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Triple Beat

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Triple Beat

Mari Carr


Dani was 17 years old when she ran from New Orleans like a thief in the night. With no idea where she was going or how she'd survive, she was certain of just one thing—she'd never again step foot in the Big Easy. Now, time and circumstances have made her a liar. After twelve long years, her beloved foster family, the Lewises, have tracked her down. And so has the very person who drove her away—her father.


Together with her best friends, Aiden and Bryson, Dani is standing at the precipice of success. Their band, Closing Time, has just signed with a major label and their star is on the rise. But Dani can't enjoy any kind of future while constantly looking over her shoulder, waiting for the past to catch up. It's time to return to New Orleans…time to confront the face that's always haunted her nightmares.


Aiden and Bryson have long suspected Dani is hiding something, some dark secret she refuses to confide. When she leaves Nashville without a word, they follow. How can they not? What they feel for her…what they
from her…won't allow them to let Dani face her demons alone. Whether she's ready to believe it or not, over the years, the men have come to know a few things for certain: they're stronger as a trio. And three hearts beat better as one.


Warning: This book contains a painful scene of abuse from 15-year-old Dani's past. Not for the faint of heart.






He sat at the end of the bar with his baseball cap pulled low over his face. Not that he needed to worry. The Lewis family had never seen him and even if they had, he looked a lot different now than he used to.

He’d grown a long beard to hide the scar he’d gotten in prison when his cellmate took exception to him stealing a cigarette and came at him with a fork in the cafeteria. They’d done a quick, shitty stitch job in the infirmary, and then sent him back to his cell. His attacker had been moved to other accommodations. Even so, he’d wear the reminder of that poor decision on his face for the rest of his life.

For twelve long years, he’d bided his time, looking for
. He’d done another stint behind bars for assault and battery after he’d beaten the shit out of the arrogant asshole who’d tried to repossess his car. They’d tacked on a robbery charge after he’d relieved the stupid prick of his wallet. That second time in prison had slowed down his search for her, but he was free again and determined that this time, nothing would stop him.

He took a sip of the beer he’d ordered, keeping his eyes on one man.

Jett Lewis. To the rest of the world, he was a bestselling author. To him, he was a means to an end.

This man was his best chance for finding his missing daughter. For four painstaking months, he’d been following Jett, careful to maintain enough distance that the man never spotted him, while keeping his ears and eyes open for mention of

Where Jett was, he was. As a result, he’d become a regular at the Royal Lunch. He’d been here often enough that no one seemed to take much notice of him anymore. Jett was fucking the bartender, a sexy little brunette he wouldn’t mind sticking it to a time or twenty. Of course, the little money-grubber would never glance his way now that she had her hands on Mr. Big Shot Writer’s cock and bank account.

He glanced around the room, wondering if he was taking too big a risk this time. The place was crowded. Most of the Lewis clan was here, celebrating something. While he didn’t think anyone would recognize him, it would be stupid to blow his cover. 

Besides, their happiness was annoying as shit. It was giving him a headache. He’d almost convinced himself to pay the tab and split when another man came in.

Jett visibly stiffed, which caught his attention.

“Who is it?” he heard the bartender slut ask.

Jett didn’t answer her question. Instead, he walked over to greet the man.

His ears perked up when he heard Jett ask, “You found something?”

The stranger nodded and passed over a file folder. Jett opened it, scanning the single sheet of paper inside.

“Is that her?” the stranger asked.

Jett nodded as an old woman—his busybody bitch of a mother—made her way across the room quickly.

“What’s wrong?” Mrs. Lewis asked.

Jett handed his mother the photograph. “It’s Dani, Mama. She’s alive and well and in Nashville.”

The man grinned. Jackpot.

He’d found her.

And this time, things would end much differently than they had before.

This time, they were going to finish what they’d started.




Chapter One


Dani Lewis turned onto the highway and settled in for the long, lonely eight-hour drive from Nashville to New Orleans. She hadn’t been back to Louisiana since she’d stumbled across the state line in the dead of night twelve years earlier. At the time, she had promised herself she’d never step foot in the Big Easy ever again.

So much for that vow.

She fiddled with the radio, looking for a station actually playing music versus the nonstop barrage of commercials, or deejays who loved the sound of their own voices a little too much. When she found nothing of interest, she switched the damn thing off and let the silence come in.

Unfortunately, with nothing to distract her, memories started to reemerge and form, playing in her mind like a flashback montage in a movie. Good and bad things converged until she was helpless to stop any of it, everything closing in on her at once.

Typically she pushed away thoughts of the past, burying all the horrible stuff deep, even at the expense of happier times. She couldn’t seem to separate the two, so she simply chose to forget it all.

This trip was going to bring it back again. Because of that, Dani would be smart to let the memories come. Force herself to face the tougher things so that she was prepared for what awaited her in New Orleans.

For the four-gazillionth time, she wondered if she should have told Aiden and Bryson where she was going. And just like the three gazillion, nine hundred and ninety-nine times before, she decided she’d been right to keep them in the dark.

If she had told them, she would have had to confess to lying to them about everything from day one. She never wanted to hurt them that way. Never wanted them to think she didn’t trust them. She did. There were just some things she’d worked very hard to bury. Dani had no desire to resurrect the victim she’d once been. She was dead and gone and, with any luck, she’d put the final nail in that coffin this weekend.

Of course, even if she had confessed to Aiden and Bryson the truth about her childhood, she didn’t doubt for a minute that her wonderful, loving, amazing best friends would have insisted on coming to New Orleans with her. She couldn’t let them do that.

Couldn’t put them in harm’s way.

The highway was quiet this late at night, the endless expanse of asphalt stretching out before her. At the end of the line were two emotions. The first was a fear so powerful and overwhelming, it was almost tangible. But she also felt utter, indescribable joy and excitement over the prospect of being reunited with her beloved foster family.

She’d been shocked when Jett had contacted her two months earlier. Apparently, he had hired a private investigator to find her. The fact that the family had cared so much and gone to such lengths to locate her touched Dani more than words could say.

Hearing Jett’s voice on the phone the first time had taken her so much by surprise that she’d had to sit down, her knees too weak to hold her up. She remembered every word they had said.




She jumped slightly as her home phone rang. Most people had her cell number these days, which meant no one called her landline except politicians on the election trail and telemarketers. She’d been meaning to get rid of the landline once and for all, but as a woman living alone, she felt safer with it.

She considered not answering, but reached for the receiver anyway.



Dani stood frozen at the kitchen counter. She set down the knife, forgetting about the tomato she had been chopping for her salad the instant she heard her name. She knew the voice, but her head kept telling her she had to be wrong. It couldn’t be. “Yes.”

“I found you. God. I can’t believe it. Your voice is the same. Exactly the same.”

“So is yours.”

He laughed. “I just started talking, didn’t I? Didn’t even remember to say what I’d practiced.”

Dani laughed as well, despite the fact her heart was racing a million miles an hour. “You practiced?”

She stumbled clumsily to the kitchen table, dropping down into a chair. She couldn’t quite wrap her head around the fact she was talking to Jett Lewis. While most of the world heard that name and thought “author”, Dani only thought “brother”.

“Yep. Wasn’t sure if you’d be happy to hear from me or not. I was nervous.”

“Jett…” She paused. For two years, he’d been her best friend, her confidante, her savior. If anyone should be nervous, it was her. She was the one who’d run and cut him off without a word…for twelve years. Wasn’t he pissed off at her for that?

Somehow, she found enough voice to say, “I’m so happy you called me.”

She could almost hear his smile through the phone when he said, “Thank God. I missed you, Dani. So much.”

“I missed you too.”




They’d spoken for almost two hours that night. Dani had tried to explain why she’d left, but in the end, Jett didn’t want an explanation. Or an apology. He just wanted to get to know the adult she’d become, to have his sister back.

The Lewis family had opened their home and their arms to her at the lowest point of her life. They’d shown her compassion and what it meant to belong to a loving family. For twenty-three blissful months, she’d been a part of that.

Then she’d run. She thought she’d lost them forever when she left, but Jett had made it perfectly clear she couldn’t get rid of them that easily. She’d laughed, grateful he couldn’t see the happy tears his words had provoked.

Since then, he had called her at least a dozen times. At first it was just to catch up, and then he started pressuring her to come to New Orleans for a visit. While he had told his family he’d found her in Nashville, he hadn’t told them he’d made contact with her. He was keeping that part a secret. Jett, the king of overactive imaginations and lover of pranks, had created this entire scenario where he would throw a surprise reunion at the traditional Lewis family Sunday dinner. He wanted Dani to simply walk in one Sunday and reclaim her seat at the table.

Dani had to admit the plan appealed to her a great deal. There was nothing she wanted more than to sit at Mama Lewis’ table again.

BOOK: Triple Beat-nook
3.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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