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To Know Her by Name

BOOK: To Know Her by Name

All Scripture quotations are from the King James Version of the Bible.
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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or to events or locales, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright © 1997 by Lori Wick
Published by Harvest House Publishers
Eugene, Oregon 97402

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Wick, Lori.
    To know her by name / Lori Wick.
        p.    cm. — (Rocky Mountain memories series)
     ISBN-13: 978-0-7369-1820-6
     ISBN-10: 0-7369-1820-5

     1. Frontier and pioneer life—Rocky Mountains Region—Fiction.  2. Man-woman relationships—Rocky Mountains Region—Fiction.  I. Title.  II. Series:
Wick, Lori. Rocky Mountain memories series.

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One of my favorite books for one
of my favorite people, Roxie Carley.
I'm not sure what I would do without you,
dear friend, and I hope I'll never have to find out.
This dedication comes with my love and prayers.

About the Author

LORI WICK is one of the most versatile Christian fiction writers in the market today. Her works include pioneer fiction, two series set in England, and contemporary novels. Lori's books (more than 5 million copies in print) continue to delight readers and top the Christian bestselling fiction list. Lori and her husband, Bob, live in Wisconsin and are parents of “the three coolest kids in the world.”

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About the Author



















































Each book is a process and an adventure. Each book is a journey. This page is for just a few, out of the many, who have traveled that road with me.

I wish to acknowledge Helen Wick, my mother-in-law. You challenge, encourage, love, and support me. Your ear has never been too busy to listen, and even when it's difficult, you speak truth to me. Your example in Christ has helped me move mountains. Thank you for remaining ever faithful.

And for Jane Kolstad, my sister-in-law. Your time and efforts on behalf of each manuscript have helped me grow as a writer. Thank you, Jane, for all your help and for loving me unconditionally.

And to the memory of my maternal grandmother, Mabel Strebig. You were so fun, Grandma. My childhood memories of you are sweet, filled with love and caring. I will miss you.

And finally to my husband, Bob. Who would have thought that our journey would be the sweetest of all? I am often guilty of underestimating God, but never so much as where you're concerned. I am blessed beyond measure because I'm married to you.

The Civil War officially ended on May 26, 1865, when General Edmund Kirby Smith surrendered the last Confederate troops still in the field.

The war to preserve the American Union was finished. Even so, it was ofttimes weeks or months before men could muster out and reach their homes across the country.
The journey to that end is where this story begins.


Colonel Nick Wallace stood outside the brick building in St. Louis, Missouri, the documents in his breast pocket forming a lump under his jacket. He moved swiftly up the steps, his aide, Peter Crandall, just a step behind him. The rest of his depleted regiment were garrisoned at the temporary barracks on the west side of the city.

“The general is waiting for you, Colonel,” the private at the door, saluting smartly, said as soon as the two men came into view. The colonel returned the salute and stepped in as the door was opened.

“Colonel Wallace, sir,” a second private announced him, and Nick now saluted his commanding officer.

“Come in, Nick.” The general returned the salute but became familiar as soon as the door was closed. “Have a seat.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Nick reached into his pocket, handed the papers across the desk, and then made himself comfortable in the wooden chair.

The general nodded his approval over the documents and then set them aside. “Thank you for bringing these, Nick. What happens from here?”

“My regiment is ready to head out. We'll be leaving today. Some are done with their tour of duty; others will serve out their papers after we get to Denver.”

“And yourself ?”

“I'll stay in Denver, sir. Work with the treasury department awaits.”

“Not to mention your wife,” the general commented, a glint in his eye.

“Her, too,” the colonel smiled, the thought bringing him extreme pleasure.

The general nodded and stood. As much as he would have enjoyed talking to Wallace, he had others waiting to see him. He came around the desk and shook the colonel's hand.

“I wish you Godspeed, Nick.”

“Thank you, sir.”

The men saluted again, and Colonel Wallace made for the door. As had come to be the pattern of the last few months, Peter Crandall was immediately by his side, eyes watching and ready for every command. Nick saluted the private at the door and led the way out, Peter following silently in his wake.

Once on the street, Nick spoke.

“I'm headed home, Peter.”

“Yes, sir.”

They walked along, their long legs eating up the yards and eventually many blocks.

“What about you? Where do you head after Denver—a new regiment?”

“I have my discharge papers, sir. I'm going home.”

Nicholas slowed and finally came to a complete stop as he realized he'd never asked the boy where he was from. There had been so little time for pleasantries.

“Where is home for you, Peter?”

“Boulder, sir.”

“Let me see your papers, son.”

Peter surrendered them willingly and stood respectfully as the older man read them.

“You're free to travel home from Denver certainly. Do you have a plan to get there?”

“No, sir, not at this moment.”

Nick looked at him. There was nothing attention-grabbing about him—just another young soldier who'd seen more pain and suffering than any man his age ever should. But Peter was the most intelligent aide he'd ever had. Not everything was done to perfection—he tended to be messy—but nothing in his service had been wanting since he'd joined the colonel's regiment some time before Christmas. He'd worked hard, but like so many others, he would soon be forced to make a life for himself outside of the military.

“How old are you, Peter?”

“Eighteen, sir.”

“And you do have family in Boulder?”

“Yes, sir.”

Nick's mind was made up. He would take him to his home in Denver.

“Come with me, Peter.”

“I always do, sir.”

A smile lit the colonel's eyes, and he laid a hand on Peter's shoulder. So alike in stride and thinking, the men turned and continued on toward the west end, first to the camp where the regiment rested, and then to the train station.

Many weeks later Peter stood and witnessed a tearful reunion between the colonel and his wife, his heart clenching as he thought about seeing his own parents.

Nick and Camille Wallace urged Peter to stay more than one night, if not several days, but eager to see his family, Peter was up and gone early the following morning. His destination was the Boulder foothills. Nick had offered Peter a job in Denver with the treasury department but believed he'd seen the last of him. Peter surprised the older man by showing up just two weeks later.

“Peter,” Nick spoke with delight and surprise as the housekeeper showed the young man into the parlor.

“Hello, Colonel. I hope I'm not imposing.”

“Of course not. How is your family?”

“My mother is well, sir, but my father died while I was away.” The words were spoken quietly.

“I'm sorry, son.”

“Thank you, sir. I came back because you'd mentioned a job.”

“Yes, my offer still stands. I always need more clerks. The pay won't be first-rate—cutbacks across the countryside. You know all about that, but I can use you.”

“Yes, sir, but would the offer still stand …” Peter hesitated, “that is … I'm not 18 as I said I was.”

Nick smiled. How many young men had lied their way into the service? The colonel did not condone such actions, but he'd seen Peter at work: A brighter young man he'd yet to encounter.

“I'm not too worried about it, Peter. How old are you?”

“Just 16, sir.”

Nick nodded his head. “I can still use you.”

“Can you still use me if I'm a girl?”

This time Nick did not smile or speak; he felt incapable of either for many minutes. But at the moment there was no need. Peter was speaking again, and all the colonel could do was listen. It wasn't many minutes later that the older man decided he still had a job for his aide.

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