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She cupped his balls first, not
sure why but wanting to feel him there.  He was big and she weighed them
gently with her hands before leaning forward and placing her mouth on them for
a gentle kiss before zigzagging her tongue up his erection to the tip. 
She breathed hot, damp air over the skin and felt Derek’s hands anchor the
sides of her head, not pulling or pressing, just there. 

She licked the bead of clear
liquid signaling his arousal before swirling her tongue over the head. 
Pursing her lips, she pressed the head through them and into her hot

She gripped the base of his
cock firmly in one hand, encompassing the full length of him, and sucked repeatedly
with several quick pulls before a long, tantalizing movement that pulled him
inside.  Then she bobbed her head, releasing him before doing it
again.  Several quick potent sucks followed by two pulls - long steady
sucks that made him tighten his hands in her hair. 

She did it again and again,
alternating between short potent moves with her tongue stroking the base of his
cock then long fucking sucks that she imagined he would feel if he plunged deep
into her tight core.  She felt him grow harder, longer, and knew he was
enjoying this. 

This wasn’t enough though.
 She slid her free hand up his legs to cup his balls, playing there for a
moment before lowering her mouth to suck one into her mouth and tongue
gently.  His hands moved around her head, grasping and twisting her hair,
pulling it into tight bunches on each side.  She released the first ball
before sucking the other into her hot mouth. 

He growled low in his
throat.  “Put your mouth back on my cock.”  His grip on her hair
tightened and pulled her upright.  Tears stung her eyes at the pull on her
scalp.  She opened her mouth to him, sucking and tonguing what she could

He relaxed his hands a bit,
giving her freedom of movement, and she bobbed her head again in a series of
long, sucking motions.  She moved her mouth over him just the way she
wanted his cock to move in her.  Unrelenting. 

She lifted her eyes and saw he
was watching her with a gaze the temperature of melting steel.  She
lowered her hand between her legs and plunged two fingers inside, wetting
herself with her juices.  She toyed with his balls again as she sucked him
deep before stroking back between his legs and up to his hole.  She
pressed her finger inside, and he moaned.  She felt him flex around her. 
She pressed her finger deeper, unrelenting. 

“Oh fuck yeah.  Fuck
yeah.”  He took control as he pumped his hips, pushing further into her
mouth.  Forward to her throat, then back to lodge her finger more firmly
against the gland that would skyrocket his orgasm. 

He slid his hands to her neck
to squeeze slightly, tilting her head back.  “Open your throat.”

She didn’t remember doing it
before.  She remembered nothing, but her body knew what to do.  She
lowered herself, tilted her mouth up, and he leaned over her, pressing deeper,
touching the back of her throat with each thrust.  “Perfect.” 

She heard a door close and
tried to pull away and search for the visitor, but his hands were back in her
hair.  He either didn’t notice or didn’t care.  She couldn’t speak,
couldn’t move, just stayed in position, but her eyes flew to his only to find
him focused elsewhere momentarily until his eyes dropped back to meet hers,
challenging.  His face was chiseled with desire, his square jaw clenched
as he licked his lips.  “Keep working me with that beautiful mouth of

Someone else was present,
watching, but Derek was master of the house, the situation, her.  They
wouldn’t stop until he was ready.

His eyes were drooped with
wanting, and his big body was tense, so close.  She was wet too, aching to
please him.  She closed her lips, angled her head further and sucked him
as far as he would go while pumping her finger, tunneling in and out once,
before holding tight inside him.

He was primed, ready to come,
and her efforts rewarded.  “So fucking perfect.  That mouth. 
Never has there been anyone sexier than you, Sara.”

He came with long spurts and
she swallowed for him.  When they separated, he lifted her upright to
place a gentle kiss on her lips.  She glanced around then but whoever was
there had gone. 

He pulled her attention back
when he lifted the shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor.  “Lie

She glanced around again. 
“Is it okay?  Are we alone?”

His expression pierced through
her doubt.  “It’s okay if I say it is.”  Definitely the master.

She was still aching,
needy.  He laid her back on the soft fabric of the sofa and spread her
legs, bent at the knees.  She was open to him, wet for him.  He
wrapped his mouth around her nipple and sucked and she felt her core pulse. 
His touch on her clit jolted her, and she pumped her hips. 

“I want you.”  She was
demanding but couldn’t stop the words.  “I need you inside me. 

“I know.  You need to be
fucked.  We’re going to make this easy on you, sweetheart.”

He pressed one finger deep,
rotated and
in a spot that had her quivering in seconds.
“Oh.  Oh, please.”  She moaned loudly.  She didn’t feel
embarrassed or vulnerable, just filled with the desire to have him touch her,
make her come. 

He added another finger, pumping
twice before stilling on the same spot to massage deep within.  She cried
out as the muscles in her belly tensed. 

“Ready to come?”

She dropped her head back,
unable to focus and answer.  She had wanted this before she took in her
mouth, and that felt like hours ago.  The tension had been building, and
she was so turned on she wasn’t sure she could take much more.  His
fingers stilled, and she recalled his question.  “So much.”

He pressed his fingers deep,
continuing to pump and stroke and settled his mouth over her clit.  The
first stroke of his tongue was warm and wet.  She couldn’t take her eyes
off him.  He stroked his tongue around her cleft and his plunging fingers
just before his mouth latched on and sucked.   Her breath was
shallow, her skin damp. 

He lifted his mouth and blew
across her clit before sucking deeply again.  The sensations were too

“Come.”  His touch took
her to the edge, but that one powerful command hurled her off. 

She came with a cry that lasted
forever.  Her channel tightened and pulled at his fingers and her clit
pulsed on his tongue. 

He pulled his fingers free when
her tremors stopped, but he didn’t move away.  Instead, he kissed her
forehead, nose and mouth.  “You need to rest.”

“I need a shower.”  She felt
exhausted now and her speech was slow and weighted.  He frowned at her and
helped gather the clothes. 

“Let me help you.”  He put
her in the shower and watched her dress when she emerged, clean and
lethargic.  He settled her back on the couch with a bowl of soup. 

 “I need to run a few
errands.  I’ll be back this afternoon.  Don’t go anywhere.”

“Where would I go?”  She
shrugged and smiled.

He didn’t.  “The million
dollar question.”

Only when she heard the car
pull away did she realize she had forgotten to ask who had seen them.



Sara found a bottle of pain
reliever in the kitchen cabinet and took two.  Her headache was still
there, like a dull knife torturing her.  The sunlight was dwindling as
evening approached and she wondered, not for the first time that day, if anyone
was missing her. 

The allure of the television
was lost, and she headed for the stairs to explore.  She stopped in the
first bedroom to look around the stark emptiness.  It was an odd room, so
different from the rest of the house.   She backed out and closed the
door before moving on to the room where she had slept.  She found herself
standing in the bathroom, gazing into Derek’s room.  The bed was large and

Just a few minutes inside
wouldn’t matter.  She ran her fingertips along the dark wood of his large
bureau, looking at the few pieces of art and statues decorating the
space.  It was a beautiful, masculine room.  It was clear no woman
was represented by the furnishings.  All man.  All Derek.  But
she didn’t feel uncomfortable here.  Hardly. 

She opened the door to a large
closet and stepped inside.  It smelled of him.  Warm, soothing,
sexy.  She ran her hand over the ties visible in an open drawer in the
built in cabinet.  Smooth and sexy, just like him.  She lifted a tie,
a dark gray one offset with a blue pattern, and touched it to her lips.
 Yes, it also smelled just like him.  Scrumptious.  She placed
it back on the shelf and closed the drawer.  The one beneath was ajar and
she tried to close it as well.  It hung on something, so she opened it
slightly and slipped her hand inside to dislodge whatever was catching. 
When that didn’t work, she pulled it free to try again.  

Her eyes widened at what she
saw.  Pictures.  She felt herself grow tense and her head throbbed
again, reminding her that she was in trouble.   She lifted a handful
of portraits and studied the one on top.  A woman, bound, blindfolded, on
her knees.  Waiting.  Sara felt her stomach tighten as she scanned the
photo.  She flipped to the next one.  The same woman on her belly
across a wooden contraption.  Sara felt her skin flush.   The
woman was spread, naked, exposed, with something, Sara couldn’t tell what,
pressed between her legs.  Her wrists were bound to the wood.  Her
skin was striped and red, marked as if she’d been beaten.   No, not
beaten.  This was not abuse but a lifestyle.  The woman was looking
at the camera, and her expression wasn’t afraid or pained.  She looked…
content, happy.

The next picture caused Sara to
still.  A man was in the scene this time.  Derek.  The woman was
on her knees again, with his cock in her mouth.  His face was
replete.  Pleasured.  At such total peace.  The image caught him
in mid-pump, she could tell by his posture, he was easing in and out of the
woman’s mouth.  Sara felt her frown grow.  Her rescuer wasn’t really
hers.   She had no reason to think he was.  Still, she felt
empty and lonely looking at the pictures of him with this other woman. 

She felt tears rest on her
lower lids as she put the pictures back in the drawer.  She slid it as far
as it would close and turned to go but ran into someone standing behind her.

She let out a shriek to wake
the dead.  She batted her hands, swatting at him as he gripped her
shoulders.  Her tears let go and trailed down her cheeks. 

“Stop.  Sara.”

Derek.  She stopped
fighting and stepped back, folding her arms over her chest, but he wasn’t
letting her go that easily.  When she tried to sidestep him to leave the
confined area, he blocked her.

“Something upset you?” 

She couldn’t meet his
eyes.  What place did she have in here anyway?  This was his home,
his personal space.  She had invaded his life, his privacy, and had felt
some ridiculous connection to him.  She shook her head.  It was ridiculous. 
She didn’t even know him.  He seemed important, was important, because she
knew no one else.  He was the only thing holding her from what seemed like
the edge of the dark emptiness.  She was trying to remain calm but she was
completely lost, missing, untethered and unwanted.  He was it right
now.  She needed to get out of here before she made a complete fool of
herself.  She needed…

His warm arms pulled her close
and when she should have pulled back, she buried her face in his shirt.  The
few tears on her cheeks seemed to multiply, and for some reason she couldn’t
seem to stop them.  The pictures had tipped her already untenable
situation over the edge.

“It’s alright.  You’re

She didn’t answer, just shook
her head.  She didn’t want his comfort.  She didn’t even know
him.  He didn’t know her.  She was just convenient and apparently

“Want to go home.”  Her
voice wavered as she spoke. 

He pulled back to look more
closely at her face.  “Do you remember home?”

She looked away and shook her
head.  The movement made her headache pound violently.  She lifted
her hand to massage her temple.

“You’re ill.  Let’s get
you settled.” 

She didn’t fight him as he led
her to his bed and drew back the covers.   Once she was settled, he
flipped the light switch, leaving the room in darkness and quietly closing the
door.  Sara tried to stem her tears.  They were still flowing and her
head was nearly exploding with pain when he returned sometime later with
another man.  He turned up the lights to a low dim.

“Sara, this is Gideon, Dr.
Hendrix.  I called for him to come have a look.”

She watched the man,
warily.  He was probably older than Derek, but nearly as handsome and in
shape.  She hoped he could help her.  Derek went to the bathroom and
returned with a box of Kleenex.  He sat it on the nightstand, but before
he could tend to her, the doctor intervened. 

“I think you’ve done enough,
Derek.  I’ll need a few moments alone with my patient.”

BOOK: To Know Her (Erotic Romance)
11.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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