his hands over his head. He was
genuinely angery at being woken up so early, but now that the
grogginess was starting to leave his head, he realized that he was
also looking forward to seeing his slave. Not that he would let her
know that. After quickly getting dressed, Spencer put on a pot of
coffee, went out to his living room and waited. Five minutes later,
there was a knock at his door.

you,” he said, swinging open the door.

slave stood in the doorway, looking at her shoes and saying nothing.
Tamara Eden was in her late 20s, and was a tiny thing. She stood just
over five feet tall and had a baby-face that was very pretty. Her
shoulder length, light brown hair was put up in a ponytail, and she
wore a simple, light blue sun dress even though the temperature had
dropped during the long, late summer night.

in here, and don’t you dare look at me,” Spencer said,
turning around and walking back into his living room.

was right on his heels, and as soon as the door closed behind her,
she dropped to her knees and put her hands behind her head. Spencer
saw what she was doing, but chose to ignore her, heading into the
kitchen and grabbing himself a cup of coffee. As soon as his bare
feet stepped on the cool tile floor, Spencer immediately knew what
Tamara’s punishment would be. After pouring himself a cup of
piping hot coffee, the still drowsy man reached into the freezer and
pulled out a handful of ice cubes. Placing them on a small tray,
Spencer went back into the living room.

was right where he had left her, on her knees with her hands behind
her head, only now a look of nervous excitement was displayed on her

know you’re in for some punishment for waking me up like this,
don’t you slave?” Spencer asked her.

Sir,” Tamara replied, not taking her eyes off of the floor.

the powerful man commanded.

did as she was told as quickly as she could, standing up and slipping
off her mini-skirt, tank top, bra, and panties as quickly as she
could manage. Her beautiful body now stood exposed to her longtime
master. The nipples on her perky, B-cup breasts were already stiff
with excitement, and the young woman could already feel the wetness
between her legs. Noticing the look of desire in the young woman’s
face, Spencer knelt down and placed in strong hand against Tamara’s
swollen, shaved, pussy.

know this is what you would like right now,” he said, slowly
rubbing her exposed mound, “but you’re going to have to
earn it. As much as I love your little visits, you woke me up, and
for that you’re going to have to pay.”

those words, Spencer removed his hand, stood up, and grabbed his cup
of steaming hot coffee.

your hands and knees, bitch. Ass in the air,” he commanded.

did as she was told, her heart beginning to race in anticipation of
the punishment to come. Spencer walked a slow circle around the young
woman, examining her in all of her beauty until he felt a stirring in
his loins. Dropping to his knees next to her, he gave her a hard slap
on the ass before proceeding to set his mug of black coffee in the
small of her back.

you can probably tell already, the coffee inside that mug is very
hot. Wouldn’t you agree?” he asked his slave.

Sir. It’s very hot,” she replied, struggling to balance
the ceramic mug without spilling anything.

over to his tray, Spencer grabbed a cube of ice and began rubbing it
on the young woman’s ass cheeks. The shock of the cold caused
Tamara’s muscles to contract and a yelp to exit her mouth as a
few drops of steaming hot coffee spilled from the mug and scalded her

don’t it?” Spencer asked, laughing at the pain of his

Sir,” Tamara squeaked, doing her best to keep her body as still
as possible.

the nearly melted ice cube fall to the floor, Spencer picked up his
cup of coffee and took a sip.

too hot to drink,” he told her, setting the mug back down and
picking up a new cube of ice.

the cube carefully between his thumb and forefingers, Spencer placed
the frozen chunk against his slave’s pink wet pussy. Tamara
cried out at the sensation, but being prepared this time, was able to
not spill any of the steaming liquid beverage perched on her back.

it’s so cold!” she cried.

her pleas, Spencer slid the ice cube into the slave’s quivering
pussy. She again cried out, but her pain did nothing to move her
master, who was still annoying at having to be woken up so early.

doing well, little one,” he told her, picking the cup back up
and taking a sip, “but the coffee’s still too hot. I
figure it will have cooled down after one more cube.”

the cup back down, Spencer picked up one more cube of ice and set it
at the entrance of Tamara’s beautiful, shaved asshole.

Sir, don’t!” the young woman pleaded, her entire body
beginning to shake, causing a splash of the coffee to spill out on to
her back.

her pleas did nothing to temper Spencer, who was already sliding the
ice cube into Tamara’s sweet pucker. The young slave screamed,
but remained as still as she could, knowing that one false move could
result in the entire cup of scalding hot coffee spilling out onto her
back. As the widest part of the ice cube entered her, Tamara began to
sob. A few seconds later the entirety of the cube had slid into her
ass. Showing some mercy, Spencer picked his coffee cup up and took
another sip.

seems drinkable,” he said, taking the cup and sitting down on a
recliner on the opposite side of the room.

remained on her hands and knees, breathing heavily and telling
herself silently that the cubes must be melted and that the worst of
her punishment was now over. After a few minutes, the overwhelming
intensity of the cold had worn off, and was replaced by an
overwhelming sexual desire. Tamara wanted so bad to look at her
master and beg to be fucked, but she did not want to risk even more
punishment by breaking the rules. Spencer, however, was an observant
master and noticed his slaves ancyness.

looks like you’re a little wound up, little one. Am I right in
thinking that?” Spencer asked, draining his cup of coffee and
walking back over towards the young woman.

Sir. Very ancy,” she replied, making sure to keep her eyes on
the floor.

you like me to do something about that,” Spencer asked, tugging
lightly on his slave’s ponytail.

Sir. Please, Sir,” she responded.

his pants, Spencer took out his semi-erect cock. Even though it
wasn’t fully engorged, it was still big, and a pearly drop of
pre-cum hung on from the tip of it.

up slave. Suck,” Spencer commanded.

having to be told twice, Tamara immediately rose off of her hands and
dove her eager mouth onto her master’s cock. Spencer moaned in
pleasure as Tamara began sucking him off. Within seconds, Spencer’s
cock was fully erect and slamming into the back of the young woman’s

it all,” he commanded.

complied, and began to take as much of Spencer’s 8 inches into
her mouth as she could. She gagged and coughed, but didn’t let
that stop her. Soon enough, her nose was slammed against his torso,
and the head of Spencer’s cock was buried deep in Tamara’s

slut,” the master commended.

looked up and smiled, but was met with a harsh slap to the face.

did I say about looking at me?” Spencer barked.

back at the floor, the young woman continued deep throating her
master until she felt his cock begin to quiver and his hips begin to
rock back and forth. Grabbing his slave forcefully by the hair,
Spencer thrust his massive cock deep into Tamara’s throat and
let loose his massive load. The young slave choked and coughed, doing
her best to take all of the cock and cum. She wasn’t, however,
completely successful. A spurt of cum shot out her nose right before
Spencer removed his cock from her mouth. Not wanting to disappoint,
she scooped up the stray jism on her upper lip and immediately stuck
it back into her mouth and swallowed.

a good slave,” Spencer told her, putting his still firm cock
back into his pants.

across the room and sitting down on his recliner, Spencer made a
“come hither” motion with his pointer finger, and
gestured down at his lap. Tamara crawled slowly on all fours across
the carpeted living room until she was at the feet of her master.

here, little one,” the smiling dominant commanded.

obeyed, lying across Spencer’s lap, her hips pressing firmly
against his still hard cock.

you like pain, or pleasure?” he asked.

took a moment to consider. She was incredibly horny, but knew that
she had been a bad slave by waking her master up so early in the

been bad, master. I think I need more punishment,” she

is true, you have been bad, but you’ve also behaved very well
since you’ve been here. I don’t want you to be too hard
on yourself. So I’m going to say…”

fell silent as he considered all of his options.

going to say pain, followed by pleasure,” he finally decided.

smile crossed Tamara’s face. That is what she had been secretly
hoping for all along. Before she had time to get too comfortable,
however, Spencer lifted his hand back and delivered a harsh slap to
his slave’s exposed backside. Tamara gave a yelp, but was quick
to let Spencer know how much she appreciated the punishment.

you, Sir,” she told him.

again raised his hand, and again delivered a hard slap to Tamara’s
exposed, reddening ass.


cried out, and tried to squirm away, but Spencer was too quick for
her. Grabbing a handful of her hair to keep her from fleeing, Spencer
delivered three successive slaps to his slave’s ass, all in the
same spot on her left cheek. Tamara kicked and screamed, but Spencer
didn’t let up, delivering blow after open handed blow to her
now tender ass.

Master! Please stop!” she yelled.

go of her hair, Spencer began tenderly massaging his slave’s
now bruised backside.

a good girl. You’re done good. Just a few more and then…”

those words, he moved his hand between her legs and slid his finger
into Tamara’s eager, sloppy wet snatch. Tamara moaned in
pleasure, and began to greedily rock her hips back and forth. Spencer
immediately took his finger out and gave her another powerful slap to
the ass.

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