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She wasn’t sure of his plan
until he pressed her legs wider with his forearms before sliding down and
burying his face in her wet heat.

She was startled by the
intimate move.  They lay in broad daylight, on land that belonged to she
didn’t even know who, and she was ass bare.  A man she’d known only a few
days was sprawled on the blanket licking her core.  She was sure it was a
bad idea.  But it felt so good, she didn’t want him to stop.

With his arms holding her open,
his hands massaging the back of her thighs and his mouth a breath away from her
folds, she couldn’t find the words to resist. 

She wasn’t relaxed.  She
was perched, half twisted, watching the dark hair that brushed his
forehead.  He seemed to be settling in for a long stay, and she couldn’t
make up her mind whether to object or relax and let it happen. 

He didn’t let her tarry for
long.  A firm slap rang out as his hand made contact with her ass. 
The force wasn’t enough to do more than sting, but it toppled her forward onto
the blanket, putting her comfortably in his reach.  His tongue ran up her
slit, and he growled into her flesh. 

Time stood still as his mouth
worked between her legs.  Sara’s breath caught in her throat as she hung
between awareness and the wash of ecstasy.  His roaming hands, pressing
lips, jutting tongue made quick convincing her.  She gave a low cry and
pressed her face into the blanket. 

His hands gripped her thighs,
immobilizing her, when she might have moved forward.  He eased off,
gentling his touch, making her seek him out.  She shifted back, wanting
more, and he sat up quickly, pulled her higher and backwards so she nearly
squatted over his lap, right at the tip of his cock.  She needed
more.  More of his mouth, more of his touch, more of the comfort he

He slid the tip just inside and

“Mmmm.  So wet. 
What’s got you so ready?”

She tried to scoot back to take
him further inside, but he held her hip firmly.   He pushed her
loosened blouse higher on her back.  He stroked the skin and leaned
forward to kiss the smooth skin there.

“Please.”  Her whisper
incited him, and he responded with a pump of his hips.  He pressed just
inside her tight channel. 

“Please?  We’ll get
there.  Tell me you want it.” He nudged forward another smidge, and the
tight tissues shivered under the pressure. 

Her breath was loud, like she’d
run a mile but she couldn’t have been more focused, intent.  The missing
memories were forgotten.  The anxiety of someone seeing them in the throes
of passion no longer worried her.  His secrets were swept from her mind
for the moment.  She wanted him.  He was all she wanted.  Like
her body knew his in some elemental way. 

“Give it to me. 

His grip on her hip loosened,
and she took advantage of the freedom, bouncing back, impaling herself further
on his cock.  Her grip on the blanket tightened, and she clenched her eyes
shut, focusing on the pressure building low in her belly.  The tension was
delicious and torturous all at once.

His hand slid into her hair,
grasping the long blond tresses and winding into a firm hold, and then he
pressed home with one hard pump of his hips. 

“Ah…Derek. “  She held
still, unable to move with the feeling of impalement. 

His hand tightened in her hair,
and he dragged his cock to her entrance before slamming in again.  He was
in no hurry, enter and withdraw, moving at a languorous pace, and she quickly
felt her control slip. 

If he wasn’t increasing the
tension in her hair, Sara might not have known he was truly affected at
all.  Knowing he wanted it too just spurred her on. 

“Faster,” she gritted out
before sobbing once. 

She felt him quickly withdraw
and immediately craved him again.  He gave one side of her ass another
slap.  She jumped, startled, but his hand slid around her waist, pulling
her upright, and she seemed to float into position above him.  He
stretched back on the blanket with her perched across his lap. 

His eyes were hot and
mysterious.  She wasted no time sliding down onto his cock, the feeling of
connection touching deep.  She rocked back and forth while touching
everywhere she could reach, loving the freedom to explore.  His chest was
smooth and tanned, and she leaned forward to kiss his neck. 

He held her there, her body
moving over his.  The sound of wet skin sliding over wet skin, and the
delicious warm scent of man stirred an orgasm that seemed to destroy her. 
She moaned as she came, and Derek quickly followed, filling her with heat.

She lay stretched across his
body as they caught their breaths.  He stroked her back and kissed her
hair before rolling to the side to dislodge her.  The loss of connection
made her feel vulnerable, reminding her how troubled her life was. 
Everything was lost.  She swallowed against the fullness in her throat and
reached for her panties.   

Derek took them from her and
surprised her by holding them out for her to slide in to.  He did the same
for her jeans, and she felt like a child, being cared for. 

Her “thanks” was barely a
whisper, and he caught her chin to give her a soft kiss that lasted several

“Let’s head back.  I want
to get you fed and in bed.”

She smiled and searched his
face for a hint at his meaning.  In bed, in bed?  Or asleep in
bed?  She couldn’t tell.  His face didn’t show heat any longer.
 The sky was darkening as they drove and by the time they were home, a roll
of thunder echoed in the distance.



When they pulled into the
drive, she saw another car parked in front of the house.  He pulled into
the garage, helped her off the bike and took her helmet.  She shook out
her hair as he put everything away.

“Go get cleaned up, and I’ll
check on dinner.”  He tapped her backside, urging her inside.

When she saw Gretchen sitting
with a man in the living room, she stalled, but Derek put his hand to her lower
back and followed her to the bedroom.

“Will there be visitors – other
visitors, I mean – for dinner?”

He ground his teeth. 
“Possibly.  I need to take care of a few things.  Get changed, and
I’ll come get you.”  He stepped outside and shut the door, effectively
closing her inside and ending their conversation. 

Sara watched the door
warily.   That had been odd.  He certainly hadn’t given her the
chance to speak to the stranger.  This was his life, not hers, and his
behavior made it clear that she wasn’t a part of it. 

She moved to shower off the
grime from the motorcycle ride and found a new outfit in the closet. This time
it was a champagne colored dress.  She ran her fingers over the
fabric.  So comfortable with crystals around the softly gathered elastic

She pulled it on and adjusted
its fit.  It hadn’t looked like much hanging up, but on, it was
magnificent.  The fabric fell off one shoulder to reveal everything above
the nipple of one breast.  A small strip held it in place on the opposite
shoulder.  It was beautiful and bright lying across her smooth golden
brown skin, draping over the mounds of her breasts and falling to mid-thigh.

The waist was tight but the
skirt was loose and pieced together from several hanging panels, strips really,
rather than one large piece.  It fell in a beautiful covering that twirled
around her with the smallest movement.  It was short enough that she’d
have to be careful not to show her small satin underwear.  Was that what
Derek wanted?  She thought back to the pictures.  Someone had taken
pictures of him having sex with the woman.  Had they also joined in? 
She swallowed and considered that.  It wasn’t entirely comfortable to
imagine someone else with them.  She was so connected to him.  She
didn’t think she would feel that way about someone else. 

She slipped on the matching
strappy sandals she found at the foot of the closet and found matching hoop
earrings on the dresser.  It was this way each time.  A new outfit,
exactly as he wanted her to appear, was presented each day.  It made it
very easy to be just what was needed, what he wanted.  This might not be
her life, but it felt comfortable.   She sighed and moved toward the
dining room.  He said he would come for her but hadn’t. 

There was no one in the kitchen
or living area.   Sara moved to the door to look outside.  Were
the cars gone?  She heard a noise from downstairs.  His office.
 She moved closer and heard the sound again.  It was a banging noise,
slapping in a slow rhythmic pattern.  The thought made her heart pound.

When she stood outside the
office, Sara realized that the sound came from further away and turned to
continue down the hall to another doorway.  The large door opened easily
when she laid her hand against the smooth, dark wood.

The sound was louder now,
accompanied by the cry of a woman.  The scene was quickly apparent. 
 Gretchen was stretched over a padded bench.  Her hands and feet were
bound as Derek and the other man stood over her.  Derek watched as the
stranger alternated between using a paddle on Gretchen’s bare backside and
stroking gently with his hand after each strike.

“When she is ready, I will tell
her.  Do not continue to interfere.”

“Yes, sir.”

She watched in horror as the
paddle slapped down on Gretchen’s pinkened skin again. 

“You do not have to agree to
obey.  I will not let you harm Sara by interfering.  Leave the
decisions to me.  Do you understand?”  Derek’s voice was stern and
cold.  Sara sucked in a breath. 

“Yes, sir.”  Tear filled
and muffled, Gretchen answered. 

“Tell me what?”  Sara’s
question wasn’t loud, but the tableau before her seemed to freeze.  Derek
turned to look in her direction.  “What am I not ready to hear?”

The other man continued to
stroke Gretchen rather than paddling her again, his touch soothing and welcome
if Gretchen’s moan was anything to go by.

Derek stalked over, crowding
her into the wall, hiding the scene behind him as he cupped Sara’s face in both
hands.  “There are things you don’t know.  The doctor agreed with me
that it was too soon to tell you everything.  You need to be given time to
remember things on your own.”

She stilled and tried to
swallow down the ache in her throat.   “So you know who I am?”

He kissed her cheek
softly.  His hands grounded her with their constant stroking.  “I
told you today, didn’t I?  I know you, inside and out.”

She nodded and grasped his
wrist.  “But you knew me – before?”  She lifted her confused eyes to
his.  They felt wet, and her breath came faster.  Had he let her
wander through the last few days, so confused, able to offer reassurance but
refusing to give it?

His small nod told her that was
exactly what had happened. 

“And we were together.  We
did this together?”  She nodded toward the room before looking back for
his answer.

He gave that terse nod again,
his eyes boring into hers, waiting for a response.  “Do you remember?”

She closed her eyes, images of
the last few days flashed past, but nothing was there before.  Nothing but
blackness.  She seemed to remember being in the dark, which didn’t make
sense because sconces lit the walls on all sides.   Somehow the place
was familiar.  And it felt incredibly lonely.

She shook her head. 
“Darkness.”  She felt the first tear fall as she glanced around the
room.  Her heart was heavy, and a wave of fear washed over
her.   Gretchen and the man stood watching her, waiting.  She
dropped her eyes and more tears fell.  “I remember darkness.”  The
floor, a dark wood, came into focus.  Gretchen spoke.

“It could be the hood, Derek.”

Sara lifted her face to see
Gretchen’s eyes focused on the wall where several styles of hoods hung on
hooks.  A hood.  Her stomach rolled, and her hand shot to her
mouth.  She suddenly felt smaller, inconsequential.  She lurched
forward, toward the stairs and through the front door.  It was raining
now, but that didn’t stop her.  She wanted distance, lots of distance,
between her and that room. 

She ran for the closest car,
rain pelting her bare arms and wetting her dress.   It was
locked.  She turned to check the others.  It didn’t matter which
one.  She just needed away.  The hood was the darkness.  Derek
had covered her face.  Every.  Time.  
You’re not her.
She didn’t remember everything, but the feeling of separation was something she
had thwarted since he’d picked her up on the highway.  Now it came rushing
back and made her heart ache. 

Strong arms wrapped around her,
but she didn’t want his comfort.  “No.”  She batted at the hands and
tried to shrug away.  “Don’t touch me.”

She struggled in his grasp, but
he wrapped her even tighter and held on.

“Please.  Stop.”  He was
much larger, and her efforts didn’t make him back away in the least.  He
continued to hold her, hugging her closer.   “Come back inside. 
It’s cold.  You need to get dried off and warm, so you don’t get
sick.  The baby…”

BOOK: To Know Her (Erotic Romance)
10.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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