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When we left off in Blind Reality, Josh was on bended knee proposing to Joey. The cameras were rolling, and the audience was waiting…


Joshua Wilson never thought he’d get married until the day that he met and married Joey Mitchell on the hit television show Married Blind.


Joey never thought she’d find love… period, especially after her heart was broken. But now that she’s married to her celebrity crush, she’s trying to turn her fairytale into her happily ever after before the wicked witch takes a bit out of her apple.


Now TV’s favorite couple is moving their love affair off camera and trying to build a life around Josh’s Hollywood career while dodging his crazy fans, producers wanting to chronicle their first year of marriage for the public and Jules Maxwell—Josh’s all too famous ex.


But we all know where there’s good, there’s bad. Every relationship has its ups and downs. With the cameras no longer watching their every move, will the love they shared in the house be the same when their lives become a Twisted Reality?

oey, I know we’re already married, but I would really like to do things right. Will you marry me in front of our family and friends? Will you be my partner in all things and marry me … again?”

My teeth press together in both a form of anger and excitement.
is what I wanted weeks ago, the declaration and commitment, and now that I’m getting it, I don’t know what to do. Everyone in the audience is yelling at me to say yes, or they’re saying they’ll marry him. I want to remind them all that he comes with an incredible amount of baggage in the name of Jules Maxwell and that may be too much for most people to handle.

The host, Helen, is looking at me, anxiously waiting for my answer. In fact, everyone is staring at me, and suddenly I’m too hot and sweat is starting to run down my face, ruining my make-up. Over Josh’s shoulder, there’s a producer holding his hand up, like he’s asking me to stop or stall my answer.

Josh laughs and I wonder if he finds this comical or if he’s placating the audience because I’m taking too long. Is there a set time limit on when you have to answer a marriage proposal? I’m trying to decide my future here, and up until a minute ago, I thought I was headed for divorce court.

Josh and I make eye contact and that’s when I see it, the sincerity in his proposal. My eyes fall to the black velvet box he’s holding, where the cushioned diamond ring catches the studio lights overhead, sparkling brightly as a result. I remember his words from the beginning about my ring and know that he’s doing this the right way. Finally, my eyes land on the producer with his hand still up in the air and I realize I don’t care about this show, or anyone’s ratings, I only care about Josh.

“Yes,” I reply, covering my mouth to avoid crying out with happiness. “Yes, Josh, I’ll marry you.”

He stands, pulls me into his arms, and swings me around before kissing me in front of the live studio audience. “I love you, Joey,” he says in between kisses and I tell him that I love him, too. My love for him is beyond the crazy stalker fan kind of love. It’s genuine and heartfelt. He makes me happy. He makes me laugh. Most importantly, he makes me want to be a better person.

As soon as he sets me down, he slips the ring on my finger where it fits perfectly. Our friends congratulate us and the make-up assistant rushes out to once again fix our faces. When I glance at Josh, he’s wiping tears that have fallen from his eyes. My heart beats faster knowing that our future has moved him in such a way that he’s cried. The make-up staff tells me I’m done, so I sit back down and can feel someone staring at me. I know it’s Bronx and I know he doesn’t approve, but this isn’t his life, it’s mine. I purposely avoid looking over at him because I don’t need to see the expression on his face. He has his happiness and he should be happy for me, no matter who I choose to be with.

“Welcome back,” Helen says as she faces the camera. Josh puts his arm around me and instead of him pulling me close I go willingly. “When we left you, Josh was on bended knee asking Joey to marry him.” Helen looks at us and I can’t hide the smile on my face. I flash my hand and the audience cheers again, which is likely on cue, but I don’t care. I’m engaged to remarry the man that I love.

“So when’s the big day?” Helen asks.

“Well, we’re already married so I think we can take some time to plan whatever type of wedding Joey wants.”

“Josh is due to start filming his new movie starting next week, so sometime after that,” I add, smiling at him. He leans forward and kisses my nose, earning a resounding ahh from the crowd. I’m giddy. I can’t help it. He makes me feel like a fairytale princess, showing me that dreams do come true.

“Millie and Cole, do you have anything you’d like to share with us?”

We all turn our attention to them and wait. Bronx and Rebekah are here as well. Gary and Amanda are getting a divorce and opted not to travel with us.

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